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Learning how the contemporary visual art world works, one conversation at a time. How does the visual art world work? I don’t know either, so I will ask the people that work in the industry and try to learn how the contemporary visual art world functions and hopefully be able to take their insight and experiences and learn how we can make a living from our artwork.

Learning how the contemporary visual art world works, one conversation at a time. How does the visual art world work? I don’t know either, so I will ask the people that work in the industry and try to learn how the contemporary visual art world functions and hopefully be able to take their insight and experiences and learn how we can make a living from our artwork.


Czech Republic


Learning how the contemporary visual art world works, one conversation at a time. How does the visual art world work? I don’t know either, so I will ask the people that work in the industry and try to learn how the contemporary visual art world functions and hopefully be able to take their insight and experiences and learn how we can make a living from our artwork.






Multidisciplinary Artist, Shaun Stamp (UK)

We discuss: The importance of life experiences, Artist residencies, The need for time and space to make his artwork, Definitions of success in the art world, How to find the best residency for you and your work, Labels are for bottles not for people, Community standards on social media, Nudity on instagram, Being an artist and a curator, The difficulty of finding funding for projects, The need for more constructive feedback on applications in the art world, Doing commissions, How to...


Painter + Founding member of Acme Art Studio + No Boundaries International Art Colony, Pam Toll (Wilmington, NC, USA)

We discuss: How they started Acme Art Studio, The importance of trust and respect in a group studio, How No Boundaries Artist Residency started, Bald Head Island, Grants vs patrons, The importance of relationships, The need for more professional practises course in art school People + Places mentioned: Máximo Laura - Dick Roberts - Gayle Tustin - Sammie Nicely -...


Executive Director of the Arts Council of Wilmington/New Hanover County, Rhonda Bellamy (Wilmington, NC, USA)

We discuss: Wilmington massacre of 1898, The belated racial reckoning of 2020, The need to invest in early childhood arts education, The problems with reactionary or token arts support, Flawed Philanthropy, The begging nature of the arts, Arts funding and the need to show a return on investment (ROI), Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 Report (AEP5), The Covid-19 effects on arts grants, The importance of a good board (as a Non-profit), The benefits of an email newsletter, Racism is not something...


Executive Director at The Camargo Foundation, Julie Chénot (Cassis, France)

We discuss: The importance of time and space for artistic reflection and investigation, There artist residency program, How they choose there residency participants, How to write your residency application, Programs for families to be part of the residency, The evolution of the residency programs, The creation of flexible long term residencies, Changes to the residency in response to the covid-19 pandemic People + places mentioned: Camargo Core Program 2021-2022 - Webinar -...


Abstract Painter, Paul Weiner (Denver, Colorado, USA)

We discuss: No need for a website for artists (these days), Most art is niche, Instagram is like a contemporary art history textbook, How social media has democratised the art world, How the amount of followers translate to business / sales, Do not put a Shop and prices on your website, Switzerland tax loophole for luxury goods - freeports, His Non-disclosure agreement with a company we bleeped, Storage of large scale artwork, His special charcoal fixative, The importance of archival...


Art Collector, Chiera Arqui (Germany + Czech Republic)

We discuss: The connection between art and economics, What she looks for in a piece of art to purchase, Collaborating with an art advisor, Quantity versus quality in her collection, Her favorite art fairs, How to asses the value of art, How to choose an art advisor, Being anonymous and playing with a sense of mystery, Her choice to collect only western male artists, Artist statements have little impact on art sales, Buying art online, The importance of relationships, That an artist should be...


Photographer + Professor, Paula McCartney (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

We discuss: Learning what you do not want to do is as helpful as knowing what you do want to do, The importance of professional practice courses in art school, Regional and state artist grants, How to write grant applications, Small grants are sometimes more hassle than they are worth, Gallery representation, Artist books, The desire to have an exhibition at MOMA, Books as democratise multiples, Building relationships take time, Books designed as art installations, A Fine Mess Press -...


Book Publisher + Photographer, Tim Carpenter, TIS Books (USA)

We discuss: Unsolicited book submissions rarely get published, Most choices are made based on connections with people in the industry, Wait until you have a fabulous project before asking people to help (publish your book), Being a part of a network, tribe, community, etc is of the utmost importance in the art world, How to start publishing your own books, Finding the location of a printer with the right balance of quality and price, How to choose a book fair, Whether to use a distributor or...


Chief Curator + Director of Programs, Rachel Adams, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (Omaha, NE, USA)

We discuss: How to write a residency application, In an application, fill in every field, How to structure your documentation of your work for submissions, Why me and why now, The importance of diversity in the participants, The application process is competitive, 1 in 30 are accepted, The desire to make family friendly residencies, Budgeting funds and space for work created during residencies, Thrift and antique opportunities are abundant in Omaha, Being on the residency circuit, The Lloyd...


