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Sharpen Your Axe. A podcast for the age of information

Sharpen Your Axe. A podcast for the age of information
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Sharpen Your Axe. A podcast for the age of information






Brian Tirey | A Life Meditated & Preparing for Fatherhood

Brian and Seth open up about their meditations practices; how they started meditating, how they made the habit stick, what has worked, what hasn’t, and how it has changed their lives.


Home-Owning And Cohabitation | Jake Holschuh and Seth on Buying Your First Home and Sharing it with Others.

Jake Holschuh on The Mindmill Podcast Todays episode is a special one for me. Not only is it special because of the subjects discussed; but also because this episode is with the guest from my first ever Mindmill podcast, Jake Holschuh. Jake has been a friend, photography teacher, and colleague of mine for the last few years. He is a stellar photographer and videographer, and was a huge inspiration for me starting this podcast, as well as my recent “The Mindmill Abroad” photography project...


Keri Bergeron | Breath, Movement, and a Mission

Keri Bergeron is a Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher, and Lululemon Ambassador. Keri works with physical education programs bringing mindfulness practice to the classroom.


Gina Gerboth | The Wisdom and Dedication of the Modern Midwife

Gina Gerboth on The Mindmill Podcast Gina Gerboth is a Professional Midwife, Certified Lactation Consultant, and Childbirth Educator. Today we are with Gina Gerboth; Professional Midwife, Certified Lactation Consultant, and childbirth educator. Gina is an absolute wealth of knowledge, and has been on the front lines of natural birth advocacy for decades. Her career as a birth worker has brought her all over the world, where she has absorbed a global view of birthing techniques and...


Fireside in Yellowstone Park | Greg Woodruff

Greg Woodruff returns to the Mindmill Podcast. Seth and Greg reflect on a transformative year from backcountry in Yellowstone National Park. This episode is a special one. A while back, I interviewed my good friend Greg Woodruff; Jiu Jitsu competitor, Yoga teacher, Yellowstone Ranger, and all around one of my favorite people. When we last spoke, Greg was moving across the country from Alabama back to Yellowstone for another season in the park. We were both in big chapter changes in our...


Tyrone Beverly | The Poetic Flow

Tyrone Beverly is an Entrepreneur and Unifier; Connecting Humans and Communities of Diverse Backgrounds through Yoga and Discussion. Todays episode is with Tyrone Beverly, and Im very excited to share his story with you. Tyrone is an entrepreneur, community leader, yoga teacher, family man, inspirer and unifier. His extreme passion for equality, humans rights, unity, and physical and social health has kickstarted a wellness movement that unites communities and foster healthy lifestyles...


Sound Healing, Musical Ecstasy, & Good Vibrations | Joshua Greenfield

Joshua Greenfield is a vibrational healer, professional musician, and teacher of mindful cooking. He is on a mission to teach the world how to tap into their own ability to heal themselves through music. Today we are with Joshua Greenfield; Professional Musician, sound & vibration healer, and teacher of mindful cooking. Joshua is well versed in a variety of instruments from around the world including singing bowls, hang drums, percussion, djembe, shruti box, guitar, piano, tuning forks,...


Triathlons, Finance, & Fitness | The Unstoppable Taylor Ames

[space_20] Taylor Ames is Integrating Fitness & Mindfulness into the Professional Finance Community Today we have an awesome episode with the one and only Taylor Ames. Taylor is a competitive Triathlete, Financial Advisor, and Fitness Coach. His ambassadorship with Lululemon here in Denver has introduced him to other incredible individuals that has led to his newest initiative; bringing mindfulness into the world of finance. He and his team are disrupting the finance culture with exercise,...


Travel Recap Episode | Part 2

More Host Seth Marcus reflects on his 5 month journey through Europe in early 2018. In Part 2 of 2, Seth and Brian talk on the oddities of travel, self-awareness, and application of lessons learned abroad. Woooow. Just Wow. It feels so good to be back home. Summer is here, its grilling season, and Denver is blowing up! The city has grown so much since I moved here 8 years ago, but upon coming back Im floored by how much its exploded just in 5 months! I...


Travel Recap Episode | Part 1

More Host Seth Marcus reflects on his 5 month journey through Europe in early 2018. In Part 1 of 2, Seth and episode co-host Brian Tirey discuss long-term travel preparation, logistics, and adjusting to life abroad. What is up everyone?! Seth here and Im so happy to home and to be back on the Mindmill Podcast! Needless to say, the last 5 months have been life changing. For those of you who haven’t been following, I spent early 2018 traveling solo...


The Upward Spiral Pt.2 | Laura St.John

More Mindset, Nutrition, & Fitness Coach Laura St. John Radiates Positivity and Motivation from her Neighborhood to all over the World. Today we are with Laura St. John, part 2 of the Upward spiral series here on the Mindmill. Laura is the co-owner of the Strong.Confident Living wellness program and Denver local Gym Pearl Street fitness. She is also the wife of the last guest, Scott St John. Be sure to check that episode out as well, as...


