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Malek Houlihan side A - Secret personal & business hacks, social media

Musician, actor, all around maker, Malek Houlihan & I talk pitch meeting hacks, personal hacks and global hacks. This is a terrifically insightful, deeply practical, powerful episode, for everyone who makes anything, or wants to make anything out of their lives. Malek accompanies the podcast with his acoustic guitar to give a deceptively laid back ambience to one of the most incisively philosophical episodes I've ever done. I learned something big, and so may you. Buckle up! Follow Malek...


Minisode3-Content Trap 2: Fake News Edition/NerdNite Announcement

I take to the mic in a brief mini to talk about an upcoming event on May 10th in Sacramento, and some insanity from my recent online AND personal experience. The insanity comes in the form of 2 Fake News stories that affect me directly (mostly) and the fact that even exists. Plus, I talk about writing my stories with pictures as I go, and share 2 graphic novels I just read. Subscribe to Storycraft on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you listen, and please rate & review kindly before...


Storycraft/Repeat Viewing Podswap - Ready Player One

Seamus Smith & I tackle Steven Spielberg's "virtually" epic new film, complete with (mostly spoiler free) book to screen comparisons. After weeks of mixed headlines and a bravura box office take, we look at Ready Player One as filmmakers, artists, and fans of the book by Ernest Cline. We talk about the way the IP is handled, the deft script by Zak Penn & Cline, the terrific performances by the incredible cast, dig into the strong social commentary, and Spielberg as a filmmaker. Subscribe...


Storycraft Chronicles 2 - Birthday Pod minisode!

What I learned making stories this week was further wisdom from Seth Godin, for ask the doc I claim writer's block is fake, and I share what I'm reading. Hear the tale of my birth, 40 years before the date of this episode, then hear me gush about Seth Godin, how I love his new podcast Akimbo, and some of the great thoughts from his first episode that apply directly to storycraft as a show AND discipline. Also, I talk about a couple things I'm reading, one by Andy Diggle & Victor Ibanez,...


What I learned making stories this week - Solo minisode1

It's a strange return to the orignal format of Storycraft, where I discuss things about my own work, share things I learn from making stories, and specifics from the freelance struggle, all by myself on the mic-- or, Kraig goes solo! (No relation. Zero wookies are involved in this episode, unfortunately...) My first one-man show since the earliest episodes of the show, now lost to time and my old harddrive. I take some time to welcome you to "what I learned making stories this week", and...


Mike Dubisch & Kraig on improving freelance client communication

Mike and I talk about a couple of hidden pitfalls in art freelance that affect everything in our lives, and how to get out of them, while (maybe) also making a little extra cash. This is a sometimes rowdy debate about wrangling your time management, and taking back some of your agency with clients, to ensure you get paid for all the work you do, not just what you turn in. Please subscribe to this podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever you listen. Also, please leave a 5 star...


Black Panther Special w/ DJ Roshay & Seamus Smith

DJ Roshay, Seamus Smith and I discuss the first Marvel film of 2018, Black Panther directed by Ryan Coogler. We break down the vast social commentary, high level costume design, brilliantly lived in environments, and all the stellar characters played by a terrific cast. Also, ANNOUNCEMENT of the final delivery of the Solar Team vinyl from DJ Roshay. We have them in our hot hands! Available now from $30 for the vinyl alone, $40 with a sketch. Please subscribe, rate,...


DJ Roshay 2

DJ Roshay is as insightful and gifted with films as he is with music, and his YouTube channel Roshay Reviews has all the proof. In the second half of our previous conversation, we shift gears into film talk, discussing Wonder Woman as political device, race and gender in film and art, and how to have the most productive exchange about issues. We also cover lots of films from 2016 and 2017, talk favorite filmmakers, and explore hidden elements of cinema. It's the film nerdiest! Watch...


Graham Elwood makes jokes, films, and keenly harsh political observations

Comedian & Filmmaker Graham Elwood (First Nations Comedy Experience, Comedy Film Nerds, Earbuds, Laffghanistan) talks about his blended life experience as comic and filmmaker, political vigilante and podcaster, revealing levels to an already mulit-layered persona that I did not expect. Between laughs, we engage in a charged discussion of corporate profit motives vs. identity politics, the intentional media distraction, and regular injustices we've grown blind to. But we also talk about 70s...


