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Two dads talking dad things in a fresh way. Life from the perspective your favorite dads, Miles and Dom

Two dads talking dad things in a fresh way. Life from the perspective your favorite dads, Miles and Dom
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Two dads talking dad things in a fresh way. Life from the perspective your favorite dads, Miles and Dom




Episode 20 "Going for it" The success story of Boutique Rye

The guys are back again with another one to knock your socks off! This week they had the pleasure of having their first phone interview (they got the job) with Gia Paddock, the founder of Boutique Rye. Gia was truly amazing and provided a ton of gems about starting a business literally from the ground up (while pregnant). Tune in as Gia walks us through building not only an online boutique, but creating a community of women empowering each other through fashion! Also shouts out to her...


Episode 19 "Man Up: A conversation about Gender Roles"

The gang is back in full effect. We do sincerely apologize for missing last week! We hope this week can make up for that. Also, stay tuned for next week as we will have a special guest. If you're into entrepreneurship or want to learn more about starting a business, you don't want to miss it. (3:43) MAGA strikes and we hate to say it but it's a little uncomfortable..., (10:30) Are you a good parent? Are you really out here parenting or are you afraid of losing the image you've created?...


Episode 18 "You've got a small *^&% Dad"

The guys are back! If Miles and Dom seem a little TOO excited at the start of their show, blame it on the new recording equipment they got in the mail! Yes, grown men get excited about new s*** too! The episode starts off with a quick weekend recap. Miles did nothing exciting (no surprise there), and Dom spent some time at the shooting range (4:30). They dive right into the topic of discipline as Dom’s daughter has been saying s**t….A LOT (14:25) and he’s trying to figure out if he should...


Episode 17 “Bedroom talk with SEXpert Kristen Thomas”

With Valentines Day approaching the guys thought it would be great to sit down and have a discussion about sex, romance and relationships. Seeing how they lack the education surrounding the topics they phoned in an expert! They welcomed Owner and Head Coach of Open The Doors Coaching Kristen Thomas to the studio for a round table discussion. Kristen offered some AMAZING insight into her personal life, her career and overall some great advice. Some of you are probably wondering, what is sex...


Episode 16 "Abducted in Plain Sight"

The guys are back with another one! Dom got drunk over the weekend and Miles finished painting the nursery. Vivian will be here before you know it! We overheard an interview with Killer Mike on the breakfast club and thought that would make for a great topic in relation to interracial dating. We also watched "Abducted In Plain Sight" and boy is it mind blowing. So it clearly is the focus of this episode, peep the title.. Sit back, throw on some headphones and enjoy! Intro (1:30) The guys...


Episode 15 "Let's not be toxic"

The guys are back at it. They are a bit all over the place on this one, but in a good way. A lot of great topics discussed with some interesting perspectives. If you can count how many times Dom laughs we will send you a gift card. Enjoy! (1:22) Typical intro, weekend shenanigans, Dom likes naps and got a puppy!, (5:30) Baby Vivian is approaching her arrival, (12:57) Joint baby showers and Miles learns about Diaper Parties, (17:34) At what age do you realize you just don't got it anymore?...


Episode 14 "Talks with Success Strategist Rich Dunfield"

The guys are back with Season 2 and boy is it good! This Episode features Rich, who is their first in studio guest. Rich truly provided the gang with some powerful insight into his life. Father of 3, realtor, business owner and all around great guy. Press play and enjoy the vibes! Intro: The gang welcomes Rich and discuss their holidays as those have now passed, (3:20) The transition from being a kid to a dad during the holidays, (12:25) Rich what do you even do? Allow me to introduce...


Episode 13 "Boo Boo's and Spooky Boo's - Season Finale"

Season one has come to and end and boy was it an incredible ride. The guys really learned a lot about themselves along with the commitment it takes to produce a weekly podcast. With that being said Season Two is expected to Air after the first of the year. Thanks so much for listening and we hope you've enjoyed this process with us. With this last episode the guys start someone and end else where per usual. (1:22) Opening with the weekend, (3:10) The guys discuss the ending of Season one...


Episode 12 "Headphones and Milestones"

Season 1 is coming to a close, but the guys still went out and bought new equipment; it turned into an INSTANT mistake, but they powered through it! The weekend recap (1:48) consisted of shoe shopping, dinner at Texas Road House, Miles' Annual Fall Party, Karaoke, Dom cutting the grass, and Sunday Night Football. That's where their daughters solidified the best friend status. Our sound Guru Andy, of Soundworks Recording ( came by and helped us with some new equipment....