The Upward Spiral Pt.1 | Scott St.John

Serial Entrepreneur, Fitness Instructor & Influencer Scott St.John Shares his Philosophy on Business, Family, and Technology in the Wellness Industry. This MindMill episode is with Scott St John. Scott is an educator turned nutrition & fitness instructor. Him and his wife Laura own and operate one of Denvers best gyms, Pearl Street Fitness. Together, they have built a physical and online community, “strong confident living” that inspires and transforms thousands of people across the world....


Martial Arts, Yoga, & Yellowstone | The Badassery of Greg Woodruff

Greg Woodruff shares his Passion for Martial Arts, Yoga, and the Outdoors with Communities around the Country. Today’s episode is with Greg Woodruff. Greg is a martial arts competitor & instructor, a guide at Yellowstone national park, and a yoga teacher. He is a 5th degree black belt in Tang Soo do with over 20 years experience. He is a lifelong outdoorsmen, and spends roughly half the year in nature. If there’s ever an apocalyptic scenario, Gregs the man to team up with. The guy knows the...


Starting a Family and a Business Abroad | Kerwyn Hawkins & Elena Moreno-Barbero

Kerwyn Hawkins & Elena Moreno-Barbero are an international couple who combine American education and Spanish culture to create an successful business and family life in Spain. Today, we are with Kerwyn Hawkins and Elena Moreno-Barbero. Kerwyn and Elena were some of the first friends I met when I moved to Denver almost 9 years ago, yet they moved back to Almeria (Elena’s hometown) to raise their newborn twins in the Spanish culture within a few months of my arrival. I was sad to see them go,...


Bailey Rhatigan | Influencing a Healthy Lifestyle, One Simple Meal at a Time

Bailey Rhatigan is a health & food marketer. She is the creator of the Sailor Bailey Blog and Social Media Account. This Mindmill episode is with health & food marketer Bailey Rhatigan. Bailey is the creator and “captain” of the Sailor Bailey Instagram account and food blog. Her advice, meal examples, and vulnerable content have inspired hundreds of thousands of people. Her focus is on “simply healthy” recipes, fun and fresh ingredient combinations, and balance between fun and fuel. Bailey...


Innovating an Industry by Helping Others | Marques Torbert

Innovating an Industry by Helping Others | Marques Torbert Entrepreneur, Investor, & Financial Strategist Marques Torbert on how to seize opportunities, work with purpose, and lead with positivity. Todays episode is with Marques Torbert. Marques is the CEO of Ametros Financial, a firm that provides financial services and tools for injured workers with staggering healthcare needs. Ametros works closely with patients, insurers, employers, attorneys, brokers, medical providers and Medicare to...


Share Your Strength | Tara Laferrara

Health Coach & Fitness Trainer Tara Laferrara on a fit lifestyle, owning your digital presence, and taking your business all over the world. Todays episode is with fitness professional, coach, and all-around life crusher Tara Laferrara. Tara is a leader in the Denver fitness community and hosts numerous retreats all over the world; all powered by her can-do body positive message. Not only a force in person, Tara’s digital presence broadcasts her to hundreds of thousands of people. Her...


Rediscover yourself through Transcendental Meditation | Julie Boyd

Rediscover yourself through Transcendental Meditation | Julie Boyd Julie Boyd is an Author, Artist, Teacher, and Transcendental Mediation practitioner. Her experiences with TM have sparked an "awakening" in her life that have expanded her in every direction conceivable. She does not even recognize the person she was before transcendental mediation. Julie's experiences as a mother and former school teacher provide her a unique and beautiful aspect on how to share TM to the world. Julie is a...


Old Gold Vintage | Allie & Natalie Toth

Entrepreneurs & Sisters Allie and Natalie Toth bring vintage fashion to their customers doorstep. [space_20] Todays show is with Allie and Natalie Toth, sisters and creators of Old Gold Vintage. Old Gold is a mobile boutique based in Colorado. The sisters share a love of travel, vintage fashion, and sustainability; inspiring them to create a business that accommodates all three. Allie and Natalie purchased and retrofitted an old touring bus as their first mobile store, which they now take...


Jeff Suskin | Building Community with Food & Wine

Jeff Suskin is a Dining Magazine Publisher, Food Festival Creator, Jiu Jitsu & Yoga Practitioner, Community Leader & Mentor. Building Community with Food & Wine [space_20] Jeff is the publisher of Dining Out Magazine, a premier guide to the local restaurant scene in major cities around and US and abroad. Jeff’s decades in the culinary space has taken him around the world; experiencing eclectic tastes and cultures while giving him unparalleled insight to the trends in dining. [space_20] In...