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The Supreme Resort analyzes and compares two similar attractions in Disneyland Walt Disney World to settle once and for all which is the supreme!


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The Supreme Resort analyzes and compares two similar attractions in Disneyland Walt Disney World to settle once and for all which is the supreme!




The Case of the Philharmagics: Magic Kingdom versus Disney California Adventure

Mickey's Philharmagic! How dare Disney say Mickey isn't in an attraction? Enjoy a maybe-brief review of the history of the land on which these theater attractions currently exist. Dan gets defensive. Erik starts talking about another list of voice actors. Jimmy forms his own opinions. You know how the show works. Anyway, we're looking at the two renditions of Mickey's Philharmagic in DCA and the Magic Kingdom. Which is better? Are we working toward some conclusion to the Hollywood streets at some point? Is one of our sponsors racist? Only you can solve this mystery, listener! ------- Check out our friend Natalie for their art, included in this show image! Head to socials for things. We're on Instagram at @thesupremeresort, @tsreast, and @tsrwest. We know it's complicated. Maybe go to Facebook and join our group at I might have gotten chapter breaks done properly this time.... 00:00:00 Intro 00:05:22 Intro Wrap-Up 00:12:09 Actual Show Start Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Case of the Nemos: Subs versus Clamobiles Part 2

Following a Halloween hiatus you really must listen to, the Court returns to discuss their most important case yet: which is better? The Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland or The Seas with Nemo and Friends at Walt Disney World? Check out our friend for their art, included in this show image! Head to socials for things. We're on Instagram at @thesupremeresort, @tsreast, and @tsrwest. We know it's complicated. Maybe go to Facebook and join our group at I might have gotten chapter breaks done properly this time.... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Case of Halloween 2023: Mr. Toad vs the World

The judges ally with an archived podcast named Dark Rides to talk about the demise of J Thaddeus Toad at the Magic Kingdom. They're sorry. But only a little. Join the gents as they break down the east coast version of Erik's favorite ride. Here are a bunch of links to things. Erik spent way too long researching this episode. Enough that he still hasn't figured out how to do the chapter markings he wants to do. Happy Halloween! References: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Case of the Nemos: Subs versus Clamobiles Part 1

Finding Nemo is one of the most popular Disney Pixar films of all time, so of course it is represented in the Disney Parks. On this episode, the TSR folks dive deep into discussion about the attractions that predated the current Nemo rides, the Submarine Voyage at Disneyland and the Living Seas in Epcot Center. (00:00:00) Introduction (00:09:39) History of Submarine Voyage (00:54:15) History of the Living Seas (01:32:32) Debate ----------- Visit our shows! Then listen to them! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Case of the Missing Jimmy Solved: Jimmy Spins a Wheel

Jimmy is back! Having thoroughly rested in his few weeks off, Jimmy returns to the show ready to argue a point about a thing. We make him spin the Wheel of Clickbaity Nonsense instead. We swear there's another episode where we compare things coming soon. Probably about Turtle Talk with Crush. Or Nemo on a submarine. Or maybe we'll just become a true crime podcast. Ssh. don't tell anybody about the last one. Enjoy happy times on our website. Visit our social medias too. I might work on those this month. Then maybe I'll tell you what the thing is. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Case of the Missing Jimmy: Disneyland v Walt Disney World Part I

Jimmy is missing! Seriously though, he just needed a bit of a break and friend of the show RGH of Puny Pod came to the rescue. Hear what happens when three hosts depart on a flimsily-constructed attempt to decide whether Disneyland or Walt Disney World is better. What will happen? Who will give up first? And why is Chaz? Visit to hear Part II! Visit to learn about Puny Pod and hear the thrilling conclusion! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Case of the Disney Weddings: Land v World

Full disclosure, if you are interested in planning a Disney wedding and want all the inside info, this is not the episode for you. With Guest judge and professional harpist Alex Tibbitts, we explore the fascination with marriage and Disney. We explore Disney proposals, Disney Weddings and planning a Disney honeymoon. we also discuss Alex' upcoming album and where you can find more from her Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Case of the Boat Ride restaurants set at night: The Blue Bayou v San Angel Inn

The Blue Bayou is a fine dining restaurant inside Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland. The first of its kind in any Disney park. It sets an atmosphere of dining alfresco in the evening while boats pass through the bayou on their way to seek adventure. San Angel Inn is exactly the same thing but with Mexican food and a decidedly worse attraction. Will San Angel Inn win out because if you get the wrong table in Blue Bayou where you are meant to be dining outside you could see right outside to see sunny southern California? Or will Blue Bayou win because it did it first and it's in a better ride? Listen to find out. Image courtesy of Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Case of the Land Boat rides: Living with the v Storybook

Storybookland Canal Boats (or some iteration) was in the plans for Walt Disney way back when it was going to be Mickey Mouse Park across from the studio in Burbank. Living with the land was an original concept for the Land pavilion at Epcot. We thought this one was going to be straight forward. It was not. Hear Jimmy and Dan argue for the rides' supremacy while host and judge Erik tries to decide based on some really subjective arguments. I don't know if anyone actually reads these descriptions so skibidy toilets to one and all Image courtesy of Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


TSR Presents: Sidebar: News and The Wheel of Clickbaity nonsense

It's that time again! we have run into life and therefore present to you an episode that took little to no time to prepare, but doesn't mean it isn't entertaining. Dan, Erik and Jimmy discuss the latest Disney Parks news and randomly try to guess what these ridiculous articles are trying to convey on their lists of bests to do in the parks. Play along, it is exhaustingly frustrating to decipher what they are thinking or trying to convey. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Case of the Waterside Nighttime Spectacular Restaurants: Rose and Crown v Lamplight Lounge

