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TRT020: The Role of a Lifetime

TRT020: Maggot Pizza The boys finally get their shit together and talk about how much they loved SOLO: A Star Wars Story, even though it is underperforming at the box office, C.B. Cebulski interesting take on Marvel’s purpose, Amazon’s decision to offer print-on-demand comics, if $10 is too much to pay for a comics book, and why the hell Jamie Foxx would want to play Spawn. Show...


TRT019: Rumor Has It

This week the boys go over more fallout from Universal FanCon, Overwatch League and the popularity of e-sports, Bill & Ted's mid-life crisis, Renny Harlin and the Chinese movie industry, The Wrinkle in Time laying an egg, Jim Lee's response to DC rumors, Rob Liefeld crying rich, and censorship or sensibilities? Story Links: More fallout from Universal Fancon. It appears as if there “may be” a villain in all of this....


TRT018: Sweep The Leg

Cobra Kai - Never Die! The boys discuss the YouTube Red Original series Cobra Kai before getting into the week’s geek news including Infinity Wars’ lack of ponytails, if The Rock is big enough to save G.I. Joe, the Gambit movie, Power Rangers, James Cameron, Frank Miller, the Eisner Awards and more. Story Links: Uh-oh! Infinity War is sexist!! wants The Rock to come back...


TRT017: Andy Hates Everything

The boys talk all about Avenger: Infinity War (SPOILER ALERT!) but first they take on Grand Theft Auto profits, the Venom trailer, Marvel making bank, WWE being hypocritical the Simpson’s controversy, cry-closets, and Netflix going sci-fi. The week in geek news: GTA5 has quietly become more profitable than ANYTHING else in the entertainment industry. Why is that? did you think of the...


TRT016: Dirty Sanchez

Chris Sal and Andy talk the failed Universal FanCon, what it takes to run a successful convention, the troubles of Kickstarter, Netflix getting into the theater business, if winning an Oscar is profitable, WWE crazed fans, DC Fresh Start rumors, why DC Comics might be signing big name writers, and the continuing saga of Allison Mack. Kickstarter funded, Universal FanCon “postponed” two weeks before the show.


TRT015: The Ballad of Billy Mitchell

Andy and Sal get back to work and take on all the weeks’ most interesting pop culture stories as well as a little extra filler. This week Rhonda Rousey at Wrestlemania, Andre the Giant, Stan Lee’s blood, Kiss, creepy collectors, The King of Kong, Billy Mitchell’s demise, Titans TV, Starfire, Sean Murphy and Ready Player One.


TRT014: Augie De Blieck Jr.

Longtime comic book journalist and podcaster Augie De Blieck Jr. joins Andy and Chris to discuss his Pipeline Comics op-ed “The Inevitable Direct Market Implosion”. We get to what’s wrong with the direct market, the root cause and of course, the three of us know exactly how to fix it.


TRT013: Huzzah!

April Fools, Easter Eggs, and a wild week of pop culture stories including William Messner-Loebs tragic living situation, Microsoft’s draconian new terms of service, more New Mutants delays, the New York Times Graphic Novel and comic coverage, Allison Mack’s involvement in a sex-trafficking cult, the return of the Fantastic Four, and more. #microsoft #williammessnerloebs #newmutants #newyorktimes #alisonmack #cults #fantasticfour #readyplayerone #baseball #openingday...


TRT012: Just Plastic

Andy is back from his Fiesta evaluation, so the gang steps on the gas. This week - Rick & Morty in Limbo, Sherlock loved to death, I Can Only Imagine keeps the faith, Frank Miller is how old?, Spielberg shade over Netflix movies, Astro City TV, Five Below in hot water, Domino fans gets more boners, Justice League Ad Nauseum, Pop Culture comebacks, listener emails and more. Story links: The Future of Rick and Morty is in Limbo...


TRT011: Christina Merkler

With Andy off road testing Ford Festivas, Chris and Sal are joined by the Queen of Comics Retail - Christina Merkler from and - to discuss the Avengers Infinity War Trailer, Jessica Jones, The Mayo Report, Event Comics, learning Klingon, Dungeons & Dragons, Hanna Barbara, if Hong Kong Phooey is cultural appropriation, Stan Lee's new audiobook, Toys-r-Us, Lady Death on kickstarter and much, much, more. Show Links: Avengers trailer -...


