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The Mermaid’s Parade, by Gina Femia

with musical guest Jackie Gage “Biron has been deployed to Iraq and Islande is stuck in Coney Island. A fable of a mermaid connects them both as they are forced to confront their personal horrors in order to try to find one another and themselves during a time of war.”


What We Look Like, by Bruce Jones and Jonathan Mello

with musical guests NOWA “The story of Jesse and Adam, two people who fall in love. But it’s not only about Jesse and Adam. It’s also the story of Jesse: of how a person deemed “fat” by their community lives, works, and is seen by the world he lives in. Because Jesse and Adam’s relationship isn’t just about them. It’s about how the pressures from the people in your lives, and your community, can affect a relationship. When Adam’s circle of people begins to question Jesse’s worth to Adam,...


OR OR OR &&&, by Daniel K. Isaac

Description: with musical guest Diana Oh “Daniel tries to write his first full-length play and it’s not going to be about his mom. He’s already written a web series about her so this play will Not. Be. About. Esther. Instead, there’s Dragon and missionaries in North Korea and oh crap his mom is calling… A genre-fucking play about unapologetic storytelling, family both born and chosen, and the messiness of intersectional identities, Daniel & Esther & Dragon journey through autobiography,...


In The Room, Waiting, by Thaddeus McCants

with musical guest Revi Rosa. “At lights up we meet Malcolm and Aisha, a young on-again, off again couple in a hospital waiting room. Malcolm and Aisha might be pregnant. A moving and very funny look at fate, choice and compassion, IN THE ROOM, WAITING is a play about a young couple’s disagreement whether or not to bring a child into the world and how that decision will impact their relationship for the rest of their lives.”


Broken, by David Meyers

with musical guest Andrew Lynch (feat. Katie Hartman). “Kevin McFadden hasn’t spoken to anyone since he killed 17 people at a shopping mall three weeks ago. But when a prison doctor takes an unexpected interest in his case, Kevin decides to meet with him - revealing a troubled past that unites them both.”


Charlie’s Waiting, by Melisa Annis

with musical guest Eric Powell Holm. “On the eve of a very pregnant Louise’s wedding to her younger fiance Kelly, a stranger knocks on their door. Forced to confront questions of trust and intimacy, Louise discovers how quickly plans can get derailed.”


Everyone is an Astronaut, by Corey Pajka

with musical guest Abby Ahmad. “In 1986, a young man obsessed with space sets his sights on Earth. What he sees is his life in ruins, and his family in fragments. He sets about trying to make things right, but when a space shuttle in Florida explodes just moments after takeoff, it’s a sign that his best laid plans are doomed to failure. The universe is indifferent, but maybe the order is in the chaos.”


The Veils, by Hope Villanueva

featuring musical guest Allison Strong. “Splitting time between the present and past, THE VEILS explores the experiences of Mel, a marine home on leave from Afghanistan. As she plans her upcoming wedding, and is haunted by memories of the war, she struggles to come to terms with being a part of two very different worlds and to decide how to move forward with her life.”


Untitled Radio Play, by Keelay Gipson

with musical guests Starr Busby and SHACAR. “Benji Benedict is a radio talk show host in the age of the dying medium. After a late night encounter on a dating app, his following day is tinged with regret, systemic racism, and workplace politics. Will Benji make it through?”


The Aventines, by Teague Mitchell

with musical guest, Anneke Reiche. “Two guys walk into a bar. They found an art movement. It fails. They burn down the bar. Cue Latin drinking songs…” featuring Adriana Bohmier, Eri Nox, Teague Mitchell, Anneke Reiche, and Ry Szelong.


Beshert, by Chana Porter

with musical guest Lila Blue. Ruth contains multitudes that Samuel cannot comprehend. Samuel seeks absolution from Eli’s dybbuk. Eli is Ruth’s angel from heaven. Drawing on Jewish mysticism and blurring gender barriers, BESHERT remembers a fatal love by a lakeside many years ago. Featuring Jocelyn Kuritsky, Kira Davies, Jon Froehlich, George Olesky, Laura Zablit.


The String’s the Thing, by Veronica Tjioe

with musical guest Bobey. Juxtaposing the Minotaur myth with the reality of living a liminal existence, what it feels like to be neither “one” nor “the other”, Tjioe explores from a mixed-race perspective the tenuous state of being in-between. Featuring Sunee Kiernan, Jessica Greenstreet, and Veronica Tijoe.


Spit the Pit, by Christine J. Schmidt

with musical guest Phil Hamilton and Christine J. Schmidt. Francine is changing her name to “Peaches” so that Rob, who has a fetish for human taxidermy, might find her one day despite the difficulty it may cause her own sister who has been searching for years. Featuring Nina Bowers, Marisa Duchowny, Greg Nussen, and Brian Otaño.