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WOW - EP168 - Born Again, And Again

Tim Kail returns with a surprise episode! WOW returns to the original three-part format with a Lock-Up dedicated to The New Daniel Bryan, Vince McMahon thinking fans are smart enough to distinguish between gimmicks and people playing those gimmicks, and how he'd like to see Charlotte do something a little unexpected as we continue on the road to WrestleMania. For the High Spot, Tim examines the role insecurity plays in an artist's life, and how focusing on craft and knowing you're not...


WOW - EP167 - Royal Rumble Review (2019)

Tim Kail and Al Monelli triumphantly return to review the 2019 Royal Rumble! What did they think of Nia Jax entering the men's Rumble? Why do they love Ronda Rousey so much? Why do they see cracks in the Becky Lynch persona despite their love of Becky Lynch? Why do they foresee her losing steam and how can the WWE ensure that doesn't happen? Why is The Rock such a great example of "getting lost in your character"? Why should you not make hyper specific references to millennials in...


WOW - EP166 - Your Moment Of Pop

In the season finale of Work of Wrestling podcast, host Tim Kail answers your questions! You asked: Should part-timers only face part-timers or give the younger generation "the rub"? How do you make second-tier titles relevant again, and will "The Fox Deal" end SmackDown's run as "The B-Show"? How does irony, meme, and self-awareness affect pro-wrestling performance? Will fans cheer any wrestler who challenges the WWE's "anointed stars"? regardless of that wrestler's moral...


WOW - EP165 - Thank You, Charlotte

Tim Kail skips the pleasantries and gets right to the point: Survivor Series was pointless with the exception of two excellent matches. Focusing on Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte and Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar, Tim dissects why these matches were so interesting and how they exemplify pro-wrestling's artistic merit. He examines why the Ronda beatdown by Charlotte was so viscerally satisfying and what WWE should learn from the crowd cheering the likes of Charlotte and Becky despite/because of...


WOW - EP164 - What Must Change

Tim Kail returns to explore the role cynicism plays in modern pro-wrestling fandom, wondering "Maybe I need to change the way I watch WWE". In three points, he describes his own process of turning from optimism to pessimism, expectation to resignation. 1 - TIME - he doesn't want to waste it. 2 - EXPERIENCE - he's been conditioned to see through the WWE's false promises. 3 - WHAT REALLY MATTERS - he's leaned that if Vince doesn't care, he shouldn't care (and that's a really un-fun way...


WOW - EP163 - Becky Must Win

Becky Lynch is scheduled to fight Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series on November 18th. In this episode of Work of Wrestling, host Tim Kail argues why she must win. He breaks his argument down into an easily understood five-point system. 1) The Albatross Of A Win Streak 2) Character Growth 3) Shock & Awe & Conversation 4) Who Can Actually Withstand A Loss 5) Cementing A Legacy Listen to find out exactly what each of these points mean, as Tim delivers one of his most impassioned...


WOW - EP162 - Evolution Review

Tim Kail returns to review WWE's first all-women's pay-per-view Evolution. He starts off by allowing the warm blanket of nostalgia to wrap him up in a fluffy, fun, fan-servicey tag match between legends Trish Stratus & Lita vs Alicia Fox and Mickie James. He also poses a question to YOU, the listener. Listen to find out what it is! Next he implores the WWE to stop doing that boring battle royal thing where a heel disappears midway through the match only to reappear after we think the fan...


WOW - EP161 - Super Show-Down Review

Tim Kail reviews WWE's Australian pay-per-view, Super Show-Down! He starts off with a quick story about how he's becoming more like his Dad, choosing to watch the pay-per-view in a leisurely way. Next he dissects the the Becky Lynch/Charlotte match, wondering why all heels have to do the same heel-things in the same heel-way. Then he examines the post-modern irony of Elias, and explains why it behooves all of us to "get over" our ironic, meme-centered culture and return to a more human,...


WOW - EP160 - Hell In A Cell (2018) Review

Tim Kail reviews WWE's September pay-per-view, Hell In A Cell. He explains why he finds putting a screwdriver through an ear so off-putting (and it's not just the immediately apparent reason), and why it's ultimately ineffective, bad wrestling. He praises the match of the night, Becky Lynch vs Charlotte, while hoping to see Lynch's character transformation threaded throughout her entire performance and look, from the moment she emerges from behind the curtain to the moment she...


WOW - EP159 - Smoke & Blood

Tim Kail previews WWE's upcoming Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. He shares his thoughts on Drew McIntyre (dubbed simply "Galloway" on Work Of Wrestling podcast), why "middling heels" and "Frankensteined teams" have diluted the quality of various main storylines on RAW, how Becky Lynch has hit her stride and why everyone should just get out of her way, and how Roman Reigns could be an awesome, mythic Universal Champion if only WWE makes good on the original promise of his feud with...


