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A show in which Anja Notanja explores a different “subtle force” active in her life through essays, interviews and experiments.

A show in which Anja Notanja explores a different “subtle force” active in her life through essays, interviews and experiments.


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A show in which Anja Notanja explores a different “subtle force” active in her life through essays, interviews and experiments.






Episode 22: You Think You Have Time

Anja talks with American Artist Marsha McDonald, who just moved to Porto, Portugal. Photo collage by Marsha McDonald


Episode 21: and Other Wicked Ideas

Since October is a "wicked month" Anja asks the people in her life what it means to be wicked. Beats by Josef Pres, courtesy of Theme music by Anton Sieger Episode 21 artwork by Katrina Poems


Episode 20: A Typewriter Poet‘s Recital

Anja shares the best of her typewritten on-the-spot poetry and letter commissions that were requested at a Chalk Festival. Music by Anton Sieger Photo: Andrea Waala


Episode 19: Dad Into Dough

Monologue by Anja Notanja Performed by Nathan Wesselowski Intermission song "Energy Drink" composed by Samson Y Hiss, with tenor Alex Taite and Paul Dab on Organ. Illustration by Blaine Wesselowski Theme music by Anton Sieger


Episode 18: Road Trip!

In which Anja and Blaine find some children and embark on a family road trip. Featuring the late Tim Wesselowski and his offspring: Nathan, Blaine, Lorelei, Isaak and also Renee who made this video:


Episode 17: Glon

A newly invented holiday exploring the invention of identities. Featuring artist Ven Loetz Week 1: The Fish Garland Week 2: Mask-making and the Wearing of Many Hats Week 3: Radical Hair Transformations Week 4: Larp Day (Fighting invisible monsters in the woods)


Episode 16: Believe in Me

In which Anja undergoes a spiritual-existential crisis. Featuring beats by Victoria Robison and a few quotes from Sun Ra. Theme music by Anton Sieger.


Episode 15: A Sense of What Isn't There

Featuring poet Charlie Rossiter of the Poetry Spoken Here Podcast And answers to the question of "What are you sensing that isn't there?" from Mom, Dear Friend Heidi, Neighbor Lady Laurie, Husband Blaine. Music By Anton Sieger And here is that link to the Have Goals Podcast hosted by beloved guest Robert from The Subtle Forces Episode 8, Renting Utopia.


Episode 14: Abstinence

Featuring: The dark side of Peanut Buster Parfait with cousin Camille Music and fasting by Kendraplex An exploration of "Patchwork Blues" the new Rosalie Robison and Wendy Kheiry album ....and Anja's very long list of restrictions. Links: Camille Simone Kendraplex Patchwork Blue Album


Episode 13: Here Is The News!

Anja finally drops the vapid frivolity to talk through the hard news of this week. Featuring a hug from Heidi Parkes Beats by Victoria Robison Multiple Neighborhood Mariachi bands This show is dedicated to my friend Chuckie Buckie a.k.a. "Charles Bursell," who hosts The Log, on Riverwest Radio, the inspiration of this episode. That podcast is a helluva lot more competent when it comes to news and politics and is all the way farther left than just regular "far left." Link here:...


Ep. 12: In Just One Hour

It's been one helluva crapsome busy mish max whawhawha hoggedy froggedy week and now Anja has exactly one hour to conceive, produce and edit a 29 minute episode. CAN SHE DO IT? Featuring: Words spoken in the Beautiful Rhatasian language!!! A player piano from the Scott Joplin House, St. Louis, Missouri Baby cries by Jenni Reinke and Brian Rott Beats by Victoria Robison Rearranged bits of the Graveyard Document of Freesia McKee theme by Anton Sieger


Ep. 11 Trash To Treasure

Anja confronts Mount Garbage outside her window, trash is talked and value uncovered. Paul Druecke's America Pastime instagram post that Anja bid on. New York Times Feature Paul suggests this book Paul's Website:...


Episode Ten: Running From Dracula

Can you ever truly evade Dracula? With music from Anton Sieger's new album Illicit Eagle. Featuring flickers of presence from Joan Namm, Natalie Schmitting, Jessica Bayer


Episode 9: Ugly When Little Pretty When Big

In which two inherited childhood memories are set to music. Featuring Work By: John Sieger Loey Norquist David Standridge Anna Raff Beau Kriedermann Imre Lodbrog Sue Blaustein John Sieger, Mike...


Episode 8: Renting Utopia

What if all housing material had to be edible? What if landlords were re-branded as "housing servants?" What if every rental unit had to be demolished and rebuilt every 40 years? What about tree houses? Featuring: An Autobiography from Robert of Have Goals Milwaukee Chris Krco is the cohost of Housing for All, a 4-episode podcast with everything you need to know about reforming the American housing system. He also cohosts Housing for Us, interviewing ordinary people who have struggled...


Episode 7: My Old Diary

In which Anja shares some of her embarrassing audio diary from 10 years ago. Guests in chronological order... Anja's mom, Anton Sieger on piano, Grandma Does Her Taxes, Freesia McKee on piano, yodeling at a festival, wind chimes, "Monster," The Polymer Slug on keyboard, Jessica Bayer, and assorted friends near the end.


Episode Six: The Mind Reading Experiment

In which Anja conducts a science fair project testing the mind reading ability of 8 highly intuitive people. Featuring Terimarie Degree and her mom Lela, Freesia McKee and Jade Kästel, Mace and their roomate Sindie Ho, Victoria and Rosalie Robison and a moment with Heidi Parkes. Photo originally shared from @thebrasslady instagram account.


Ep. 5: Skrauss Vs. The Empire

Anja's notoriously conservative friend, The Skrauss tries drugs, falls in love and suddenly realizes he has been a tool of the patriarchal empire. Subtle Force: That Unrelenting Audience. Skrauss Links: "This is the episode of a great and informative show that lead me to Salt Lake City" "Here's an admirable woman" Skrauss's Art Website Music: Anton Sieger, Anna Raff....


Subtle Forces Ep. 4: Put Away

At her day job Anja puts things away for a living, but when she is home she leaves everything out. Featuring an interview with Pat Walsh, inventor of "Put Away." Music by Anton Sieger.


Subtle Forces Ep.3: A Distrust of Authority

Anja receives an email from the anti-vaccination organization Weston A. Price and asks a real doctor, Dr. Michelle Kosmalski what she thinks about it. Also featuring: the smooth voice of Charles Bursell.