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It's a Wine Podcast, but NOT a Podcast all about wine...Meet Mike! He's tall, way into wine, and a former Disc Jockey. This podcast is his life rolled into one fun bundle of wine geekery, relatable conversation, many sips of wine AND laughter. Wine should be fun, right? This podcast tries to be fun. Based out of Nicholson Ranch Winery in Sonoma, California. Yes, THAT country!

It's a Wine Podcast, but NOT a Podcast all about wine...Meet Mike! He's tall, way into wine, and a former Disc Jockey. This podcast is his life rolled into one fun bundle of wine geekery, relatable conversation, many sips of wine AND laughter. Wine should be fun, right? This podcast tries to be fun. Based out of Nicholson Ranch Winery in Sonoma, California. Yes, THAT country!


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It's a Wine Podcast, but NOT a Podcast all about wine...Meet Mike! He's tall, way into wine, and a former Disc Jockey. This podcast is his life rolled into one fun bundle of wine geekery, relatable conversation, many sips of wine AND laughter. Wine should be fun, right? This podcast tries to be fun. Based out of Nicholson Ranch Winery in Sonoma, California. Yes, THAT country!






Somewhere Over The Weekend....

In between guests again, and wrapping up his own "weekend" away from the winery (his days off are currently Thursday and Friday), Mike shares the wines he drank as you head into YOUR weekend (unless you're listening on some other day - it's complicated). Also, who's getting coasters lately? The plight of mailing things to Costa Rica, a couple of new podcast recommendations and more. For #sexybottleshot pics of the wines see Mike's Instagram. For your OWN coasters, drop and email to Mike's...


The Amateur Gourmet, Adam Roberts!

Adam started off as a food blogger while finishing up Law School in the early 2000s. Then he worked for Food Network! Then he wrote a cookbook (he has another one coming out)! Now his blog is a twice weekly email, AND he has a Podcast! On this episode we find out WHY he was in law school to begin with; why his podcast changed names a few months back; how he seemingly eats amazing meals all the time but stays much in this episode. No wonder Mike spent the better part of a year...


Exploring The Wine In My Own Backyard...

Another "from the road" episode, as Mike travels north into Sonoma County in search of new wines, unfamiliar wineries and people with good stories to tell. He finds all of it! It turns out a lot of people come to wine country to live the good life, leaving former lives behind. Also, we get to experience the real and dramatic micro-climate differences in various parts of Sonoma County. For visuals on this episode and ALL Mike's adventures in wine and food, follow him on Instagram! You've...


How I Spent My Covid Vacation...

Mike's been away for a few weeks, with Covid 19! Find out the surprising way he contracted the virus, and what he missed most while he was sick. Also, the wines he enjoyed as he came out of it all! For pictures of those wines, and to follow Mike's every move, follow him on Instagram AT TallMikeWine. Wines discussed this episode: 2021 Underground Wine Project "And Why am I Mr Pink" Rose of Sangiovese, Washington 2007 Errazuriz Don Maximiano Founder's Reserve, Red Bordeaux Blend, Aconcagua...


Ellen Clifford has a Wine Situation!!!

Ellen Clifford grew up in St Louis, and left after college to pursue acting in Los Angeles. She did some acting, some improv, but she also got bitten by the wine bug! Now she's achieved some wine bona fides and hosts a wine podcast, The Wine Situation. Mike and Ellen talk Italian wine, Mike's career in radio, and Ellen's "special talent" as a contortionist! Find out why Mike is sipping Italian wine and Ellen is sipping Gatorade! Hear Mike proclaim his podcast the "#1 Wine Podcast in Ohio!"...


Taking a Seat in the Guest Chair....

Mike is again between guests, sipping solo at home, with a few stories to tell. He's recently been a guest on a podcast, Adam Roberts' "Amateur Gourmet" Podcast. Find it where you find podcasts. Also, what's been happening at Nicholson Ranch lately may disturb you! Oh, and wines Mike is sipping, and his thoughts on a rainy day. Wines discussed this episode: 2014 Mt. Brave Cabernet Franc, Mt. Veeder, Napa Valley 2014 Mark Ryan Winery "Olivia Grace", Yakima Valley


Mike Solo Sipping - A Tale of Two Cabs.

In between guests for the podcast again, Mike is puttering in the garden at home, cooking, and of course sipping wine! Hear all about the change of the seasons in Northern California, tasting notes on two VERY different Cabernets, plus a few other things. Don't forget to rate the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify! Write a review if you're moved to do so. Want to communicate a little more directly? Drop an email - to - and for pictures of everything, follow Mike on...


Curtis Stigers - from Pop Star to Jazz Cat!

When he was young, Curtis Stigers was kept out of a youth quire by a woman who said he was "not a singer!" She sent him to play in band, where he learned clarinet and sax. He's been playing sax and fronting bands (as a vocalist!) for over 30 years now. Along the way he's sold a few million records, opened for people like Elton John and Eric Clapton and had a song on the 45-million selling Bodyguard soundtrack. Curtis has a new record, This Life, which celebrates 30 years of making records....


Getting Caught Up with Aditi Roy! (after 20 years)

Back in the early 2000's Mike was living in Spokane Washington, just out of radio and into restaurant/wine work. Aditi Roy was there too, a TV News reporter who later would work for ABC News and CNBC. They knew some of the same people and hung out once in a while. A lot of years have passed but NOW they both live in the Bay Area, and they've recently both started hosting podcasts! Of course it was time to finally hang out together. From Aditi's home in San Jose, it's Episode 26 - where Aditi...


