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Welcome to the official Menswear Style Podcast, hosted by Peter Brooker. In this men's fashion, men's style, men’s grooming and men’s lifestyle focused podcast we speak to some of the most influential designers, innovative brand founders and truly inspiring entrepreneurs from within the fashion and apparel industry. Our aim is to bring you a detailed insight into founder start-up stories with a focus on sustainability, marketing, design, manufacturing, eCommerce, and operations.


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Welcome to the official Menswear Style Podcast, hosted by Peter Brooker. In this men's fashion, men's style, men’s grooming and men’s lifestyle focused podcast we speak to some of the most influential designers, innovative brand founders and truly inspiring entrepreneurs from within the fashion and apparel industry. Our aim is to bring you a detailed insight into founder start-up stories with a focus on sustainability, marketing, design, manufacturing, eCommerce, and operations.






Mark Francis, Founder of Heron's Ghyll / Elegant Clothing & Tailoring

Heron’s Ghyll is a cosmopolitan tailoring brand with a pluriversal eye to the future. Within this vision, everything is fluid; cultures collide and recombine to produce new forms. Based in London, the brand approaches each collection with an openness to the world as well as a desire to seek out underserved narratives evinced through textile traditions. Taking the city’s rich heritage in tailoring as a starting point, luxurious natural fabrics are fused with the best of British craftsmanship to produce clothing and accessories characterized by their hybridity, superlative quality, and relaxed elegance. The brand’s mission is to present a compelling vision of masculine elegance that’s rooted in a unique, transcultural aesthetic. Heron’s Ghyll was founded in 2020 by Mark Francis. Born in Kuala Lumpur and educated in the U.S. and France, he cites romanticism, Jun'ichirō Tanizaki, and Léon Spilliaert as key influences.


Dimitar Kehayov, Founder of KHV CONCEPT / Handmade High-End Footwear

Experience the essence of KHV CONCEPT, where they meticulously craft exceptional high-end products in London and bring them to life through expert handcraftsmanship in Italy. Their distinctive style embraces minimalism, showcasing a palette of pastel, earthy, and neutral tones alongside classic, timeless shapes. What truly distinguishes this brand is their innovative design approach. They draw inspiration from formalwear and eveningwear, seamlessly fusing it with elements of modern sneaker culture. This harmonious blend of classic sophistication and contemporary flair results in footwear that not only exudes elegance but also provides an exceptional sensory experience. At KHV CONCEPT, you're not just acquiring shoes; you're elevating your style with the epitome of luxury and unwavering quality. Each pair represents an investment in a timeless wardrobe, a testament to their commitment to enduring style and craftsmanship. The brand leads the way in steering clear of the fast fashion phenomenon. In today's consumer-driven society, the pursuit of the latest trends often overshadows the pursuit of genuine excellence in our purchases. The fast fashion narrative has led us to believe that we can access everything at lower prices, resulting in an abundance of generic, low-quality items that frequently go unused. In pursuit of the perfect sneaker that blends todays culture but with elegance and sophistication, Dimitar Kehayov founded KHV Concept, a luxury footwear brand that would embody his vision of true craftsmanship and quality. The brand's name, KHV, is a reflection of his initials (of his surname) and the concept he wanted to bring to life. With KHV Concept, Dimitar aimed to create footwear that went beyond the ordinary, a fusion of design, craftsmanship, and luxury. His vision was well-defined: crafting smart sneakers with a novel silhouette, drawing inspiration from evening formalwear and footwear.


Kestin Hare, Founder of KESTIN / High-Quality Menswear

Founded in 2015 by designer Kestin Hare with over two decades of industry experience, KESTIN is redefining modern Scottish design by blending innovation with tradition. Kestin the brand was created to redefine modern Scottish design by blending innovation with tradition. They weave in references from their heritage and homeland, combining integral details from other areas of inspiration including vintage, workwear, military, sports and outdoor. The brand's focus is on responsible manufacturing, sourcing the highest-quality fabrics and creating original products that are designed to last. They work with the best factories and mills in the world. Renowned for championing UK production, KESTIN strives to make locally wherever possible. Their flagship store in located in Stockbridge, and Design Studio and HQ is based in Leith, all Edinburgh. Kestin is stocked in over 90 of the best international stores.


