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Helping moms create eco-friendly, minimalist homes (without the extra work).

Helping moms create eco-friendly, minimalist homes (without the extra work).


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Helping moms create eco-friendly, minimalist homes (without the extra work).






5 New Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste

5 New Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste Plastic waste is everywhere, am I right? (Hey there, plastic-wrapped cucumber!). If you’ve ever looked around and wondered why on Earth everything is wrapped in plastic—and if you’ve wondered whether such overreliance on a single-use product derived from fossil fuels is completely contradictory to common sense—you aren’t alone. Here’s the answer. Because plastic production requires fossil fuels, fossil fuel companies are investing billions of dollars...


Raising Good Humans with Minimalist Parenting Guidance

Minimalist Parenting Guidance for Raising Good Humans Parenting is hard; parenting during a pandemic is even harder. Still, guidance experts argue that raising children with both sanity and joy is possible. If you feel like you’re always on—and if you’re utterly exhausted—know that it’s A-OK to be minimalist in your parenting strategy, because doing less fosters resilience. My guest this week is nationally renowned parenting expert and mentor Sue Groner. Sue is on the show to discern what...


How to Buy Nothing By Embracing the Gift Economy

How to Buy Nothing By Joining a Gift Economy Have you ever heard the popular saying, “Nothing in life is free”? Thanks to Buy Nothing groups, this platitude isn’t *exactly* true. Gifting has been around for almost as long as humans, and such economies rely on relationships—not personal gain—to spread love and share resources. And although market economies have pushed gifting aside in recent centuries, gifting is making a comeback in a big way. The benefits of Buy Nothing groups... Read More...


Advanced Simple Living Tips for Seasoned Minimalists

Advanced Simple Living Tips for Seasoned Minimalists Simple living is a lifestyle that refuses to accept busy and harried as normal. Instead, intentionality is about removing unnecessary conflicts, excessive to-do items, and pointless distractions as a means of experiencing all life has to offer. But if you Google “how to live slow” (or some facsimile thereof), you will likely see the same strategies touted over and over: Turn your phone off. Walk in nature. Read. And while these strategies...


5 Carbon Footprint Facts You Likely Didn’t Know

5 Facts Carbon Footprint Facts You Likely Didn’t Know Carbon footprints are confusing. What’s a carbon footprint, exactly, and how is yours related to climate change? Carbon footprints are a handy-dandy metric that makes clear how severely your lifestyle impacts the planet. Your diet, travel habits, and your home’s cooling and heating practices are just some lifestyle considerations that may increase (or decrease!) your unique footprint. If you live in the United States or another developed...


Eco-Conscious Gifts for New Parents (That Are Actually Helpful)

Eco-Conscious Gifts for New Parents (That Are Actually Helpful) Are you always on the hunt for gifts for new parents, but often feel as though you’re coming up short? OR do you plan to become a new parent someday but find it difficult – if not downright impossible – to distinguish true needs amidst all the hype? It’s time to discern new baby Must-Haves from Don’t-Needs, once and for all. On this week’s episode, I’m thrilled to replace... Read More Read More The post Eco-Conscious Gifts for...


Housework Woes: How to Simplify (& Green-ify!) Common Chores

How to Simplify (and Green-ify!) Housework Laundry, dishes, and general home cleaning: Mundane housework got you down? Sustainable minimalism is about doing less and living more. The good news? It’s entirely possible to apply the tenets of sustainable minimalism to housework by simplifying tasks, minimizing magnitude and -finally! – incorporating incremental eco-friendliness to our efforts. On this week’s episode, I offer dozens of tips and tricks to simplify (and green-ify!) our laundry,...


How to Save Money Like A Minimalist

How to Save Money Like a Minimalist The minimalist lifestyle often centers itself around possessions. Yet how we spend our money – what we choose to buy and how long we must work to make purchases – matters, as the tenets of minimalism uniquely lend themselves to finances. Indeed, simplified money matters can reduce stress, contribute to savings goals, and increase free time. On today’s show I speak with Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), author, and fellow minimalist Dawn Starks.... Read...


5 Ways to Stand Up to Environmental Racism

Environmental racism occurs every day and all over the globe. Worse, it rarely receives the media attention it deserves. In the United States, African Americans are more likely to live near toxic waste facilities and breathe polluted air. Their communities are less likely to receive adequate protection to prevent disasters and – when disasters do occur – they are less likely to receive an immediate, comprehensive response. We don’t have to look far to find instances of environmental racism...


3 Steps to Becoming an Anti-Consumer

COVID-19 has forced many of us to look critically at consumerist culture for perhaps the first time. If you don’t like what you see, you aren’t alone. Although anti-consumerism is countercultural, it isn’t uncommon. Proponents argue that breaking free from the purchasing hamster wheel ushers in financial freedom; it provides clarity around what’s *actually* important, too. My guest this week is Aleah Mohammed. Aleah had an ‘a-ha’ moment as she took out the trash; she committed herself to a...


