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We dive deep into the source we all have within us by talking with some of today's most interesting artists, thinkers and innovators. Tired of interviews with celebrities talking about what they do? Good. So are we. Instead, we focus on that thing you didn't know they do: The thing they do for inspiration.

We dive deep into the source we all have within us by talking with some of today's most interesting artists, thinkers and innovators. Tired of interviews with celebrities talking about what they do? Good. So are we. Instead, we focus on that thing you didn't know they do: The thing they do for inspiration.
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We dive deep into the source we all have within us by talking with some of today's most interesting artists, thinkers and innovators. Tired of interviews with celebrities talking about what they do? Good. So are we. Instead, we focus on that thing you didn't know they do: The thing they do for inspiration.








Season One Finale – TWP024 - The Well

Anson and Branan recap the first season of The Well Podcast and talk about plans for season 2. Also, Anson talks about filming "Star Trek: Discovery" and what it's like to join the larger Star Trek family. Oh... Anson Branan his a tree with his truck. Enjoy, and don't forget to sign up for our mailing list on our website. We'll be sending updates via newsletter. Have a great summer! Music for this episode was provided by Little Glass Men under a Creative Commons Attribution license....


Lou Barlow, Part 3 – “Lou at Play” – TWP023 - The Well

Playfulness is it at the heart of the creative process and it can take many surprising forms. Lou Barlow has been playing with his sound, his process and his ideas since he was a kid. In this episode of THE WELL we look at the importance of staying loose and indulging in play. Music from this episode in order of appearance: Up From the Well You Fell Down the Stairs Mr. Genius Eyes I Feel Good Inside About Me Pet Your Puppy Winslow Colix Jauntarah Ride a Hearse, Build a Throne Mary


Lou Barlow, Part 2 – “In His Own Orbit” – TWP022 - The Well

Lou Barlow is one of our generations most unique and prolific singer songwriters. In this episode he reflects upon his resistance to identity as a songwriter and performer. He shares what drives him as a writer and how it feels after 20 years to be playing with J Mascis in Dinosaur Jr again. To see the last known photo of Ray, the Day Kitty, go here. Music from this episode in order of appearance: Rise Below Slowly Lou Rap Cougar Hood That Kind of Year Don't Call Me Writer WWJD Freed Pig...


Lou Barlow, Part 1 – “A Partial History of Lou Barlow” – TWP021 - The Well

Lou Barlow’s creative output goes by many names, Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr., Folk Implosion, Sentridoh, and Loobiecore. Throughout his career he’s carved out a niche for himself as a the unofficial godfather of low-fi folk music and/or emo. For some he is the Bob Dylan of the alternative music scene; uninhibited, brutally honest, sensitive and a touch avant garde. Our own Branan Edgens has been a big fan for over 25 years and is excited for you to join him on part 1 “A Partial History of Lou...


Ward Fleming, Part 2 – “Imposter” – TWP020 - The Well

Ward may have invented the pinscreen, but just because someone made something doesn't someone else won't be happy to take all the credit. This is the story of an inventor and his imposter, and how one man had to fight off a swarm of people looking to profit off of his life's work. Enjoy. Additional music for this episode was provided by Podington Bear under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. Tracks: Golden Hour, Pythagoras, Skeptic, Blue Highway. Music also provided by...


Ward Fleming – “Preparing the Field” – TWP012 - The Well

Artist and inventor Ward Fleming invented one of the most famous and lucrative toys of the last fifty years. But it was only one step in a personal research project that has spanned the majority of Ward's life, with implications that extend deep into molecular activity and even deep into the heart of Jupiter. Enjoy! Extra music for this episode was provided by Podington Bear under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license.


“Creative Stupidity” – TWP011 - The Well

We normally bring you stories of creative inspiration, but this week we have two stories of creative stupidity, courtesy of our own Branan Edgens. Co-host Anson Mount asks Branan to expound upon how his pursuits of genius rarely mix well with electricity. And then... THE SQUIRREL STORY!!! Additional music for this episode was provided by Jason Shaw under a Creative Commons Attribution license. The track "Rocky Top" can be found here.


Roel Reiné – “Titian Red” – TWP010 - The Well

Roel Reiné is an accomplished action director. But when he isn't swinging lenses around flying fists and crashing cars, he is composing deeply meditative music through the manipulation of a raw electronic signal. EDM (electronic dance music) is as close a genre title as Roel can muster, but it cannot possibly describe what it is he does. Join Anson as he sits down to listen to some of Roel's music and ask the director about his journey from Holland to Hollywood. Roel's Album Monotonic...


BONUS EPISODE – Eva Longoria – “Marriage… Sweet, Sweet Marriage” - The Well

Eva and Anson discuss the joys of finding your person and becoming boringly domestic. And Branan coaches Anson on being a mindful spouse. Enjoy! Bonus music for this episode of The Well was provided by Kevin MacLeod under a Creative Commons Attribution License. His rendition of Mozart's "Divertimento" can be found here. And his rendition of Leo Delibes' "Divertissment" (from the ballet "Sylvia") can be found here.