Ben Mears, Founder of Expio / Lightweight Waterproof Outerwear

Expio are a cutting-edge brand for men's fashion that prioritizes style, sustainability, and performance. Through their groundbreaking approach to development, they have been able to produce the lightest, warmest, most durable and waterproof styles ever seen in the industry. The brand achieve this without compromising on their commitment to avoiding petrochemical materials and using subpar production methods. Expio's mission is to address the harm caused by the clothing industry through conscious decision-making and reducing their social and environmental impacts. By creating top-tier performance clothing with a clear understanding of these issues, they strive to make a positive impact on the world. Ben Mears is a seasoned expert in the apparel industry with over two decades of rich experience. Born in England and nurtured in the verdant lands of rural Gloucestershire, his journey into the world of fashion has been extensive and rewarding. His passion for design led him to Kingston University, where he graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. His career path has taken him across the globe from Paris to Milan, Amsterdam, and London, gaining invaluable on-the-ground experience in the fashion capitals of the world. This global exposure has not only honed his design skills but also broadened his perspective on different cultures and fashion movements. Ben’s specific focus is on sustainable design and performance development, a niche that is both close to his heart and crucial in the current global scenario.


Keelan Doyle, Founder of ØTHERS / Multi-Sensory Wellness

ØTHERS is a new multi-sensory digital wellness experience with a 360o fusion of scent, sound, technology, and science to biomechanically re-tune, bringing you back to centre. In a place of candid, real-talk, and functional mindset management, ØTHERS helps retrain your behaviour, learn rituals to manage reactivity, and build emotional resilience through their app, curated wellbeing scents, and community driven platform. Built from the insight and expertise of a radical group of olfactory experts, neuroscientists, breath-work revolutionaries, music producers, and philosophers; the brand curates deeply empathetic therapy in a hub for free thinking individuals, driven from the mainstream. The Gallup Global Emotions Report 2022 shows that in 2021 a new record-high of 41% of adults experienced a high amount of stress the previous day, displacing 2020 as the most stressful year in recent history. This accompanied with stats to show 1 in 4 people in the UK experiencing a mental health problem, became the catapult for ØTHERS. The brand has launched initially with two mood altering functional fragrances, using science-backed revolutionary olfactory technology to start the collection derived from forest phytoncides - the molecules released by trees found to reduce stress and anxiety during forest bathing sessions. ØTHERS bring you their sensory experience to positively influence state of mind. Founder Keelan Doyle, a music producer and sonic branding specialist along with his team of underground thinkers, creatives, and artists, are a group of experts in their field. They have come together to bring you a platform app first, with the sensory guidance of perfume to help you self-optimise. The dual combination of sound and scent allows an empowering sensory experience to help prime your mood, your body and re-align your mindset in readiness for your day.


Nick Reed, Founder of Neem London / Climate Conscious Clothing

Named after the beautiful Neem tree in India, famed for producing leaves with healing properties, Neem London is designed as an antidote to the modern ways of consumption – an antiseptic for fast fashion. The brand produces low emitting menswear, designed to achieve a cleaner way of living. Founded by Nick Reed, a menswear specialist with over 20 years’ experience, Neem London has a very distinct handwriting; always smart, but with understated quiet luxury underpinning each piece. Soft, comfortable and exceptionally easy-on-the-eye, its warm colour palette has almost restorative qualities; wear this to the office and you’re in for a good day, wear it off-duty and the results will be equally as favourable. Healing by name, healing by nature. Nick refers to it as Power Casual, something which is easily seen in the collections, built predominantly around shirting, it also includes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and long sleeve polos. The shirts come in an array of styles; Oxfords, pop-over shirts and short sleeves. Following the success of the Piccadilly Arcade store in St James’s, which began as a pop-up but which is now permanent, the low emitting menswear brand is taking its successful Neem+ Ecological Emporium to a space in Spitalfields from 20th September. As with the existing store, the new one at 10 Market Square on the edge of the historic Spitalfields Market, will provide a space for other ecological brands. It will also house installations of circular furniture, and everything in the store is being upcycled – there will be nothing wasted or thrown away. The Neem+ Ecological Emporium will be housed in the 1,500 square ft space for at least four months, with the view of going permanent.


