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The MegaCast stars Thee Ted Smith, Steve Migs, a perverted Australian robot named Grace, and (sometimes) Luke Willson of the Seahawks. They do push ups and talk about fun things. #MegaHug

The MegaCast stars Thee Ted Smith, Steve Migs, a perverted Australian robot named Grace, and (sometimes) Luke Willson of the Seahawks. They do push ups and talk about fun things. #MegaHug
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The MegaCast stars Thee Ted Smith, Steve Migs, a perverted Australian robot named Grace, and (sometimes) Luke Willson of the Seahawks. They do push ups and talk about fun things. #MegaHug




MegaCast 06/06/18 “We Are All Chill”

This week we come up with more ridiculous ideas for Summer Meltdown, plus we do something that rides the fine line of hilarious…or ridiculously stupid.


MegaCast 05/30/18 “Be A Man Hulk!”

This week Ted and Steve talk about personal challenges, and Ted shares a crazy story about how he woke up this morning…to a huge police standoff that is happening near his new apartment. Plus the guys talk about an incident that happened about 9 years ago between Hulk Hogan and CM Punk. We also check out Enzo Amore’s new rap song, and read a text about Eduardo y Esteban! Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast


Megacast 05/23/18 "Eduardo Y' Esteban"

This week Ted and Steve chat more about Summer Meltdown and some crazy ideas that they have...including a late night DJ booth, and a radio station that is mostly off the air. Plus we play a fun new game called “Beer Names: Yes Or B.S.” We also try and figure out what the hell is up with Bobby Lashley and his sisters! Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast


MegaCast 05/16/18 "Sidecar Tommy & Summer Meltdown!"

This week Ted and Steve chat about the “Yanny or Laurel” wackiness, magicians, and taking into account that someone might be having a bad day. Plus they get ready for SUMMER MELTDOWN as they chat with Tommy Cappel (AKA Sidecar Tommy) from Beats of the many awesome bands that will be performing! Summer Meltdown is happening August 2nd-5th (both Steve & Ted will be there) in Darrington. Get tickets and info at


MegaCast 05/09/18 “Uli’s Pizza!”

This week Ted and Steve chat about rap concerts, road rage, and an awesome stand-up comedy routine by Shayne Smith about neck tattoos. Also…Brian from Uli’s Sausage stopped by to talk about a “Benefit Pizza” that they have made with Sizzle Pie in Seattle (it’s incredible)! Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast


MegaCast 05/02/18 "Elf Quest"

This week Ted & Steve welcome back Juliette Frette to catch up with whast is going on in her world. They all chat about the Kevin Hart extorsion story (as it turns out his friend was behind it)...Juliette's Elf Quest days...and the guys share their favorite story...the time they went to San Francisco in a crazy state of mind! Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast


MegaCast 04/24/18 "Make The Bed"

This week Ted & Steve talk underrated snacks, Sour Patch Kids, Battlemania, and The Rock! We also discuss what celeb we would have asked to prom if social media existed back when we were teens. Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegacast


MegaCast 04/17/18 - "Matt Cross!"

This week is a special early edition of The MegaCast, as Ted and Steve are joined by pro wrestler (and world traveler), Matt Cross. Matt is going to be one of Steve’s tag team partners this Friday night, as Steve is making his wrestling debut at 321 Battle’s Battlemania at The Showbox (Market). Get tickets HERE! Follow Matt on Twitter: @MDoggMattCross Check out Matt’s awesome wrestling clothing line: Follow the us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast


MegaCast 04/11/18 "N'awlins"

This week Ted & Steve recap Steve's trip to New Orleans for Wrestlemania weekend. We play some clips from Steve's chats with WWE Superstars: Braun Strowman & Baron Corbin, and Ring Of Honor wrestlers: Rhett Titus & Adam Page. Plus we chat about how Ted's dad got the nickname Old Effer. Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast


MegaCast 04/04/18 "Spokane Adventures!"

This week Ted & Steve recap their trip to Spokane for the Northwest Classic Hockey Tournament with the Tacoma Donkeys! Big thanks to Rich and Levi from Lyon Pride Party Busses for getting us there and back safely!


