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Daily musings, news, pop culture info and more from vetern broadcaster and funnyman Matt Sager. Welcome to the podcast of Matt Sager, veteran broadcaster, voice actor, writer and producer from New York City.

Daily musings, news, pop culture info and more from vetern broadcaster and funnyman Matt Sager. Welcome to the podcast of Matt Sager, veteran broadcaster, voice actor, writer and producer from New York City.
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New York, NY


Daily musings, news, pop culture info and more from vetern broadcaster and funnyman Matt Sager. Welcome to the podcast of Matt Sager, veteran broadcaster, voice actor, writer and producer from New York City.








Episode 26 - You Can't Be Sirius XM

Greg Maffei is the Chairman of the Board of both SiriusXM and Live Nation, which would be enough of a conflict of interest if he weren't also the single greatest enemy of musicians. As the head of both the largest concert and event promoter and the sole satellite radio service, he is the sole holdout preventing artists from getting paid what they're worth, or even guaranteeing that they get paid at all. SiriusXM is alone in their opposition to the Music Modernization Act, and in so doing...


Episode 25 - Man or Horse

Time for me to spread the word about another amazing Netflix animated series! If you aren't watching Bojack Horseman, you are missing out on an incredible experience - some of the best animation, voice acting and storytelling available in any medium. Plus, if you can answer my super-difficult Bojack trivia question, I'll give you a prize. Thanks for checking out tonight's episode. Make sure to subscribe to the show, and to leave ratings and reviews!


Episode 10 (Rebroadcast) - Better Watch Saul

I'm long overdue for a Better Call Saul recap - those will return next week, so if you're not caught up with season 4, take the next few days and binge some of the best storytelling in television history! Tonight, I rebroadcast the episode in which it became clear to me that the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul timelines are merging at an accelerated pace, growing exponentially quicker as the two shows are beginning to form a grand, cohesive tale from the brilliant minds of showrunners...


Episode 24 - Chaos at DC

Henry Cavill is apparently out as Superman in the DC Extended Universe, and reports are flooding in that Ben Affleck will follow him out the door, leaving someone else to take on the mantle of Batman. These reports were immediately followed with speculation of their potential replacements - Jon Hamm as Batman, and Michael B. Jordan as Superman. I'm 100% in favor of all of this, as the DCEU is in dire need of a reboot - one that salvages Wonder Woman, but erases all of Zack Snyder's...


Episode 23 - Still Standing

A day to never forget - September 11, 2001. I certainly remember what it was like for me, being a lifetime resident of downtown Manhattan and working in midtown, where the walls were see-through glass and (some of) the executives were heartless ghouls. And since this is the episode of the Matt Sager Podcast in which I exorcise all my demons, I've also lost a loved one - tonight is all somber, tomorrow we resume hilarity I promise! I also received a threat today, and so it's time to have an...


Episode 22 - Patti Rothberg

In which I welcome the first guest to the Matt Sager Podcast, singer/songwriter Patti Rothberg! We're good friends dating all the way back to her solo debut album 'Between the 1 and the 9,' and so we've got a lot of catching up to do, starting with the release of her recent box set. Patti checks in from Scarsdale, NY via Skype and we discuss her career, past and future, as well as doing plenty of reminiscing. There are music industry and radio stories galore, from the '90s through the...


Episode 16 (Rebroadcast) - Shall We Play a Game?

It's Friday night, and I'm hitting the town! Actually I'm hard at work on next week's episodes of the Matt Sager Podcast, and catching up on Ozark Season 2, the series and season premieres respectively of Mayans MC and Always Sunny, and the Venture Bros. to name a few. In the meantime, enjoy this episode from August 29, in which I answer a listener's question and describe how I got my first-ever job in the entertainment biz: interning for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Thanks for checking out...


Episode 21 - No Frigate Like A Book

That's right, I'm quoting Emily Dickinson because it's National Read a Book Day! I've been re-reading some hard-boiled detective masterpieces, and I always love me some Stephen King. Also, I hear this Woodward fella has a book coming out that the President isn't super excited about. What's on your reading, or to-read list? Let me know, email or listen for more contact info at the end of the episode. Thanks for checking out tonight's episode. Make sure to subscribe to the...


Episode 20 - Old New York

In which I rediscover the New York City of my youth, by stumbling into an awesome store that sells used goods, props for TV and film, and DEAD PEOPLE'S DENTAL RECORDS. Seriously, it was a wonderful day and it brought me back to the New York City in which I was born and raised. Like me, that city still lives. Let's take a walk down memory lane together as once again I demonstrate my lack of business savvy and give out unpaid plugs. No Particular Hours on West 16th street took me right back to...