Rosy Temple, CEO at Magee 1866 / Donegal Tweed Clothing

Rosy Temple is part of the 5th generation behind Magee 1866 which has over 150 years experience in designing, weaving and tailoring luxury fabrics and clothing in Co. Donegal, Ireland. Today Magee 1866's lifestyle collections include men/women/home interiors and accessories. This generation is about a sustainable future as they continue to focus on their heritage of long lasting quality and weaving natural fibres like wool and linen (biodegradable & renewable). The brand was established in 1866 by John Magee, as a small drapers shop in Donegal, Ireland, buying and selling handwoven tweeds. Magee are still designing and weaving luxury fabrics in Donegal – the ever-changing land and seascapes surrounding Donegal inspire colours and designs. In 2015 Magee acquired Robert Noble, a Scottish mill established in 1666. They use the finest of yarns – cashmere, lambswool, alpaca, silk and linen. These fabrics are used for men and women’s apparel and home furnishing. They still maintain a small hand-weaving business – fabrics are a far cry from the coarse tweeds of the 1800’s, today they are woven using luxury yarns, resulting in a beautifully soft handle. Every Magee collection, whether fabric, garment or accessory is designed to reflect their distinctive heritage with a contemporary twist. Magee are unique in the fact that they incorporate many of these fabrics into seasonal men and women’s lifestyle collections. We have been specialising in tailored garments for over 100 years and in latter years they have developed a more casual offering.


Alvin Oommen, Founder of OXFORDhill / Natural Hair Styling

In this podcast episode we interview Alvin Oommen, founder of OXFORDhill, a brand dedicated to manufacturing an innovative hair styling clay using nature's most potent ingredients, while ensuring maximum effectiveness. Their passion lies in the creation of all-natural skin care, hair care, and home care products, meticulously formulated with purposeful ingredients that not only deliver exceptional results but also combat the risks associated with free radicals. Unlike most personal care brands that expose us to a staggering number of 168 chemicals daily, OXFORDhill takes a different path. They have embarked on a mission to develop a brand that epitomizes cleanliness, naturalness, and minimalism, without compromising on performance. The foundation of the brand is the OXFORDhill Standard, which permeates every aspect of their formulation and production processes. Their inaugural product is a natural hair styling clay that embodies their principles. It offers a matte finish, a hold that can be reshaped, and incredibly thick hair without any unnecessary weight.


Vincent Stadelhofer, Co-Founder of ANDREW & COLE / Sustainable Swimwear Brand

For this podcast episode we focus on ANDREW & COLE, where we dive into the world of modern, sustainable swimwear. Join us as we interview Vincent Stadelhofer and explore the innovative swim shorts that are revolutionizing the way we experience comfort at the beach. The ANDREW & COLE mission is simple: to create a new comfortable world of swim shorts without mesh. They believe in showing respect and love for our beautiful Earth, which is why they use ocean plastic and PET materials to craft premium swim shorts. By choosing an ANDREW & COLE product, you're not just buying swimwear – you're joining a net-free world and embracing a comfortable lifestyle that cares about our future. Have you ever endured the discomfort and itchiness of wearing mesh swim shorts all day at the beach? We feel your pain. That's why we're here to introduce you to the ANDREW & COLE lined swim shorts, the ultimate solution to this age-old problem. Say goodbye to that annoying mesh and the awkwardness of wearing underwear beneath your swim shorts. The brand's unique lining system is seamlessly sewn over the entire inside of the swim shorts, providing unrivalled comfort, intimacy, and odour control. The fabric they use is soft, lightweight, and perforated, ensuring that moisture doesn't get trapped between the layers. As a result, your swim shorts will dry within minutes, keeping you feeling fresh throughout your beach adventures.


Junaid Ansari, Co-Founder of Burrows & Hare / Men's Clothing Store

Join us on this episode of the MenswearStyle Podcast as we sit down with Junaid Ansari, Co-Founder of Burrows & Hare. Discover the captivating journey of this family multi-brand business, which first took root in Oxford in 2015. Junaid shares the essence of their brand, where every item is meticulously designed and crafted for the discerning gentleman of today. With a commitment to timeless style and superior craftsmanship, Burrows & Hare embraces a philosophy of "buy less but buy better quality goods." By opting for skilled artisans and sustainable materials, they champion a higher standard of product that honors both the wearer and the environment. We delve into various topics, including the early reception of their newly opened Marlow store, the joys and challenges of working with family, innovative strategies to attract customers, the power of social media, and exciting plans for a skincare and shaving line. Tune in to gain valuable insights from a brand that epitomizes the fusion of heritage and modernity.


