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The free-spirited, weekly podcast that explores those random things that suddenly pop into your head at unexpected times. Join hosts, J.R., Shewana, and Trav as they discuss, debate, and try to make some sense out of the crazy things that are going on in our minds.

The free-spirited, weekly podcast that explores those random things that suddenly pop into your head at unexpected times. Join hosts, J.R., Shewana, and Trav as they discuss, debate, and try to make some sense out of the crazy things that are going on in our minds.


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The free-spirited, weekly podcast that explores those random things that suddenly pop into your head at unexpected times. Join hosts, J.R., Shewana, and Trav as they discuss, debate, and try to make some sense out of the crazy things that are going on in our minds.






Help! I Need Relationship Advice

What's Poppin'? Is Roe vs Wade about to be overturned? What to know about the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Defamation Suit. Drake responds to troll by following and DM’ing his wife. Main Topic: The Mind Pop Zone crew is giving relationship advice to those in need. ​In the Zone: Ashlyn Sanders


Things We Don't Do Anymore

What's Poppin'? ESPN anchor, Sage Steele, alleges violation of free speech rights, sues ESPN and Disney. Harvard University details its ties to slavery and promises reparations. Viral video claims to show a real mermaid. Main Topic: Reminisce with the Mind Pop Zone crew as they talk about things we don’t do anymore. ​In the Zone: Queen Latifah


Protecting Black Women

What's Poppin'? Mike Tyson punches a man who was harassing him on the plane. Netflix loses subscribers and 50 billion dollars. Florida Governor, DeSantis, rejects math books because of “CRT”. Kindergarten student brings margarita to school and shares it with his classmates. Main Topic: A conversation protecting black women: what does it mean, how do we do it, should we do it no matter what. ​In the Zone: Ja’Niece Jenkins


Superhero Edition

What's Poppin'? The Mind Pop Zone crew finally share their thoughts about the slap heard around the world (Will Smith/Chris Rock Situation). Kirk Franklin’s estranged son arrested while driving the car of a missing woman. A federal jury awards man wrongly convicted a judgement of $6 million dollars, but the city of Durham will not pay him. Hampton University wipes out outstanding fees for students. Main Topic: It’s a conversation all about superheroes. ​In the Zone: Marcus Bullock


Our Mount Rushmore(s)

What's Poppin'? Hampton University receives backlash for offering free tuition to Ukraine students. Get your glasses ready. It’s The Mind Pop Zone’s 100 episode. Main Topic: This is not a conversation about the Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. The Mind Pop Zone are sharing their Mt. Rushmores (the 4 greatests) in various categories including; Comedians, Talk Show Hosts, Rappers, Fast Food Restaurants, Candy Bars, Movie Twists and more. ​In the Zone: Howard University


Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

What's Poppin'? Howard University faculty threaten to strike over wages and working conditions. School apologizes after middle school students participate in a mock slave auction. Everything you need to know about the upcoming Oscars. Main Topic: A conversation about red flags. The Mind Pop Zone crew share their red flags when visiting a restaurant, going to a club, on a first date, staying at a hotel, and much more.


The Nasty Song Edition

What's Poppin'? The door/wheel debate. Director Ryan Coogler mistaken for a bank robber. A Florida teacher is beat up by a 5-year student. Daniel Kaluuya fires his team and is allegedly taking advice from a Crystal Guru. Nick Cannon’s talk show canceled. White Men Can’t Jump remake. I Am Legend sequel starring Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan. Main Topic: The Mind Pop Zone crew are talking nasty songs today. ​In the Zone: Hampton University


Out of the Office

Back next week!


Burn Out

What's Poppin'? Putin and Russia invade Ukraine. Biden nominates Kentaji Brown Jackson as the first black woman to sit on the Supreme Court. The other 3 police officers found guilty of violating George Floyd’s civil rights. Main Topic: A conversation about burn out. ​In the Zone: Triad Restaurants


What's Poppin?

