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Reading whole books in short daily burts to our subscribers

Reading whole books in short daily burts to our subscribers
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Reading whole books in short daily burts to our subscribers






Day 6 - The Phantom of the Opera

Welcome back to the The Phantom of the Opera. We are half way through Chapter 4. Two new managers, Mr Richard and Mr Montcharmin, are trying to get to the bottom of the case of the Opera Ghost. They don’t believe that he exists, but that he is the joke of the prior managers. After hearing about the memorandum requirement to keep Box Five available for the Opera Ghost, they have called for the lady who maintains and services the private boxes to find out more. It’s time for Mme Giry, to...


Day 5 - The Phantom of the Opera

It seems as though the Opera Ghost is not afraid to be seen amid the masses, attending both the dancers farewell of and the farewell dinner for Mm Debienne and Poligny. These two outgoing managers share the two red additions to their book of memorandum, where the Opera Ghost is to be paid 20,000 francs a month and is to have complete use of Box five during every performance. The incoming managers, Mm Richard and Montcharmin, think that this is purely bad management and that the box should...


Day 4 - The Phantom of the Opera

Yesterday, we were introduced to two brothers. The Comte de Chagny and his younger brother Raoul. Phillipe (the comte) is infatuated with Sorelli, the dancer, and Raoul is in love with “the new margarita”, Christine Daae. Raoul suspects that there is another man in Christines life, but was unable to get the proof. All this is happening on the night of the retirement party for M. Debienne and M. Poligny. Let’s now read Chapter 3 - The Mysterious Reason Be sure to subscribe to make sure...


Day 3 - The Phantom of the Opera

The girls of the corps de ballet, are terrified of the Opera Ghost. There seems to be a bit of confusion as to exactly what the Opera Ghost is. Mr Buquet says he is a skeletal figure in dress clothes, Pampin, the fireman, says that it is a bodyless ball of fire, and Giry’s mother says the ghost is resident in Box number five. Just when we are about to think that they are all just a bumbling bunch of babies, little Jammes’ mother comes in and says that Mr Buquet has been found hung. I can’t...


Day 2 - The Phantom of the Opera

After reading the prologue, where our author, Gaston Leroux, lays out his proof as to why the Opera Ghost is real. We know that we are reading a novel, but he has carefully woven his tale around some mysterious events which had happened in Paris some forty years before, and we aren’t going to try to work out what is real and what isn’t. We are about to begin Chapter One: Is it the Ghost? Be sure to subscribe to make sure that you catch every days reading.


Day 1 - The Phantom of the Opera

Much of my intent in publishing these stories is to read those books which have shaped our culture, that most people at least know the title of, yet have probably never read. Todays book falls beautifully into that category. The book I have chosen for our next study is “The Phantom of the Opera”. Most of us are aware of the musical “The Phantom of the Opera” by Andrew Lloyd Webber. What is lesser know is that this story was brought to life by a French Writer – Gaston Leroux. The story was...


Day 15 - The Time Machine - FINAL

This is it! Today we are going to read the last 3 chapters of the Book “The Time Machine” by HG Wells. The Time Traveller has been into the future, almost to its end. He had an adventure with the Eloi and the Morlocks that sadly ended with the loss of Weena. Let’s read Chapter 15, - The Time Traveller Returns, Chapter 16 – After the story and the Epilogue. Be sure to subscribe to make sure that you catch every days reading.


Day 14 - The Time Machine

The trip back to the White Sphinx didn’t exactly go to plan. The Time Traveller found himself in the middle of the dark wood as it burned bright with fire. So bright that it had blinded the Morlocks, which was good. What was bad, was that Weena is now lost, after she fainted and could not be revived. The box of matches had been taken from him, although there is still a few loose matches in his pocket. The time traveller has the bar of iron and is determined to seek his time machine in the...


Day 13 - The Time Machine

Armed with a bar of iron, a box of matches, and some camphor, the time traveller is intent on travelling back to the White Sphinx and attempting to retrieve the Time Machine. This would require one night of sleeping outside, as it did on his arrival to the Palace of Green Porcelain. Now, he feels armed, and prepared for the next challenge. Today we will be reading Chapter 12 – In the Darkness. Be sure to subscribe to make sure that you catch every days reading.