Robin Vindevogel, Co-Founder of BTI / Fashion Business Guidance

Tune in to the latest episode of the MenswearStyle Podcast as we sit down with Robin Vindevogel, Co-Founder of BTI, a cutting-edge London-based scale-up. BTI is on a mission to revolutionize and democratize the fashion industry by empowering retail entrepreneurs worldwide to realize their business dreams. Led by the expertise of Robin Vindevogel, a former private tailor at Gieves and Hawkes, and guided by the esteemed Dominique Vindevogel as the chairman, BTI offers an all-encompassing solution for aspiring fashion brands and established businesses looking to take their ventures to new heights. By providing access to the extensive supply chain, purchasing power, and creative advisory services of one of Europe's leading fashion families, BTI empowers entrepreneurs with the tools they need to thrive. Join us as Peter Brooker engages in an insightful conversation with Robin Vindevogel, exploring his background in private tailoring and the birth of the idea behind a fashion tech platform. Discover how BTI's guidance process operates and the valuable collaborations they've forged with celebrities like Rio Ferdinand. Uncover the wonders of their white label showroom and the benefits of streamlining a brand launch, which ultimately translates to cost savings. Gain exclusive insights from an industry disruptor that is reshaping the fashion landscape. Don't miss this engaging episode filled with insider knowledge and inspiration.


José Maria Reffoios, Co-Founder of JAK / Minimalistic Timeless Sneakers

Join us for an enlightening episode of the MenswearStyle Podcast as we sit down with José Maria Reffoios, Co-Founder of JAK, the renowned minimalist and timeless sneaker brand. Since its establishment in 2014 by Isabel and José Maria in Lisbon, JAK has been driven by a compelling vision. They strive to create modern designs using high-quality materials that age gracefully, enhancing their appeal over time. With a focus on urban lifestyle and everyday use, JAK crafts sneakers and accessories that seamlessly blend style and function. Discover the essence of JAK's production process, situated in the revered northern region of Portugal, renowned for its multi-generational family-owned factories. Embracing a strong ethical code, JAK sources materials locally and responsibly, ensuring reduced environmental impact and fair treatment for their collaborators. By hand-picking suppliers and regularly visiting their facilities, JAK upholds their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. José Maria takes us on a captivating journey, sharing insights into his background and the genesis of JAK as a direct-to-consumer unisex sneaker brand. Engage in a thought-provoking conversation between Peter Brooker and José as they delve into various aspects, including working with family-owned factories, the role of brick and mortar stores, the significance of sustainability, the allure of minimalistic design, the meticulous materials research process, leveraging social media, and exciting future plans. Don't miss this episode where we explore the world of JAK, a brand that transcends fashion, seeking to create an authentic lifestyle experience. Learn from their expertise in blending flexibility and durability using full grain leather, the highest quality and most coveted part of the hide. Discover how JAK's dedication to simplicity and craftsmanship elevates their Made in Portugal shoes to the status of timeless treasures that age beautifully, much like the individuals who wear them.


Guy Hills, Founder of Dashing Tweeds / Fabrics and Tailoring Brand

Join us on the captivating episode of the MenswearStyle Podcast as we dive into the world of Dashing Tweeds, the British brand that seamlessly blends tradition and modernity in the realm of woven textiles. Founded in 2006 by fashion photographer Guy Hills and woven textiles designer Kirsty McDougall, Dashing Tweeds was born out of Guy's vision to create high-quality tweed that could be worn in urban environments. Combining his passion for traditional sportswear with innovative designs and technical yarns, Guy and Kirsty established their weave design studio in East London, collaborating with the finest mills in the country to weave their luxurious designs. The instant success of their cloths among Savile Row tailors propelled Dashing Tweeds to open its flagship store in Mayfair in 2014, followed by a relocation to Marylebone in 2018. With a focus on modernizing tweed by incorporating technical yarns alongside wools, Dashing Tweeds brings the essence of tweed to the city. By merging contemporary sportswear with the traditional, they introduce a novel concept in tailored wear, captivating a wider audience residing in urban settings. Delve into the insightful interview between Peter Brooker and Guy Hills, the Founder of Dashing Tweeds, as they unravel his background in fashion photography and the brand's remarkable founding story. Explore the origins of tweed, the urban and fashion-oriented approach adopted by Dashing Tweeds, the diverse methods of manufacturing tweed, exciting collaborations with notable brands like Converse, the evolution of tailoring throughout the decades, the importance of educating men on style, and their fruitful partnerships with costume designers. Don't miss this engaging episode where we explore the intersection of fabrics, tailoring, and innovative design with the visionary behind Dashing Tweeds. Gain a deeper understanding of their commitment to bridging the gap between tradition and contemporary fashion, while pushing the boundaries of what tweed can be.


