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139 - The State of Travel Content Creation 2019

This weekend I attended the BorderlessLive conference in London. It’s a brand new two day event organised by Traverse Events and WTM all about travel content creating and how we as content creators can work with brands and destinations. I had the pleasure of moderating a panel and we decided to put it out as a podcast right here. So if you’re a writer, blogger, YouTuber, Instagrammer or podcaster, this might be interesting for you. ON THE PANEL: Kim Leuenberger, @kim.ou and...


138 - Is Sri Lanka Safe to Visit?

We're back in Sri Lanka for the second episode in this miniseries with tips on what you should see on this island. In this episode, we're still in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. Join me as we will be attending a cocktail party with some beautiful traditional music and dancing. Also, I speak to the Chairman of Sri Lanka Tourism about what the terrorist attacks in April 2019 meant for this country, its people, and tourism. BEST MASSAGE EVER After a fantastic breakfast at the Cinnamon...


137 - Welcome to Sri Lanka

Almost ten years after the end of its civil war, Lonely Planet has named Sri Lanka as the best country in the world to visit in 2019. And this is where we’re heading in this and the next few episodes. I’m taking a small detour from my episodes from Africa, to bring you something that happened very recently. If you were waiting to hear what happened to me at the hospital in Cape Town – and everything else at the southern tip of Africa, don’t worry. It will be out after this detour. But in...


136 - The Worst Day in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

This episode is about the second half of my one full day in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. As you might remember from the latest episode, the first half of the day was amazing. I landed in the middle of the biggest religious celebration of the year and went for a drive around the city with a local guide. When I got back I got a text message from my doctor that makes me think I only have a few more months left to live. And as if my mood wasn't bad enough I finish the day of by...


135 - The Best Day in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

When I left you on my African journey, I was in Conakry, Guinea, in the western part of Africa. By then I had been traveling overland – except for one flight from Dakar to Conakry – in small crammed cars and minibusses on bad roads. ROUGH TRAVELING It was from Fez in the northern part of Morocco to Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakesh, Tiznit, Tan-Tan. Then back to Tiznit when I needed to go to the hospital, down to Dakhla in Western Sahara, Nouakchott in Mauritania, Dakar in Senegal, The...


134 - Harry Mitsidis Has Been Everywhere (2:2)

This is part 2 of my talk to Harry Mitsidis, the founder of Nomad Mania and possible the person who’s been to most places in the world. In this episode Harry shares some of the many stories from his travelling life.


133 - Harry Mitsidis Has Been Everywhere (1:2)

I'm in England to meet a true travel legend. Harry Mitsidis, the founder of Nomad Mania, and the person who arguably has been to most places in the world. Nomad Mania is a community for extreme travellers and a website that divides the world into 1281 regions. When you fill out the regions you’ve been to you will appear on different rankings, which includes Cities, Sights, Museums, Islands, Airports and lots more. For that Nomad Mania is quite unique. It’s the only website listing travel...


132 - Miss Antigua

Welcome to the third and final episode from Antigua in the Caribbean. Here you can join us on a so-called Triflexcursion. It's a small startup company run by Mark and Giles. TRIFLEXCUSION We're going on a 2-hour biking, hiking and kayaking tour. First, we ride 15 minutes through St. John's to a beautiful beach, where we get into a kayak – two people in each – and paddle through a mangrove reserve for 30 minutes. Then we get back on our bikes and ride a further 10 minutes to Fort James...


131 - Must-See on Antigua

In this second of three episodes from Antigua, I’ll take you to some of the must-see places on the Island. We’re going to Devil’s Bridge, Shirley Heights for the sunset, learning to sail a small sailboat and a few other places. FACT ABOUT ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA Antigua & Barbuda is one of the smallest countries in the world, both in population and in size. The population is around 80,000, and it’s 170 square miles – so slightly smaller than Andorra and somewhat bigger than Malta. The...


130 - Arriving to Antigua, a Caribbean Paradise

This week I have three episodes for you from the island Antigua in the country Antigua and Barbuda. It is truly a Caribbean paradise. I've been invited to go on a trip with around 40 content creators on this trip. There are some of the worlds best travel bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, and then we're two podcasters. We're going on a direct transatlantic flight from London Gatwick with Virgin Atlantic. Antigua and Barbuda is a country in the West Indies, lying between the Caribbean Sea...


