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“Electrified” content with fellow artists, activists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, politicos and beyond. Hosted by artist, advocate, and content creator, Jim Fogarty. The ProdCast is for mature audiences.


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“Electrified” content with fellow artists, activists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, politicos and beyond. Hosted by artist, advocate, and content creator, Jim Fogarty. The ProdCast is for mature audiences.






The Prod #96 Sal Cardoni

Screenwriter of "Unseen," Sal Cardoni, talks all things written for film; the script pitch, the sale, the long distance partnering, and patter created for a south Floridian girl's rise to the occasion by saving a stranger's life and her own in the process.


Jesse & Matt MacGregor, owners, Urban Tap

From adolescent hell raisers to successful adult entrepreneurs, owners of Urban Tap & Distillery, Jesse and Matt Macgregor share the hard work, self introspection and hustle it takes to renovate an old building and upstart a new, unique social-gathering space in the revitalized downtown Warren, Ohio.


James Waters, the purposeful producer

A visual artist driven by purpose, James Waters shines insight into producing and directing award-winning content; how diversification of programming can help re-invent and re-invigorate a Midwestern film festival; and why sometimes even scrappy dogs manage to get the big bite in making a difference.


Lea Dotson

Educator, mother of two, and independent candidate for sixth ward council in the city of Warren. We talk roads, raises and why accountability in public service is her mantra to moving her city forward.


Dr. Michael Perisa

Individualized pediatric medicine, tele-health, and vaccinations are all topics touched on as we explore the future of health care for both your children and you, with Dr. Michael Perisa.


Mark Martof, owner of Curated Vintage Goods

Owner of Curated Vintage Goods, Mark Martof talks collectibles, his life in architecture, and why artists like Barry Burkey are having success in his curated gallery.


Joe Gergley, visionary of Strange Human Studios

Cross county Colorado road trips, A.I. art creation, and mushroom festivals abound when Strange Human takes The Prod along a mystic journey towards creative education and enlightenment.


Doctor Andre Camelli, healer and author

We talk martial arts; how to approach healing our bodies from injury and disease, and simple habit changes outlined in his book "Cracking The Code" that can bio-hack our bodies to longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives.


Pedro Sauer, professor of Gracie Jiu Jitsu

A true master of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Professor Pedro Sauer gives us insight into growing up on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, how being friends with Rickson Gracie and the "gentle art" changed his life and how its philosophies of patience, connection and respect may be able to change the world.


Bill Schotten, Ashley Rozzi, and Wally Valantine of The Abiding Nail

Indie filmmaking is full of fun. Find out how one group of filmmakers went from low budget zombie flicks to the faith based feature, "The Abiding Nail" with humor, grace, and redemption.


Judge Sean J. O'Brien

Our Honor gives us his insights into being a newly elected Common Pleas Judge, how he got there and why Bigfoot may actually be an alien.


Derek Steyer, award-winning television news anchor

Award-winning broadcast news journalist and television anchor, Derek Steyer lays out tips for future aspiring reporters, gives us insights into his altruistic passions and sets the record straight on the fallacy of "fake news."


Ron Sinesio & Eric Kildow, Theater Arts

Theater artists' Ron Sinesio, director at the Area Community Theatre of Sharpsville, and Eric Kildow, Assistant Professor of Theatre at Kent State University at Trumbull share their insights into the passion, sacrifice and love it takes to bring community theater to life and the rewards it can create.


Joe Rettof, Vince Peterson & Danny Thomas on campaign consulting

Before you run for public office you need to know what it takes behind the scenes to running an effective political campaign. Campaign consultants Joe Rettof and Danny Thomas, Jr. and former candidate Vince Peterson give the tips, tricks, and considerations to effective strategies that can help you win.


Damian Knapp: singer, songwriter, and bluesman

Award-winning bluesman, Damian Knapp plays some tunes and reflects on his nearly thirty year career of gigging, the style shifts in musical entertainment, and the history of our American experience.


Ottavio Musumeci, owner/chef of The Station Square Restaurant

Thirty five years in the food and hospitality business, Torino born, Ottavio Musumeci, serves us the treats and challenges of immigrating to the United States, opening his own restaurant, and becoming one of the most celebrated destinations for food and wine in northeastern Ohio.


Ken MacPherson, candidate for Mayor

Councilman at Large in the city of Warren, Ohio, Ken MacPherson makes his case to be Mayor, as we discuss Warren's role in the new manufacturing and EV economy, changes he would make, and the pros and cons of charter government.


Doug Franklin, Mayor of Warren, Ohio

Seeking re-election to a fourth term, Mayor Franklin give us the ins and outs of overcoming the challenges of a shrinking city, the renaissance of Warren's downtown, and his hopes for the future if re-elected.


Black Wolf & The Thief

Clay and Carolyn Colley and Choco are the Ohio three piece "Black Wolf & The Thief," and they hip us "prodders" to how their vocally soulful, jazz influenced, synth-infused music got started and ready us for the release of their new studio album.


Bill Mullane, artist, activist and educator

Brooklyn native and award-winning Ohio artist, Bill Mullane shares his journey and expounds on his forty plus year career in the arts as an artist, educator, curator and explorer of truth.