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48 Eunice Byun - The Co-Founder of Material on Becoming an Efficient CEO

Listen in to learn what inspired Eunice Byun to start Material Kitchen, and how her journey shaped her into the CEO and leader that she is today. "[Material Kitchen] really stems from growing up in a family that loved to eat and celebrated life through food and how that brought all of us together." - Eunice Byun. Learn more about this episode of The Mentor Files with Monica Royer at


47 Brendan Wallace - The Co-Founder of Fifth Wall on The Retail Experience

Listen in to today's episode to learn the benefits of running your own retail space, and the advantages a physical location has over online-only brands. "Whenever you read the same thing everywhere, it's almost always wrong. And when everybody is rushing for the exits, it's usually the best time to rush in." - Brendan Wallace. Learn more about this episode of The Mentor Files with Monica Royer at


46 Lee Mayer - The Founder of Havenly on The Art of Team Building

In today's episode, Lee goes over what shaped her into who she is today, the difficulties of fundraising as a startup, and the art of team building. "It was one of those moments where I'm like, 'I'm willing to spend thousands of dollars right now if someone can tell me what to do'. Then I realized that enough people are similar to me, and that's how [Havenly] came to be." - Lee Mayer. Learn more about this episode of The Mentor Files with Monica Royer at


45 Ariane Goldman - The Founder of HATCH on Growing a Company and a Family

Listen in to learn Ariane's strategy in building her team, how she stays motivated, and how balances her career as a founder alongside her role as a mom. "I'm starting to have a love affair with my mistakes, because I don't know where I would be without them." - Ariane Goldman. Learn more about this episode of The Mentor Files with Monica Royer at


44 Jason Stoffer - The Founder of Maveron on What He Looks For in a Founder

Listen in to learn what brands need to do to cut through the noise of today’s marketplace, and how founders should approach the process of raising funds. “What you really need to think about is how do you stand out in the hearts and minds of end consumers? That's what we think about every day at Maveron.” - Jason Stoffer. Learn more about this episode of The Mentor Files with Monica Royer at


43 Laurel Berman - The Founder of Black Halo on Creating a Celebrity Wardrobe Staple

Listen in as Laurel Berman talks about the story behind the iconic Jackie O dress, her creative process, and how she is empowering women through her brand. “I think that if you can figure out where your passion is at and you follow your heart, the success will follow. Now, that doesn't mean it's not going to be really difficult, but I feel like the only way you can overcome those challenges is wanting it more.” - Laurel Berman. Learn more about this episode of The Mentor Files with Monica...


42 Jeff Canatalupo - The Co-Founder of Listen on Building Emotional Connections With Your Audience

Listen in to learn how to use a qualitative approach to your business, the most valuable asset for an early startup, and how to build emotional connections. “At the end of the day, we're in the business of understanding people. That's what innovation is about, it's about the opportunity to build new products and services for people.” - Jeff Canatalupo. Learn more about this episode of The Mentor Files with Monica Royer at


41 Jordana Kier - The Co-Founder of Lola on Disrupting the Feminine Care Industry

Listen in to learn how Jordana created her feminine care product subscription service, and how she is empowering women to live their healthiest lives. “A lifelong reproductive health brand for your body should exist. Why are we reinventing the wheel every single time?” - Jordana Kier. Learn more about this episode of The Mentor Files with Monica Royer at


40 Rosie O'Neill - The Co-Founder of Sugarfina on Making Your Product Sell Itself

Listen in to learn more about why Rosie chose to make a retail store so early in Sugarfina's career, and the difficulties inherent in scaling your business. “At the end of the day, your product should sell itself. It shouldn't need an ad to sell itself. Make sure you have something that people get excited about and that they want to share it and buy it.” - Rosie O'Neill. Learn more about this episode of The Mentor Files with Monica Royer at


39 Jessica Rolph - The CEO of Lovevery on Growing Alongside Your Startup

Listen in to learn more about Jessica Rolph's journey through motherhood, venture capital, fundraising, stating two businesses, and growing alongside her startups. “These businesses do become your babies, they're like another being in your life.” - Jessica Rolph. Learn more about this episode of The Mentor Files with Monica Royer at


38 Michael Broukhim - The Co-Founder of FabFitFun on Why There's No Magic Formula in Business

Listen in for Michael's thoughts on working with a family member, how entrepreneurs can find balance in their personal lives, and why good content has been so instrumental to FabFitFun's success. "I think you have to look for ways to be different in some fundamental way so you can stand out. In the consumer world, you want to be able to not only stand out, but then make that into some sort of sustainable competitive differentiation over time." - Michael Broukhim. Learn more about this...