Chris Kolbe, Co-Founder of HyperNatural / Eco-Luxury Menswear

Welcome to a thought-provoking episode of the MenswearStyle Podcast, where we have the privilege of sitting down with Chris Kolbe, Co-Founder of HyperNatural, an extraordinary eco-luxury menswear brand. HyperNatural prides itself on offering one-of-a-kind apparel crafted from naturally-performing materials, entirely free from virgin polyester, plastics, chemical dyes, and harmful petrol chemicals. With a strong commitment to sustainability, the brand combines innovative elements such as Jade stone and crab shells with the world's finest cotton, Supima, to deliver garments that are not only exquisitely soft but also uniquely cool-to-the-touch and odor-free. Furthermore, HyperNatural relies on Creora Regen, the world's only 100% recycled spandex, to provide unmatched comfort and unrestricted movement. HyperNatural's ultimate goal is to exclusively utilize naturally regenerative materials and dyes, and while they currently work with the available options to reduce their ecological impact, they acknowledge the need for further progress in the next 2-3 years to contribute to carbon reduction. Join us as Peter Brooker engages in a captivating conversation with Chris Kolbe, delving into his extensive 30-year background in the industry and the inception of HyperNatural, a brand that epitomizes sustainability in its every fiber. Explore the concept of natural growth and the importance of being less wasteful in the fashion industry. Uncover the exciting fabric innovations that set HyperNatural apart, including their ingenious use of nature to create the ultimate polo shirt. Discover the hidden design features that make their garments exceptional, all while embracing the meaning behind the Magpie totem. Don't miss this enlightening episode, where we explore the world of HyperNatural and its quest to redefine luxury menswear by seamlessly blending eco-consciousness with uncompromising style and quality.


Jose Miguel de Abreu, Co-Founder of LA PAZ / Sustainable Heritage Menswear

Welcome to another inspiring episode of the MenswearStyle Podcast, where we have the pleasure of interviewing Jose Miguel de Abreu, Co-Founder of LA PAZ, a remarkable sustainable heritage menswear brand. LA PAZ draws inspiration from the Atlantic, its people, and their rich traditions, and aims to establish direct partnerships with the finest local Portuguese manufacturers. By blending their expertise with a singular design philosophy, LA PAZ creates timeless and durable goods that stand the test of time. The name "PAZ" carries a profound meaning, as it represents "PEACE" in Portuguese. This concept lies at the core of LA PAZ's ethos, influencing their approach to their crew, partners, customers, and the planet. While sustainability has become a global priority, LA PAZ believes it should extend beyond production and consumer habits, becoming an intrinsic part of our way of life. Consequently, the brand has dedicated significant effort to researching new organic and recycled materials, striving to incorporate them into their creations. Join us as Peter Brooker engages in an enlightening conversation with Jose Miguel de Abreu, exploring his background and the fascinating founding story behind this esteemed men's fashion brand. Dive into the ethos that drives LA PAZ, their meticulous selection of clothing fabrics, the journey of funding a sustainable brand, the world of fashion shows, the wellsprings of inspiration, the intricacies of store design, the significance of Portuguese manufacturing, and the brand's global stockists. Don't miss this captivating episode, where we unravel the story of LA PAZ, a brand that embraces sustainability as a way of life while delivering exquisite heritage menswear that resonates with the soul of the Atlantic and the spirit of its people.


