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The Sixth Degree with Emily Merrell, is the podcast where we grill our guests about the things that make them tick and find out how human connection plays a role in their life.

The Sixth Degree with Emily Merrell, is the podcast where we grill our guests about the things that make them tick and find out how human connection plays a role in their life.


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The Sixth Degree with Emily Merrell, is the podcast where we grill our guests about the things that make them tick and find out how human connection plays a role in their life.




Becoming an Entreprenista with Stephanie Cartin

While it seems like everyone is recently becoming an entrepreneur, Stephanie Cartin, co-founder of SocialFly, has been leading the way in entrepreneurship before entrepreneurship was a movement. She’s so passionate about entrepreneurship in fact that she created a whole community and podcast around the Entreprenista, spotlighting the secrets of running a successful company from women who have done it before. In this episode we learn how an opportunity in the marketplace led to the creation...


Women, Wine and Worth with Heather Rader from Spirit Horse Vineyards

Download Podcast Transcript Women and wine don’t typically belong in the same sentence. That’s because the wine industry is dominated predominantly by men from winery owners with only 3% women wine owners to wine makers with 10% being women. Portland based Heather Rader, Founder of Spirit Horse Vineyards is changing how wine is done. She’s taking the reins on how wine and using the catalyst of connection to change the world. Sales from Spirit Horse Vineyards help provide equine horse...


The Power of the Right Collaboration with Baily Hancock from The Collaboration Coalition

Download Podcast Transcript At some point in your entrepreneurial life, you will have to reach out to people. But how can you do it in a meaningful way? With whom? How can you establish a long-term partnership with like-minded people? Here’s where Baily Hancock comes in. She’s a Collaboration Consultant, Founder of The Collaboration Coalition, a membership community to help entrepreneurs gain visibility and grow their community with partnerships. She’s all about networking, connecting, and...


Financial Habits Everyone Should Know with Snigdha Kumar from Digit

Download Podcast Transcript For many people, talking about finance might be overwhelming. The idea to invest sounds risky, and something that you can only do when you have a lot of money. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Snigdha Kumar is the head of product operations at Digit, an app that allows users to save and invest money in a very easy way—and she brought all the stats to prove it! Snigdha has spent the majority of her professional life working on increasing financial health for...


Planting the Seed to Grow Your Business with Eliza Blank from The Sill

Download Podcast Transcript Plants have a positive effect on people. But, especially in the cities, you can only find them in big stores, and you might not know how to take care of them properly or which one is better for your house. Eliza Blank grew up surrounded by plants thanks to her mother, and she was very passionate about them. That’s why she decided to create The Sill, a digitally native direct-to-consumer houseplant brand with the ambition to reconnect and teach people about plants...


Finding the Joy of Making Your Podcast with Sydney Weiss from Seek The Joy Podcast

Download Podcast Transcript At a very specific moment in her life, Sydney Weiss knew that she needed to make a change in the way that she viewed herself and the way she connected with others. From that necessity, Seek The Joy Podcast was born. The show is about to reach 200 episodes now, and instead of doing it to promote herself, she uses it to help others and create a community. Sydney produces, interviews, edits, and publishes her podcast, and she’s also a full-time lawyer. How does she...


Time to Reclaim Your Body and Your Mind with Amanda Armstrong from Rise As We

Download Podcast Transcript Most people treat their body and mind like two separate things. Amanda Armstrong discovered that this approach didn’t help her, and she found out that several clients that reached out to her to work out also needed a safe space for their minds. That’s why she created Rise As We, a safe place for women who want to address their mental and physical health as one. She developed programs to take care of the different needs that she and other women had: from...


Turn Your Hobby into a Career with Tracy Dungo from Uno Dos Trae

Download Podcast Transcript Some people find a job that might be considered perfect, get to grow in their careers only to find out later that this is not what they wanted. Tracy Dungo had been through that experience. From work in the marketing department for big names like Ralph Lauren and People Magazine to founder of a creative studio, Uno Dos Trae, specializing in brand development and web design. She kept learning things until she found that hobby that could turn into something...


A Woman’s Worth with Laura Lee Botsacos of Apollo and Artemis Beauty by Equality

Download Podcast Transcript There are places that are not so eager, historically, to accept women. Business school and car sales companies are those kinds of places. And our guest today defied both. She is Laura Lee Botsacos, founder of Apollo and Artemis Beauty by Equality, a skincare company that preaches beauty is in all of us, and skincare should not be limited by gender bias. But before that, Laura changed her life completely and went into business school. Highlights: If you want...


From Unemployed to Having a Six-figure Business with Social Media Coach Tiffany Cheung

Download Podcast Transcript Life can put you upside down. In the case of our guest today, this happened… twice! Tiffany Cheung lost her job at the beginning of the pandemic. As a single mom, she needed to find a job as soon as possible. It was during one of those interviews, that someone else realized what her passion was, and everything suddenly made sense. In just eight months, Tiffany started her career as a Social Media Coach, helping others to have clients instead of...


