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A Podcast About Geek Culture by Geek Dads.Recorded in the raw, like real life is.

A Podcast About Geek Culture by Geek Dads.Recorded in the raw, like real life is.




A Podcast About Geek Culture by Geek Dads.Recorded in the raw, like real life is.








Episode 278 - Auto Wrecking the Creatives, from McFarlane to Blizzard

(2:04) The boys discuss trips out of the house during COVID, customer realities in this new setting, retail environments, harassment, and people travelling during the pandemic. (12:13) What is happening in schools and what that means to those with kids. (15:05) Major headlines with Blizzard Entertainment launches a whole conversation on wage disparity. What happened with the company and how does the situation there reflect what is happening in society? Investors, stock holders, and upper...


Episode 277 – Where does the Cat LAN’d a Comic Shop

Everyone loves cats: Did you tune in last week? What happened to the stray cat FastFret’s found? Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men: Having finished the TV series, the boys discuss the show and Comic Factory IV; how comic book shops are the Cheers for the Geek crowd; what is it about the show he loves; why Seanorama never opened his own shop; and what separates Comic Book Shops. What Happened to LAN Rooms: The boys discuss LAN Rooms and Dungeons and Dragons, what separates them and what...


Episode 276 - The Modern Theft in 7 Days of the House of Comics

The Brothers McGinity are back! FastFret talks about a stray cat , our guest spot on the Reel Debaters with James Beaver, hockey season in August, Snapped, Alien Autopsy and conspiracy videos, FastFret modding cars in Grand Theft Auto V and Smokey and The Bandit, 7 Days To Die PC versus console and what happened with Telltale Games, split-screen playing on consoles, gaming laptop vs gaming desktops, Seanorama’s obsession with Modern Family, how great the House of X, House of M from Marvel...


Episode 275 – Marvel’s Union Jack

Seanorama’s favorite all time comic book character is Marvel’s Union Jack, a hero with a legacy, with 3 different people donning the famous union jack flag. Always severely under-represented in the comics, the character’s few appearances always straddled the line between grounded stories and the supernatural. I explain away why I was drawn to the character, the retrofitted history of the character, the treasure hunt search for all of his appearances, the blue collar aspect of the character,...


Episode 274 - Captain Britain and Excalibur

The whys wherefores for Captain Britain being my 2 favorite all time comic book character, how he came on my radar, my first Cap comic I owned and my lifelong love for the character, treasure hunting for missing issues, and the legacy of Alan Davis, Alan Moore and Chris Claremont. This one was recorded On The Road. Recorded in the raw, like real life is. Here are a few of Captain Britain themed trades you can find out...


Episode 273 – James Beaver Renewed!

Part two of cancelled television with James Beaver from Beaver Does Movies. The boys discuss TV shows that have been cancelled well before their time. #gilligansisland #twoandahalfmen #bbc #Thefades #mrhudson #thealiens #intheflesh #utopia #mindhunter #agentcarter #coupling #comicbookmen #reaper #breakingbad #dukesofhazzard #bigbangtheory #mom #everybodylovesraymond #threescompany #thewaltons #mash #cheers You can find Beaver Does Movies here: Website:...


Episode 272 – James Beaver - Cancelled!

The brothers welcome James Beaver from Beaver Does Movies to the show. We get an update on how James has been through COVID19, movie watching habits, adjusting to the new normal and the future of cinema. What are they watching: Scoob, F is For Family, Mrs. Brown Boys, and Becky. The topic this week are TV Series that were cancelled far too soon, series the trio feel should have continued on that were prematurely cut short, or failed to have an ending. #scoob #captaincaveman #johnnyquest...


Episode 271 – The Geeks Get Schooled

Seanorama and FastFretFingers talk about school memories. From their earliest memory, favorite year, stories galore about Shediac, what the Piste Et Pelouse is and FastFret winning it, high school, including bands, modelling, and talent shows, favorite teachers, childhood friends and the trouble we got into, graduations, and FastFret’s role in getting Seanorama his first job. #newbrunswick #shediac #school #highschool #pisteetpelouse #bands #modelling #talentshows #teachers...


Episode 270 – Leigh Filbert, songwriter for Volume, Filbatross, Squash and Buckethitch

Leigh Filbert, musician, songwriter and producer comes on the show to talk about his career in the Winnipeg music scene. From Squash, through Filbatross The Amazing Spider Band and Volume, Leigh has had a prominent voice of the Winnipeg songwriting and music scene. We share some stories about the creation of the Amazing Spider Band, the breakdown of Volume, and his beginnings in the Winnipeg Music Scene. Let’s not be subtle here, Leigh has long been on Seanorama’s bucket list of people he...