Gustaf Secher, Founder of North-89 / Modern Functional Footwear

Welcome to another exciting episode of the MenswearStyle Podcast, where we have the pleasure of interviewing Gustaf Secher, the Founder of North-89, a dynamic Stockholm-based footwear brand. Established in 2016, North-89 emerged from Gustaf's lifelong passion for sneakers, which took root during his early years. While many sneakers today prioritize aesthetics over functionality, North-89 believes that functionality should be an inherent aspect of every pair. Their mission is to infuse a functional approach into the timeless and beloved cup sole sneaker by combining innovative materials with a touch of Scandinavian design aesthetics. In Scandinavia, where the brand originates, the presence of four distinct seasons inspired North-89 to create sneakers that can be worn stylishly and functionally throughout the year. Join us as Peter Brooker engages in an insightful conversation with Gustaf Secher, exploring the fascinating founding story behind North-89, a brand that seamlessly merges fashion and function. Discover the challenges and triumphs of building a brand while juggling a day job, and delve into the world of Instagram as a powerful platform for brand promotion. Explore the art of newsletter design, the pursuit of material innovation, the nuances of sneaker care, the importance of captivating product photography, and the potential for growth in emerging markets. Don't miss this engaging episode, where we uncover the journey of North-89 and its commitment to blending style and functionality in the realm of modern footwear. Gain unique insights into the brand's fusion of Scandinavian design aesthetics with innovative materials, as we explore the exciting intersection of fashion, function, and footwear craftsmanship. Whilst we have your attention, be sure to sign up to our daily MenswearStyle newsletter here. We promise to only send you the good stuff.


Ed Bird, Founder of Bird Eyewear / Sustainable Sunglasses Brand

Welcome to another enlightening episode of the MenswearStyle Podcast. In this edition, we have the pleasure of interviewing Ed Bird, the Founder of Bird Eyewear, a remarkable sustainable and ethical eyewear brand. At Bird, their vision goes beyond creating exceptional eyewear; their goal is to make a positive impact on the world we inhabit. They have reframed what truly matters by placing people and the planet at the forefront of their mission. Join us as Peter Brooker engages in an insightful conversation with Ed Bird, delving into his background and the captivating founding story behind Bird Eyewear, a brand he established alongside his brothers. Explore the fascinating journey of financing the launch and growth of the brand, as well as the profound effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the industry. Discover how Bird Eyewear harnesses the power of virtual reality, and gain a deeper understanding of their commitment to product innovation and responsible manufacturing. Bird Eyewear's dedication to social and environmental impact is truly commendable. As the first B Corp Certified eyewear brand in the UK, they have achieved the highest standards of sustainability and social responsibility, seamlessly balancing purpose with profit. Learn about their unique Share Your Sun partnership with SolarAid, where every pair of Birds contributes to distributing solar light to families in Zambia and Malawi, replacing the use of harmful fossil fuel burning lamps. As we venture into 2023, be sure not to miss this captivating episode, where we unravel the story of Bird Eyewear. Gain insights into their vision of creating a better world through superior eyewear, their relentless pursuit of sustainable materials, including certified woods, bio-based acetate, renewable cork, and recycled aluminum. Explore their exciting plans for brand growth and expansion, as Bird Eyewear continues to make waves in the industry by driving positive change. Join us as we delve into the inspiring journey of Bird Eyewear, a brand that beautifully combines style, sustainability, and a genuine commitment to making a difference in the world.


William Green, Co-Founder of L'Estrange London / Modular Clothing System

Welcome back to another captivating episode of the MenswearStyle Podcast. In today's edition, we have the pleasure of interviewing William Green, Co-Founder of L'Estrange London, a brand on a remarkable mission to simplify the male wardrobe in a world dominated by hyper-convenience and overconsumption. Join us as our host, Peter Brooker, engages in an enlightening conversation with William, exploring the vision and focus of L'Estrange London, as well as the significant progress they have made over the past three years. Discover their revolutionary modular clothing system, meticulously designed to offer comfortable, seasonless, and versatile pieces that can effortlessly transition between any setting. By embracing the ethos of "fewer things, fewer decisions," L'Estrange London aims to minimize both the environmental impact and the clutter in the male wardrobe, allowing individuals to prioritize what truly matters. Designed in London and meticulously crafted in European factories, L'Estrange London has reimagined every stage of the clothing lifecycle, striving to conserve resources and enhance the longevity of their garments. Delve into their groundbreaking initiatives, such as Re_Work, a dedicated project focused on revitalizing clothing and bringing it back to life. Moreover, explore the innovative Re_Fresh, a unique enzyme-driven laundry tablet that has the remarkable ability to rejuvenate old clothing, making it look and feel new again. This episode is an opportunity to gain valuable insights into the remarkable innovations spearheaded by L'Estrange London in extending the lifecycle of garments and promoting sustainability within the fashion industry. Discover the intricacies of selling pre-owned clothing, the science behind the transformative Re-Fresh, and the brand's commitment to driving positive change. Join us as we delve into the visionary journey of L'Estrange London, a brand that embodies the essence of simplicity, sustainability, and mindful consumption. Be inspired by their dedication to redefining the male wardrobe and their relentless pursuit of a more conscious and impactful approach to fashion.


