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The podcast for all things Minot. Subscribe and stay up to date on community of Minot and hear stories from Minotians all around the world.

The podcast for all things Minot. Subscribe and stay up to date on community of Minot and hear stories from Minotians all around the world.
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The podcast for all things Minot. Subscribe and stay up to date on community of Minot and hear stories from Minotians all around the world.




Dr. Veronica Pinnick - NASA Scientist

Dr. Veronica Pinnick joins The Minotian to discuss her childhood in Minot and the path that led to becoming a NASA scientist. Hear how Veronica knew early on that she had a knack for science and how her curiosity and hard work propelled her to amazing opportunities most Minotians couldn't even imagine. Plus, hear her takes on the existence of life on other planets and if we are truly alone in the universe. All of that and more in this fun episode of The Minotian!


Dr. Steve Shirley - President of Minot State University

President Steve Shirley joins The Minotian to discuss his life journey and how he ended up becoming a campus president. We talk about why he had interest in the job at MSU, what the biggest challenges have been over the last five years, and what has him optimistic of a bright future at our hometown university. To end the interview, I put Dr. Shirley on the spot and make him recruit a fake student (me) and he knocks it out of the park. Enjoy!


Ashley Beall - Minot Municipal Court Judge

Municipal Court Judge Ashley Beall joins The Minotian to discuss her path to the judgeship and what her philosophy is while presiding over cases. I appreciated how open and honest Judge Beall was about her misconceptions of the position while running and what she has learned in her first year. Ashley also shared modern approaches to managing offenders in municipal court and I came away from this episode both impressed and relieved that she is in this critically important position for our...


Tom Schrader - KX News Chief Meteorologist

Tom Schrader joins The Minotian to reflect on his career that has spanned 22 years at KX here in Minot. Hear how he ended up here and how his competitiveness has kept him on top of his game for so long. Plus, we discuss how he started using Facebook Live to cover storms and his favorite part of having KX Weather Kids on the set. All of that plus a rapid fire round of questions in this episode of The Minotian!


Lance Meyer - City Engineer of Minot

City Engineer Lance Meyer joins The Minotian to discuss the role of the Engineering Department in Minot. Learn how Lance became the youngest City Engineer in North Dakota just weeks before Minot would flood. What lessons has he learned in the last ten years and what are the projects he is most proud of. Plus, Lance provides updates on the proposal for a roundabout and what major projects are on the calendar for 2019. We finish off this information packed episode with rapid fire round of...


Shaun Sipma - Mayor of Minot

Mayor Shaun Sipma joins The Minotian to preview the State of The City coming up on Thursday, January 31st. We also talk about how he has adjusted to life as Mayor and he provides updates on many ongoing projects in the community. To finish off the appearance, Mayor Sipma tries his best in an intense round of rapid fire questions.


Caleb Heilman - Owner of Heilman's Performance

Caleb Heilman of Heilman's Performance (HP) joins The Minotian to share his experience of starting a business in Minot. Caleb explains the risks he took to start HP and what he feels he did right and wrong. We also discuss what is different about how individuals are trained at his facility and Caleb gives his best advice for people looking to set their own fitness goals. That and so much more in this episode of The Minotian.


Dr. Terry Eckmann - Author and Professor of Health and Wellness

Terry Eckmann, PhD, joins The Minotian and talks about her passion for health and fitness. We discuss diet, exercise, and the most simple changes people can make to experience the most beneficial long term health effects. That and more in this episode of The Minotian. Thank you for listening and enjoy!


Coach Dale Brown Part 2 - Member of the College Basketball Hall of Fame

Part two of our conversation with Coach Brown features stories about his time as Head Coach at LSU and we discuss the most prominent players he coached like Shaquille O'Neal and Chris Jackson. We even learn of some North Dakota players he didn't recruit whom he wish he could have. All that and more on this episode of The Minotian.


Coach Dale Brown Part 1 - Member of the College Basketball Hall of Fame

Dale Brown coached the LSU Mens Basketball Program for 25 years. Now he joins The Minotian to talk about his roots in Minot, how he became one of the most iconic coaches of all time, and the things he learned along the way.


Kelli Kronschnabel - Chief of the Minot Fire Department

The Minotian welcomes Minot Fire Chief Kelli Kronschnabel to discuss the role of the MFD in our community and how she is working to address high turnover. We also discussed some new benefits firefighters will enjoy starting in 2019. Learn more about the Minot Fire Department at


Heidi Heitkamp - United States Senator

Senator Heidi Heitkamp joins The Minotian to share how her work has been impacting the lives of Minotians. We also discussed the increasing polarization of political opinions and strategies for working with those who have opposing views.


Blake Eggl - Professional Calf Roper and Ys Mens Rodeo Participant

The Minotian welcomes Ruth Nicolaus and Blake Eggl to discuss the upcoming Y's Men's Rodeo. Ruth gives us the goods on what the event does for our community and why you should go. Blake fills us in on his road to becoming a calf roper and what to look for this weekend as he competes.


Sara Medalen - 2018 MEA Teacher of the Year

The Minotian welcomes Sara Medalen to discuss all the incredible things she is up to that led to her being named the 2018 MEA Teacher of the Year. Find out why choosing Sara was an easy call in this episode of The Minotian.


Derek Hackett - City of Minot Public Information Officer

Derek Hackett return to The Minotian as our first ever returning guest! We discuss the preliminary budget proposed to City Council which includes an 18.5% property tax increase and Derek explains the city's reasoning for why it is necessary. We also discuss the IEDC report and some of the main findings by the community developers who visited Minot earlier this year.


Chuck Massey - General Manager of Dakota Square Mall

The Minotian welcomes Chuck Massey on the pod to discuss everything related to Dakota Square Mall. We discussed some of the history of the mall and how it functions on a day to day business. Chuck also shared some insight as to the future plans of the mall in regards to filling the open spaces left by Sears and eventually Herbergers.


Dr. Mark Vollmer - Superintendent of Minot Public Schools

The Minotian welcomes Dr. Mark Vollmer on the pod to discuss everything related to Minot Public Schools. Some of the main topics discussed on this episode: Overcrowding, Impasse, Safety, and a new program to our district called Love and Logic.


Renae Korslien - ND State Fair General Manager

ND State Fair GM Renae Korslien joins The Minotian to get you up to speed on what to expect at the 2018 ND State Fair. Renae shares her favorite fair food, which new exhibit you need to see, and the best way to avoid parking at the fair. Plus, the we have two tickets to give away for both Michael Ray and Kip Moore! Details in the episode or on Facebook.


Rick Feltner - Minot Airport Director

Minot Airport Director Rick Feltner joins The Minotian to discuss why it costs so much to fly out of Minot. Rick shares his ideal snack and beverage combos when aboard a flight and we also discuss the first few years of the new airport and what the future looks like for Minot air travel.


Derek Hackett - City of Minot Public Information Officer

Derek Hackett joined the Minotian on Friday, June 8th and discussed a wide range of topics. How did he become Minot's PIO, his view of the city after multiple years on the job, and we discuss some of the most relevant issues Minot is dealing with. If you have questions about the city, Derek invites you to slide into his DMs on this episode of The Minotian.