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The Seangeek Podcast discusses geek culture, music and movies from the perspective of a dad and husband, on the ride to work, with his co-host FastFretFingers, VoicesbyTracy and CoreyGeek.

The Seangeek Podcast discusses geek culture, music and movies from the perspective of a dad and husband, on the ride to work, with his co-host FastFretFingers, VoicesbyTracy and CoreyGeek.
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The Seangeek Podcast discusses geek culture, music and movies from the perspective of a dad and husband, on the ride to work, with his co-host FastFretFingers, VoicesbyTracy and CoreyGeek.








Season 6, Episode 13 – Versus Main Event – Meet The Geeks

Dueling Versus episode with Seanorama, FastFretFingers and CoreyGeek. They dig deep in this episode of versus, covering: Do The Revolution #bunnyears #versus #pawpatrol #pjmasks #houseofpain #krisskross #bobross #pearljam #nirvana #aceburpee #joesatriani #rudysarzo #lartist #licd #thunderfunk #brainpulptv #johnnyrotten #davidleeroth #threescompany #johnritter


Season 6, Episode 12 – Year in Review – 2018

Seanorama, FastFretFingers and CoreyGeek (from Meet The Geeks) reminisce about 2018 and all of its highlights, including: The Top 10 most downloaded episodes of the year...


Season 6, Episode 11 – Blizzard’s Hoarfrost Reception

Seanorama and co-host FastFretFingers talk about the release of Blizzard’s new Diablo game, Diablo Immortal --- exclusively on mobile platforms. You could hear a pin drop when the announcement came at Blizzcon --- misfire? The duo talk about the release, why people got angry at the company, and how to move forward. #blizzard #diabloimmortal #blizzcon


Season 6, Episode 10 – Bethesda Failure to Launch

Seanorama and co-host FastFretFingers talk about Fallout76, the latest in Bethesda’ Fallout series, the lukewarm reception to the game, the ongoing bag-gate saga, and how Fallout76 mirrored their release of Elder Scrolls Online a few years earlier. #fallout #fallout76 #bethesda #bag-gate


Special Edition - Merry Christmas from the SeanGeek Podcast

All the best in this holiday season. The duo talk about Christmas’s past and starting new traditions. #christmas #seasonsgreetings


Season 6, Episode 9 – Meet The Geeks Podcast Edition

The Boys (Seanorama and FastFretFingers) invited CoreyGeek from Meet The Geeks to the recording studio. This is what we ended up with. The discussion covers upcoming stuff with both the Podcast and the webcomic, the love of Sweden, some podcast tips for beginners (hint make sure to share your RSS feed), some Podcast players we use, what it was like playing the work Christmas party (Seanorama did), and what to expect with some future guests. #meetthegeeks #swag #sweden #ikea #zoomrecorder...


Season 6, Episode 8 – Special Guest Lauren Alder – The Codex of Desire

See the unedited version of this episode only on Patreon. The SeanGeek’s Seanorama and FastFretFingers bring out their big gun (that’s Corey Toews beautiful mug) to facilitate this special format episode of the show. Laurie E. Smith, writing as Laren Alder has just released the Codex Of Desire (which has not become a #1 bestseller) joins us at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Winnipeg to talk about the book. They get in depth into the novel, as well as covering some great topics including...


Season 6, Episode 7 – Cheech and Chong and snowblowers

On the way to the Cheech and Chong show, Seanorama and FastFretFingers talk about snowblowers, Black Friday, gas prices, Sweden, winter, CAA, and of course Cheech and Chong. They review the show, the legalization of marijuana in Canada, their Canadian ties, signing to Motown, being mistaken for driving high, the smell of Archibald, changes to Netflix, and their typical driving shenanigans. #cheechandchong #snowblowers #legalization #caa


Season 6, Episode 6 – Stan Lee (Extra Episode)

Stan Lee. What more can be said about the legend? He was Marvel Comics. He co-created Spider-Man, Dr Strange, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and a host of others. He ran Marvel Comics. He was the pitchman for comic books as an industry and was integral to bringing it to the masses. Without his tireless plugging, and without his rich and deep comic work, he is the most prolific writer of the 20 century, the most influential man in comics, and the best pitchman for the underdog. We talk...


Season 6, Episode 5 – How to Buy a Car and Handle the Canadian Winter

Seanorama and FastFretFingers talk cars. What kind of tomfoolery is this? The duo educates and tells stories (in their own inimitable way) how Canada in the winter is, including temperature, car care, add-ons to our cars, and the general problems we go through. They also share their stories of purchasing their own vehicles, and the pitfalls they went through, on what to look and ask for. Want to advertise on a Podcast with global exposure. We have a listenership with strong...