MegaCast 03/28/18 "Let's get Filthy!"

This week Ted and Steve talk about their big trip to Spokane this weekend, Steve chats about his wrestling debut, and we have a crazy email from a listener wondering if he should be mad that his girlfriend took a phone call while they were being "romantic". We also chat about Rhonda Rousey getting snotty on ESPN, and why Paul Heyman is the best at what he does...talking!


MegaCast 03/14/18 "Brent Smith Of Shinedown!"

This week Ted and Steve are back! Ted encourages us to surround ourselves with good people...Steve talks about a restaurant run by a bear...and the fellas catch up with Brent Smith of Shinedown! They chat with Brent about tattoos, Spokane, and that Shinedown has a new record coming out on may 4th called "Attention Attention". Plus... Defy Wrestling champion Shane Stricklan was in the building, so he popped in for the last segment to chat video games, Joe Theismann, Richard Pryor's son, and...


MegaCast 02/28/18 "Island Cruise"

This week we unveil a brand new intro! We also chat about putting ice cream on lady parts, Ted encourages people to actually talk with each other, why Migs hates whipped cream, and a strange endorsement opportunity for Juliette back in her Playboy days! Plus we chat about what happens when your current significant other runs into your ex! Follow Juliette on Twitter: @JulietteFrette & check out her website: Follow us: @TheMegaCast


MegaCast 02/14/18 "Vart!"

This week we are back with our bud Juliette Fretté… and we explain to her why Portland is the strip club capital of the world! Plus we chat about: Sports coats, failed Valentine’s Day Greetings, and if a MegaFamily member should be mad at her boyfriend for how he reacted to her Valentines Day gift. Most importantly… we chat about the other “V” word… VART. Follow Juliette on Twitter: @JulietteFrette & check out her website: Follow the MegaCast on Twitter: @TheMegaCast


MegaCast 01/31/18 "Date Or Fake?"

This week Ted & Steve welcome their bud Juliette Fretté they chat about how easily Steve gets distracted in some situations. Plus Ted & Juliette chat about Super Blue Blood Moons, Ted inspired us to be like Kirk Cousins, and we play a fun game that a listener sent us... "Date Or Fake". Check out Juiette's website: Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast


MegaCast 01/24/17 "Juliette Fretté"

This week we welcomed a new member of the MegaFamily…Juliette Fretté. Juliette was Playboy's Miss June 2008, and we chatted with her about her experience as a Playmate, and learned about her. Plus you will never look at a pregnant woman again without thinking about hamsters! Juliette also binge listened to several past MegaCast episodes, and she shared what she learned! Follow Juliette on Twitter: @JulietteFrette & check out her website:


MegaCast 01/03/18 "Need A Snorkel"

It's a new year...and new problems with our studios/audio! Besides that... ted and Steve recap their slumber party from a few weeks ago...Ted talks about going to Ocean Shores, and Steve recaps his band's show at the Highway 99 Blues Club. Plus we chat about Star Wars, without giving away any spoilers (we promies).


MegaCast 12/13/17 "We Don't Validate"

This week...Ted gives us an update on the crazy yelling guy...the fellas chat about Christmas gifts that they hated but pretended to like...and we play "Star Wars Character Or Disease". Plus, we are joined by our friend, Ellen Tailor, as this is her last week working on The Wolf. Also, this Friday is our annual Ted & Steve Slumber Party...follow Migs on Snapchat as they might be sending out some "Under-The-Influence-Snaps" (user name on Snapchat: ImSteveMigs). Follow us on Twitter:...


MegaCast 12/06/17 "Ted vs The City!"

Full disclosure...both Ted and Steve are going through a funk...they are doing their best to stay positive...but Terrible Ted and Miserable Migs make another appearance. This week the fellas talk about how Ted is at war with a crazy yelling guy...Steve is at war with people at the gym...and both are at war with a pastor that ruined Christmas. If misery loves can consider the MegaCast the ultimate comfort food! Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast


MegaCast 11/30/17 "Blame Lauer"

Today's MegaCast was sent off the rails...all because of Matt Lauer. Enjoy! Follow us on Twitter: @TheMegaCast