Episode 19 - Bezos Mauled Saul

I was going to indulge in another recap of the increasingly amazing Better Call Saul, but Amazon Video didn't hit a trillion dollar valuation today because they hire quality engineers! What, you think just because you bought a video from them, they're going to actually provide it to you? Oh, you're so silly! They're the best customer service company in the world that doesn't factor customers into the equation at all. It's a brave new world. However, Saul is still the best show on television,...


Episode 18 - Retraction

Not long ago (episode 5, to be precise) I made an offer to some old friends of mine at Westwood One. I guaranteed that I could fix their first podcast, Opie Radio, in one day and that it would cost them nothing. Upon further listening however, I now think that the show is beyond saving, and so I'm issuing an apology and a retraction, along with the audio that convinced me that all is lost. Featuring a major player from Opie's past, though you wouldn't know it to hear them banter like there's...


Episode 5 (Rebroadcast) - The Return

I've got a brand new host for the Matt Sager Podcast, and to kick the tires I'm rebroadcasting the most popular episode (so far): Episode 5, in which I take a walk down memory lane, share some radio stories, and discuss the past and present of Westwood One. Here's the original description of the show, which I posted August 14 while recovering from a nasty infection: I'm over my infection, and I've watched everything anyone ever posted to YouTube - twice. Two weeks in bed and you start...


Episode 17 - Ozark Returns!

Ozark Season 2 premieres on Netflix tomorrow, and I can't wait! Jason Bateman makes a surprisingly believable anti-hero in this superb modern interpretation of film noir, alongside Laura Linney; 2 incredible actors putting in some of the finest work of their careers. I'm also making some changes to the podcast that will make it much more versatile, enabling me to go live, take calls, and much more. And to celebrate, I'll be hosting my first guest on Tuesday September 4. It's a mystery guest,...


Episode 16 - Shall We Play a Game?

I'm moving the show over to a brand new podcast host tonight, as I have big upgrades in store! In the meantime, let's play a quick game of "What's in My Box" as I answer a listener's email, inquiring about how I got my first job in the entertainment industry. It's a fun story, but seriously do NOT try this at home! Thanks for checking out tonight's episode - make sure to subscribe to the show, and to leave ratings and reviews! Come visit the show's brand new Facebook page...


Episode 15 - We're Number One!

That's right America, we've set new records for rates of syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia! This is the highest rate for these STDs America has ever seen. So - we're great again? Ah forget it, let's get back to the fun! Last week I told you that Better Call Saul is better than ever, and is rapidly catching up with the Breaking Bad timeline. This week did not disappoint, as Jonathan Banks showed us Mike's transformation from grieving father to straight-up gangster with some of the finest...


Episode 14 - I've Got a Case of the Mondays

I can't wait to get into a week of fun and laughs on the Matt Sager Podcast, but first we need to talk about this weekend: we lost John McCain AND Neil Simon, plus we had another massacre - this time at a gaming expo. In happier news, this podcast now has it's own homepage - will always direct you to the latest episode, and the complete archives. works, too. The show also has a brand new Facebook page: Come...


Episode 13 - Weekend Update

Just a quick Friday minisode, in which I answer a listener's question about - sigh - Opie. It's the Matt Sager Podcast, I'm not looking to give out free plugs to Westwood One! Still, the truth is I have no relationship with Opie at all, and certainly no beef - if anything, I do empathize and wish I could help the guy. Mostly, I love answering your questions, so keep them coming! Send your questions via social media, or send me an email: Thanks for checking out tonight's...


Episode 12 - Rocket Science

In which I marvel at an internship that exploded before it could launch, and continue to be soothed by the dulcet tones of my soundboard. Thanks for checking out tonight's episode. Make sure to subscribe to the show, and to leave ratings and reviews!


Episode 11 - Where Were You?

We're at a crossroads. The events of the last couple of days will be written in history books. What happens next, is anyone's guess. On a lighter note, happy belated National Radio Day! I have a lot of love for the radio people in my life, good friends and mentors all. Monday, August 20 was National Radio Day, and although I missed it, tonight I take the opportunity to give a shout out, and thanks, to some of the great radio people whom I've had the privilege of knowing. Thanks for checking...


Episode 10 - Better Watch Saul

More TV reviews, you ask? Gladly! Reruns got you down? That House of Cards just doesn't stand up to scrutiny anymore now that they got rid of the lead, who by the way turned out to be a monster? Don't be a victim! Act now! You deserve justice! You deserve... Saul. Plus, ask me anything: Tonight, I answer my first question. Thanks for checking out tonight's episode. Make sure to subscribe to the show, and to leave ratings and reviews!