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Ruthless Commentary: SummerSlam 1998

YES! A new episode! And we’re going back 20 years to The Highway To Hell to relive one of the hottest PPV’s in the Attitude Era. Join Chris and Roger as they look back and watch along with you in this edition of “Ruthless Commentary”. (Roger’s audio is a bit far because the Skype recorder wasn’t on. Hopefully it doesn’t deter from the quality.)


Episode 14: Judgement Day 2003

WWE Judgement Day 2003 was the last PPV co-hosted by RAW and SmackDown. Lucky for them, they don’t get to look back at it like we do… A bikini contest, a stretcher match, a battle royal, and one DUD of a world title match. The More You Know… Support Fellow Podcasters.


Episode 6: Unforgiven 2002

In September of 2002 one of WWE’s most infamous angles involved a fake Gay wedding and Hot Lesbian Action. This PPV was the blow off to said angle. It wasn’t pretty…but it was only the beginning. It’s the Ruthless Aggression Era, folks!!! Also, we begin “The HHH Shovel Tour” as it’s first stop is RVD. Plus our thoughts on Daniel Bryan’s retirement as this was recorded during his announcement on WWE RAW that unforgettable night. Rate. Subscribe. Comment. Follow....


Episode 4: Vengeance 2002

As we head into the summer of 2002 in the WWE, Chris and Mike review this July classic! Featuring a match that can take the crown for “Best Opener” in The Ruthless Rewind’s short history, Triple H’s BIG decision that ends with “Friendship and Fun”, Brock vs. RVD: Round 2, and one of the greatest Triple Threat WWE title matches in history. Plus, so much “Ruthless Aggression” you might kill yourself… Also, a touching tribute to the late and great Eddie Guerrero! Twitter:...


Episode 1.5: Backlash 2002

This is it! Our first episode! Join Christopher Perez and Mike Hendricks as the share their thoughts and opinions on WWF Backlash 2002. Follow on Twitter: Christopher Perez (@perez_81) / Mike Hendricks (@Satanslilhelper)