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Join makeup artists Taki & Kiaa as they discuss the makeup tea on all things beauty.

Join makeup artists Taki & Kiaa as they discuss the makeup tea on all things beauty.
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Join makeup artists Taki & Kiaa as they discuss the makeup tea on all things beauty.




Scrubbing With Nuts

Long time, no talk, huh? This week we're talking about Kylie's new skincare line! Are you going to get a few items? We're giving you the scoop the whole world has been screaming their opinion about, James Charles vs Tati. Business of the week: | @amoiblakeamaro Inquiries: | @thevanitory | @taki.jayy | @kiaajanell


Conceal That Drama

Sorry for the wait but we are back with some tea thanks to T. Jeffree Star has managed to get back on our $#!tlist and Taki shares why. Tell us what you think about this episode and send your Let it Out Sis letters to Conncect with us @thevanitory/@taki.jayy/@kiaajanell


You Photoshop Your Makeup?

This week, Taki spills about your favorite makeup artist getting called out for photoshopping their work. No, not one of the hosts! Kiaa dives into some self love related questions that really had the mind wandering in places they didn't want to go. Our dear sis had to let out her frustration of not making the Anastasia Beverly Hills PR list and unfortunately, these ladies has been there but gives some helpful insight to stay hopeful in this season. Business of the Week:...


When the Superhero Needs Saving Feat. Jessica Jefferson

This week we are joined by a special guest who is also a mental health therapist. Have you ever heard of the saying "Who saves the superhero?" You know that person always taking care of others? Well, Jessica Jefferson (@thejessjefferson) caters her practice to benefit those who help everyone else. In this episode, we get into so deep topics about why everyone needs therapy, taking off that superhero hat and taking care of ourselves in a healthy manner **AND BONUS** Jessica gives the best tip...


Wedding Bells & Stories from Hell

On this week's episode, Taki and Kiaa as they discuss why everyone is canceling P Louise. Our discussion, then, shifts to wedding season! What do you do if your bride cancels the whole wedding...ON THE DAY OF YOUR BRIDAL TRIAL??? On the other hand, It's bad enough that everyone is anxious on the wedding day but have you ever dealt with a difficult bridesmaid? Business of the week: Faith's Naturals® Send your Let it...


Real Talk with Rita Lynn

This week we're joined with Dallas content creator and public speaker, Rita Lynn, as she opens up about her experience with domestic abuse, her motivation to live, the downfalls, her healing process and more. Rita also shares great tips on how to gain visibility on Instagram, increasing your fan base, strategic planning ideas for influencers and more! Follow...


How To Fumble The Bag

Jordyn, sis, what you doing? Taki spills the deets of how Jordyn Woods loses her royalty from the Kardashian Klan. Reality star and celebrity hairstylist, Shekinah, humiliates yet another fan. But was she really a fan though? We discover our self-love language. What's yours? Business of the week: First Step Legal Solutions, PLLC. | @firststep_legal in Florida Connect with us! @thevanitory | @taki.jayy | @kiaajanell Send your Let it Out, Sis letters to


Meet Your Doula Feat. Makedas

Taki is joined with a Boston creative and entrepreneur, Makedas, this week to discuss the life of being a doula, how she began her businesses and her beautiful creative process through her gift of poetry. Makedas gives tips and offers transparent advice to those wanting to begin a business, being authentic, and loving others through her world of art. Follow Makedas (@_makedas) and her businesses (@blackcottonclub & @vita_mins) Be a guest on our show! Email is, Follow...


Makeover Gone Wrong

Leave us a 5 star review! (Updated soon)


How to Handle Jealousy

We're so sorry for this awaited episode. We had some crazy technical difficulties but we're back in commission! This week we discuss feeling unconfident in ourselves and jealous of others, their success, their bodies, and more. We get pretty transparent with our experiences of feeling low and discovering how to glow up. How do you deal with rude prospective clients when inquiring about your business? Email us at Business of the Week: @labeautyologist |...