How Sustainable Minimalists Do Summer

Summer is all about living the simple life, with extended bedtimes, spur-of-the-moment jaunts, and a general commitment to squeezing out every last frills-free moment in the sunshine. But thanks to unnecessary purchases, chemical-laden sunscreen and bug repellent, and unsustainable vacations that create excessive carbon emissions, our summer celebrations may harm the planet. The good news is it’s entirely possible to enjoy a simple and eco-friendly summer. On this week’s episode we are...


How to Embrace Secondhand With The Best Online Thrifting Stores

The best online thrifting stores Prefer vintage? Love designer? If you have a distinct style – or if you simply prefer new clothes! – you may assume that thrifting couldn’t possibly be for you. But thanks to 5 of the best online thrifting stores, secondhand shopping makes thrifting for unique styles, shapes, and price ranges accessible for all of us. Corporations have fed us the false truth that new is best. Capitalist societies flourish when consumers constantly buy, but purchasing... Read...


5 Ways to be Frugal Without Being Cheap

5 Unique Ways to be Frugal Without Being Cheap Pennypincher. Tightwad. Cheapskate. Under normal circumstances, public opinion tends to shun frugality. But frugality has been reborn, so to speak, thanks to the novel Coronavirus pandemic. Many are wasting less food and experimenting with gardening. Others are making conscious efforts to send less to the landfill by reusing, repurposing, and rethinking waste culture. Thrifty behaviors aren’t worthy of the side-eye anymore. Instead, the opposite...


Homeschool & Work From Home Konmari Tips

Work From Home Tips (Konmari Homeschool Ideas, too!) Quarantined in a small space with a big family? Establishing spaces within our homes that work for everyone, including the work from home professionals, the homeschooled kids, and the adults in charge of keeping All. The. Clutter. under control maintains cohesion and reduces family tension. My guest this week is minimalist and Konmari consultant Jessica Yatrofsky. Jessica presents practical tidying tips for quarantine and always, including...


Fair Trade, Certified B and More: The 3rd Party Labels You Need to Know

Fair Trade, Certified B and More Ever wonder what the Fair Trade label on products *really* means? How about that elusive Certified B Corp distinction? “All-natural”, “fat-free”, and “non-toxic” are blanket marketing statements that have no real meaning. But third party certifications? Their distinct logos distinguish the best from the rest. Yet while certifications are meant to give consumers confidence, it can be difficult to understand what all the different labels stand for. On today’s...


Your Sustainability Questions, Answered

Your Sustainability Questions, Answered Many listeners write to me with compliments and criticisms; occasionally, listeners reach out with questions, too. I collected some of the most pressing queries from both personal messages and public ones in the show’s closed Facebook group. On this week’s episode I answer 5 of the most common sustainability questions you listeners have asked me. Here’s a preview of today’s show: [1:40] Why are silicone products preferable to plastic ones? [4:11] Why...


9 Zero Waste Lifestyle Tips During Quarantine

Los Angeles boasts clear, smog-free skies. Passerby on New York City’s busiest avenues enjoy the sounds of chirping birds. And in Venice? Fish are visible in the city’s once-murky canals. In some ways, the COVID-19 pandemic has done wonders for the health of our planet. But in others? For many of us, sticking to our zero waste lifestyle goals feels nearly impossible. The reason is twofold. First, many of us experience the tug and pull of purchasing more than we... Read More Read More The...


What’s a Menstrual Cup? (& Other ZW Period Queries)

What’s a menstrual cup? (And other zero-waste period queries) Ever find yourself wondering what a menstrual cup is, exactly? Want to zero-wastify your monthly cycle but don’t know how? The average woman uses 22 disposable tampons or pads per cycle, or 264 products per year. Assuming a woman menstruates for 35 years, she will throw away a whopping 9,240 single-use menstrual products in her lifetime. On this week’s episode I identify six (amazing) reusable menstrual products on the...


Slow Homes, Climate Change, and Coronavirus

Slow Homes, Climate Change, and Coronavirus Cornoavirus has forced one in four people worldwide into social isolation; indeed, slow homes have replaced on-the-go living for weeks to come. But what are the implications of forced slowness on reluctant mothers, and how is social isolation impacting the planet? On this week’s episode we examine Coronavirus’s implications by considering long-term effects. Although online content covers small picture issues – like how to keep children entertained...


Your Conclusive Clean Beauty Guide

Why is it so hard to find clean beauty products? Got clean beauty? If you’re like most American women, the answer is (probably) no. Each day, the average woman slathers on twelve beauty products (or over 100 unregulated chemicals!). Beauty brands use the term “clean” to highlight products without controversial ingredients. But without regulation, virtually any product can label itself clean without consequence. “Clean” therefore becomes just another marketing descriptor that corporations...