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Learning how the contemporary visual art world works, one conversation at a time. How does the visual art world work? I don’t know either, so I will ask the people that work in the industry and try to learn how the contemporary visual art world functions and hopefully be able to take their insight and experiences and learn how we can make a living from our artwork. Hosted by Matthew Dols

Learning how the contemporary visual art world works, one conversation at a time. How does the visual art world work? I don’t know either, so I will ask the people that work in the industry and try to learn how the contemporary visual art world functions and hopefully be able to take their insight and experiences and learn how we can make a living from our artwork. Hosted by Matthew Dols


Czech Republic


Learning how the contemporary visual art world works, one conversation at a time. How does the visual art world work? I don’t know either, so I will ask the people that work in the industry and try to learn how the contemporary visual art world functions and hopefully be able to take their insight and experiences and learn how we can make a living from our artwork. Hosted by Matthew Dols






Art Conservator, Restorer + Painter, Tomáš Lahoda (Czech Republic)

We discussed: signature artistic styles, series vs cycle of artwork, the value of publishing a monograph, archival materials, master apprentice relationships, private vs public schools, use of technology in art restoration People + Places mentioned: Art in America - Artforum - Polychrome - Tom Wesselmann - Robert Motherwell -...


Copyright + Licensing Attorney, Joshua Kaufman, Venable LLP (USA)

We Discuss: the definition of Intellectual property, different types of IP - copyright, trademark, patent, right of publicity, and trade secrets, copyright comes with creation, ideas are not protected, the expression of an idea is protected, trademarks begin when your product enters commerce, trademarks last as long as they are actively being used, click licenses, when you use something free you are the product, termination rights, template contracts are good for everything and they are good...


Senior Curator of Contemporary Art at the Munch Museum, Tominga O’Donnell (Oslo, Norway)

We discussed: - How she finds new artists - Using social media as a shop window - her queer curatorial approach - her broad definition of queer - the history of the Munch Museum - physical exhibitions versus virtual exhibitions - NFT art - government support of the arts in Norway - our concerns of post pandemic support for the arts - museum storage and conservation - legacy planning - how to archive curatorial practices - stay strong People + Places mentioned: Whitechapel Gallery -...


Art Researcher and Auction Specialist, Suzy Sikorski, Mid East Art + Christies (Dubai, UAE)

We discussed: - how she found her interest in Middle Eastern Art - how she received a Fulbright Scholarship - instagram as an archive - middle eastern art in the world market - how an auction house sources the art - a day in the life of an auction specialist - why she chose the UAE to research - self-categorising and sub-categorisation - her desire enjoyment of being part of the conversation - what is missing in the art scene People + Places mentioned: Christie's -


Sculptor + Installation Artist, David Spriggs (Canada)

We discussed: - how he came to his technique - having an artistic style - his desire to create work that requires time to experience - the importance of high quality documentation of your artwork - how he funds his art - being screwed over by art galleries - social media has made art more entertainment - prices paid for art changes art history - NFT art - how being a parent affected his art career - the difficulty of having to write about his artwork - 'Power' being a core concept of his...


Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Mat Collishaw (UK)

We discussed: - the appreciation for rituals - without gravity you have no grace - his desire to create structures and the perversion of the structures - how he comes up with his concepts - outsourcing production of art work - how he funds his art creation - his choice to not have a consistent style or brand - storage and shipping of large scale artworks - his position on NFT art People + Places mentioned: Christadelphians - Galleria Borghese -...


Curator, Critic + Conceptual Artist, Lexa Peroutka (Czech Republic)

We discussed: - how to balance being a curator, critic, and artist - Arts funding in Europe - artistic freedom - the politics of arts funding - good and bad money funding the arts - every choice has some form of detrimental effects - ethics in Arts funding - Artists fees and other forms of paying artists a living wage - how the art world is broken - the roles of art galleries versus art institutions - the younger generation not being engaged in the art world - does being older create art...


Corporate Curator at the General Mills Art Collection, Lisa Melander (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

We discuss: - how she got a job as a corporate curator - how corporate collections find art and artists - their art collection is for the enjoyment of the employees not as investments - their effort to continually keep the collection contemporary - the relationship of art and architecture - art conservation in corporate collections - their mission as a corporate art collection - buying art with frames or without frames - the importance of a thank you note - the need for more diversity in art...


Multi Media Artist, Tricia Wright (New York, USA)

We discuss: - being an expat artist - how being a parent affected her career - Feminism in the art world - how covid affected her studio practice - Public Art - the tradition of working in a style - the lack of coherent movements in contemporary art - the increased speed of the artworld - artist statements - the amount of sales should not equate to quality People + Places mentioned: Dieu Donné - Pollock-Krasner Foundation - Arts Mid-Hudson -...


