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Daily musings, news, pop culture info and more from vetern broadcaster and funnyman Matt Sager. Welcome to the podcast of Matt Sager, veteran broadcaster, voice actor, writer and producer from New York City.

Daily musings, news, pop culture info and more from vetern broadcaster and funnyman Matt Sager. Welcome to the podcast of Matt Sager, veteran broadcaster, voice actor, writer and producer from New York City.
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Daily musings, news, pop culture info and more from vetern broadcaster and funnyman Matt Sager. Welcome to the podcast of Matt Sager, veteran broadcaster, voice actor, writer and producer from New York City.








Halloween in September: Stephen King and the Walking Dead Return

Stephen King is everywhere, with It: Chapter 2 in theaters, his new novel The Institute on bookshelves and Kindles, and even the difficult-to-find but excellent TV show Mr. Mercedes back on TV. Plus, HQ Trivia recently hosted a King-themed game, which I won but for which I have not been paid! Still got bragging rights, though. In the meantime, AMC is ramping up promotion for the upcoming 10th season of The Walking Dead. There are new messages of unifying purpose, mission statements of...


Matt's Mailbag September 5, 2019

It’s been a while since I’ve answered listeners questions on this show, so tonight is dedicated to catching up on your emails! You can ask me anything, anytime: send questions or comments to or you can use any of the various ways to get in touch I’ll list at the end of tonight’s show. Also, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is returning for a history-making 14th season! Check out the trailer here: Thanks for checking out tonight's episode -...


Marvel's Latest Disney Plus News

Continuing coverage of this weekend’s massive news dump, let’s turn to the new Marvel Disney Plus projects announced at D23. Sadly, the video promo for WandaVision has not been released publicly, but it’s been described to me and it sounds amazing. The promo image, which has been released, supports the narrative that we’re looking at the Dick Van Dyke Show as imagined, and quite possibly willed into one reality or another, by Wanda Maximoff. The Scarlet Witch’s actual love interest in the...


Jesse Pinkman's Second Act

There is a lot to catch up on, so I’ll start with the most exciting news; the story I’ve been researching, investigating and reporting on for a year or more: the Breaking Bad movie, El Camino, is coming to Netflix on October 11! And oh yes, we have a trailer: Aaron Paul himself has some recommended viewing material to prepare you for El Camino, a very pivotal scene which he has helpfully embedded in this tweet:...


Doctor Demented

We’re taking a brief detour from entertainment news and reviews, to discuss some personal life stuff. That’s always been part of my show, and if it was ever called for - wow! So, no disrespect to Robin Williams, laughter is not the best medicine. Especially if it’s terribly unfunny, but honestly anyone who treats patients should disclose if they have a - well, career is a major overstatement, but - if they spend their nights doing open mics specifically about their medical practice! If there...


Liefeld Done with Youngblood

After an unannounced, unscheduled hiatus, the Matt Sager Podcast is back! And just in time to comment on 2 great streaming shows that have premiered in recent weeks: the revived Veronica Mars, whose season 4 is airing on Hulu, and Amazon’s adaptation of The Boys. Both shows are excellent, Veronica Mars surprising even me with how great it continues to be 15 years after the premiere season 1, while The Boys’ only imperfection has to do with timing, and the current over saturation of stories...


Hail Spidey

San Diego Comic-Con is underway, and already the news is starting to trickle in, as are awesome trailers like this one for the amazing-looking, if very bloody, It: Chapter 2! So I will continue to monitor the news from San Diego tomorrow and through the weekend, and keep you posted on the biggest and best news and announcements. In the meantime, if you saw a statue of red hands, with black stripes, shooting a viscous fluid from their wrists, do you really think...


Bond 25 Not Rushing the Whole Diversity Thing

To think that just a few months ago, there were semi-credible rumors of Idris Elba taking over as the venerable James Bond, in this creaky old film franchise. We do have a black, female, 007, but if the Daily Mail is to be believed, it is not only a fake-out, but one which seemingly pokes fun at both the concept of diversity and of women in general. I know that this has worked for the brand before, but it has grown very tiresome and now feels inappropriate, like a bunch of old white men...



WarnerMedia's long-awaited streaming service has been announced: HBO Max, launching in 2020, will include programming from all across Warners' massive catalog - including some programming from HBO, and DC Universe, among others. It's not clear how much will be pulled from each of these services, how much content will be exclusive to HBO Max, or how much any of this is going to cost. But we have a name, and a few details - so this is where the story starts. Tonight's short episode of the...


Joker and Negan, and How Much Does Source Material Matter?

While at Fan Expo, The Walking Dead's Cailey Fleming (Judith Grimes) and Cassady McClincy (Lydia) posted a super-cute photo of themselves in a yoga pose they call "the crawling walker." You can see it here: Fleming also had some very interesting thoughts on TWD's upcoming 10th season, particularly about the future and fate of Negan. Speaking of enigmatic baddies transitioning from the page to the screen, director Todd Phillips says that his Joker has...


