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Discussing the future of Architecture with the leaders in the profession!

Discussing the future of Architecture with the leaders in the profession!
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Discussing the future of Architecture with the leaders in the profession!




065 - Nick Serfass - How to Start Planning Your Career While in School

Executive Director of the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), Nick Serfass joins Michael to dive deep into all the events, programs, contest, and conferences that AIAS hosts to help students network with professionals, plan for their career, and understand what a career in architecture looks like.


064 - Jessica Sheridan - Architecture, People, Clients, and Community

Architect and Incoming At-Large Director to the AIA National Board, Jessica Sheridan, explains why relationships and people are more important just design and ideas, why it’s okay to take your time with the AREs, and why getting experience with internships during her undergrad and MArch can make a huge difference in your transition from student life to starting your career.


063 - The Midnight Charette Podcast - How to Design Your Architecture Career

Hosts of The Midnight Charette Podcast, Architect, David Lee, with Architectural Designer, Marina Bourderonnet, dive deep into their own personal stories to share what inspires them every day to work in the architecture industry, why you shouldn’t be afraid to leave your current job role for another, and how to ask for more challenging or different tasks at work that will help you develop the career you want.


062 - Graciela Carrillo - How to Grow Your Network with the AIA

Architect at Cashin Associates, AIA Long Island Women in Architecture Co- Chair, AIA Young Architects Forum Regional Director and 2019 Presidential Elect of AIA Long Island, Graciela Carrillo, joins us to share how she went from being an architect in Colombia to the USA, how she buckled down and prepared for the AREs with excellent time management skills, and the key ingredient to live a work-life balance that makes you happy.


061 - Mark Dorsey - How to Be a Leader

CEO of the Construction Specifications Institute, Mark Dorsey, joins the Young Architect Podcast to share what you should look for in an association you’re interested in joining, how to be a leader in your network, and how to work with people of different backgrounds and personalities.


060 - Jaclyn Tyler - Managing Time, Family, and Projects

Architect, owner and president of Tyler Architecture and Planning PLLC, and future 2019 President of Westchester Hudson Valley AIA, Jaclyn Tyler, joins the Young Architect Podcast host, Michael Riscica, to discuss why she left her full-time job at a firm to begin her own, how she handles raising a family while running a start-up, the pros and cons of freelancing, and how to end stigmas within the architecture industry.


059 Wandile - Uncovering Your "Why" and Your Inner Mission

Ubuntu Design Group CEO & Co-Founder, Ambassador to One Young World, and Fellow for The Resolution Project, Wandile Mthiyane, has a goal to help his Durban, South African community be able to live in better, sustainable housing. As he talks to Young Architect host, Michael Riscica, about how he got to where he is today, you will learn all about his incredible journey of how he was able to receive the funding and support to study at the School of Architecture, Art & Design at Andrews...


058 Antoine Predock - Keeping Your Flame Alive

Renowned Architect, Antoine Predock, shares a lifetime of experiences, advice, and more in this week’s Young Architect Podcast with your host, Michael Riscica. In this episode, Antoine shares what it takes to be an architect, why architects have such incredible inner strength, and how to stay true to yourself, your beliefs, and your principles. Most of his work has been influenced by the state of New Mexico and a lot of his work is located in and around that state but all over the US as...


057 Christina Esser - How to Make a Difference with Open Architecture

Director of Membership at Open Architecture New York, Christina Esser, shares how she came to be involved not only in OACNY, but also with several other organizations including Rebuilding Together New Orleans, Day of Impact, and Architecture for Humanity. You’ll also hear her tips on overcoming adversity in the workplaces, how volunteer work can reveal both our strengths and weaknesses, and why she’s chosen to move on from design and try out construction management.