Season 6, Episode 4 – Unraveling the Hoax of Threatin

Seanorama and guest host CoreyGeek talk about the story of artist Jered Threatin, and the hoax he perpetrated on the world. Is he even a talented artist, and did he just go too far? #threatin #hoax #breakingtheworld


Season 6, Episode 3 – Kiss versus Kiss, featuring Danny Roy

In this all-star episode, Danny Roy and Seanorama talk about their top 5 Kiss Albums. With moderators CoreyGeek (from Meet The Geeks) and regular co-host Todd FastFretFingers, the boys talk about their love of Kiss, their introductions to Kiss and their top 5 Kiss Albums. Special thanks to Decibel Geek for the germ of this idea. #kiss #thunderfunk #dannyrocks #decibelgeek #thedivorcees #melaniemorgan #top5 Danny Roy – A musician formerly from the East Coast, he has been in the...


Season 6, Episode 2 – Halloween 2018

Seanorama talks about Halloween traditions, this year with the kids, and his party. #halloween


Season 6, Episode 1 – The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Process

The Brothers discuss what is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the induction process, whether the Hall should be renamed to exclude “rock and roll” in the title, their vague induction criteria, and who should be eligible. They go through the upcoming inductees in their own inimitable fashion and provide a commentary on the state of the Hall of Fame and compare them to the Country Music Hall of Fame. #rockandrollhalloffame #ironmaiden #rageagainstthemachine #tommorello #kiss #rush...


Season 5, Episode 24 – Jason Becker and other shredders

Seanorama and FastFretFingers discuss their numbers, the dominance of Sweden (tease, tease, upcoming episode), and have a vast discussion on Jason Becker and the shred scene, as well as Slash and Ace Frehley. For those not in the know, Jason Becker was the guitar virtuoso struck down with ALS around 20 years of age, who had played in Cacophony and David Lee Roth. Despite the illness he has a new album coming out in December!!! Jason Becker Jason Becker’s new...


Season 5, Episode 23 – Todd Versus’s Seanorama

Todd FastFretFingers does his own Versus and plays it on Seanorama. Can he handle the challenge? In loving commemoration of the Bunny Ears Podcast. Within the context of the game, they explain how time works between the real world and comic books and the movies; how studio involvement works for Marvel and DC films; how some producers have broken great bands; the nuances of running a Dungeons and Dragons campaign; adaptions of books and comics to movies. #bunnyears #marvel #dc #writing...


Season 5, Episode 21 – Happy Birth-giving, Captain Marvel and Dark Phoenix

The logistics of having two birthdays (mine and Silvy’s) on Thanksgiving, Silvy’s debut on the Podcast in her own inimitable fashion, the truth about university, New Moon Massage Therapy and reviews of the trailers for Captain Marvel and X-Men’s Dark Phoenix. #thanksgiving #newmoonwellnesscentre #captainmarvel #darkphoenix #xmen New Moon Wellness Centre Captain Marvel X-Men Dark...


Season 5, Episode 20.5 – Manitoba Podcast Festival

Something special happened today. Seanorama and FastFretFingers attended the Manitoba Podcast Festival on International Podcast Day. We met some great people, learned some stuff, found out that the local community of podcasts is much bigger than everyone could hope and finally got to meet Sam from Witchpolice Radio. Take a listen and find out what we found. #manitobapodcastfestival #internationalpodcastday And take a listen to some great local podcasts. On Facebook @mbpodfest I...


Season 5, Episode 21 – Versus Part 2 – FastFretFingers

Hey fans! Don’t forget to head out to The Manitoba Podcast Festival September 29. Yes two members of the SeanGeek podcast will be there, Seanorama and Todd FastFretFingers. Follow the link below for the details! Do you like Bunny Ears? You know that podcast that Macaulay Culkin and Matt Cohen do? In this episode, Seanorama foists the Versus game from Bunny Ears on Todd FastFretFingers. What will he choose? What categories might shake the mighty guitarist? Find out here!!! #bunnyears...


Season 5, Episode 20 – Avengers 4 Theories and Analysis

Seanorama takes the best of the fan theories out there and blends them with his own take on what to expect in Avengers 4. #mcu #avengers4 #avengersinfinitywar #theoriesoneverything #infinitygauntlet #infinitywar #avengers