37 Sarah LaFleur - The Founder of MM.LaFleur on Why Overnight Startup Success is a Myth

Sarah LaFleur was working in private equity when she came to a realization that’ll ring familiar to most professional women. “I had a really hard time shopping for work...I’d spend [time] stressing out about what to wear in the morning,” she admitted. But that dilemma sparked inspiration: Sarah had witnessed companies like Bonobos, Warby Parker and Cuyana successfully launch direct-to-consumer concepts, and she decided to create something similar geared towards working women — and that’s...


36 Rick Desai - The Partner of Listen Ventures on Why Not Everyone Should Start a Business

On this episode, Rick shared his thoughts on why certain businesses succeed, why founders need to act as the biggest investors in their business, and more. “The only thing you can't replicate is the relationship with your end user.” - Rick Desai. Learn more about this episode of The Mentor Files with Monica Royer at


35 Renata Quintini - The Venture Capitalist of Lux Capital on What Will Make A Startup Succeed

In this episode, Renata reveals the top qualities she has seen in the most successful entrepreneurs, and also the red flags she’s seen in people along the way. “Think a lot about how you can make the most of what you got, and be deliberate about that.” - Renata Quintini. Learn more about this episode of The Mentor Files with Monica Royer at


Rerun: 01 Andy Dunn - The Founder of Bonobos on Building a Solid Team

While we are on summer break, enjoy this rerun of our first (and one of our favorite) episodes! For the first episode, I’m interviewing one of my favorite humans on earth: My brother Andy Dunn. The offspring of an immigrant mother who bucked tradition to marry our dad (he is not Indian, like our mother), we grew up feeling different from the other kids. This difference was our common bond and it made us that much closer. Andy founded Bonobos in 2007 with the goal of providing men with...


34 Rachel Drori - The Founder & CEO of Daily Harvest on Solving the Modern Eating Dilemma

Like many of us, Rachel Drori was trying to fit healthy, nutritious meals into her busy life...but was frustrated by the lack of options. In 2015, Rachel decided to take matters into her own hands: She founded Daily Harvest, a direct-to-consumer brand blending health and innovation to send delicious superfoods straight to your freezer so you can prepare and enjoy them at your convenience. The business is one of the fastest growing nutritional food brands in the U.S. With more than 100,000...


33 Denise Lee - The Founder & CEO of Alala on the Small Team Behind the Growing Brand

In 2012, Denise Lee was training for her first marathon and went out in search of activewear. She wanted to find modern and sleek styles that were similar to the contemporary designers she wore in her everyday wardrobe — but she quickly realized what she wanted wasn't available. Noticing this void in the marketplace led her to create her own brand, Alala, inspired by the Greek goddess of the same name. Alala is a luxury workout brand that is now carried in over 100 major retailers including...


32 Brad Kopitz - The CEO of Artifact Uprising on Building a Brand People Come Back to Again and Again

Brad Kopitz knows the power of a photo album. As the CEO of Artifact Uprising, a digitally native company that provides printed photo goods, he understands the value of high quality, good design, and thoughtfully sourced materials. And, it has paid off. When the company launched in 2012 more than 7,000 people visited their site in the first day. Within the first 18 months, Artifact Uprising was a multi-million dollar company. Brad first joined the brand as an early investor, but shortly...


31 Katya Libin - The CEO & Co-Founder of Heymama on Building a Community Around the World

Today's guest is Katya Libin, one of the powerhouse women behind Heymama, a membership only network to support modern working and entrepreneurial mothers. The group boasts more than 700 CEOs, founders, creatives, and leaders in countless industries. After spending years in sales in the tech industry, Katya wanted to find a better way to support women and help moms connect - that's how Heymama was born. What exactly is Heymama? It's an amazing source of community inspiration, and career...


30 Sonia Nagar - Vice President of Pritzker Group Venture Capital on Making Connections Between Founders and Investors

Early in her career, Sonia Nagar founded a mobile shopping app called Pickie. After much success, the app was acquired by Retail Me Not, where she became the vice president of product and head of mobile apps for the coupon shopping site — and earned a Webby Award for Best Shopping App! Upon relocating to Chicago with her husband, Sonia was preemptively meeting with VCs about future potential investments when one thing led to another and she was offered a position that was too good to...