Episode 269 – Broken - The State of Affairs

This year has been brutal on so many fronts from COVID19, police brutality and JK Rowling. Will this be the year that history remembers and the year where everything changes forever? Will we unite or divide? I am not alone in being emotionally wrung out. We all are frustrated and angry, anxious and depressed, and for every single light that shines through, another event comes up to shake our foundations. Seanorama offers his thoughts on getting through it and ends the episode with the song...


Episode 268 – Comic Factory IV, a History Lesson in Comics

The brothers McGinity welcome Jarett Charowsky, owner of Comic Factory IV on to the show. They talk about their exposures to their first comics like MAD Magazine, Heavy Metal, the Star Tribune comics, Classics Illustrated, comics digests, our first comic book stores and road trips to buy comics. They cover Archie Comics, comic collecting, Red River Books, the Invaders, Captain Carrot, Western Comics, West Coast Avengers, The Shroud, Graveyard Shift, how Jarett got his own shop and naming...


Episode 267 – Author Chadwick Ginther on Writing, Gaming, and Comics

Seanorama and FastFretFingers welcome Chadwick Ginther, the author of the Thunder Road series and Graveyard Mind to the show. They chat is heavy on writing and tabletop RPG gaming. They cover their love of the Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game, the campaigns they have run and played in, Dungeons and Dragons and their various editions, their unabashed love of 5 edition, Chris Claremont, the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe and obscure characters, Mark Gruenwald’s run on Captain...


Episode 266 – Getting Inside Harry Houdini with Clayton T Stewart

Seanorama and FastFretFinger welcome magician and comedian Clayton T Stewart to the podcast to talk about the late Harry Houdini. They break away the myth of the master illusionist and escape artist and cover: influence on the wrestling and vaudeville beginnings, how heavy his immigrant status played into his show and his everyman superman mystique, the supernatural and trickery, his escapes and comparing them to wrestling finishers, how he died and his history with Spiritualists. The gang...


Episode 265 – Rant While Driving to Work Inspired

Seanorama is On The Road! This is all about the Podcast Rant While Driving To Work. Rant suffered some crap at his job so we are talking about it here and now, and analyzing his episode and a perspective on what we think happened with him. Some advice, some perspective, how to get past it, the importance of silliness, and drone mentality. His episode is here and I strongly recommend taking a listen...


Episode 264 – Eat Em 5150

Seanorama and FastFretFingers pit Van Halen’s 5150 album versus David Lee Roth’s Eat Em And Smile. The boys throw down, track by track, album versus album, talk about naked men on album covers, successful lead single releases, Eddie Van Halen spoon player extraordinaire, recording quality, Stevie Vai, cover songs, frou-frou songs, Todd’s covers are always better than the originals, New Brunswick translations of David Lee Roth songs, Live without Annette, Steve Vai’s sound, their favorite...


Episode 263 – What Trolls World Tour Is Really About

Inspired by Aaron Virola’s wish to NOT see this movie that his daughter wanted to see, and by my own kids’ wanting to see it, we rented the film. But here is the trick: the trailers are misleading and hide what the movie is really about. If you are a musician and you hate the current wave of music forced on us by corporate media, this movie might be for you. Website: @seangeekpodcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook


Episode 262 – Businesses Opening in Manitoba During COVID

The Brothers McGinity are reeling from the news that Pallister (The Premier of Manitoba) is stating that businesses can start opening May 4. What is the impact? Is Manitoba ahead of the curve in Canada? Seanorama shares his IKEA story regarding assembly, a defective part and finally dealing with their customer service. #pallister #covid19 #ikea #podcasts #brothers #business #manitoba Website: @seangeekpodcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @fastfretfingers on...


Episode 261 – Nic Dyson, Song Craft

The brothers McGinity bring in Nic Dyson to the show. Nic is a songwriter from Dugald, Manitoba who wears his heart on his sleeve in highly personal songs, with his latest Figments (2020) a true masterpiece. The boys and Nic trade stories on crafting songs, from influences, writing, composition, lyrics, and recording. They break ground with each other, talking about the importance of the craft, streaming, and putting together a band. Shout out to Sam from @witchpolicefm for helping make...


Episode 260 – Finally, the Review of the Tiger King

Finally Seanorama caves and watches the Tiger King. He and FastFretFingers review the show, the characters, and everything about this show. We likely will never talk about it again. Or will we? #podcast #tigerking #netflix Website: @seangeekpodcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @fastfretfingers on Instagram @ToddGeeks Tech Talk on Facebook


Episode 259 – Hail the Tiger King Scientology??

In this episode, the brothers give COVID updates again, a discussion of DVD versus Bluray, and using Storage Clouds. They also talk about some recent documentaries they have been watching: #COVID19 #dvd #bluray #cloud #tigerking #hailsatanfilm #myscientologymovie Website: @seangeekpodcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @fastfretfingers on Instagram @ToddGeeks Tech Talk on Facebook