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Official SoundCloud Account of The Nothing Else On Podcast.

Official SoundCloud Account of The Nothing Else On Podcast.
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Official SoundCloud Account of The Nothing Else On Podcast.




Episode 4 - Prepare for the worst, Hope for the best

On this episode of The Nothing Else On Podcast WE SURVIVED HURRICANE DORIAN! John survived hurricane Dorian that blew through parts of Florida last week and lives to tell the story of how he fought off soccer moms and alligators for water and dollar tree snacks. On a serious note we do feel for the Bahamas and wish for a speedy recovery. We discuss on how to prepare for a hurricane and what is needed to stay safe and sound in your household. We also discuss the worst storms we've been apart...


Episode 3.5 - 3 Idiots Draft Fantasy Football Teams

On this special episode of The Nothing Else On Podcast Brendo, John and Lex decide it was a good idea to join ESPN fantasy football and draft teams for the upcoming football season. This is a special episode where we explore more grounds and just have fun. We explain to our viewers and Lex how fantasy football works so everyone will know a little bit about playing. At the end of the episode we announce our teams. LET THE BEST IDIOT WIN! We all hope you enjoy this special episode and laugh at...


Episode 3 - Anti Funko Funko Chubs

On this episode of The Nothing Else On Podcast Brendo, John and Lex discuss about going to conventions of all sorts from comic books, shoes and tattoos. Hear about our experiences attending cons and which ones were our favorites. A lot of Bon Jovi was sung and we do not regret it. Hear about how many Ls John took in one week and how to recover from an L. When is enough, enough? We talk about the breaking points we all had when it comes to collecting and what we did about them. In the world...


Episode 2 - You Should Never Ever Do This...

Find out if Brendo, John or Lex of The Nothing Else On Podcast DIE while trying to complete the 30 nugget challenge from Chick Fil A with only one drink! In this episode The Nothing Else On podcast get back to the basics of just having fun with each other rather than reading from a script. They use HORRIBLE French accents to make fun of each other and now we know the reason why France hates us. There are some very interesting points when we talk about weed and our first times getting high....


Episode 1 - Obsessive Collectors Disorder (O.C.D)

In this episode we touch on obsessive collecting. We discuss our love for collecting and our lifetime experiences collecting different things. We exchange views on the future of Funko and things we would like to see come from the company. Please check out The Nothing Else on Podcast on social media! John -


Ep. 0 - We sHOuld StARt a PoDCAst

Three fat dudes decide to start a podcast about random topics. This is their inaugural entry into an over saturated medium. Warning: Contains explicit language, unpopular opinions, and general stupidity. 00:00 - Awkward Intro 01:22 - Lex Intro 05:45 - John Intro 08:05 - Brendo Intro 11:51 - Shameless plugs 14:00 - Lex is Sensitive 17:52 - Lex and John 29:11 - Brendo entering the crew 45:37 - Lex hates Brendo 54:42 - John loves Brendo 56:43 - "We should start a podcast." 57:56 - The name?...