Main Topic: It’s a full episode of What’s Poppin’ on today’s show. Update on the Lodge Hualapai story. Viral video of police pinning down and handcuffing a black teen while the white teen involved in the fight if left alone. Preschool teacher teaches a Black History lesson by letting toddlers make blackface masks. Stranger Things renewed for 5 and final season. Oscar Hosts are announced. ​In the Zone: Ms. Hodges 1 Grade Class


Black History

What's Poppin'? DaBaby involved in a fight with Danileigh’s brother at a bowling alley. Las Vegas bartender forced to repay money after he was robbed at gunpoint. Dolly Parton is paying 100% of tuition for Dollywood employees who attend college. Mark Cuban launches a discount pharmacy. Main Topic: Black History with the Mind Pop Zone. ​In the Zone: Black People Making History


Suicide Prevention

What's Poppin'? Rihanna is expecting her first baby. Several HBCUs receive bomb threats. HBCUs leaving behind rivalries in pursuit of more revenue. An ancestry test reveals an IVF nightmare for a family. Main Topic: A conversation about suicide with the Mind Pop Zone crew. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-723-8255 In the Zone: Archie Green


Infertility and Black Women

What's Poppin'? Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty raises 125 million dollars in funding as her retail stores open. Conservatives are mad that President Biden has vowed to select a black woman as the next Supreme Court justice. D.A.R.E criticizes HBO’s Euphoria for glamorizing drug use, sex and violence. Main Topic: The Mind Pop Zone crew have a conversation about African Americans and infertility. The crew discuss the Eggs Over Easy documentary, and J.R. and Shewana share their fertility journey. In...


What's Poppin?

What's Poppin'? It’s a full episode of what’s poppin’. Elon Musk’s hiring strategy. Fashion icon, Andre Leon Talley dies. A reporter hit by a car while filming. Social media star with rare disorder passes away. Website to order free Covid tests is up. A sequel to A Christmas Story is in the works. NCAA adopts new policy for transgender athletes. Mitch McConnell thinks Black voters are different from Americans. In the Zone: Willie O’Ree


2021 Recap

What's Poppin'? Judge Michelle Odinet finally resigns after video of her saying the N-word. Tristan Thompson admits to being the father and apologizes to Khloe Kardashian. Jason Derulo gets into a fight in Las Vegas. University of Richmond Fraternity is suspended after racist video emerges. Main Topic: The Mind Pop Zone crew hand out awards for the best and the worst of 2021. In the Zone: Dana White


The Gifts That Keep On Giving

What's Poppin'? The Can We Talk Challenge becomes the wave. A cocktail bar rips Patrick Mohomes’ brother, Jackson, after he complains about the service he received. Louisiana Judge caught using the N-word says her medication is to blame. Main Topic: The Mind Pop Zone crew give out gifts for Christmas. Recipients include: R. Kelly, the Moms of Liberty, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Lil Boosie, Lil Nas X, Joel Olsteen and Cam Newton, just to name a few. In the Zone: Travis Hunter


Moral Dilemma: What Would You Do?

What's Poppin'? CEO fires 900 employees via Zoom. Job openings are at an all-time high during the Great Resignation. Charlamagne tha God interviews Travis Scott about the Astroworld tragedy. The Cobra Kai Season 4 Trailer is released. Main Topic: Moral dilemmas. What would you do? In the Zone: Issa Rae and Glow Up Games


Discovering the Strange and the Unusual

What's Poppin'? Trav recaps the Three 6 Mafia, Bone Thugz-N-Harmony Verzuz Battle. Tyra Banks called out on Twitter over the treatment of 'America's Next Top Model' contestants. The Mom’s of Liberty Group protest elementary students learning about Dr. Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement. You can rent the Home Alone mansion. Main Topic: The Mind Pop Zone crew share some strange and unusual things they have discovered. In the Zone: Elle Smith, Breanna Myles & Destiny Wagner


Message From The Mind Pop Zone

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Celebrity Thanksgiving Dinner

What's Poppin'? Young Dolph shot and killed in Memphis. Drama online with DaBaby and DaniLeigh. Tami Roman talks about allowing her husband to have a child with another woman. ​ Main Topic: It’s the Mind Pop Zone Celebrity Thanksgiving Dinner. ​In the Zone: Will Smith