Photographer, Julia SH (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

We discuss: Her love of David Hasselhoff, Being an amateur sumo wrestler (as Julia Hanson), Commercial vs fine art photographers, Being labeled as an activist, Body positivity, Over sexualization of young models in the fashion industry, Ellen von Unwerth is glamorous, sh/sadler is an artistic collaboration between Julia SH and Nic Sadler, Eric Dover - her photo agent, The benefit of an agent in keeping clients and publications accountable, Surgery to look like selfie filters, The speed of...


Chair of the MFA Program at Maine Media College, Howard Greenberg (Maine, USA)

We discuss: The history of Maine Media, Mentor based education, Low residency programs, Online photographic workshops, Their lack of an ivory tower, Self driven learning, The long and tedious process of becoming an accredited institution, Health and Safety in art schools, Teaching methodologies and philosophies, How to structure your MFA application, What makes a good critique


Art Advisor, Amie Potsic, Amie Potsic Art Advisory (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

We discussed: Legacy Planning for artists, Artist need to have paraphernalia from their lives to exemplify why they are worthy of being researched and revered after their death, Figuring out your own definition of success, Create backup files, The financial cost of being organised, Keeping backups in different locations in case of disaster, How to choose an art advisor, Sexism in academia, Artist need to stop playing victim, The different paths to success in the art world, The perpetual...


Photographer + Professor, Leah Sobsey, (North Carolina, USA)

We discuss: Working with alternative photographic processes in the digital age, Process based artwork, Moving art out of the white cube, The excitement of cross discipline research in academia, Being a parent and an artist, The importance of artist residencies, How to choose a residency to apply too, Chlorophyll printing process, The need for consistent vocabulary in the art world, How she got her books published, Crowdfunding a book project, The benefits of a publicist, The contemporary...


Sculptor, Patrick Dougherty, Stickwork (North Carolina, USA)

We discuss: Researching primitive building techniques, Maple is his favourite material, The nature of making temporary art, The joy of working with his son Sam Dougherty, Finding the right scale for your artwork, Being left handed and how that influenced his work, How to fund large scale work, Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, The importance of knowing when to stop working, How he gets is site specific inspirations, His dream project at the...


Photographer + Program Director at REVOLVE, Colby Caldwell, (Asheville, NC, USA)

We discuss: How he got gallery representation, Hemphill Fine Arts, Corcoran School of Art, St. Mary's College of Maryland, The negative parts of tenure, The 'golden handcuffs' of teaching, The annoyance of committees in academia, New definitions of studio practice, The importance of living where you are inspired, not where the art world exists, Transitioning from physical to virtual cultural experiences, Online portfolio reviews, Virtual art experiences shouldn't try to replicate real life...


Museum Preparator, Bret Gottschall, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (Kansas City, MO, USA)

We discuss: How to become a preparator, Pasquale Iannetti Art Gallery, Preparators are the caretakers of the art, The importance of mount makers, 50% humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit is their perfect conversation settings, Archival materials, How to store artwork for long periods of time, Working with Andy Goldsworthy, the Hallmark Photographic Collection, How to archival store works on paper, Optium Museum Acrylic, William Adolphe Bouguereau painting 'Return of Spring'


Sculptor + Designer, Adrien Segal, (San Francisco, CA, USA)

We discussed: Art Academia, The lack of architectural ruins in the US, Being categorised in the art world, The issue of continuity in her career, Artists are either badgers or foxes, The importance of using appropriate material that is relevant to the concept, Applying to artist residencies and grants, The need for a United Nations for the art world, Making mandalas, How to start to run workshops People and places mentioned in the conversation: San Francisco Art Institute California College...


Self Portrait Photographer, Anastasia Arteyeva + Anastasia Kole (Odessa, Ukraine)

We discuss: Male vs female photographers, The male gaze, Making a living as a traveling art model, The gypsy lifestyle, Dreaming of having a bookshelf, Coordinating photo events, Being a muse, The vulnerability of being nude, Photography workshops, How to be grateful for social media, Figuring out your life priorities


Performance Artist, Elana Katz (Berlin, Germany)

We discuss: Definition of conceptual art work, The affects of artist needing to be their own fundraiser, Indiegogo, How to fund performance art, Documentation of a performance being a new work of art, Investigating pain and violence in art, Dancing with your demons, Germany is a hyper memorialized society, Kwadrat Gallery, Crowdfunding art, Creative production is an expression of the unconscious and the conscious mind, Rejection is a fact of life for artists, Live streaming art events, The...


Gallery Director, Fiona Bate, Sandy Brown (Berlin, Germany)

We discuss: How she chooses artists for the gallery, Should artists frame works for exhibitions, Art Fairs, How galleries choose which art and artists to take to art fairs, Sister galleries, The role of a gallery, Online art sales, The lack of transparency in the artworks, The role of artist statements, How to use social media as an art gallery, How she sets the gallery program