Dito Montiel makes every film personal

Filmmaker Dito Montiel (The Clapper, Man Down, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints) has quickly created a masterful library of powerful, tense, thought provoking films, and he's just getting started. He shares the keys to that depth of craft in a lively talk about his new film The Clapper (out now!), New York, family dynamics, personal history, and just going for it. He also reveals a few intense stories from being on set (and is ridiculously humble about the great performances he gets from...


Rene Mousseux

You have definitely watched stuntman Rene Mousseaux work, even though you didn't know it, from his role as Lt. Mur on Supergirl, to being Stunt Coordinator of the original "Old-Spice Guy", now he's making his own films. We peal apart the film business, talking micro budget filmmaking, owning your work to take control of your career (and life), and using your resources to work smarter. We discuss a handful of his numerous credits, how he went from making underwater documentaries for...


Matt Nix recasts the world of the X-men from the heart in the Gifted

Creator of the recently renewed X-men show the Gifted, as well as Burn Notice, The Good Guys, and APB, Matt Nix, shares incredible insights into the craft and business of writing. We discuss his approach to creating a show, building characters, structuring a season or more, and pitching concepts in Hollywood. Without a doubt, this is among the most engaging and informative episodes of this show. Fans of the Gifted, the X-men, Burn Notice and more, will get everything they want, on top of...


Repeat Viewing Episode Zero

Artist-Filmmakers Seamus Smith and Kraig Rasmussen discuss the art of cinema as it ages, and the surprisingly vital practice of re-watching movies we love. Ring in 2018 with laughs and an in depth, sometimes snarky discussion of unexpected film pairings. This is the pilot episode for the upcoming new podcast titled Repeat Viewing-- launching February 2018! Do you love watching your favorite movies repeatedly? So do we!! And we know why you love it. Tune in to find out! Hosted by Seamus...


Jonathan Kesselman



Simon Horrocks

Filmmaker Simon Horrocks shares the secrets of micro-budgert films, Kickstarter success, and creating work that merges life and art. We discuss his films Third Contact and Kosmos at length, reveal the common themes that drive them, and talk about the genesis of becoming the creator you dream of being. We also talk about the upcoming MoMo Film Festival, creating unique experiences to involve people in your work, and channeling personal experience into art as a form of very effective...


Ryan Quackenbush connects film and comic books

Illustrator Ryan Quackenbush, (Perfect Circle, Dolls, Monster,) and I parse the connections between film and comic books as artforms, revealing our mutual addiction to cinema that stretches as far back as silent film. We discuss the interplay of the two related careers, our desire to make films one day, the state of film, and what it takes for art to endure. We also breakdown our many influences in film and comics, working outside the norm, and what we'd like to do with our work going...


Mike Dubisch & Kraig talk men behaving badly

Mike Dubisch joins me again to talk about the various scandals regarding men across American culture, how it affects us, how it affects our industry, and some root causes/solutions that lay primarily in the hands of men. We then break into the many interesting projects Mike has going these days, from his work in the Warren/EC style horror/sci-fi magazine "the Creeps", to his own upcoming magazine "Forgotten Futures", and a few of the other tidbits he's doing along the way. We close with...


Stevie Spade Cosplay

Unique and talented cosplayer Stevie Spade talks to me about the hidden sides of cosplay, becoming a maker, social anxiety, awkwardness, and finding your community. We share several anecdotes about working comic book (& other) conventions, inhabiting characters, and using creativity to get results. The conversation is packed with jokes and laughs, but also reveals some interesting philosophical observations about our own minds, but also about the world at large. Follow Stevie on Instagram...


Jessimae Peluso

Comedienne Jessimae Peluso left me with a sore face from smiling after this blazing (literally), hilarious conversation about social injustices, John Carpenter's "the Thing", organic eating, and history. We also take a ride through her incredible impression skills-- prepare to have you ears fooled! On top of that we cut into a few very current events, discuss how America takes political correctness a little too far, we share some family oddities and quirks from our childhoods, and we also...


Athena Aktipis

Athena Aktipis, Assistant Professor at ASU & co-director of the Human Generosity Project, talks to me about cancer from a very unique perspective. We discuss her study of cooperation across systems, from human generosity to cancer, her focus on specific parallels between cancer and human behavior, how that may be revolutionizing cancer treatment now and into the future. This is a jaw-droppingly intriguing episode for science nerds, people who've been affected by cancer, and those looking...