Are You Earning What You're Worth? With Jacqueline V. Twillie of Zero Gap

Download Podcast Transcript We know the stats: the wage gap is real. When our guest, Jacqueline V. Twillie learned about this, she decided to use her knowledge and passion to help eliminate it. She founded, a firm specializing in women leadership, to help them thrive in male-dominated industries. She is also a two time Amazon Best Selling Author. Jacqueline teaches us some negotiation techniques and gives us this advice: know your worth. Highlights: To learn more about...


Stop Settling For Good Enough and Start Striving to Thrive with Katina Mountanos, of On Adulting.

Download Podcast Transcript When we were children, people asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, but not who we wanted to be. Our guest, writer Katina Mountanos, realized this when she finished college and the work and path that she was supposed to follow made her feel unhappy. From this experience, she started to write a blog, On Adulting, that became a community, and a book, where millennials can have honest conversation about what it means to grow up, and the expectations of life...


A Digital Girl Squad to Empower Women With Cassidy Wendell from #GirlGetAfterIt

What is better than taking care of ourselves? Doing it in the company of other women! Our guest today is Cassidy Wendell, digital marketing strategist and founder of #GirlGetAfterIt, a wellness community for women that grew exponentially during the pandemic, where mental, physical, and emotional health are treated equally and considered part of the whole that makes up our wellbeing. Cassidy talks with us about how sweating and sharing activities brings women together. Also, how...


Connecting With Your Spiritual Identity With Alexandra Trevisan

Did you know that even the smallest parts of your routine may connect you with your spirituality? Being curious and receptive is the best way to practice our spiritual or even our religious facet. Our guest today is Alexandra Trevisan, psychologist, Doctor in Chiropractic by the Southern California University of Health Sciences , founder of and host of different events such as How To Turn Your Pain Into Your Superpower. Highlights: To learn more about Alexandra, visit her...


Empowering Communities and Gathering Connections with Carrie Murray of BRA Network

Download Podcast Transcript Having a community that you trust and that is constantly pushing you up towards reaching your goals is a true blessing. Today’s guest, Carrie Murray is a community builder herself: Carrie is a speaker, podcast host, and the Founder of BRA (Business Relationship Alliance), a network of powerful female entrepreneurs devoted to advancing women-owned businesses by providing the community, collaboration, empowerment, and support needed to flourish as an...


Creating Unique Food Experiences and Learning about Human Design with Natalie Niksa from La Saison

Download Podcast Transcript Enjoying the food that we eat has such a deep meaning to us, that it actually affects the energetics of being. Today’s guest is here to tell us all about this: Natalie Niksa, is the Co-Founder and executive Chef of La Saison, a Napa Valley Food Brand which offers Virtual Tastings of exquisite dishes and cheeses, Award-Winning provisions, Human Design Readings, and much more! In 2020, Natalie graduated from Astrology and Human Design school. Natalie incorporates...


Will You Be My Mentor? With Niamh Donoghue of Soundboard

Download Podcast Transcript Mentorship may sound like an intimidating practice, but it’s really not! You just have to think of it like a relationship where someone with more knowledge guides someone with less knowledge. This is how today’s guest, Niamh Donoghue, perceives it. Niamh is the CEO and founder of Soundboard, a platform connecting people through events, workshops, and 1:1 peer mentorship. Through a mutual exchange of personal, professional, and life experiences, its goal is to...


Illuminating Your Entrepreneurial Self with Carolina Campbell of Illuminate Consulting Group

Download Podcast Transcript Being an entrepreneur might sound liberating and amazing, but it definitely has its own challenges. Today’s guest, Carolina Campbell, is here to illuminate the realities of entrepreneurship, especially when it comes to finances. Carolina is the Founder of the Illuminate Consulting Group, a company that provides outsourced COO & CFO services, detailed business & growth strategy creation, and strategy for capital investment. As a former Wall Street Managing...


How To Start Over and Dive into Entrepreneurship with Lara Schmoisman from The Darl

Download Podcast Transcript Becoming an entrepreneur is a unique journey which is always different depending on the person. Today’s guest definitely has an inspiring story to tell! Lara Schmoisman is the CEO and founder of The Darl, a boutique marketing agency. She’s also a marketing coach and podcaster. Though nowadays she wears a lot of hats and has a thriving marketing business, life was not always so pretty for her. Everything that she has today is because of hard work and a...


How This Financial Planner Helps You Eliminate Shame with Renee Cohen from #PlanningWithRenee

Download Podcast Transcript Financial planning sounds like an overwhelming concept, right? Well it’s not, and today’s guest is here to tell you all about it! Renee Cohen is a financial advisor who shares her unique approach by leading financial wellness programs to teach individuals and small business owners the importance of money management in a fun and simple way. Highlights: To learn more about Renee, follow her on Instagram. Sign up for The First Degree Membership! By becoming a...