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This podcast is pressing rewind on The Ruthless Aggression Era, one Al Wilson death and Katie Vick angle at a time from 2002-2007. PPV by PPV, we'll go through it all!

This podcast is pressing rewind on The Ruthless Aggression Era, one Al Wilson death and Katie Vick angle at a time from 2002-2007. PPV by PPV, we'll go through it all!


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This podcast is pressing rewind on The Ruthless Aggression Era, one Al Wilson death and Katie Vick angle at a time from 2002-2007. PPV by PPV, we'll go through it all!




Ruthless Commentary: SummerSlam 1998

YES! A new episode! And we're going back 20 years to The Highway To Hell to relive one of the hottest PPV's in the Attitude Era. Join Chris and Roger as they look back and watch along with you in this edition of "Ruthless Commentary". (Roger's audio is a bit far because the Skype recorder wasn't on. Hopefully it doesn't deter from the quality.)


Episode 14: Judgement Day 2003

WWE Judgement Day 2003 was the last PPV co-hosted by RAW and SmackDown. Lucky for them, they don't get to look back at it like we do... A bikini contest, a stretcher match, a battle royal, and one DUD of a world title match. The More You Know... Support Fellow Podcasters.


Episode 13: Backlash 2003

WrestleMania XIX hangover in full effect in this episode! Cena's first title match, Nash's return, shoe throwing, and two steller tag team matches are included in this review. Also, "The Great Debate" and Goldberg "Lex Luger selling"! 700 Downloads and counting! #MarchTo1000 We're on Tunein radio! Just type "The Ruthless Rewind" in the search bar to find us and give us a follow! Support the...


Episode 12: WrestleMania XIX

It's "The Grandaddy of Them All" of 2003 and we go through it! From Limp Bizkit to the burial of Booker T. to Austin's farewell match to Brock's big botch. This episode is LOADED!!! Special thanks to @solomonster for letting us use his audio from his HHH/Booker T. burial rant from Solomonster Sounds Off which airs every Sunday at We are 500 + Downloads and...


Episode 11: No Way Out 2003

The Road to WrestleMania XIX travels to Montreal as we talk about a night that started solid and ended weak. But can Mike's favorite wrestler even save the PPV? And no, we're not talking about Steiner... BROTHER! Plus, we talk about the debut of one of the most important factions in WWE's history... Evolution has arrived to join "The Shovel Tour". Also, look for us on Itunes and Stitcher Radio!


Episode 10: Royal Rumble 2003 - Ruthless Commentary

We're starting 2003 in WWE with a bang! We did a live commentary on the entire event that was the Royal Rumble 2003. Watch on the WWE Network while listening to us live on here! Enjoy!


YEAR 1 (Podcast Edit)

Recorded on Sept. 12th, 2016 live on Mixlr and Facebook Live. It's our one year anniversary episode! We go through our memories of the first year and some expectations on the next one. Plus, our picks for The 2002 Ruthless Rewind Awards. Including: MOTY, Fail Of The Year, Brand Of The Year, Crowd Of The Year, and more! Thank you so much for your support as we head into Year 2 of The Rewind! Rate. Subscribe. Comment. But most importantly,...


Episode 8: Armageddon 2002

THE END IS HERE! Join us as we rewind to the last WWE PPV of 2002. Gold-T's triumph, The Torrie/Dawn/Al Wilson shit-sandwich, Batista's PPV Debut, Kurt Angle's obsession with calling Brock Lesnar's name many times, and "The HHH Shovel Tour" ends 2002 on a high note after taking a wrong turn at MSG at Survivor Series... Also, our thoughts on WWE's "Universal" championship. Rate. Subscribe. Comment. But most importantly,...


Ruthless Commentary: WWE Rebellion UK 2002

A Bonus Episode, A New Format! As a podcast, we pride ourselves on giving you the best content we can provide. So what's better than us giving you running commentary on an entire WWE PPV!?! Join us as we venture into uncharted waters, hoping we won't drown in the process. And also hear our thoughts while you watch it live on the network. So, log on to the network, press play, and enjoy! *We were also doing a livestream on FB to no result as the playback was shitty... but other than...


Episode 7.5: No Mercy/Survivor Series 2002

We're BACK!!! A duel episode folks! We tackle both the October and November classic in one fell swoop. Hell In A Cell, The Elimination Chamber, we're going through it all! Plus, Mike celebrates the arrival of one Scott Steiner, The HHH Shovel Tour takes a slight detour, and our thoughts on the up and coming WWE 2016 Brand Split and Draft. "It's time to shake things up again!" Rate. Subscribe. Comment. But most...


Episode 6: Unforgiven 2002

In September of 2002 one of WWE's most infamous angles involved a fake Gay wedding and Hot Lesbian Action. This PPV was the blow off to said angle. It wasn't pretty...but it was only the beginning. It's the Ruthless Aggression Era, folks!!! Also, we begin "The HHH Shovel Tour" as it's first stop is RVD. Plus our thoughts on Daniel Bryan's retirement as this was recorded during his announcement on WWE RAW that unforgettable night. Rate. Subscribe. Comment. Follow....


Episode 5: SummerSlam 2002

FINALLY!!!! It's our first episode in 2016 and this episode took us about a month and a half to get done... We're back to review a historic SummerSlam that was PPV of the year in 2002! Where the word of the day is... Psychology! And a double main event that is still talked about 14 years later. We even look at the current state of the product with the Royal Rumble, John Cena's injury, and Sting as the first inductee in the 2016 HOF. WE'RE NOT...


Episode 4: Vengeance 2002

As we head into the summer of 2002 in the WWE, Chris and Mike review this July classic! Featuring a match that can take the crown for "Best Opener" in The Ruthless Rewind's short history, Triple H's BIG decision that ends with "Friendship and Fun", Brock vs. RVD: Round 2, and one of the greatest Triple Threat WWE title matches in history. Plus, so much "Ruthless Aggression" you might kill yourself... Also, a touching tribute to the late and great Eddie Guerrero! Twitter:...


Episode 3: King Of The Ring 2002

Episode 3 takes Chris and Mike into the last KOTR PPV in WWE history. The rise of "The Next Big Thing", the return of "The Great One", and a not so great main event between Triple H and Undertaker for the Undisputed title. Twitter - Facebook - Podbean - Rate and subscribe on iTunes -


Episode 2: Judgment Day 2002

In our second episode Chris and Mike go back to Judgment Day 2002 as we Get The "F" Out and review a great opener, failed Ruthless Aggression gimmicks, Austin's last PPV match, a "Supreme Court of Gut Checks", Booker's hotel escapades, and the fall of Hulkamania to The Undertaker for the WWE Title. Follow us on Twitter - Like us on Facebook - Follow us on Podbean - Rate and subscribe on...


Episode 1.5: Backlash 2002

This is it! Our first episode! Join Christopher Perez and Mike Hendricks as the share their thoughts and opinions on WWF Backlash 2002. Follow on Twitter: Christopher Perez (@perez_81) / Mike Hendricks (@Satanslilhelper)