TRT010: You're So Money

Our swingers toss their chips on the table for another exciting week of pop culture news including Rob Liefeld’s seven figure Netflix Deal, DC’s Black Label, Jon Favraeu producing Star Wars tv, Chris Ryall leaving IDW, Stan Lee’s vultures and more. Story...


TRT009: Attack of the Clones

Sal finally saw Black Panther and the group discusses the film a little more in detail to start the episode before we jump into the stories of the week including Jason Aaron on a new Thor book, Dave Steven’s Rocketeer reimagined as a cartoon, outrage over Muslim super-hook-ups, Barbra Streisand's cloned dogs marking the end of humanity, Is Stan Lee in trouble, Time Warner selling off DC Comics, Kristen Wiig cast as Cheetah, and Neil Gaiman selling out Sandman. Story...


TRT008: Ditko Lives!

Chris returns from his suspension and the gang gets into all sorts of meaty stories from a jam-packed week of pop culture news. Marvel Comics Announces a Line-Wide Overhaul in 2018. SyFy examines how much we geeks spend a year on our fandom. Diamond announces their ordering service PULLBOX, and a bunch of geeky goodness in Bean Juice. BEAN JUICE:


TRT007: Jamal Igle

Inkpot Award winning artist and comic book creator Jamal Igle joins Andy and Sal to see if three nerds of different backgrounds can talk about comic books and movies without calling each other names. Our panel takes on Wizard World and Sony working together to find the next great idea, Black Panther shattering records and myths, whether evil fanboys are responsible for the monolith of geek culture, and an extended Bean Juice lightning round. Don’t miss this terrific and topical...


TRT006: Pudding Pop Culture

On a perfectly poignant passage of pop culture positions, our pugnacious posse posit on DC’s 2 new imprints focused on younger readers, the deluge of Star Wars entertainment coming your way, #Comicsgate silliness, and another edition of Bean Juice. BEAN JUICE… Best Buy To Stop Selling CDs This Year, Target Changing Its Music Sales Business Model....


TRT005: Get Your Soapbox

Our superior syndicate of sententious spokesmen jump on their soapbox and get judgemental about Bendis writing Superman and brining JINXworld to DC - Valiant being bought out by media group DMG - Black Panther sparking all sorts of controversy and movements and another rousing edition of Bean Juice! Bean Juice stories include: John Romita Jr. Drew “The Silencer” To Be Decidedly ‘Un-PC


TRT004 - Pod Mama

Our glorious gang of gabby guys go gonzo when the Dr. Seuss’ museum removes a ‘Harmful’ mural from their exhibit due to racial sensitivities. Then a tribute to the passing of Beetle Bailey creator Mort Walker. Also a look at the box office failures of Proud Mary from Sony pictures and another rousing addition of “Bean Juice” to finish of the episode. Plus there is still plenty of time to enter our contest.


TRT003: Bean Juice

On this episode the professors of pop culture pontificate about Promethea being introduced into the Justice League - Diamond Comics’ 2017 sales charts in review - PBS’ reality TV show ‘The Great American Read’ and we introduce a new segment on the show - “Bean Juice!” Plus there is still plenty of tie to enter our contest.


TRT 002:

Andy leads us off this week with the Marvel announcement that Tessa Thomson's Valkyrie will be part of Exiles comic book. Sal cheats a bit and brings two stories to the table this week - Disney's Aladdin controversy and the death of stuntman John Bernecker on The Walking Dead set. Chris loops back to Marvel with Conan returning to the House of Ideas. That and more on a an all-new episode.


TRT 001: It's Like Pizza

Andy, Chris, and Sal welcome you to the first episode of their new weekly podcast. Listen in for details on our kickoff contest where you could win a $150 Gift Card to and the terrible trio get down on the latest in pop culture including Marvel's horrible year, comic shops closing, the tragic case of 'Swatting' in Wichita Kansas, and how much we loved (or hated) Star Wars The Last Jedi.