Co-founders of Assembly, Ashlyn Davis Burns + Shane Lavalette (USA)

We discuss: - blending together a gallery, agency, and creative studio - looking to fix broken parts of the art world - a holistic approach to the needs of artists - grant funding - how they choose artists to work with - the importance of community - advocacy and ethics in photography - is there still need for a photographic 'style'? - the importance of authenticity 4 artist that inspire them: Pacifico Silano - Fumi Ishino - Alejandro...


Textile + Multi Media Artist, Petra Gupta Valentová (Czech Republic, India + USA)

We discuss: - the importance of relationships in her work - having a multi cultural work, life, and family - the need for more ethical practices in art - post colonial aesthetics - the importance of collaboration and empathy in her work - trying to remove the ego from art - advocacy for women artists - gentrification - her cookbook as artistic performance - storing her artwork - Indian food People + Places mentioned: Františka Ševčíková Gilman -...


Action + Multimedia Artist, Lumír Hladík (Canada + Czech Republic)

We discussed: - What it means to be a professional artist - Being rediscovered after decades - Everything influences everything - Speaking the language of things - what is art? - the art system - being a late bloomer - the need for time and distance - fleeing communism in 1981 - his connection to nature - including randomness and chance in art making - biointervention art - interspecies art - cult of personality - the algorithm - envying your younger self - viewers being impressed by...


Art Collector + Historian, Sveva D'antonio, Collezione Taurisano (Naples, Italy)

We discuss: - Having an art collection is like having a child - the barrier to entry in the art world - the detrimental fast pace of the art world - quality vs quantity - her wish that the art world would put artists in the center - ecological concerns in the art world - artist statements - Art Criticism - our dislike of the words nice and cute - self-segregation in the arts - how they choose to purchase art for their collection - the importance of being ethical in your collecting of art -...


Photographer, Educator, Founder + Editor-in-Chief of LENSCRATCH, Aline Smithson (California, USA)

We discussed: - portfolio reviews - constructive criticism - photography workshops - using humor in art - being subversion with social media - cultivating a younger generation of art collectors - unique photographic work - legacy planning - the importance of knowing who you are as an artist People + Places mentioned: John Baldessari Edward Ruscha Wayne White - Catherine Edelman Gallery - 3 artists she recommends: Raymond Thompson,...


Painter + Entrepreneur, Ashley Longshore (New Orleans, LA, USA)

We discuss: Different definitions of success, Being a brand, The art world can have her when she is dead, Money and power does not make you happy, The need for goals, Pricing your work, Her philanthropy, Laws of economics, Having gratitude, Learning from partnerships, Living with anxiety, Self limitations, Collectors want to create relationship with living artists, Being an art collector, and The need to find your audience. People + Places mentioned: Marc Dennis -


Director of the Kampala Biennale, Curator + Gallerist - Daudi Karungi (Kampala, Uganda)

We discussed: - Artists need galleries - his need to learn what a gallery should be - the issues of being outside of the international art market - the art fair circuit - the difference between African artists on the continent and African artists living elsewhere in the world - Contemporary African Art collectors - Repatriation - the need for more museums in Africa - his desire to sell art not artists - no need for artist statements - being in the art world is a long game 4 inspiring...


Gallery Director at Photo-Eye Gallery, Anne Kelly (Santa Fe, NM, USA)

We discussed: - gallery submissions - what it means to be a gallery director - making editions of your artwork - tiered edition pricing - exclusivity breeds desire - consistent pricing worldwide - certificates of authenticity (COA) - where and with what material to sign artwork - unique photographic works (vs editions) - the importance of using archival materials - social media - online exhibitions 3 artist she likes right now: Edward Bateman -...


Photographer + Writer, Tom Griggs (Colombia + Mexico)

We discuss: - Fine art photographers often teach, marry or are born into wealth, or work in property - being a juror for competitions and grants - being an expat artist - Latin American photography - the fact that english is the prominent language in the art world - gear heads in photography - self-segregation within the photo world - renting vs owning digital cameras - how to take family stories and make them art - using text and image - making personal stories approachable - getting a...


Executive Director of the San Francisco Center for the Book, Jeff Thomas (California, USA)

We discuss: - non-profit vs corporate culture - fundraising - issues of grant funding - lack of operating budget available vs special programs - artists' books - book artists - altered books - whether to use white gloves or not - new technologies in bookmaking - the investment of time and money needed to produce a book - who collects artist books 3 people that he recommends: Hedi Kyle - Tia Blassingame - Claire Van Vliet -...


Glass Sculptor, Kait Rhoads (Seattle, WA, USA)

We discussed: - working in glass takes a team - how a reality TV show changes peoples lives - reality vs reality TV - glass work takes a physical toll on her body - with the legalization of marijuana the trend of bong and pipe making - Art being used for money laundering - gender roles in glass studios - PTSD - teaching workshops - how to store glass sculptures - her sculpture babies - Artists are all planning for their retrospective exhibition - Legacy Planning - diversifying your price...