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Episode 14 - Who is Darwin?

With 2 episodes into the new season, Arys decides to sit down with his tattoo artist, who is also a friend, and more than just an "artist" or creator. He has a unique perspective on life and decides to share some of his life long theories. The irony of his name!


Episode 13 - The Barber (Pt. 1) Ft. Dave & Carlos

For season 2, we invited a barber and a barber's close friend to share details about their passions, lives growing up in the northwest end of the city, views on friendship, trust, family, and of course, the falling (or uprising) culture of hip-hop. Enjoy!


Episode 12: The Birthday Episode (Pt. 2)

We know you all have been waiting for part 2 of the Birthday episode, but we wanted to hang on to it for a bit until we figured some stuff out. With season 2 of the podcast beginning next week, we figured we release this for your ears and for you to get back in the vibe. Season 2 next week!! #TWHC ©2018 THEWHO&HOWCLUB


Episode 12: The Birthday Episode (Pt. 1)

Arys celebrates the 12th episode of TWHC and his birthday by sitting down with a couple of his closest bros. Jeff (returning guest) and Rayon (first timer). The episode was so long that we had to split it up into 2 parts. Pt. 2 will be posted next week, but until then, enjoy the first half of the birthday episode. #TWHC ©2018 THEWHO&HOWCLUB


Episode 11: Power of the Mind

The Who & How Club | Episode 11: Power of the Mind On the deepest episode so far, Aliye & Arys express their pet peeves, and debate the power of the mind and the war between the heart and the mind. #TWHC ©2018 THEWHO&HOWCLUB


Episode 10: Never Limit Yourself (Ft. Jeff Roulston)

The Who & How Club | Episode 10: Never Limit Yourself Guess who's back? Our first guest ever returns for the 10th TWHC episode anniversary. On this week's show, Aliye, Arys and Jeff describe themselves in "2 Words", share personal stories on how they all met and their connection to Arys. The club also touches on current gun violence happening in the world, self expression, never "Limiting" yourself... plus much much more!


Episode 8: Solo Dolo

The Who & How Club | Episode 8: Solo Dolo On episode 8, Arys sits down guessed it... himself. Finally sitting solo and breaking the ice with awkwardly talking to the air, Arys provides information and the background / concept behind TWHC, shares his highs and lows for the week, and reads DM submissions from fellow listeners on their definitions of "Happiness" and what happiness means to them. Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE:...


Episode 7: Welcome Back

The Who & How Club | Episode 7: Welcome Back On the first TWHC episode of 2018, Arys sits down with one of his broski's Stefan Mendez( to talk about the Black Panther movie, their passions, how they met, their definitions of "friendship", and how awkward it can be for guys to make new friends. SUBSCRIBE: CLUB LEADER: Arys Déjan - OFFICIAL WEBSITE:...


Episode 2: Opinions x2

The Who & How Club | Episode 2: Opinions x2 On this episode, Arys & Kareem discuss and debate the importance of "culture", Caribana, and share more about their personal stories. Visual Episode: SUBSCRIBE: CLUB LEADERS: Arys Déjan - Kareem Ali - OFFICIAL...


Episode 1: Welcome To The Club

The Who & How Club | Episode 1: Welcome To The Club On the first episode, Arys & Kareem introduce TWHC to the world, discuss and share their personal stories/upbringing, and let you know how to join the club. Visual Episode: SUBSCRIBE: CLUB LEADERS: Arys Déjan - Kareem Ali -...