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Why Snapshot Photos are Great for Telling Stories

Snapshots are getting a bad rap among photographers. Yet million of people understand the value of personal stories captured in the moment. Be sure to capture your own stories to share with family and friends. Life's precious moments won't wait for artistic photography. You need to be ready and engaged to capture some snapshots about the events and moments in life. Not just for yourself, but for your family down the line. We'll give some tips to help you take better snapshots, but the most...


Answers to Your Questions About Off-Camera Flash

We answer your questions about off-camera flash in this episode. Everything from when and why you need to use off-camera flash to where you should place the light. If you're just getting started with flash, check out this episode. Do you know whether to use eTTL or manual mode for your flash? What affects the results you get when using eTTL? We'll answer those questions and more. Knowing where to put the light or how to blend flash with ambient light are some common questions we'll also...


How to Begin Photography in 2020

The best way to begin photography is to avoid the usual pitfalls that suck in most photographers. We'll help you find your purpose, avoid unnecessary expenses and provide the key to creating better photographs. Too many beginning photographers get gear happy. We get it. When you aren't sure what to do, buying more gear is fun and a great way to experience. The problem is that great photos don't come from great gear. You have to pull them out of your soul with technique and emotion. We'll...


Should You Invite Others to Critique Your Photos?

Who should critique your photos? Having a critique can be a valuable experience to learn, but not everyone really knows how to do it well. We'll explain what makes a good photo critique and where to find someone you can trust to do it. Just as important as a good photo critique, we'll talk about some people who you should avoid when it comes to providing a photo critique. Unsolicited critiques are generally useless, but you also want to watch out for some signs that tell you who can provide...


How to Enhance iPhone Photos with Lightroom

Learn how to enhance iPhone photos with Lightroom CC. Editing photos on your mobile phone with Lightroom provides a lot of power and saves time. You can take advantage of advanced photo editing features and share on the go. We'll help you understand how to correct white balance errors in specific locations using the Mix tools. There's an order of operations to understand which tool to use, as some tools will affect the impact of others. We'll tell you the step-by-step process to make the...


Should Every Photographer Learn Photoshop?

Should every photographer learn Photoshop? Clearly, many don't use Photoshop due to the learning curve that comes with it. We'll discuss the pros and cons of learning Photoshop, as well as some alternatives to Photoshop. We discuss the difference of capabilities between Lightroom and Photoshop. It mostly comes down to how much you need to enhance your photos, or how much you need to manipulate your photos. Of course, there are tasks that Lightroom simply can't handle, like creating...


First Time Photography Frustrations

First time photography frustrations may make you want to toss your camera in the lake, but there's joy on the other side of the learning curve. We'll discuss some major frustrations at different stages of photography and why you need to press on. When you think about it, most people don't start photography in order to understand how to use their camera. They want to get beautiful photos and understanding how to use the camera is just part of the process in order to capture great images. It...


Is the MagMod Systems for Flash Right for You?

The MagMod system works for small flash and now they're getting into support for strobes. Find out why so many small flash photographers love MagMod and see if it's right for your photography. I'll be the first to say that the MagMod light modifiers are not inexpensive. However, there are built to last, lightweight and small to fit in your bag, and offer a wide array of options to create beautiful light for your subjects and background. I've used the MagMod light modifiers for a couple of...


How to Choose an Off-Camera Flash System

Every photographer needs an off-camera flash system, because there are always times when you need to control part of the light on your scene. We'll discuss what makes a flash system work, and some potential problems that cost money. Off-camera flash is a wonderful thing. It allows you to be a director with your lighting, even if you're working with wildlife or landscapes. There are times when you just need a punch of light to emphasize part of your photo. So why do you need a flash system?...


How to Make Your Subject Pop in Photographs

Make your subject pop in your photographs. It's one of the best ways to draw people into your photos, and we'll share a number of tips to help your subject stand out in your photos. The key concept is to find ways to cause some contrast between your subject and everything else in the photograph. You can do things to help before your photo session, as you're taking photos, or in post processing. We'll discuss how to use some of the tools and techniques at your disposal to compose your photo...