When In Doubt, Toss It Out

The beauty streets was pretty silent until Ms. Jaclyn Hill decided to set some haters straight. When was the last time you threw out your expired makeup and skincare products? We discuss sanitation this week and confess how disgusting we are for hoarding old makeup. What's your excuse? We've done the work and now we're challenging you! Can't remember when you bought that old lipstick? When in doubt, toss it out! Send your Let it Out, Sis letters to: @thevanitory or...


Let it Out, Sis: Vol. 1

Leave a 5 star review!! Whether it's a rant about a client or a stylist/artist or just a question, send us your letters to or you can DM us on Instagram! Socials: @thevanitory / @taki.jayy / @kiaajanell


New Year, New Wavelength

This week, Kiaa and Taki get a little personal about how this year has improved them as a whole. They talk about the ups, the downs and how they turned it around. There's way more work to be done but a little progress each day makes a difference in a year. Also they discuss how canceling brands need to stop just because of a disagreement of the founder's personal decisions. Should anti-vaccinations even be a thing? Our good sis lets out her frustration on not doing her best on a client. Send...


Secure the Bag Or the Reputation?

Leave us a 5-star review!!! This week we're questioning the founders of Too Faced Cosmetics. Do rich lives matter? Should influencers who collaborate with the brand speak out on such a sensitive topic? Will the money matter or will you continue to speak your piece? Also, we're discussing client referrals and how to handle complicated situations such as a client not loving the outcome of the work. Email us at Business of the week: We Read iOS App (Perfect for book...


Whit Chyna

Leave us a 5 star review on your favorite radio! Tea w/ T: Bretman Rock vs Lemonhead Co. James Charles vs Fan Blac Chyna's Whitenicious Cream SupaCent's Crayon Case Cyber Monday Success Business of the week: \ | IG: @obianaturals Business Inquiries/Let it Out Sis: Socials: @thevanitory | @takijayy | @kiaajanell


The Shade of it All

Are we really experiencing modern day black facing in our beauty community? This weeks Tea w/ T segment we discuss petty/shady behavior between two well-known beauty brands in the community — Black Opal Beauty & Juvia's Place. We have tips to help you transition from your Summer skincare routine to the Fall/Winter months! Business of the Week: The Calm app Send your Let it Out, Sis to Socials: @thevanitory / @kiaajanell / @ takijayy Business Inquiries:...


How Your Attitude Affects Your Latitude

Umm, rude much? As an influencer, can you afford to be have an attitude towards your fans? We discuss the type of approach influencers should have when dealing with annoying comments. One of our faves, Alissa Ashley got into a little situation with one of her fans, in which resulted in an unfollow, block, and being blasted all over social media. Was it worth it? 🤔 Cop or Drop (RIP) Business of the week: /...


Don't Be Raggedy Feat. Joni Beauty

Taki and Kiaa are joined with @joni_beauty to discuss her introduction to the world of beauty and how she became the makeup artist she is today. As a makeup artist, we all have or will run into difficult clients but is it necessary to make a video about it? Pink Poison Cosmetics is giving a 40% off sitewide coupon for those who DM a photo of their "I voted" sticker (Valid until Nov 7th) The Sephora VIB Sale coming up! VIB Rouge gets an extra weekend. Oct 26-29th, Nov 2-5. Anastasia...


James Charles vs. Marlena

This week, we're discussing James Charles and his beef with Marlena, the CEO of Makeup Geek. Is James's feelings are valid towards her or should he let it go? Also, Kat Von D Beauty's social team needs to be fired. Was the post necessary? Was it racist? Is SHE racist? Great news though, Beauty Bakarie is coming to Ulta and we coulsn't be happier for the CEO, Cashmere Nicole! Let us know what you guys think on our blog! Products Mentioned: Make Up For Ever's Life...


That B*tch is Canceled

Have you checked up on your fave influencer today? Jeffree Star vs Daved Scissorhands Shelby's Love Notes Biz of the Week: Let it Out, Sis! Email it to