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The Dirty Side Of Sports.








Tiger Woods Chews CBD Gum at Masters Win*

We dive into Tiger’s 15th Major Championship win by asking is Tiger better at golf than anyone has ever been at anything? Plus, the real reason why Tiger and Phil were chewing gum at Augusta National. Plus Mike is sad Russell Wilson could be leaving his beloved Seahawks. And catch up on the Lightning collapse and NBA upsets. Download, Rate, Review!= potentially CBD gum but maybe not


The Magic Johnson Scandal About to Drop

Breaking news from Laker Land on the real reason Magic dumped LeBron. Scandal City hits the NFL with Aaron Rodgers accusations, Antonio Brown on that crazy juice and Le’Veon Bell’s odd schedule. And best Masters bets, NHL Playoff Preview and the champion in the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Bracket. Subscribe Rate Review!


Remembering the AAF and Russell Wilson’s Demands

Mike and J Dawg send thoughts and prayers to fans of the Alliance of American Football and bring on some experts to share how the league collapsed. Then the guys discuss Russell Wilson’s future in Seattle and the longest offseason of LeBron’s career. Finally, the big reveal of the Final 4 matchups of our Bachelor/Bachelorette Party locations! Subscribe, Rate, Review!


Emergency Pod: Live report from Duke-UCF thriller

UCF alum J Dawg checks in from South Carolina, where Duke and Zion Williamson were in position to be shocked by cinderella UCF…until the buzzer beater didn’t fall. Learn all you need to know about Zion, Tacko and South Carolina drinking laws. Speaking of drinking, our boy Gronk announced his retirement which brings Mike great sadness. And cue the conspiracy theory music as the Patriots are not chosen to open the 2019 NFL season on Thursday night. Thanks for downloading the flagship show on...


Bracket Busters: Shockers in the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Location Bracket

Mike and J Dawg welcome Bill from the Hangover Network’s Gambling Goosecast to help you fill out your bracket and take money from the coworkers you can’t stand! Plus, the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party location bracket goes from the Eilte 8 to the Final 4 with major upsets. And the latest on Tyreek Hill committing a violent act and why he may never catch another pass from Patrick Mahomes. Thanks for downloading The Sports Hangover Podcast!THe Gamble GooseCast March Madness Picks:All Games...


Sorry March Madness: NFL Wins Again

Mike and J Dawg have the winners and losers of the fast and furious NFL free agency kickoff from Beckham, Brown and Bell to Gruden and Tomlin. Plus, the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Location Bracket cuts 16 cities to the Elite 8. And why Mike supports the ultimate Scandal City involving celebrities and elite higher education. Download, Subscribe, Review!


Kyler Murray Surges and March Madness Bracket Revealed

J Dawg is reporting live from Arizona on the Cardinals potentially bailing on Josh Rosen for Kyler Murray. Then Mike goes inside the mind of Mr. Big Chest aka Antonio Brown and chooses Jason Witten’s Monday Night Football replacement. And finally, the big reveal on our annual March Madness bracket. Hint: it’s time to party! Thanks for listening, downloading and subscribing to the flagship show of the HANGOVER NETWORK.Link to the 1st Round of our March Madness Bracket. Vote Now!


Emergency Pod: Jason Witten Conspiracy & Harper’s Philadelphia Mistake

The boys get together to break down Witten’s Monday Night Football exit and the fascinating theories behind it. Then they try to make sense of why Bryce Harper chose to live and work in Philadelphia, a notoriously rough sports town. Check out all the shows on the Hangover Network!


Who to blame for Lakers mess? And sports reporter Lina Washington joins from Sacramento

LeBron or Magic? The guys have different hot takes on who to point the finger at on the Losing Lakers. Learn new key details on Robert Kraft’s Rub & Tug and Adam Schefter’s average (not super short) height. And sports reporter Lina Washington from ABC10 in Sacramento joins the guys to drop knowledge on e-sports and other topics. Thanks for listening to the Hangover Network!


All things AAF - Special Guest AAF Analyzed

Derek & Garrett from AAF Analyzed stop by for a quick chat going into week 3 of AAF.


Adam Schefter’s Shocking Height & Investing in the AAF

The guys join the Carolina Hurricanes owner with a major investment in The Alliance while J Dawg reports how far away the Orlando Apollos are practicing from Orlando. Plus, why Mike thinks he can compete in the NBA 3-point contest and how J Dawg would blow up the Dunk Contest. And stay until end for a wild “Guess that Tweet.” Thanks for listening to the Hangover Network!


Browns sign another felon & TSH attends a wedding

The boys recap a Gay Art Museum Wedding in Orlando and Mike reveals how he never gets sick. Plus, Browns add Kareem Hunt and Antonio Brown’s value plummets. And a preview of our new pod on The Alliance! Subscribe now!


Super Bowl Hangover: The lowest points of SB53

Mike & J Dawg watched the Rams debacle together in Los Angeles so they break down the highs and lows of the all-time snoozer. Plus, a Jewish MVP wins the day, a popular ESPN broadcaster gets fired and a brand new football league begins this weekend. Download, Rate, Review!


Super Bowl 53 Prop Bets

Mike and J Dawg are getting together in Los Angeles for Rams vs. Patriots so they run down the list of props to make you rich on Super Sunday! Plus, a Scandal City roundup of the two teams partying in Atlanta AND why Anthony Davis won’t be joining the struggling Lakers anytime soon. Download, Rate, Review :)


NFL Championship Game Conspiracies & Why Brady Could Retire on the Field After Super Bowl 53

Mike and J Dawg break down the conspiracy theories from New Orleans and Kansas City, including how Tony Romo knew all of Tom Brady’s plays. We play ‘BS or Believe’ on Brady, Gronk and McVay. And in Food News, the debate over Super Bowl party etiquette. Download, Rate, Review!


Trump Serves Up White House Feast and New Jets Coach Gassed by Media on Day 1

We recap the fine dining that national champion Clemson was treated to by our President. We wonder what Adam Gase was looking at in his introductory press conference. And we break down Rams-Saints and Patriots-Chiefs plus make a surprising swap of playoff teams! Also Travel Hacks, Food News & J Dawg Takes On. Subscribe, Rate, Review!


How Trevor Lawrence should get out college football & Big Dick Dak Prescott

Mike petitions the XFL to pay stud QB Trevor Lawrence to leave Clemson right away and J Dawg rejoices as Dak Prescott wins a playoff game. Plus, the Bucs add star power as the McVay Coaching Tree grows and our picks for the best NFL weekend of the year. Subscribe, Download, Review!


NFL Playoff Confidence Rankings and Why Sports Fans Hate UCF

The guys ring in 2019 solving the Steelers miserable season by playing B.S. or Believe on Big Ben, Bell & Brown. We reveal the NFL teams we believe in with our 9th annual playoff draft, the reason why sports fans across the country continue to shit on UCF and huge diet news from Chipotle! Rate, Download & Subscribe!


The Gossip, BS, Lies & Rumors of 2018 + Huge Sports Predictions for 2019!

J Dawg and Mike have a loaded episode to ring in the New Year! The recap of a tumultuous 2018 from Kaepernick to Gruden to LeBron. Plus, the red-hot predictions sure to come true in 2019 from Goodell to Tiger to e-sports. Download now, listen to avoid your family later!


Beat the holiday commute: Imagine an all-LA Super Bowl

The Chargers and Rams could be on a collision course for the Super Bowl. The guys discuss what it would mean to the city and Elon Musk’s new method for beating traffic. Plus, J Dawg Takes On some listeners of the show AND Mike’s NFL picks for Week 16. Download for your holiday commute!