Eva Longoria – “No Sabían Que Eramos Semillas” – TWP009 - The Well

Most people realize that Eva Longoria is both a tremendously talented actress. Fewer realize that she is also savvy, having parlayed her comedic skills into a career directing and producing a variety of projects, in addition to launching her own product line. Fewer still are aware of Eva's drive to better understand the collective challenges we face as a species, and how she uses her creative skills to share those discoveries. Join Anson as he sits down with Eva to discuss her ongoing...


BONUS EPISODE – Leon Ingulsrud – “A Herd of Antelope” - The Well

Sometimes we have really great tape that didn't quite make it into the primary episode, but that deserves to be shared with our listeners nonetheless. This time we have tape that deserves to be shared with no one, hidden deep in a dusty archive, only to be unleashed several centuries in the future for the sole purpose of embarrassing our forebears. But what the heck. We're releasing it now. Please join us as we share one or five martinis with actor/director/producer Leon Ingulsrud who...


Leon Ingulsrud – “The Martini Samurai” – TWP008 - The Well

We decided to do something fun for our holiday episode. So we invited "Hell on Wheels" actor Leon Ingulsrud over to my place to share with us his love of martinis, their history, and how this gin-based, cultural touchstone has given him insight into what it means to be an American. The result, however, was what you might expect. Enjoy, and please remember to drink responsibly this holiday season, always have a designated driver, and DO NOT try this at home. Happy holidays. We mentioned...


BONUS EPISODE – Reggie Watts – “What We Focus On” - The Well

Anson's interview with Reggie took place on August 12th, 2017. Earlier that day, in Charlottesville, a white supremacist drove his car headlong into a crowd of protesters killing one and injuring many others. The entire event cast a shadow of that day, and many to come. So Anson asked Reggie his thoughts. Here's what happened. Media provided by PopTech via a Creative Commons Attribution license.


Reggie Watts – “The Dampfnudel Zone” – TWP007 - The Well

Before Reggie Watts even takes the stage, he has already broken most of the accepted tropes in contemporary comedy, as well as in contemporary music. Some think this is simply because he refuses to see a difference between the two. But even crazier is that Reggie does not write jokes... and he does not write songs. He simply walks into a space and then... something happens. Please join us as we delve into one of the most interesting entertainment minds working today. Media for this episode...


BONUS EPISODE – Dr. David Haskell – “Open and Closed” - The Well

While conducting a rather mind-blowing interview with Dr. David Haskell, we became just as interested in the creative process that led a biologist to be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Not only does David believe that writing is applicable to his theory that life is a system networks, but that communication, whether in language or in art, is one of the very networks that comprise the human experience. If you have not yet listened to Episode 6 "Life Is Connection", make sure you do so...


Dr. David Haskell – “Life Is Connection” – TWP006 - The Well

Pulitzer Prize nominated author and biologist Dr. David Haskell is an observer of life, and life, according to him, is inextricable from the networks that exist both within it and around the living object. Join us as we travel with David to two extremes: an old-growth forest in the mountains of Tennessee, and the streets of New York City. In both places we visit a singular hub which most of us take for granted on a daily basis: a tree, one "dead" and the other "alive". Once there, you will...


BONUS EPISODE – June Jones – “Pronounced Dead (With a Disclaimer)” - The Well

When Anson sat down to interview June Jones for episode 5 "Love Is the Difference", he began by asking the iconic football coach about his brush with death and how his sense of competition fueled his recovery. We hope you enjoy. To find out more about June's ongoing charitable work in Samoa, visit The June Jones Foundation. Extra music this week is provided by Komiku via a CC0 1.0 Universal (Public Domain Dedication) license. The track "Stop Talking and Moving" can be found here.


June Jones – “Love is the Difference” – TWP005 - The Well

In 1998, the University of Hawaii was ranked 112th out of 112 teams in the NCAA. Having lost for 18 straight games, they were at a bottom and had little hope for a turnaround. So they turned to an adopted son: NFL coach June Jones. Taking a huge career risk, June accepted the challenge and stepped in to make some changes. But those changes had less to do with building a new field tactic than it did with building a new kind of community. We proudly present to you the story of the single...


Iwan Rheon – “Moment in Time” – TWP004 - The Well

He's a fantastic actor and we all know this. But did you know that Iwan Rheon is also an incredibly gifted song writer? Join us as we delve into three songs that represent three very different moments of his life's journey. If you'd like to find out more about Iwan and his music, you can visit: And his album "Dinard" is available on iTunes here:


BONUS EPISODE – Jonathan Meiburg – “Genetic Memory” - The Well

Every now and then we'll have a piece of tape that--while it didn't fit in to our episode--is still something that we think you should hear. So we'll be releasing these bonus episodes intermittently. And we'd love to know what you think, so let us know on out forums page. During our most recent episode, when Branan was interviewing Shearwater's Jonathan Meiburg, they found themselves diving into the subject of a strange biological phenomenon known as "genetic memory". Enjoy!