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The Seangeek Podcast discusses geek culture, music and movies from the perspective of a dad and husband, on the ride to work, with his co-host FastFretFingers, VoicesbyTracy and CoreyGeek.

The Seangeek Podcast discusses geek culture, music and movies from the perspective of a dad and husband, on the ride to work, with his co-host FastFretFingers, VoicesbyTracy and CoreyGeek.
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The Seangeek Podcast discusses geek culture, music and movies from the perspective of a dad and husband, on the ride to work, with his co-host FastFretFingers, VoicesbyTracy and CoreyGeek.








Season 7, Episode 7 – Podcasting 101 from Keycon 2019

The SeanGeek Podcast and Meet The Geeks came out in full force for Keycon 2019 to do a panel on creating your own Podcast. They break down the tips for Here are some of the brands we mentioned: Behringer xenyxq202 USB Mixing board Zoom h5 or h6 Recorder LG ThinQ7 Cell Phone Podomatic – Free Podcast website Podbean – alternative Podcast website, step up from...


Season 7, Episode 6 – Interview With Keycon Conchair Charles Lauder

Meet The Geeks welcome Charles Lauder to the SeanGeek Podcast. Charles talks us for a walk through what we can expect at the Con including: Carrie Vaughan, Lee Moyer, Monty Python, John Cleese, The Count, Mad Max, The Vampyre, and the Wizard of Oz. Most of all, he talks about the community what makes Keycon so different. #sleepytheclown #keycon #madmax #carrievaughan #leemoyer #montypython #johncleese #thecount #thevampyre #wizardofhouse #clowns #juggling #BradGarrett #pdxbroadsiders...


Season 7, Episode 5 – Oh, Keycon, Who Are You?

This weekend, Winnipeg brings back Keycon to the fair city. The brothers use Time Travel better to give you an early preview of the Sci-fi and Fantasy Convention from the brothers McGinity, how Keycon is very different from every other convention, and why you should make your way to it this very weekend. #keycon #sci-fi #fantasy #geek Where to find the Geeks Sean Geek Podcast on You can donate on our Patreon Page Facebook -...


Season 7, Episode 4 – A Review of Graveyard Mind by Chadwick Ginther

Seanorama reviews Graveyard Mind, the latest by author Chadwick Ginther. Here is a brief synopsis of the book from the back cover: “In Winnipeg’s underworld, every mortician is on the take and every revenant of myth waits to claw their way out of their tombs. The dead stay in the ground because of Winter Murray, a necromancer of the Compact. A victim of abduction and a criminal herself, Winter stalks Winnipeg’s Graveside, preventing larger, more heinous crimes from spilling over into the...


Season 7, Episode 3 – Avengers EndGame Box Office

The Brothers McGinity discuss Avengers Endgame Box Office Numbers and the juggernaut it is and will become. #avengers #avengersendgame #mcu #marvelstudios


Season 7, Episode 2 – 5 Faces of Geek

Meet The Geeks hooks up with JP Bifana Boy and talk about their 5 Faces of Geek. The talks revolve around classic cartoons, standup comedy, anime, and the importance of music in everyone's lives and the empowerment it provides. You can check out JP over @Bifanaboy204 on Instagram. #looneytunes #opera #classical #theflintstones #adamsandler #waterboy #happygilmore #billymadison #chuckandtodd #50firstdates #standupcomedy #anime #captainharlock #robotech #stratocaster #telecaster...


Season 7, Episode 1.5 – Avengers Endgame Pre-Game

No spoilers here, just Seanorama sharing his anticipation for the film and telling a story about why the movie is so important. #avengers #marvelstudios #avengersendgame #marvelcomics #marvel


Season 7, Episode 1 – The Geek Out on Wrestling

New season, new stuff. The studio is complete and we have a special guest on the first episode of Season 7! FastFretFingers, CoreyGeek and Seanorama welcome JP Bifana Boy to the show, where they talk about wrestling. They discuss the change in the wrestling landscape with the creation of All Elite Wrestling and the rise of Impact Wrestling; the face of Independent circuit; game changers: Chris Jericho, Undertaker, Kenny Omega, and Cody Rhodes; what our Geek wrestling names would be;...


Season 6, Episode 29 – Warners and Sony have a Beef with Apple and Google

Warner Bros and Sony distribute their digital movie copies through Ultraviolet and Flixter, but Ultraviolet has decided to shut their doors. If you’ve bought a digital copy of a Warner Bros or Sony film, you may be out of luck and have to rebuy the movie. Seanorama is livid as he and FastFretFingers discuss why Warner Bros and Sony do not distribute digital copies through Google or Apple, why “digital copy” is a misnomer, how the “digital revolution” is a step back instead of a step...