Episode 11 "New Parent Contradiction"

On this episode, the guys debunk a few myths about becoming a new parent. Miles scarfs down a double whopper from Burger King before they get it cracking as Dom tries to stop giving our our email address! A quick recap of the weekend jogs Miles' memory of having the first ultrasound with for the new baby, and how Parker reacted (3:26). Dom hung out with Zoe all weekend; included a trip to his mom's and the park (6:39). They get right into contradicting myths that new parents are tired of...


Episode 10 "Blessings Required"

A quick weekend recap with your new favorite dads. Dom took us to Downtown KC for First Friday, while Miles kept it lowkey after buying a new TV for the newly created man cave. The guys get back to parenting by fast forwarding to the future. That's right, they're marrying their daughters off at the age of 2! (6:55) Dom asks if asking for the father's blessing is still a requirement. Miles tells the story of how that conversation went with his father-in-law! Dom has his own thoughts on when...


Episode 9 "The Winter Home Role Model"

The Guys have relocated to Dom's winter home lol. Just Kidding. Seriously though, they're in a new location, but the vibe is the same. On this episode, Miles and Dom catch up on weekend events; Miles played golf (1:18) Dom is frustrated with Madded and EA Sports (3:08). The question of men and paternity leave start off early in the episode (5:50). Are they guys off base with their thoughts? Does the corporate world not respect the work/life balance that men want (17:50)? It's a hard...


Episode 8 "Don't Do Drugs"

The guys took a small break, but are happy to be back with a new episode for you all. The guys give a quick recap of the weekend; Miles went home for a family emergency, and Dom took a trip to Chicago. Dom talked about his favorite spots to hang while there (4:00). Miles explains more about why he had to get home, and Dom chimes in about the imptortance of taking care of your body (7:00). Miles regales us with a story about his older brother, and why being home felt so good (16:45). The...


Episode 7 "Arguing Etiquette"

On episode 7 Miles and Dom dive into releationships. As football season approaches, they guys talk about finding that balance for the next 6 months (shorter if you've got a bum a** team). Dom talks Fantasy Football as Miles listens in amazement; not knowing a damn thing about the "draft" process (4:28). Dom tries to give medical advice on drinkinkg and fighting off a cold (9:02). The guys dish out the value of alone time (9:44) Do you have your own mancave? Is it necessary? Can you have "guy...


Episode 6 "No Real Answers Here"

On this episode, Miles and Dom answer some of Buzzfeeds toughest questions about parenting. Questions like, dividing the love (21:23), co-sleeping (3:20)(46:18), public shaming (12:25), rate your parenting skills (17:53), locking lips with your kids, after children relationships (25:30), the birds and the bees talk (31:40), vaccinations (60:00) etc... Is parental judging a thing? (we ABSOLUTELY are judging you) (35:45) Is turning up in front of your kids acceptable? (41:00) What's the...


Episode 5 " We probably should've coverd this in the pilot"

On this episode Miles and Dom start off with some dialogue on where the idea of starting a podcast came from. What inspired us to do this? They also answer some really good Q&A questions about every day struggles as a parent. Take a listen, we know you'll enjoy! 2:36 ( Weekend recap, we had a pretty boring weekend) 8:05 (Where did the idea of a podcast come from) 17:21 (How did we get here?) 24:00 ( Hop into some Q&A, How do you have enough energy as a parent?) 30:30 ( How do you control...


Episode 4 " How well can you blend this palette, and who's really watching the kids?"

On this episode we discuss blended families. Our experiences, thoughts and how we handle them. We think this is a great topic as a lot of families in todays society are blended. We also discuss babysitting and then just hit on some childhood memories and experience. 2:30 (What's new?), 13:05 ( Who's your top 5? Probably should have said Halle Berry ) 17:02 (We dive into the subject of blended families) 38:49 (Pursuit of a relationship when kids are already in the picture) 49:55 (Who's...


Episode 3 "Can we get serious?"

On this episode, Miles and Dom try to get a little serious. We answer some of our listeners questions about dad life, talk about our first zoo experience, and why fast food + road trips don't always mix! 1:12 ( Kids on social media) 6:56 ( We discuss the zoo trip) 13:22 (Miles talks about Eureka Springs) 19:22 ( We dive into listener questions for the remainder of the episode)


Episode 2 "Terrible Two's & Tattoo's"

On this episode, Miles and Dom reel it in a little bit. We're still unstructured, but if you've made it this far, you'll enjoy the direction we're heading. We talk about birthdays, conversations with our daughters, relationships with grandparents and having an open door policy with our kids.


Episode 1: This Is The Pilot

This is the pilot episode so please don't use this as a comparison to the remainder of the podcast. Sounds quality, format and topics have improved immensely. Listen to us talk about why we wanted to create a podcast, confirm we were in over our heads, and fiscally made a terrible decision. Nonetheless momma ain't raise no quitters!