Day 12 - The Time Machine

Today we are with our friend, the time traveller, as he finally reaches the Palace of Green Porcelain, or so he calls it. He is hoping that this will provide a safe base from which to mount up a defence against the Morlocks, and ultimately seize back the time machine. He then intends on returning back to his own time with Weena. Let’s read Chapter 11 – The Palace of Green Porcelain Be sure to subscribe to make sure that you catch every days reading.


Day 11 - The Time Machine

We are now on the third week of The Time Machine by HG Wells. I figure that we will have 7 readings to go. The Time Traveller is relating his eight days of time travel with his dinner guests. He has told us of the strange experience of travelling through time and of meeting a small delicate peoples called the Eloi some 800 000 years into the future. For the time being, he is stuck in this age, as he believes his time machine has been dragged to the bronze base of the Great Sphinx Statue. It...


Day 10 - The Time Machine

We now have the explanation of the splitting of the human race into the Eloi and the Morlocks, or the have’s and the have not’s. While the Eloi frolic above ground, the Morlocks are left to toil underground, in what HG Wells has paralleled to our upper-class structure and our poor. As Chapter Nine is called The Morlocks, I’m hoping that we are going to find out more about this lower strata of human being. Be sure to subscribe to make sure that you catch every days reading.


Day 9 - The Time Machine

Today we are going to be reading the second half of chapter 8 – the Explanation. The time traveller has just woken up in the early hours of the morning, in those grey hours just before dawn. Since he can’t get himself back to sleep, he decides to get up and go and see the sunrise. He leaves the relative safety of the palace to take in the beauty of the morning light. Let’s listen to what happened once he stepped out onto the pavestones in front of the palace. Be sure to subscribe to make...


Day 8 - The Time Machine

The Time Machine is gone, and the Time Traveller has, literally, sent himself mad looking for it. It was a very well-written piece of manic behaviour as well as the thought process that accompanied the mania. He now thinks that the Time Machine has been put in the bronze base of the White Sphinx. He did try to bash the base open, but made little headway, only flattening out a coil in the decoration. Once all of the shock had worked its way out of him, the Time Traveller has put this...


Day 7 - The Time Machine

We’ve met these little people living 800,000 years into the future and the Time Traveller is wondering how they became as they are. They seem to have lost their fighting edge, and live powerless lives, where the earth has been conquered and there is seemingly nothing left to strive for. The Time Traveller sees this as the final decay of mankind, for his desire to strive is what rose him above the animals in the first place. However, all is not what it seems, because we received a few hints...


Day 6 - The Time Machine

We are one week into reading The Time Machine by HG Wells. I am in love with the imagery in this book. It portrays more wonder than any movie ever could. We are now with the Time Traveller over 800,000 years into the future. It is not the technologically and intellectually superior future that the Time Traveller had imagined for mankind. The people are delicate, lazy, and childlike. I’m now going to read you Chapter Six – The Sunset of Mankind Be sure to subscribe to make sure that you...


Day 5 - The Time Machine

The Time Traveller is in The Time Machine and has travelled to some unknown time in the future. We are excited to see what he sees and how a man ‘out of time’ views what is now his present. He has seen a graceful and beautiful man running towards him, and even though he is afraid of the unknown environment, he stays where he is and is prepared for whatever may happen. Be sure to subscribe to make sure that you catch every days reading.


Day 4 - The Time Machine

The Time Traveller has declared to his guests that he has lived 8 days since 4pm that afternoon. We are smart enough to know it’s because his Time Machine worked. It seems the guests in 1895 are a little bit more incredulous, and less likely to believe the tale told by those who saw the small machine disappear, the week before. So, he has had a few glasses of champagne, a good feed, cleaned himself up and has now sat down in the smoking room, determined to tell the story of his last 8...


Day 3 - The Time Machine

In front of his esteemed visitors, the Time Traveller has presented a small apparatus, with two levers and a saddle. Upon the pressing of one of the levers, the machine disappears, and it is stated that the machine is now travelling into either the past or the future. In his laboratory, the Time Traveller has a full size machine in which he fully intends to explore time. His visitors are amazed by his declarations, and await the common sense of the morning to bring further clarity. Be sure...


Day 2 - The Time Machine

We have met the time traveller, as he proposes his concept of four dimensions to his friends. The four dimensions are length, breadth, width, and time. Since we are restricted, as human beings, to travel along the time dimension, the Time Traveller has proposed that we may move indiscriminately along these dimensions with the help of a machine. His visitors are not so convinced, and proclaim that it must be some sleight-of-hand trick. Let’s have a look at what the time traveller walks into...