Season 6, Episode 28 – Imperial vs Metric

In the ultimate knock-down, drag-out fight, the boys discuss the Imperial system’s fight against the Metric system. In Canada, we have a blend of both systems leading to the ultimate confusion when buying food, travelling along the road, or operating in business. How do we navigate? And why are there two systems in Canada? #imperial #metric #canada #imperialsystem #metricsystem


Season 6, Episode 27 – Who Watches No-Touch Devices?

The brothers discuss the advent of battery run devices such as clocks and their move into no-touch devices, such as in washrooms (faucets, soap dispensers, auto-flush toilets), locks on lockers and safes, and how this advance in society has moved forward without the ability to maintain it. What happens when the batteries die and who looks after changing them? #sensors #notouchdevices #soapdispensers #batterypoweredsensorfaucets #autoflush #lockers #engineering #redseal


Season 6, Episode 26 – Note For Note

Seanorama and FastFretFingers debate what constitutes great live music: do you like music that matches the album note for note, or do you prefer music that changes the songs. From improvisational jams, beat changes, different intros and outros, some bands change nothing from their album while others never play the same song the same way twice. Radio edits are changes to song that soften songs for radio: When Creep by Radiohead was changed for radio, one word completely altered what the song...


Season 6, Episode 25 – James Gunn re-hired by Disney

Just when things couldn’t get weirder… James Gunn was promptly fired last year by Disney, leaving Guardians of the Galaxy in the dust and without a director. James Gunn was hired by DC to make Suicide Squad--- then rehired by Disney! What is going on here? The brothers discuss all of this in detail, including their theories on the why and wherefores that this all happened. #jamesgunn #mcu #dcu #marvel #disney #guardiansofthegalaxy


Season 6, Episode 24 – Captain Marvel’s End Game at the Umbrella Academy

Seanorama takes a shot at Pod Of Thunder, then discusses Marvel’s Captain Marvel and the Avengers End Game Last Trailer, as well as a review of the Umbrella Academy Netflix show. #podofthunder #captainmarvel #avengers #endgame #umbrellaacademy #netflix


Season 6, Episode 23 – The Amber Alert

The opening talk with the boys covers drivers who speed in residential areas and the greatness of Wunderlist. They also have a lengthy discussion about the Amber Alert: what worked and what didn’t, where can improvements be made, and the legislation around it. #residentialracing #tailgating #amberalert #wunderlist #podofthunder #randomepisodes #studioupdate


Season 6, Episode 22 – Car Accidents, Septic Hockey and New Brunswick Stories

The boys talk car accidents, including Seanorama’s recent one and an old one of FastFretFingers’. They also cover go deep on Corey Toews’s dad’s passing. Then, the boys take a trip down memory lane talking about “septic backyard hockey” and how they made do with what they had when they were wee lads, including an improvised skating rink and hockey pucks. They talk about “the Pit”, the famous Ohio fire, BB guns, their’s dad’s lasso skills, and “Ohio du Diable”, bootlegging, and the...


Season 6, Episode 21 – A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Lounge

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to a private show (thanks to Sam from Witchpolice Radio). Almost as entertaining as the show itself (which will be covered in a later episode) was getting to the show. I planned to be there 30 minutes before show time and got there 15-20 minutes after showtime. What the hell happened? Well let us tell you… The brothers also talk about more changes to the studio that FastFretFingers has made, getting into the technical side of things, including...


Season 6, Episode 20 – Interview with Sam Z Thompson of Witchpolice Radio

Finally… Sam from Witchpolice Radio makes it to the SeanGeek Podcast. They talk about Sam’s musical beginnings with Grandpas’ Army, Mouthboat, and Dynamo; how he transitioned into Podcasting; what is Sam’s Geek and how the Jets departure might have been the reason behind Witchpolice; special thanks to Ryan Sorensen and the Disraeli Dreamers, Swedish listeners and the Swedish music scene; Sam’s house party shows; the difficulty of being musicians and dads; the greatness of live podcasts; and...


Season 6, Episode 19 – Manitoba Podcast Festival Post Meeting

Seanorama and FastFretFingers discuss Manitoba podcasts and the upcoming festival in 2019. The boys had a meeting with the organizers and share their thoughts on the meeting, the stae of podcasts in Winnipeg, the local Podcast scene, their thoughts on YouTube, and how to find your new favorite podcast. They also delve into (yet again) 7 Days to Die and the greatness of the game, and another talk on World of Warcraft. #manitobapodcastfestival #7daystodie #worldofwarcraft


Season 6, Episode 18 – Where is all your tax dollars going?

To quote the brothers of the D, the government totally sucks. Seanorama and FastFretFingers discuss your tax dollars and all of the various ways the government collects it, coffers it and mismanages it. Why is there never any money left and why do they keep creating new revenue streams to drain your wallet? Alcohol, fuel, income tax, GST, PST, RST (the woman tax), photo radar, casinos, marijuana… the list goes on and they keep sucking us dry while they somehow run out of money. On the...