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127 - Interview: TravelTomTom

Apart from my regular travel episodes, I put out these interviews as bonus episodes whenever I meet an interesting traveler. And today is no exception. With a view of a beautiful bay from my balcony in Antigua - and a close drink within reach, I sit down with Tom Grond. Calling himself Travel TomTom, he has been a full-time traveler since 2012, and like me, he wants to visit all the countries in the world. Learn how he travels and how he's making money to sustain this dream...


126 - Surprise: I Fell in Love with Conakry

In this episode I go for a walk in Conakry and meet more expats. A couple of John and Sheriff from Sierra Leone and Nico from South Africa. You can hear a lot more about this country where I felt like I was the only tourist. LINKS: Sponsor See pictures on You can follow The Radio Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram og YouTube.


125 - Interview: Daneger & Stacey

I met Dane and Stacey on a recent prestrip to Antigua in the Caribbean. They are full-time travelers, digital nomads, and produce travel videos from their journey. We have a chat about how they travel, where they've been, and what it's like traveling as a couple and being together 24-7. Enjoy. LINKS: Sponsor Daneger & Stacey på YouTube See pictures on You can follow The Radio Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram og...


124 - Massive Detour to Get to Guinea

Friends told me that going overland into Guinea could easily get me held up by the police for no other reason than they wanted a bribe. So they recommended that I went all the way back to Dakar in Senegal and take a flight to Conakry. They also said that they didn't really like the country. Would I have a different experience? I met some of the locals, and in this first of two episodes from Conakry, you can meet the first one. It's Tim, a French expat who likes the country a...


123 - Saving children in Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is one of the poorest countries in Africa – and hereby the world. I travel with minibus from Cap Skirring to the capital Bissau, and by random coincidence my host is a countryman. In fact there are many Danish doctors and scientists living and working in Bissau. They work with Bandim Health Project. It’s a health and demographic surveillance system site situated here in Guinea-Bissau. Bandim Health Project follows a population of more than 200,000 individuals in urban and...


122 - The Crowded Planet

Margherita and Nick, are long-term travellers and lovers of nature, wildlife and the outdoors. I met them at the ITB in Berlin in March 2019. Traveling is their full-time job. In this episode we will found out how this is possible. LINKS: Sponsor See pictures on You can follow The Radio Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram og YouTube. Visit You can also find Nick og Margherita on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter...


121 - My Adventures in Cap Skirring, Senegal

In the next episode, I’ll tell you more about Cap Skirring. I’ll tell you about the unusual taxi system here. What it’s like to be a white westerner here. I’ll talk to my Belgium hosts at the place I ended up staying, and then I meet a young gay Gambian man, who works as a boy toy for elderly white women - and he shows me a picture of himself that I wish I never saw. LINKS: Sponsor See pictures on You can follow The Radio Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter,...


120 - Heading from The Gambia to Senegal

I've been to Senegal before, but that was in Dakar in the northern part of the country. After a week in The Gambia in the middle of Senegal I'm heading further south to the beach town, Cap Skirring in the southern part of the country. Before I leave Banjul, I talk to the Polish hostel-owner, Marek about how he ended up right here after years as a full-time traveler. On the trip down to Cap Skirring I travel with another Danish guy, Alex, who just happened to go the same way. I enjoy Cap...


119 - Luxury in the Forest in The Gambia

We got the opportunity to spend a few days at Mandina River Lodges, the most amazing place in the middle of the forest around half an hours drive from the small capital of The Gambia, Banjul. Mandina River Lodges is founded by two Englishmen, Lawrence Williams, and James English. Lawrence is a friend of a friend of mine - and also an avid traveler with an exciting story. Unfortunately, Lawrence wasn’t in The Gambia at the time we were there, but I promise to catch up with him at some point...


Podcast #118 - Our Taxi Driver Got Lost in Dakar

Our bus out of Dakar was leaving at 7 am. Join a stressfull situation where a taxi driver couldn't find the bus terminal. Also, you can meet a local Senegalese artist and an Italian girl working for Unicef. LINKS: Sponsor See pictures on You can follow The Radio Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram og YouTube.