The DuBrul Vineyard turns 30!

Mike chats again with his pal Kerry Shiels, winemaker at Cote Bonneville in Washington State. Kerry's family planted the DuBrul Vineyard - one of Washington's premiere vineyards 30 years ago this year. The two of them really geek out about things like soil, how the vines age (and what's behind the term "old vines"), micro-climates and more science stuff! They also sip a few delicious wines from Washington and Paso Robles. Find pictures of this encounter (recorded with the Zencastr program)...


It's 2022...let's talk about SEX!

Kicking off the new year AND the second year of the Podcast, Mike chats with Amy Reiley, an expert in "Aphrodisiac Foods". And what better aphrodisiac is there than wine, right? Amy has written books on the topic - Fork Me, Spoon Me is one of the titles. She also maintains a website where you can follow along with her research into foods and wine that will "get you going". Mike and Amy discuss specific wines and foods, sip a little wine, and muse on the life of...


Anniversary Plans...and the Top Wines of 2021!!!

Not a lot of people listening to Podcasts over Christmas, but that's okay! It's given Mike time to compile his list of the Top Wines He Drank in 2021! Also, time to plan for the Podcast Anniversary which was in January. Mike hosted a Zoom call on January 11th. Some of the guests from podcasts past showed up, as well as a few listeners. Sorry you missed it. Maybe we'll do another Zoom event in the future! You would be in Mike's good graces if you rated and reviewed the podcast - you can now...


Ashley Davis Swipes BOTH Ways!

Episode 23 features fellow podcaster Ashley Davis, from Swipe East Swipe West, a podcast that compares the differing dating cultures from different regions of the country and other parts of the world. Mike met Ashley when she visited Nicholson Ranch last summer with friends, and he's been a guest on HER podcast (he talked about "dating in the dark ages" before the internet). On this episode Ashley talks about how her podcast came to be, where wine fits into her life and of course Mike and...


Larry Sharp, and his Long Strange Radio Trip....

For Episode 22 Mike - back from vacation and back in the Bombay Room at Nicholson Ranch Winery in Sonoma - chats with Larry "Sharpie" Sharp! Larry worked at such iconic Seattle radio stations as KISW and KZOK, and programmed stations all over the west coast! Now He makes his home in Napa, so it was obvious for him to show up in the Bombay room at Nicholson Ranch and sit for a podcast session. The guys chat about the ups and downs of the radio bizz, Larry explains the moniker "Captain...


The Vacation Episode - Walla Walla Washington

A very unique episode! Mike packed up his microphone and went on vacation to Walla Walla Washington! Of course to taste wine, but also to talk to the people (he wanted to sing Karaoke but that didn't happen). Hear the people Mike met (he comes face-to-face with the Wine Woman of Walla Walla, Cara Almberg!) and his thoughts on all the driving he did - it's like being in the passenger's seat! Walla Walla Restaurants visited: Hattaway's on Alder Brasserie 4 The Green Lantern...


Wine Journalism the Stacy Briscoe way!

Episode 20 features Stacy Brsiscoe who didn't set out to be a wine journalist when she got out of college with a degree in American Literature. As often happens, wine found her! She tells Mike about slowly building a wine writing career on multiple platforms; the first time she really "got it" when drinking wine - there were lots of people around; about how she takes the sometimes "dry" business side of the wine world and makes it interesting (it's all about finding the people!); and what to...


Where In The World Is Gordana Josovic???

For episode 19, Mike has a Zoom call with his friend Gordana in the United Arab Emirates. She is a Wine Specialist at a VERY fancy, over the top resort in Dubai. Find out how she got there, and what drives Gordana to continue her wine education to the highest level. How did all of this happen for a girl who grew up in the former Yugoslavia (now Serbia)? And why didn't she continue her education to play classical accordian? Also, Mike gives a shoutout to the Swipe East Swipe West podcast,...


We're Number 14!!!

Big News! The Podcast has made it on a list of the Top Wine Podcasts...The Feedspot Top 45 Wine Podcasts. See the list HERE. Also, Mike is again "solo sipping" and he explains why (hint: harvest continues at Nicholson Ranch). Care to tell Mike from where you listen to the Podcast? Please drop a line, to - you can also see pictures of wines discussed on the show at Mike's Instagram. Follow it all on Instagram and/or Twitter to be super up to date. Wines discussed this...


Mike, Solo Sipping - tales of the people I meet, and don't quite meet!

This "mini episode" is Mike at home, in between guests, with some behind the scenes winery stories of the people he meets, and doesn't quite meet, and what they tell him, and who's getting coasters! Also, wines he's been sipping - there are a few, and all delicious. Please follow along on Mike's Instagram, and send an email to give Mike feedback, ask a question, just to check in or request coasters! Wines from this episode: 2013 Long Shadows Cabernet Sauvignon "Feather", Columbia...


Wines Club - Nicholson Ranch September 2021 release!

Deepak is back for his 4th time on the Podcast, joining Mike in the Vintners room for a discussion and tasting of the Wine Club wines from the new Nicholson Ranch release. The guys also talk about the coming harvest, the life cycle of grape vines, and a coming expansion of Deepak's wine empire. See pictures on Mike's Instagram! Also, feel free to email Mike with feedback on the show, request coasters, or anything really. Wines discussed this episode: 2018 Nicholson Ranch Chardonnay, Sonoma...