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WOW - EP185 - Al Monelli

Work Of Wrestling host Tim Kail interviews Al Monelli about the past ten years of trials, tribulations, artistic discoveries, and wrestling revelations. Tim & Al reminisce about the good ole days in college when they watched Monday Night Raw on a weekly basis, and talk loving John Cena (long before it was cool to love John Cena), the best & worst of WWE from 2005-2009, post-collegiate life, part-time jobs, financial strain, cognitive reframing & maintaining a positive attitude,...


WOW - EP184 - AEW All Out Review

Work Of Wrestling host Tim Kail reviews AEW's All Out, the blossoming wrestling promotion's final pay-per-view before the premiere of their weekly show on TNT. Horses and dogs and librarians, oh my! Tim covers all of All Out's five hours, which is the first constructive criticism he offers. From there, he talks #WomensWrestling in AEW and why it should be miles ahead of where it is, indy-wrestling's tendancy for its reach to exceed its grasp (sometimes literally), why A Boy and His...


WOW - EP183 - Ospreay vs Ricochet Revisited

Work Of Wrestling host Tim Kail takes a trip down recent memory lane to revisit the stellar New Japan match Ospreay vs Ricochet. Only this time he's bringing along Granny Franny for a fresh, upbeat perspective. Tim & his mom discuss what's so special about the match, why it's so entertaining & effective, and why it's every bit as worthy of praise as any hyper-realistic portrayal of pro-wrestling. Follow on Twitter @WorkOfWrestling and


WOW - EP182 - Justine Colla

Justine Colla returns to Work Of Wrestling podcast to discuss meeting PAC, moving to the UK, Riptide Wrestling, the benefits of therapy, feminism, and more! Follow her on social media @PastaSauca. Follow Tim on Twitter @WorkOfWrestling and


WOW - EP181 - King Of The Ring Preview

WWE just released the brackets for the forthcoming King of the Ring Tournament and it has Tim hyped! In a bonus, surprise episode he previews the brackets, picks his winners, fantasy-books angles, and makes a new star, all within WWE's already established narrative framework. Follow on Twitter @WorkOfWrestling and


WOW - EP180 - Summer Slam 2019 Review

Tim and Al join forces once again to review WWE's annual Summer Slam event! Follow Al @Monellifilms and visit Follow Tim @WorkOfWrestling and Subscribe, rate, and review in Apple Podcast and leave a suggestion for a match or promo you'd like Tim to cover on Work Of Wrestling Podcast!


WOW - EP179 - NXT Take Over Toronto Review

It's Summer Slam weekend! But before we get to Summer Slam, let's talk NXT Take Over Toronto! Tim goes into detail about every match and segment, starting with a quick explanation of why the opening vignette for this Take Over was a cut above the rest. Then he talks Street Profits vs Undisputed Era, why the Profits (unlike most NXT Talent) actually have a shot of "getting over" on the main roster. Then it's time to breakdown that breakneck-pace of the excellent Candice LaRae vs Io Sharai...


WOW - EP178 - The Return Of Granny Franny

This week host Tim Kail is joined by his mother a.k.a. Granny Franny to discuss the New Japan Pro-Wrestling match Jon Moxley vs. Tomohiro Ishii! First, Tim & Granny Franny catch up since this is their first podcast in two years! Then, Granny Franny goes into detail about the differences between New Japan & WWE, why she found New Japan's atmosphere to be more intimate & engaging, Tim shares his thoughts on the quality of New Japan's camera-work and figures out, in real-time, the specific...


WOW - EP177 - Art Finds A Way

Tim Kail returns to cover a number of topics, starting with current pro-wrestling news and then moving into more conceptual & philosophical ideas about art. He shares his thoughts on Colt Cabana ending Art Of Wrestling and his invaluable contributions to pro-wrestling and podcasting, why Twitter can be so harmful and why the user must take responsibility for how they engage with others, whether or not CM Punk should return, Heyman & Bischoff taking over Raw & Smackdown and whether or not...


WOW - EP176 - Extreme Rules 2019 Review

After a busy wrestling weekend Work Of Wrestling host Tim Kail found time to review Extreme Rules! Tim covers every match from Taker showing he's still got it to Becky Lynch being used as an emotional story-prop, and everything in between. Other topics include backstage camerawork, a weirdly tepid crowd despite an enjoyable show with several good matches, the beauty of Ricochet, the potential of Paul Heyman taking over RAW, and why WWE needs to make this next phase of the Brock...