Podcast #117 - Welcome to Senegal

In last weeks episode, we were making our way down through The Sahara Dessert. And our plans kept changing. Partly because of me recovering from my pneumonia and partly because promises weren’t kept. We weren’t picked up and driven down to the capital of Mauritania in a nice big Mercedes - just the two of us. Hours later we were seven people in a smaller very old beat up Peugeot station wagon. When I left you in the last episode, I was trying to cross the border between Western Sahara and...


Podcast #116 - Introduction for New Listeners

I can see that new listeners are joining me every week. Welcome. To let you catch up, I've dine a quick bonus episode where I explain how and why I made a decision to become a digital nomad and full-time traveler at the age of 50 years old. I also let you know what you can expect in this podcast in the future. Enjoy - and again: Welcome.


Podcast #115 - A Sahara Road Movie

Join Edvard and me as we work our way from Tiznit in Morocco via Dakhla in Western Sahara towards Mauritania. We start in a café in the morning where I have to break the news to Edvard that I'm not able to do a 17 hour bus ride because I'm still sick. LINKS: Sponsor See pictures on You can follow The Radio Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram og YouTube.


Podcast #114 - A Real Nomad and My Visit to a Hospital

In this episode, I speak with Mokhtar, who has grown up as a true nomad in the Sahara Desert. Just until he became a teenager, he was almost nothing but his family, a bunch of goats and a lot of sand — no TV, radio or other things that we take for granted. Also, he does not know when he was born beyond the fact that it was in 1962 and it was under a sandstorm. I'm talking with him just before we're on our way back to Tiznit. I have become ill and need to go to the hospital. You can join me...


Podcast #113 - The Butcher from Tiznit

We have a lot to cover in this episode. I’m in the southern part of Morocco and first we visit the little city, Tiznit. Edvard and I become good friends with the local butcher, Omar. Them we travel further south to another small city called Tan-Tan. On the way there we’re stopped twice, first by the customs and then by the police. Both times they only want to see the passports from me and Edvard. Very weird, but an indication that we are getting close to Western Sahara. In Tan-Tan we meet...


Podcast #112 - Quad Buggy Buddies on Camels

In this episode we go outside Marrakech to drive ATVs - or Quad Buggies as they call them here in Morocco. And then we ride into the sunset on camels. Enjoy this episode. LINKS: Sponsor See pictures on You can follow The Radio Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram og YouTube.


Podcast #111 - Meet The Magic Man of Marrakech

Before we arrive to Marrakech we meet a Polish guy who’s doing his own race - that he calls ‘Krakow-Dakar’. In Marrakech we do the ultimate tourist thing and hop on a red ‘hop-on-hop-off-bus’. In the Mediana (the old town) we meet a magic man. And then Edvard gets a henna-tattoo and is not happy. Enjoy this episode. LINKS: Sponsor See pictures on You can follow The Radio Vagabond on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram og YouTube.


Podcast #110 - Martin, a Different Nomad

As a digital nomad, this guy is different than most of us, as you will get to hear in this episode. Also, he is one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know through the Nomad Cruise. His name is Martin Locklear, he's American, and he works for Zip Recruiter as a programmer. We both have a few things in storage back home, we have both been traveling full time around two and a half years, but this is where the similarities stop… Martin has a very different way of...


Podcast #109 - Uber Driver in Rabat wants to leave Morocco

In this episode I am still in Rabat, Morocco and continue the hunt for visas. It can be hard to get a taxi on the streets in Rabat, so on Monday morning we booked an Uber, even though Uber technically is illegal here in Morocco. And the first Uber driver was a young bright guy with a good English. He had a lot of dreams for for himself and his country, and seemed like a good representative for the new generation of Morocco. So I decided to give him my five questions that didn’t work out...


Podcast #108 - Johannes, the Founder of Nomad Cruise

DANISH: Johannes Voelkner started his digital nomad lifestyle in 2010. As much as he enjoyed working while traveling, he was missing like-minded people around him, sharing the same values and lifestyle. He took action – he was organizing events for entrepreneurs and digital nomads for years and created a Facebook group for digital nomads called Global Digital Nomad Network (currently one of the largest of its kind with over 36,000 members). One day in 2015 he came...