129 - Interview: Adventurous Kate

She calls herself Adventurous Kate for a reason. On her blog she shares stories of the time she was an extra in a really, really bad German movie, when she got naked in public and took a boob to the face in Istanbul, when she hit on Jon Stewart in New York City, which subsequently got her mocked on The Daily Show, and in this episode, Kate will talk about the time she was shipwrecked in Indonesia. At age 26, she quit her job to travel the world alone. She spent six months in Southeast...


128 - Interview: Paul & Michael from Traverse

In this episode I speak to the two founders of Traverse Events, Paul Dow and Michael Ball. They do multiple events every year for people in the travel industry. They also arranged the trip to Antigua where this interview is recorded. Next week they do their main event of the year, the annual Traverse. This time in Italy, and I'm doing a workshop about starting a podcast. This episode is made possible by The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority and Elite Island Resorts - and produced by...


127 - Interview: TravelTomTom

Apart from my regular travel episodes, I put out these interviews as bonus episodes whenever I meet an interesting traveler. And today is no exception. With a view of a beautiful bay from my balcony in Antigua - and a close drink within reach, I sit down with Tom Grond. Calling himself Travel TomTom, he has been a full-time traveler since 2012, and like me, he wants to visit all the countries in the world. Learn how he travels and how he's making money to sustain this dream...


126 - Surprise: I Fell in Love with Conakry

In this episode I go for a walk in Conakry and meet more expats. A couple of John and Sheriff from Sierra Leone and Nico from South Africa. You can hear a lot more about this country where I felt like I was the only tourist. LINKS: Sponsor See pictures on You can follow The Radio Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram og YouTube.


125 - Interview: Daneger & Stacey

I met Dane and Stacey on a recent prestrip to Antigua in the Caribbean. They are full-time travelers, digital nomads, and produce travel videos from their journey. We have a chat about how they travel, where they've been, and what it's like traveling as a couple and being together 24-7. Enjoy. LINKS: Sponsor Daneger & Stacey på YouTube See pictures on You can follow The Radio Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram og...


124 - Massive Detour to Get to Guinea

Friends told me that going overland into Guinea could easily get me held up by the police for no other reason than they wanted a bribe. So they recommended that I went all the way back to Dakar in Senegal and take a flight to Conakry. They also said that they didn't really like the country. Would I have a different experience? I met some of the locals, and in this first of two episodes from Conakry, you can meet the first one. It's Tim, a French expat who likes the country a...


123 - Saving Children in Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is one of the poorest countries in Africa – and hereby the world. I travel with minibus from Cap Skirring to the capital Bissau, and by random coincidence my host is a countryman. In fact there are many Danish doctors and scientists living and working in Bissau. They work with Bandim Health Project. It’s a health and demographic surveillance system site situated here in Guinea-Bissau. Bandim Health Project follows a population of more than 200,000 individuals in urban and...


122 - Interview: The Crowded Planet

Margherita and Nick, are long-term travellers and lovers of nature, wildlife and the outdoors. I met them at the ITB in Berlin in March 2019. Traveling is their full-time job. In this episode we will found out how this is possible. LINKS: Sponsor See pictures on You can follow The Radio Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram og YouTube. Visit You can also find Nick og Margherita on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter...


121 - My Adventures in Cap Skirring, Senegal

In the next episode, I’ll tell you more about Cap Skirring. I’ll tell you about the unusual taxi system here. What it’s like to be a white westerner here. I’ll talk to my Belgium hosts at the place I ended up staying, and then I meet a young gay Gambian man, who works as a boy toy for elderly white women - and he shows me a picture of himself that I wish I never saw. LINKS: Sponsor See pictures on You can follow The Radio Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter,...


120 - Heading from The Gambia to Senegal

I've been to Senegal before, but that was in Dakar in the northern part of the country. After a week in The Gambia in the middle of Senegal I'm heading further south to the beach town, Cap Skirring in the southern part of the country. Before I leave Banjul, I talk to the Polish hostel-owner, Marek about how he ended up right here after years as a full-time traveler. On the trip down to Cap Skirring I travel with another Danish guy, Alex, who just happened to go the same way. I enjoy Cap...