WOW - EP175 - Fight For The Fallen Review

Tim Kail is back to review another AEW event, and much like Fyter Fest it brings out the best (and worst) of his arts analysis approach to pro-wrestling. Why are heels so much more competent and capable than babyfaces nowadays? What is AEW's identity, and does the phrase "sports-centric" genuinely apply? What makes Jericho so relentless great, and why should he be the first ever AEW Champion? All these questions are answered, in addition to detailed analysis of each match, commentary,...


WOW - EP174 - #Fyterfest

Tim Kail watched #Fyterfest, had an intense reaction to it, and fired up the microphones to record a passionate, detailed review of the show. What does "sports-focused" professional wrestling actually mean? Is it just an emphasis on rules, or is it a larger philosophical approach to pro-wrestling that informs the overall aesthetic of a promotion? Is pro-wrestling destined to always contain "goofy sh%*", and if that's the case, what's the real difference between AEW and WWE? Which matches...


WOW - EP173 - Into The Light

Tim Kail returns to tell a story about failure, more specifically what he regards as his biggest failure with The Work Of Wrestling podcast (with an intermission featuring insightful comments from writer Barry Hess). Tim opens up about some of the mistakes he's made on the show, what he's learned, the struggle to stay motivated after achieving a dream, and how those lessons will inform the way he produces the podcast in the future. Follow on Twitter @WorkOfWrestling and Facebook at...


WOW - EP172 - Just A Number

Why are wrestling fans so cavalier and mean when discussing age? Are wrestlers unfairly judged by their age even if they're still contributing? Work Of Wrestling host Tim Kail tries to figure this out and encourages fellow fans (and his future self) to discuss age in a more constructive way. Tim also explains how Jon Moxley reignited his excitement for wrestling, and why he's embracing the enthusiasm for AEW. Follow on Twitter @WorkOfWrestling and Facebook at...


WOW - EP171 - Lessons Learned

Tim Kail answers your questions this week about WWE reacting to AEW, the lessons WWE can learn from talents willingly leaving the main roster, whether or not WWE will ever create "new stars", his thoughts on the 24/7 title, who his favorite Batman is, who are the most underrated/overrated wrestlers, and what he suspects may be a "work". Read Tim's latest article WWE Is The Big Leagues But That Doesn't Matter Anymore...


WOW - EP170 - A Way Forward

Tim Kail fires up the mics for the first time since Mania to sit down with you and discuss the post-Mania season, the need to respect other people's interests, how awesome the Jon Moxley/Jericho interview was, why he has no hope for WWE but is totally at peace with that, why a leaner roster would benefit WWE (and the whole of wrestling), the value of good constructive criticism, Cody Rhodes smashing a Triple H throne, and what he'd like to see from AEW in the future. It's a fun,...


WOW - EP169 - WrestleMania 35 Review (w/Al Monelli)

Tim and Al join forces once again to review WrestleMania 35! And this year is a little different - Tim actually attended the event at MetLife Stadium! He shares his experience with Al, as they trade perspectives and describe the juxtaposition of live-TV viewing vs live-event viewing. They focus on the main matches, name their top two moments, lament the lack of great heels for our newly crowned heroes, and then they fantasy book the future. Follow Al on Twitter @Monellifilms and visit...


WOW - EP168 - Born Again, And Again

Tim Kail returns with a surprise episode! WOW returns to the original three-part format with a Lock-Up dedicated to The New Daniel Bryan, Vince McMahon thinking fans are smart enough to distinguish between gimmicks and people playing those gimmicks, and how he'd like to see Charlotte do something a little unexpected as we continue on the road to WrestleMania. For the High Spot, Tim examines the role insecurity plays in an artist's life, and how focusing on craft and knowing you're not...


WOW - EP167 - Royal Rumble Review (2019)

Tim Kail and Al Monelli triumphantly return to review the 2019 Royal Rumble! What did they think of Nia Jax entering the men's Rumble? Why do they love Ronda Rousey so much? Why do they see cracks in the Becky Lynch persona despite their love of Becky Lynch? Why do they foresee her losing steam and how can the WWE ensure that doesn't happen? Why is The Rock such a great example of "getting lost in your character"? Why should you not make hyper specific references to millennials in your...


WOW - EP166 - Your Moment Of Pop

In the season finale of Work of Wrestling podcast, host Tim Kail answers your questions! You asked: Should part-timers only face part-timers or give the younger generation "the rub"? How do you make second-tier titles relevant again, and will "The Fox Deal" end SmackDown's run as "The B-Show"? How does irony, meme, and self-awareness affect pro-wrestling performance? Will fans cheer any wrestler who challenges the WWE's "anointed stars"? regardless of that wrestler's moral...