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Podcast #084 - Meet My Housesitting Host from North Carolina

DANSK UDGAVE: Søg efter “Radiovagabond” (ét ord). I'm in High Point, North Carolina. A small city, known as The Furniture Capital of the World. Not only do they have the world's largest furniture store, but they also host a large furniture market twice a year, where the city's population almost is doubled when 70-80,000 people come to the city. Another thing that High Point is known for is to produce the iconic American yellow school buses. I'm going to be housesitting a month here. I was...


Podcast #083 - Coca-Cola, CNN, Soccer, and a dead phone in Atlanta

I'm in Atlanta where I'm staying with my old friends from Denmark, Lars, and Marianne. Lars and I used to do a morning show on the radio back in Denmark, and they offered to host me a week here. Join me when I visit CNN started by Ted Turner back in 1976. At the time it was the world's first 24-hour news channel, and while they currently have studios around the world, CNN has its headquarters right here. The same goes for Coca-Cola, and here I also did a tour. I saw their museum, which...


Podcast #082 - I Left a Bit of My Heart in Nicaragua

DANSK UDGAVE: Søg efter “Radiovagabond” (ét ord). In the latest episode of The Radio Vagabond Podcast, we visited an orphanage in the northern part of Nicaragua. I was there with my new friend John Pappas. He’s a successful businessman from Canada that retired and is now a philanthropist. He’s now giving back to the children from needy families of Nicaragua by putting a lot of time and money into an orphanage here. Also, he’s supporting a young 19-year-old girl. "I always thought that my...


Podcast #081 - Canadian Cigar Man With His Heart in Nicaragua

DANSK UDGAVE: Søg efter “Radiovagabond” (ét ord). I'm driving in the mountains with my new friend John. We're 105 miles north of Managua that we passed on the way from Granada. And we're getting closer to the Honduras border another 60 miles north of there. We start this episode driving through some farmland that is mainly used for the tobacco industry. Mostly they produce cigars in this area - and that is what keeps this city alive. According to John 99% is supported by the cigar...


Podcast #080 - Learning Spanish and meeting the locals in Nicaragua

DANISH VERSION: This episode is dedicated to the people of Nicaragua. Right now the country is going through the worst trouble since the civil war ended in 1990. Hundreds have been killed since the protests broke out in April this year. I did talk to people who were unhappy with the president and the system but when I was there in August 2017, everything was peaceful. I really hope that everything will come back to normal, so the country can prosper. MY NEXT HOME IN...


Podcast #079 - Interview: The Bemused Backpacker

DANISH VERSION: Search for Radiovagabond (one word). When I was at TBEX Travel Bloggers Conference I met Michael Huxley from the Bemused Backpacker. Not only he's a great guy, but he's also got one of the biggest travel blogs in The UK. In this episode, I sit down with Mike and he's sharing a lot of great advice for travel bloggers and for people thinking about becoming one. LINKS: Thank you to Michael Huxley from The Bemused Backpacker. Get his books here. Travel conferences:...


Podcast #078 - Interview: Gary Arndt, Everything Everywhere

DANISH VERSION: Search for Radiovagabond (one word). In this episode, I meet one of the legends in the travel blogger business. His name is Gary Arndt and we sit down for a short chat about what he does. We also talk about his trip to Antartica. LINKS: Thank you to Gary Arndt from Everything Everywhere. The Global Travel Conspiracy Podcast This Week in Travel Podcast Sponsor Follow The Radio Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


Podcast #077 - Jen on a Jet Plane

DANISH VERSION: Search for Radiovagabond (one word). Today I speak to Jen Ruiz from Jen on a Jetplane. She's got a travel blog packed with stories and travel tips. And she wrote a book about how to get cheap flights. LINKS: Visit Jen on a Jetplane. Get Jen's book "The Affordable Flight Guide". Sponsor Music with license from Pictures on Follow The Radio Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Podcast #076 - Adam Rickys from Bucket Vision

DANISH VERSION: We're doing something special this week. Five short chats with travel bloggers. One every day until Friday. Today we meet Adam Rickys from New Zealand. His project Bucket Vision has close to one million followers on Facebook. LINKS: Bucket Vision on Facebook. Sponsor Music with license from Pictures on Follow The Radio Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


Podcast #075 - Interview: A Couple of Dreams

DANISH VERSION OF THIS PODCAST: Search for Radiovagabond (one word). Welcome to a special week on The Radio Vagabond Podcast - before I continue on my journey next Monday from Nicaragua. From today until Friday you will get a new episode every day. Five conversations I had with travel bloggers that I met a conference in The Czech Republic recently. I will speak to wonderful talented people from Israel, New Zealand, USA, Puerto Rico and England. Meet Adam Rikys from Bucketvision, the...