Justin Deighton, Co-Founder of Two Tribes / London Brewery

Welcome to another captivating episode of the MenswearStyle Podcast. Today, we have an exciting interview with Justin Deighton, Co-Founder of Two Tribes Brewery, a brand that creates refreshing beers designed to bring people together and celebrate the love of the moment. Join our host, Peter Brooker, as he delves into the fascinating founding story of Two Tribes Brewery with Justin, who embarked on this venture after a successful career in the music industry. Discover how the brewery, established in 2017, was born out of the collective experiences and influences of individuals who were at the epicenter of London's vibrant 90s club-culture movement. The values of fun, freedom, curiosity, and creative discovery that defined that era continue to form the foundation of Two Tribes' operations today. Two Tribes Brewery prides itself on being a provocateur within the London brewing scene, constantly challenging the norms and pushing the boundaries of what is expected from a craft brewery. They foster collaboration and unity by bringing together a diverse range of creatives, including brewers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, chefs, and more, to embark on exciting collaborative projects. In this episode, Justin shares valuable insights into the rise of independent beer brewing, offering a glimpse into the experiences and challenges of transitioning from the music industry to a new and dynamic field. Discover the intricacies of raising capital, fostering creativity, and cultivating meaningful partnerships. Justin also provides an intriguing perspective on the role of artificial intelligence in the brewing process and highlights the unique CAMPFIRE venue, which serves as a vibrant hub for Two Tribes Brewery. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of Two Tribes Brewery, where the values of their founders' past converge with their present-day endeavors. Gain insights into their innovative approach to brewing, their commitment to collaboration, and the vibrant culture they have created within the London brewing scene. Prepare to be inspired by their relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries, fostering creativity, and creating memorable experiences through the art of brewing.


Lutz Schwenke, Founder of TWOTHIRDS / Sustainable Eco-Friendly Clothing

Welcome to the MenswearStyle Podcast, where we bring you another captivating interview. In this episode, our host, Peter Brooker, sits down with Lutz Schwenke, the founder of TWOTHIRDS, a sustainable and eco-friendly clothing brand that has gained recognition for its commitment to protecting the planet and its oceans. Lutz's journey towards founding TWOTHIRDS began during his teenage years when he spent a transformative year in Hawaii. It was there that he developed a deep love and appreciation for the ocean, which would later inform his vision of creating a brand that had zero impact on the planet and its precious marine ecosystems. Drawing from his experience working for the UN, Lutz's understanding of sustainability and his passion for the ocean converged to lay the foundation for TWOTHIRDS, which officially launched in 2010. TWOTHIRDS has since grown into a community of like-minded individuals who share a common vision of preserving our planet. The brand is committed to creating clothing that is not only fashionable but also sustainable. They achieve this by utilizing fabrics that save water, transforming plastic waste into high-quality garments, and adopting paper packaging for their orders. Furthermore, TWOTHIRDS operates as a Climate Neutral brand, ensuring that their operations have minimal impact on the environment. Lutz shares the story of TWOTHIRDS' evolution, beginning in the Basque country and reaching new heights when the brand relocated to Barcelona. It was there that they pioneered the concept of pre-ordering, allowing them to produce garments based on customer demand and avoid overproduction. Lutz also discusses the challenges of working within the fashion industry without prior experience, the design process behind their collections, and the inspiration that fuels their brand's ethos. Throughout the conversation, Lutz emphasizes the importance of being a sustainable brand and their dedication to making positive change within the industry. He shares how setbacks have led them to adapt and find innovative solutions, driving them forward on their mission. Additionally, he provides insights into their growth plans for 2023, highlighting their focus on maintaining a personal touch, prioritizing craftsmanship, and continuing to create a ripple effect of positive change throughout the fashion industry. Tune in to this inspiring episode as Lutz Schwenke discusses the founding story of TWOTHIRDS, a brand that blends style, sustainability, and a deep love for the ocean. Discover their unique approach to fashion, their commitment to minimizing environmental impact, and their unwavering dedication to creating a more sustainable future. Get ready to be inspired by their journey, their values, and their vision for the gentleman surfer and beyond.