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Weight loss can be a tough game, and it can feel like a struggle. But if others have managed to do it - so can you. Subscribe now to learn how to break the slimming cycle by mastering your Mind, Meals, and Movement.

Weight loss can be a tough game, and it can feel like a struggle. But if others have managed to do it - so can you. Subscribe now to learn how to break the slimming cycle by mastering your Mind, Meals, and Movement.
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Weight loss can be a tough game, and it can feel like a struggle. But if others have managed to do it - so can you. Subscribe now to learn how to break the slimming cycle by mastering your Mind, Meals, and Movement.








015: How To Have Better Sex with Helena Nista

Sex is great. And if for you it isn't: we need to do something about that. And you can start by listening to this week's podcast episode where I'm chatting with Helena Nista. She's a worldwide sex therapist, tantra practitioner, and certified sex geek. Want to learn how to get over your inhibitions? Maybe how to break through your childhood conditioning that holds you back from being your true sexual self? How about learning how you can start educating your kids so they're not as screwed...


014: Does Taking A Deep Breath Really Help You Relax?

"Take a deep breath." It's the first thing somebody says to try and help you calm down, but does it really help? In this episode we're looking into the science of stress and relaxation. Get ready to find your calm. Let’s get into it. Click here to listen to the podcast on iTunes!Rather watch and listen? Watch this episode on YouTube. -- Subscribe & Review -- Are you subscribed to my podcast? If you’re not, I reckon you should be. I don’t want you to miss an episode, there's new ones...


013: No Advert Needed - My Guest Spot on Break The Chains Find Your Flame

In today's episode: I'm the guest! A few weeks back I was a guest on my friend Steve's Break The Chains Find Your Flame podcast. We talked about how simple it really is to get healthy, what my superpower is, and how a quote from Russell Brand plays a key part in my nutrition advice. Sounds a bit weird that last one doesn't it? But it's true! So press play, listen in, and learn some stuff. Let’s get into it. Click here to listen to the podcast on iTunes!Rather watch and listen? Watch this...


012: Progressing Calisthenics & A Pro-Tip for Parents with Al Kavadlo

In today’s episode I’m interviewing Al Kavadlo - an expert calisthenics practitioner who travels the world teaching others how to build a strong body and do amazing things with it. Just by using their own body - no equipment required! Except for maybe a pull-up bar and the odd gymnastic ring or parallette. I started following Al way back at the start of my health and fitness journey when me and my housemate Nat would watch YouTube videos, learn how to get strong with the minimal equipment...


011: All About Calories Part 3 - The Mythical 1200 & All My Secrets

Today’s episode is Part 3 of a mini-series I’m calling All About Calories. I decided to write this mini-series because I’ve been answering a LOT of questions online recently in Facebook groups helping people understand weight loss a bit better. Most people have the same kinds of questions, frustrations, sticking points, and things they’re confused about because of all the conflicting - and basically incomplete - information they’ve been getting. In a nutshell, what we've learned so far is...


010: All About Calories Part 2 - Diets & Dogmas

Last week we learned why all weight loss comes down to calorie balance. We looked at what calories are, how are bodies use them, and what happens if we’re consuming too much or too little. This week, we’re going to prove it by breaking down 6 popular diets and showing how every one just boils down to calorie balance and creating a calorie deficit to result in weight loss. This stuff is really easy when you know how. And it’s quite funny to see how every “diet” is basically the same. Even...


009: All About Calories Part 1 - Basic Principles

I get a lot of questions online from people confused about calories. Are they having enough? Too many? Why aren’t they losing weight when they’re burning so many and eating so little? It can get confusing and I want to clear it up. In these next 3 podcast episodes we’re going to do a mini-series I’m calling All About Calories. Today, we’re looking at what calories actually are and how the principle of calorie balance ACTUALLY and ALWAYS works - even if you think it doesn’t apply to...


008: Men Without Masks & Modern Day Meditation With Martin Bone

Hey hey podcasters welcome to the Shaun Herr Show where we learn how to break the slimming cycle by mastering your Mind, Meals and Movement. Helping you finally achieve a balanced lifestyle and long-lasting results. Today I’m talking with Martin Bone, a meditation teacher here in Liverpool. What I love about Martin is that he’s not your stereotypical meditation teacher. He’s not going around in floaty robes, looking and sounding so chilled out he’s gonna fall over whilst worshiping the sun...


007: Living For The Stories & Keeping It Simple With Georgina Creed

In this episode I’m talking with Georgina Creed. Me and Georgina work in the same gym chain just in different gyms so I saw her pop up in my Instagram a little while ago. I thought she was putting out a lot of really good content that would be good for you guys to hear so I wanted to get her on so we could dig into that stuff and more. As with every podcast interview so far we segued and branched to and from all kinds of different topics. We ask whether you’re really going to be happy if...


006: Mental Health & Mindfulness for Men, Kids & More with Steve Opalenik

In today’s episode I’m talking with Steve Opalenik. Me and Steve met a few years back at a calisthenics course over in New York and so I went into the interview with my little plan thinking that was the main thing we’d talk about. But once we got started we went straight into Steve’s family-run non-profit, the Promethean Project. See Steve is a mental health counsellor, and so our entire conversation was just all about that because I just wanted to know more and more. We talked about SO MUCH...


005: It's My Birthday! You're Damn Right I'm Gonna Be Drinking.

Social events can be hard when you're trying to lose weight. For many of us they're either hours of politely saying "no" to nice things when we really we want to say "oh my god yes I love cheesecake", or an absolute binge fest. But if you can tweak the way you think about food, and about what you're "allowed" to eat, those events can get a lot easier. This episode is all about your relationship with food, and drink. If this sounds like something you need to work on, that's what the...


004: How To Keep Your New Habits & Stop Starting Over

You know when you’ve started a new diet, or started going to the gym, and you feel like it’s going well when all of a sudden you realise you haven’t been the gym for 3 weeks and you’re halfway through a tub of Ben & Jerry’s? A lot of the time, this happens because going to the gym or focusing on your diet takes effort. But when things in our lives start to get stressful we take our eye of the ball and fall back into old, less-than-productive habits. A few months back I gave a talk at the...


003: Yoga For Calm, Health, and Weight Loss - Interview With Beck Yoga

On today’s episode I’m interviewing my friend Beck who I’ve known since we were in primary school around 8 years old. Since then I’ve gone on to become a personal trainer, she’s gone on to become a yoga teacher, and we’ve both gone on totally different journeys to end up where we are now. We talk about our first ever yoga classes, the questions Beck gets all the time in her classes, how you can benefit from yoga in ways you might not expect and how you can get started practicing yoga...


002: You Already Have A Balanced Lifestyle, Just Not The One You Want.

How often have you heard somebody say it's good to have a balanced diet? Probably quite a few. But do you understand what that actually means? Is at about having enough protein? The right balance of calories? Not too many carbs? Not too much fat? If I were to ask 10 people what a balanced diet is I'd get 10 different answers. Because the world of nutrition is filled with conflicting information and confusion. But it doesn't have to be. For me, balance is about eating enough nutritious...


001: Welcome To The Shaun Herr Show

Welcome to The Shaun Herr Show! This show is intended to be one more way I can help people achieve life changing, and life-long results. I've already made tons of blogs, videos, Instagram posts and more. But this way, you can listen on-the-move, and on-the-go. Everything I do is about helping you get the results you deserve to look and feel amazing every day. And not just to help you, but to help everybody around you at the same time. My big game is to try and save the NHS from...