Podcast #074 - Danish Kringle is a Big Hit North of Chicago

DANISH VERSION: Search for Radiovagabond (one word). With a population of only 77,000, Racine, Wisconsin is not a big city, but has the largest North American settlement of Danes. When Danish immigration begins in the 1840s, Racine quickly becomes "the most Danish city in America" with 10% of all Danes in the USA. This is still visible now; as I drive into the city I see a lot of Danish flags and shops with Danish names. In this episode of The Radio Vagabond Travel Podcast, I’m in Racine,...


Podcast #073 - Gaz is Global Country Counter

In Chicago, I meet Ric Gazarian, who also travels a lot. And then he's hosting a podcast called Counting Countries, where he talks to some of the few that has traveled to all the countries in the world - or are very close to having done so. On a sidewalk café in downtown Chicago, we meet for a chat about Ric's own story as an avid traveler and how he finds the balance of traveling a lot and still maintaining a home base in Bangkok where he lives now. Visit Counting Countries by clicking...


Podcast #072 - Real or Fake in Chicago

I’ve arrived to Chicago, one of the biggest cities in the USA. Even though I’m only going to spend a few days here, I really feel at home here. In this episode I go to the legendary Wrigley Fields, where I meet some baseball fans, I go out for a beer with my Couchsurfing host, Lee, I eat Chicago-style deep-pan-pizza with my old friend, Kurt, I’m a guest on the legendary WGN Radio and go to see a 2’nd generation immigrant Kirsten that runs a Danish bakery. Yes, a lot can happen in 24...


Podcast #071 - Not a Trump Fan but a Trump Voter in Ohio

In this episode, I’m in Ohio. On my way from Indianapolis to Toledo, I drove through Walnut Creek, which is famous for its large Amish community. I stayed with David - a lobbyist and former Republican politician. He used to live in Washington DC but now has moved back to Toledo. Dave and I had a long talk about Donald Trump. We talk about the Billy Bush tape, fake media, Hillary Clinton, and why he voted for Trump despite his dislike towards him. You can also join me as I run out of gas...


Podcast #070 - I Served Beef to an Indian in Indiana

In this episode, I’m in Indianapolis, Indiana, where I’m staying with an Indian Couchsurfing host. She is very kind and cooks me a wonderful Indian dinner the first night. So I offer to cook a typical Danish dinner for her on the second night. With beef. Not ideal when she’s Indian. To cook in someone else kitchen was also not without problems. Also, you can join me when I go to Indianapolis Motor Speedway and get a private tour with Berny. This is where they drive the legendary Indi500,...


Podcast #069 - I Got a Permanent Souvenir in Nashville

I continue my road trip through the United States and have arrived in the music capital of the world, Nashville. Here I’m staying with Steve, my Couchsurfing host. He’s a musician and just to mention one he’s apart of a fake punk band called Snake Vomit. They specialize in playing 20-second songs with funny titles. But he’s also part of a few other bands where they actually rehearse and play in the same key. Steve and I visit a local restaurant that is so good at making spicy chicken that...


Podcast #068 - Brazilian Couple Traveling Full-Time

Before we continue my American road trip I’ve got an extra episode for you that I hope you will find just as interesting as I found making it. Because sometimes I run into some interesting people that I just have to talk to and share with you. This happened when I was attending the Traverse conference in Rotterdam in May. It’s an event for travel bloggers and here I met Natalie and Robson from Brazil. They are traveling the world full time like me – and they document their journey on...


Podcast #067 - Couchsurfing & Paddleboarding in Chattanooga

Chattanooga is a smaller city in the state of Tennessee. I stayed there one night and made friends with my Couchsurfing host, Casey. We talk about the city, the area, paddleboarding, murals, and "global weirding", as Casey calls it. Episode sponsor:


Podcast #066 - The Legendary Gip's Place in Alabama

In this episode, I visit Gip's Place, the legendary Juke Joint in the small sleepy city, Bessemer in Alabama. Here I meet the 97-year-old Henry "Gip" Gipson. Gip's Place has been operating since 1952 and many of the big names of rock and blues have played right here in Gip's backyard: James Brown, Elvis Presley, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and many others. Watch the PBS-documentary about Gip's Place by clicking here.


Podcast #065 - Sweet Home Alabama

On my way to Alabama, I passed a little sleepy city called Clarksdale in Mississippi. Here I find The Rock & Blues Museum and then it’s also home to “The Voice of God”. Join me on a drive through the state that Justine in Memphis calls Trump Country and that the people here call Sweet Home Alabama.