Preludes and Nocturnes

Yesterday was an especially crazy Independence Day here in the United States. No alien invasion, or - sigh - President Whitman, but there were some tanks and some stuff about air travel in the 18th century, which I did not know about. But hey, 1790, 1912, I don't sweat the small stuff! More importantly, this has been an incredibly eventful few days in the worlds of comics and television, and the ever shrinking Venn diagram that links them. First off, as discussed on Tuesday's episode of...


A Huge Comic Ends Abruptly

A huge comic, which has spawned several TV shows, books, and soon movies, is very suddenly coming to an end tomorrow (Wednesday, July 3). The Walking Dead is known for having no limits: the only rule is that nobody, and nothing lasts, and we’re never prepared for their passing. This is probably as close as us viewers, and readers, can get to experiencing what life would be like in a zomb- sorry, in a walker apocalypse. Creator Robert Kirkman has been very vocal about this, just as he's...


The End of the Marvel Netflix Era

Over the weekend, I re-watched Avengers: Endgame, this time with 6 extra minutes, and - it was certainly long. 3 hours and 7 minutes is a long time to sit still, not counting the ads and trailers. And while it was great to see this epic again, I wouldn’t say that the extra minutes contribute much - they really belong on the DVD/Blu-ray/VOD release, on which they will almost certainly appear as bonus features. Now I’m heading out to see Spider-Man: Far From Home, but not before I talk about...


About That Angel 20th Anniversary Reunion

Way back in April, I was hearing (and reporting - rumblings about an Angel 20th Anniversary from David Boreanaz - which is ironic, as you’ll learn from tonight’s podcast. You’ll also learn that a reunion is indeed in full swing, with the cast reuniting for an Entertainment Weekly interview and photo shoot, and most of them convening right here in...


Swamp Thing Actor Discusses Cancellation

DC Universe briefly flirted with Swamp Thing, their third original show. In doing so, the streaming service was finally adding content and working towards building an app/streaming service with a bit of actual content. However, DCU only got 4.5 million over the legal limit in tax breaks to shoot in North Carolina. They thought thy could ill-get even more gains, and so rather than wait and give the series a shot, DCU has taken their ball and gone home. As for the actors, writers, directors,...


Jessica Jones Exits, Veronica Mars Returns

Netflix has debuted its third and final season of Jessica Jones, and I’m near the end of a great, but imperfect viewing. This bittersweet, final season marks the end of the Netflix/Marvel experiment, and it has much of what made the entire endeavor so occasionally brilliant, and also occasionally a bit of a slog. Basically, too many episodes and decompressed storytelling are a frustrating mixed bag in television, just as they are in comics. But so far, Krysten Ritter and the rest of the...


First Trailer for Epix Alfred Begins Series, Pennyworth

Batman's best friend, father figure, and - well, butler - has an origin series, Pennyworth, coming to Epix July 28. In the first trailer, released today, we meet a young Alfred, who meets a young Thomas Wayne and kicks a whole lot of Cockney ass, setting himself up to be a butler to Thomas' son, a lunatic who lives out his own personal Die Hard every single night. Tonight, I play the trailer and discuss my first impressions of the show. You can watch the trailer here:...


Jessica Jones Suffers Foolkiler Gladly in Final Season

Jessica Jones' third and final season hits Netflix on June 14. Check out the trailer: And here's a video featuring Krysten Ritter in her behind-the-camera role as director: The reviews are mixed, and it's certainly sad to see the show end, but the Marvel/Netflix universe has ultimately been a failure. Like DC's movies, they skipped a few too many steps in their zeal to build up to the anticlimactic Defenders, and so as soon as Iron...


Knives out for the Bumbling Boobs at DC Universe and Fox

Tonight, neither of the big two is spared, as DC Universe has given us every possible sign that it has no intention of improving, that it is little more than a scam, and that their mistaken belief that shooting in North Carolina would net them $30 Million. Sadly, they ONLY got 16.3 million, which is actually 4.3 million more than North Carolina ever gives anyone, ever. But that’s why Swamp Thing was abruptly cut short a few weeks ago, why production was halted, and why today, 6 days after...


Upcoming Cancellations: iTunes, and (Maybe) Vertigo?

Apple had many announcements at this year’s WWDC, including upgrades to iOS and MacOS, and a new OS for iPads called iPad OS. I know, I have no idea where they get these amazing names from either! Then again, my podcast is just called The Matt Sager Podcast, so maybe I’m not really in a position to be calling out anyone on rather on-the-nose product names. Apple’s other announcements included the launch of a beautiful cheese grater that costs several thousand dollars, and also edits video...