Nick Caravella Interviews Michael Riscic

Architect Nick Caravella interviews Young Architect host, Michael Riscica, about his career, the podcast, ARE Boot Camp, and beyond. Rather than me interviewing someone this week, we have previous guest, Nick Caravella, back on the Young Architect Podcast to properly interview me so that you can learn more about my background, who I am, and what aspirations I have for this website platform and podcast. It’s always great to chat with Nick and we discussed several different topics plus...


055 Michael Knouse - Understanding The Value of Coaching

One-on-One Business Performance Coach and host of The Startup Sessions Podcast, Michael Knouse, has worked with Young Architect Podcast host, Michael Riscica, for two years to help him develop his business including the ARE Boot Camp. Working with Michael K. has helped Michael R. so much in developing his own business that he asked him to share how he became a business coach and how someone like himself can help architects launch their own project, company, or side hustle. As you listen,...


054 Larry Fabbroni - Finding Your Voice in Architecture

Architect, Urban Designer, Former AIAS Carnegie Mellon President, Former AIAS National President, and current 2018 National Chair for the Young Architects Forum, Larry Fabbroni, joins the Young Architect Podcast to share his experience being involved in both AIAS and the Young Architects Form plus why the AREs credential are so valuable and how you can become a leader in the architecture industry.


053 Joseph Echavarria - Chronicling Architecture School

Architecture student, Joseph Echavarria, is currently working on his M.Arch at the Rhode Island School of Design. Besides working hard at finishing his degree, he’s the Mastermind behind the YouTube vlogging series, The Architecture School Chronicles, as well as the Life of a Designer series and creator of the Life of a Designer Podcast. As you tune into this episode, you’ll find out why he started vlogging, how he’s improved his technique, what he’s learned while in architecture school, and...


052 Bea Spolidoro - What You Can Learn About Leadership Through Volunteering

Architect Bea Spolidoro moved from Milan, Italy to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to pursue a career in architecture. Since moving there, she has learned many lessons and equipped herself with great skills and wisdom that all young professionals should hear. However, the most important factor for her in building a professional career is to volunteer. Not only to network, but to help others and build human interaction.


051 Bill Tripp - The Vital Importance of Developing a Skill for Drawing

Bill Tripp, Architect and Professor at both Portland State University and the University of Oregon, shares why he has such a great interest in sustainable architecture, his top tips for anyone struggling with drawing, why you should have different sketchbooks for various purposes, and what the true essence of mentorship is plus he uncovers the many layers of the language of architecture.


050 Michael Riscica - Taking Over the World

Here we are already at episode 50 of the Young Architect Podcast! Can you believe it? In this episode, I’m going to give you an update about what’s going on with me, Young Architect, and what projects I have coming up for the rest of 2018.


049 David Thaddeus - Creating Generations of Licensed Architects

University of North Carolina at Charlotte Professor, David Thaddeus, joins Michael to discuss the importance of education through travel, his thoughts on the ARE 5.0, and logical steps that architecture students should take when preparing and studying for their Architecture Registration Exams.


048 Ryan Misner - An Inside Look at the NCARB ARE Examination Process

Assistant Director of Examination Research at the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), Ryan Misner, sits down with Michael to talk about how he came to be involved in NCARB, the process of designing the ARE 5.0, the latest developments at NCARB, and what he and his team are doing to help aspiring architects do their very best on the AREs.


047 James Yankopoulos - Working Together to Make a Difference

Project Manager and NAC Chair for AIA New York State, James Yankopoulos, shares all of the different projects he has been involved in including Freedom by Design and the Center for Emerging Professionals. Plus, James walks us through what it’s been like to work for the government of New York City in housing development and how much he’s learned since starting his career.


046 Jamie Crawley - The Vital Importance of Collaboration

Architect and Director of Architecture at HA Architecture, Jamie Crawley shares his various experiences in the architecture and design industry. From teaching at Prairie View A&M University to taking the position as the 2015-2016 Co-Chair of the AIA Leadership Institute, Jamie has quite the background. Listen and learn how he’s helping young architects thrive plus how he balances it all by having a good understanding of time management and more.