How to Enhance a Female Portrait

What enhances a woman's face and body? We'll discuss the differences between good makeup and good post-processing, the big difference between reducing vs eliminating and the things photographers shouldn't forget. We all want our portrait subjects look their best, but what does that mean and how should we go about it? It turns out that there's a fair amount of things you can do before you click the shutter that not only helps enhance beauty, but also saves you a ton of time in post...


Is it Time to Buy a New Camera?

Thinking of buying a new camera? Thinking of switching brands? It could be a good idea or maybe just a waste of money. We'll help you understand when it's time to upgrade or switch, or when you should stick with your current camera. There are plenty of good reasons to buy a new camera. My favorite reason is "because I WANT it." If that isn't your reason, then you may want to think about what you stand to benefit from making a switch - particularly if you're going to change brands or...


How to Create a Photography Portfolio

Learn how to create a photography portfolio and why you need one. Your portfolio is a visual resume. It doesn't just show what you can do. Your portfolio shows the kind of work that you want to get hired to do. If you're interested in attracting new business or showing your expertise in a specific part of your photography, we'll help you understand how to build a great portfolio. The post How to Create a Photography Portfolio appeared first on William Beem Photography. Visit the show...


How to Be Creative When You Don't Feel Like It

If you want to know how to be creative when you don't feel like it, it's important to know why you feel that way and who wants you to be creative. We'll share some tips to help you turn on your creativity when you need it. It's important to know your audience and what they like to get from you. That narrows down your options, which is a good way to find something creative. Serving others has benefits. One of the biggest thieves of your creativity is stress, burnout and being overworked....


Does Truth in Photography Matter?

What is truth in photography, and does it matter? We'll explore how photography distorts the truth and how. Everything from your lens choice to your angle of view and even the timing of you photo bends the truth a little bit. In this episode, we'll explore: Do people look to photography for truth? We edit photos to make them look more desirable to viewers, but how can you ensure your photos are true, not fake? Then again, perhaps this is a case where truth is in the eye of the beholder....


Why Your Photography Direction Will Change

Your photography direction will change as you gain experience, meaning the kind of photos you enjoy taking when you start aren't likely to be what you enjoy as you gain experience. Starting photography is a lot like learning how to drive. There are a lot of rules to remember, and a lot of technical issues to master. The subjects you choose when you start are rather forgiving. Just as the roads you drive when you start aren't as challenging as the ones you use later. As you gain experience,...


Five Portrait Lighting Patterns

One of the most common questions I'm asked about portraiture is where to put the light. Today, we're going to answer that question by sharing five portrait lighting patterns. To be honest, this is the wrong question to ask. That's because the best place to put your light is to get the result you want. so the real question to ask for portrait lighting is: What kind of shadows do I want on my subject's face? There is a time and place for each of the five portrait lighting patterns, and...


Bad Photography Advice for FREE

The world is full of bad photography advice. We give some common examples and tell you how to recognize when you're getting less than expert information. Some people mean well and keep repeating bad advice. Other people think they know it all and desperately want to show off, even if they don't have any experience to back up the advice they're giving. In this episode, you'll find out: We cover some common issues like: When you hear some absolute statements, chances are you're getting bad...


How to Backup Your Photos with a 3-2-1 Strategy

What's your backup strategy to save your photos? Every single hard drive will fail. It isn't a matter if "if", but "when" a drive fails. It's impossible to avoid. When your drive fails, you need a strategy to save your precious data. For photographers, that means your RAW files, final JPEGS, Photoshop files, Lightroom Catalog and perhaps more. In this episode, I'll share my own experiences with catastrophic failure and near loss of everything. We'll go over the 3-2-1 backup strategy so...


REPLAY: How to Use Photography to Tell Stories

Learn how to use photographs to tell your stories. We have a love of stories programmed in our DNA. You can use your photographs to reach viewers on a deeper level. In this episode, you'll learn: You'll also find a coupon code for a discount on Skylum software, like Luminar and Aurora HDR. The post REPLAY: How to Use Photography to Tell Stories appeared first on William Beem Photography. Visit the show notes at: