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S2E2: I am an Artist - A Conversation with Hyper-Realism Artist, Heather Bradbury

In this episode, Matt has a conversation with Australian artist, Heather Bradbury who is an incredible hyperrealistic painter, teacher and mentor to artists. They discuss her unlikely path to discovering her divine design as an artist and how she's thriving in that calling. For more information on Heather, her artwork and her incredible resources for artists, visit or on Instagram and Facebook @heathermarybradbury To connect with Matt, visit...


S2E1: A Conversation with Painter & Musician, Aeron Brown

In this episode, Matt Tommey has a conversation with painter, mixed media artist and musician, Aeron Brown. Aeron shares his heart on all things creative and the Kingdom of God. It's a truly inspiring conversation. Find out more about Aeron Brown, his art and music at To connect with Matt, visit or @matttommey on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Connect with thousands of other Kingdom artists on Facebook at...


Coming Back to Art: A Conversation with Oil Painter, Cindy Walton

In this episode, Matt has a conversation with nationally recognized oil and cold wax artist, Cindy Walton about the unique challenges of coming back to her art after raising her children, teaching others to have their own creative voice and balancing creating with the business of art. Connect with Cindy online at, Instagram @cwalton57 and Facebook @CindyWaltonfineart Connect with Matt online at, Instagram @matttommey and Facebook @matttommey


S1 E12: Knowing the Seasons of Life - A Conversation with Artist, Joy Morykon

In this episode, Matt Tommey interviews emerging artist Joy Morykon about her life growing up in Chile, raising 3 creative children, being married to a musician and balancing the demands of life, love and creativity during this season of her life. Find out more about Joy on Instagram at @Brave_Brush (art) & @becomingbeloved (personal) or online at her website at Connect with Matt at, or...


S1 E5: An Unlikely Path with Mixed Media Artist, Amy Smith

In this episode, Matt Tommey talks with mixed media artist, Amy Smith about her unlikely journey to becoming a mixed media artist including the challenges of starting out in a different medium and balancing all the challenges of life and family. Find out more about Amy's work at Connect with Matt online at


S1 E1: Welcome to the Thriving Christian Artist Podcast!

Matt shares his heart about this new podcast for Christian artists on how to hear God's voice and authentically connect with Him to overcome roadblocks in your life, establish a healthy identity in Christ, create the art you love with excellence and build a thriving art business. In each season, Matt will be sharing interviews from emerging and established artists who are thriving in their creative lives plus tips and strategies from his books and mentoring program on how to grow...


S1 E2: The Bridge - Stepping Into Your Dream of Becoming an Artist

In this episode, Matt shares some foundational insights from God's Word and his own experience as a thriving artist to help you understand how to start stepping into your dream of becoming an artist. Connect with Matt online at


S1 E3: How to Sell Your Art & Where to Sell Your Art

In this episode, Matt answers two of the biggest questions facing artists of every creative medium: How to Sell Your Art and Where to Sell Your Art! Matt offers practical advice from years of successfully creating and selling art in his thriving art gallery and studio in Asheville, North Carolina's River Arts District. Connect with Matt online at or on Instagram and Facebook @matttommey


S1 E4: Is My Art More Than Refrigerator Art?

In this episode, Matt Tommey tackles a sensitive issue for many artists as they wonder whether or not their art has the capacity to thrive in the marketplace and if not, what can they do about it. Matt shares some practical advice for artists in any medium who are trying to get started in strength. Connect with Matt at or on Instagram and Facebook @matttommey