WOW - EP158 - Summer Slam Review (2018)

Tim Kail is joined by friend & fellow pro-wrestling fan, filmmaker Alexander Monelli to discuss Summer Slam! Tim & Al bring their usual blunt, thoughtful criticism to the show, pointing out what worked and what didn't. They described why they enjoy WWE-style wrestlers & characters over indy wrestlers, pinpointing why indy-style wrestlers tend excel against WWE veterans (rather than against other indy wrestlers). They differ on the DQ finish of the Samoa Joe/AJ Styles match, but agree on...


WOW - EP157 - NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 4 Review

Tim Kail reviews another excellent NXT Take Over special! Brooklyn 4 boasts 5 unique matches, all with their own style, focus, and story, all helping to create an entertaining, thoughtful pro-wrestling experience. Tim explains why he enjoys NXT tag-wrestling so much, shares why he wasn't so keen on the EC3 vs Velveteen Dream match despite being keen on The Dream, dissects what's missing from the Ricochet character, examines what's so bad about "looking to the crowd", raves about Shayna...


WOW - EP156 - Extreme Rules Review (2018)

Tim Kail analyzes the ineffectiveness of the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, breaking it down into quantifiable terms. In the process, he arrives at a deeper understanding of what's so wrong with the WWE's universe. From inconsequential kick-off matches to the disruptive nature of overlong, modern vignettes to the real reason fans are more entertained by a clock than an Iron Man Match, Tim attempts to provide WWE, and wrestling fans, the kind of constructive criticism they clearly need (and...


WOW - EP155 - Announcement

Tim Kail returns for a mini-episode of The Work Of Wrestling podcast to make an announcement. 1) There will be a review of Extreme Rules and Summer Slam. 2) All future episodes of Work Of Wrestling (including the upcoming PPV reviews) will be released on Thursdays. Tim also talks a little bit about injecting simplicity and focus back into Work Of Wrestling. Give it a listen, share with your wrestling friends, and give the podcast a five-star rating in Apple Podcasts.


WOW - EP154 - WrestleMania 34 Review

Tim Kail and Al Monelli return to review WWE's annual extravaganza, WrestleMania! Tim & Al dissect each match (with one exception), bouncing around the card as the conversation flows naturally, ultimately regarding the event as a mixed-bag with the first half being great and the second half being...well...not so great. Tim delivers an impassioned diatribe about the nuances of Game of Thrones references and how they don't fit Seth Rollins at all. Al breaks down why Asuka vs Charlotte was...


WOW - EP153 - Dry Land

Work Of Wrestling host Tim Kail has something to tell the regular listeners of the podcast: after WrestleMania, he's completely stepping away from pro-wrestling for the foreseeable future. You have to listen to the episode to find out exactly why. It has nothing to do with being a lapsed fan who's fed up with the WWE. It's not about WWE at all, actually. He doesn't threaten to cancel his WWE Network subscription. He's not going to start watching New Japan or Lucha Underground. He's not mad...


WOW - EP152 - Elimination Chamber Review (2018)

Your eyes do not deceive you! This is a NEW episode of The Work Of Wrestling podcast where host Tim Kail reviews the latest RAW pay-per-view, Elimination Chamber. Tim covers everything in detail - even the pre-show! So why does it seem like all WWE's "staff" characters have taken happy pills that turn them into pod-people who awkwardly mimic human enthusiasm? Why was The Women's Elimination Chamber match Tim's favorite Women's First *Insert Gimmick Match* on the main roster yet? What's...


WOW - EP151 - Royal Rumble Review (2018)

Tim Kail and Al Monelli return to review WWE's latest Royal Rumble! They cover every match and then some, waxing philosophic on all things wrestling and all things Rumble. What trend did this Rumble break? What has the WWE finally figured out about its main titles and the different audiences those titles service? Why might Tim stop watching all weekly WWE television and instead watch only the pay-per-views? Where might The Universal Championship be headed, and why does WWE even bother with...


WOW - EP150 - Steve Austin vs The Rock At WrestleMania X-7

For the 2017 finale of Work of Wrestling podcast Tim Kail delivers his real-time commentary for the WrestleMania X-7 classic Steve Austin vs The Rock for the WWF Championship. Tim details how this match changed him as a 15-year-old kid, why he believes art can provide life-lessons in disillusionment and heartbreak in safe ways, and why he now sees the logic behind the Stone Cold heel-turn. Cue up the match on The WWE Network at 3:05:30, and then hit PLAY when Tim prompts you. The audio...


WOW - EP149 - 2017

Work Of Wrestling podcast returns to its original three-part format for this special retrospective on the year 2017. For "The Lock-Up", host Tim Kail reviews wrestling in 2017 (at least everything he's seen), covering Kevin Owens and The Festival of Friendship, Jinder Mahal's unexpected but welcome rise and what we can learn from it, the best WWE-match of the year (which just so happened to occur in January), the greatness of the Usos & New Day, WWE's mishandling of Bayley & Sasha Banks,...