Is this our longest episode yet? God I hope not. Rose and Crown was an opening day waterside restaurant at Epcot with exclusive views of the nighttime spectacular. Lamplight Lounge is also an opening day waterside restaurant but under a different name and before the nighttime spectacular was a thing. Rose and Crown as a British pub kinda had to be a part of the UK pavilion or what are we even doing here? Lamplight Lounge, a Pixar themed restaurant aka Ariel's Grotto (no not that one) aka Avalon Cove, Wolfgang Puck's short lived treasure. Hear Erik and Dan discuss why each of these should be considered the best and most worthy of the verdict of the Supreme waterside restaurant with view of the park's nighttime spectacular image courtesy of yesterland Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Case of the Star Wars Launch Bay: Disneyland v Disney Hollywood studios

OK, so let's face it, these two "Attractions" kinda suck in their current iterations. One isn't even open to the public but rather houses a make shift DVC lounge, the other acts as a small museum and maybe the only place in DHS where Darth Vader can be seen because of the ridiculous time window box Disney painted themselves in in Galaxy's Edge. So before you hard core star wars fans get all excited about new TSR Star wars content, curb your enthusiasm and take this opportunity to learn about what used to be in these spaces. The fascinating history that both of these spaces boast is worth the listen. Hear Dan and Erik explore the detail and history of America Sings and The Backlot Studio tour respectively. Hear Jimmy get increasingly frustrated that they haven't gotten to the topic at hand. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Case of a Disney World Expert's First Trip to Disneyland: Land v World

All of us on this show and presumably everyone who listens are likely disney parks fans and most of our listeners have been to both. A majority of our listeners are Disneyland centric fans, but how many of us remember what it was like to Go to Disneyland for the first time? As a full grown adult? We have a special guest joining us today who can offer us just that. From Conciears, we have Lindsey. Hear Lindsey tell us all of her expertise on WDW and her first impressions of Disneyland and which is better? We also review some of the recent changes to "Normal" at Walt Disney World Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Case of Soarin': California v The World

We went to Disneyland! While we were there, we once again experienced Soarin' Over California while it lasted during the California themed food and wine festival and that inspired us to do this episode! We explore the origins of the attractions, why it moved to Epcot and why it was only named Sorain' upon opening at that second gate. We explore the differences between these two largely identical attractions. It is a case of practical vs digital and all the new jump scare transitions between scenes and which is better. There is also a brief recap on the Conciears meeting and all we did and discovered. Enjoy! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Case of the Shortest Lived Attractions That Deserved to Close and Should Have Closed Sooner: Discovery River Boats v Superstar Limo

Discovery River Boats was an opening day attraction at Disney's animal Kingdom. Superstar limo was an opening day attraction at Disney's California Adventure....Disney California Adventure? I forget when they dropped the possessive Both of these attractions were........Terrible? Both of these attractions closed nearly a year after opening. Hear Erik and Dan discuss the history of these two attractions, what they were, what they evolved into and which of these two should still exist. This was a really fun episode. We hope you enjoy the ride...all puns intended. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Case of the Hollywood Themed Streets: Sunset Blvd v. Hollywood Land

We're back with proper vs episodes.....kindof. We decided to knock out a quick vs episode about the 2 streets in Disney theme parks that are themed as Hollywood of yesteryear. Simple, which one is more Hollywood? In our research, it turns out, these aren't just simple streets, these are full on lands! Therefore, we explored all of the items we haven't covered in these two lands that we need to cover before having a proper land episode complete with Natalie and Mae and all the pomp and circumstance required. In the meantime, please enjoy this table setting episode of The Supreme Resort Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Buttz Up: a real and cool podcast about a park made for babies

Dear Listenrs, Hi. My name is JAson and this is my podcast about Disney Land. Today im super sick from being sus so my nephew Asher has madea better show. Its prolly the coolest thing ur gon hear. Sincerely, Jason xoxox Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Case of The Hall of Presidents Final 4 with Tage

We are back with another final 4! This time, we welcome Tage from DL Weekly and The Hub Crawl to help us decide which of these 4 presidents from The Hall of Presidents had the most influence on the Walt Disney Company. The Answer may surprise you, it surprised us for sure. Enjoy this quirky final 4 type bracket challenge Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


TSR Presents: The Third Annual Third Month Throwdown: The Hall of President's Best Robot From 46 to 32 to 16 to Final 4

OK Folks, we decided to do another "3rd month throwdown" cause we're legally not allowed to write the other thing. You know, March Madness, we're not allowed to write that. Come at me NCAA. Anyway, we decided to argue the best hall of presidents robot. This is not political in any way. With one exception: LBJ totally planned JFK's assassinations. Anyway, not political at all. This is just about the robots. We have had 46 presidents but only 45 individuals on account of Cleveland getting non consecutive terms. How do you create even brackets with 45? You take some liberties. Anyway, Dan is out for this one, but we made it work. See you for the Final Four with Tage from DL Weekly. Enjoy! Below is the link for the article Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Case of The Best Way to M.K., sidebar and clickbaity nonsense part 2

Another tangent, Disney news and more wheel of clickbaity nonsense. stay with us folks, we will get back to the vs soon. But first march madness Learn more about your ad choices. Visit