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goop CEO and founder Gwyneth Paltrow and longtime goop collaborator Erica Chidi, CEO and cofounder of LOOM, take turns hosting the brightest thinkers and culture changers.

goop CEO and founder Gwyneth Paltrow and longtime goop collaborator Erica Chidi, CEO and cofounder of LOOM, take turns hosting the brightest thinkers and culture changers.


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goop CEO and founder Gwyneth Paltrow and longtime goop collaborator Erica Chidi, CEO and cofounder of LOOM, take turns hosting the brightest thinkers and culture changers.




Gwyneth Paltrow x Cassie Holmes: Does More Free Time Make Us Happier?

Cassie Holmes is a professor at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management and author of Happier Hour: How to Beat Distraction, Expand Your Time, and Focus on What Matters Most. In this episode, she explains why having more free time doesn’t necessarily make our lives more meaningful, and she shares strategies for reframing the hours that we do have so that they are more enjoyable, fulfilling, and productive. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit:...


Indigenous Teachings for Living Well

Chelsey Luger, coauthor of The Seven Circles: Indigenous Teachings for Living Well, on ancient Indigenous practices for well-being, more thoughtful ways to navigate cultural appropriation, and what we can all learn from our own ancestors. (Luger cowrote the book with her husband Thosh Collins and together they also started the Indigenous wellness initiative Well for Culture.) To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn...


Gwyneth Paltrow x Phil Stutz: The Power of Small Things

“Non-attachment says I can go for this thing, I can work as hard as I want to on it, but I’m also willing not to have it,” says legendary psychiatrist Phil Stutz. Stutz is known for his visualization exercises (called the tools) which he uses to help people overcome blocks to create lasting change. He joins GP to talk about why the tools work and how to tap into the invisible forces that collectively and individually move us forward. (After listening to this episode, be sure to watch Stutz,...


Caring for Aging Parents

Liz O’Donnell is an author and the founder of Working Daughter, a community for women navigating eldercare, career, family, relationships, and everything else in life. She joins cohost Erica Chidi to talk about being part of the sandwich generation that is caring for aging parents and growing children at the same time. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Gwyneth Paltrow x Lake Bell: How We Sound

GP catches up with her friend, actress Lake Bell. They talk about Bell’s fascination with the human voice and what she learned while researching her new audiobook, Inside Voice: My Obsession with How We Sound. In today’s conversation, GP and Bell unpack why we’re drawn to certain voices, the role that voice can play in gender and identity, the phenomenon known as the “sexy baby voice,” and why we hate listening to the sound of our own. To learn more about listener data and our privacy...


Your Pleasure Potential

Liz Goldwyn is a filmmaker, the founder of The Sex Ed (an online community and podcast dedicated to sexual well-being), and an author (her latest book is Sex, Health & Consciousness). Goldwyn joins Erica Chidi to talk about how she reframed her thinking around sex and desire. They talk about intentional celibacy as a tool for self-discovery, mutual masturbation, how to increase your porn literacy, and what we can learn from the fetish community. And at the end of the episode, Goldwyn shares...


Gwyneth Paltrow x Julia Boorstin: When Women Lead

“We all have the opportunity to unlock our personal traits that we may have discounted,” says Julia Boorstin, CNBC’s senior media and tech correspondent and author of When Women Lead. For her book, Boorstin interviewed many women leaders, GP among them. In her reporting, Boorstin found that successful female leaders shared a few common threads that helped them push through male-dominated industries. She shares these threads—and how we can all incorporate them into our daily lives to make...


The Roots of Chronic Inflammation

Shilpa Ravella is a transplant gastroenterologist and the author of A Silent Fire: The Story of Inflammation, Diet, and Disease, which explores the role of chronic inflammation in today’s diseases. She joins Erica Chidi to talk about how the modern diet and our current environment, including stress and trauma, could be impacting us. And Ravella shares the dietary and lifestyle practices that could be beneficial for both human and planetary health. To learn more about listener data and our...


Gwyneth Paltrow x Jennifer Freed: A Map to Your Soul

In today’s episode, GP is joined by psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed, PhD. Freed is the author of the new book A Map to Your Soul. In it, she explores how using the astrology of fire, earth, air, and water can help us live in alignment with our authentic selves—which Freed calls living a fully expressed life. GP and Freed talk about why we generally fear speaking our truth, the journey into self-acceptance, big friendship, romantic chemistry, and how to negotiate the different parts...


Gwyneth Paltrow x Brad Falchuk: What’s to Come

GP sat down with her husband, Brad Falchuk, to talk about turning 50. Falchuk shares his perspective on navigating milestones and changes as we age. They reflect on what their parents were like when they were 50 and how their own children have recontextualized their lives. They discuss stepparenting, reinventing second marriages, grief, and what they’re both looking forward to in their next chapter together. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit:...


A 7-Day Love Rx

Julie and John Gottman are renowned marriage experts and the cofounders of the Gottman Institute, where they provide couples with the tools to help them get their partnerships back on track. In their new book, The Love Prescription, the Gottmans share their research-based approach for strengthening relationships. They join Erica Chidi to talk about the small yet effective shifts that can help increase intimacy and connection over seven days. To learn more about listener data and our privacy...


Healing in a Toxic Culture

“Healing is becoming whole,” says Gabor Maté, MD. “You can cure something without that person becoming whole. Sometimes people become whole without being cured.” The acclaimed author is back with a new book, The Myth of Normal, which explores the links between illness, chronic stress, and our cultural and physical environments. He joins Erica Chidi to recontextualize the path toward health and healing. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit:...


Gwyneth Paltrow x Becky Kennedy: Finding the Good in Us

“Parents don’t repair with their kids because they’re in such a shame spiral,” says clinical psychologist Becky Kennedy. “But until you can find your own goodness under your latest bad behavior, you cannot go to your child from a place of generosity and connection.” Kennedy is a sought-after parenting coach, the founder of the global parenting community Good Inside, and author of Good Inside: A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be. She joins GP to talk about conscious parenting,...


Gwyneth Paltrow x Kat Cohen: Navigating the College Admissions Process

“The majority of learning I really believe happens outside of the classroom,” says Kat Cohen. “And you have to be surrounded by people who are different from you to expand your mind.” Cohen is an independent university admissions counselor and the founder of Ivywise, an educational consulting company that is helping to demystify the college admissions experience. She joins GP today to talk about the current landscape and her holistic approach to counseling students and families as they...


How to Set Boundaries

Nedra Glover Tawwab is a licensed therapist and the New York Times-bestselling author of Set Boundaries, Find Peace: A Guide to Reclaiming Yourself. She joins Erica Chidi to discuss the importance of maintaining boundaries, how to get comfortable advocating for yourself, and strategies for setting boundaries with our families. “The boundary is the space for you to stand up for yourself, assert your needs, and speak your values to the other people in your life,” says Tawwab. (In case you...


Gwyneth Paltrow x Esther Blum: Balancing Your Hormones

Integrative dietician and menopause expert Esther Blum joins GP today to talk about her approach for treating women during menopause. Blum shares her nutrition-based perspective on perimenopause and menopause, and her advice on treatment options, lifestyle recommendations, and ways to advocate for yourself through the process. After you listen, preorder Blum’s new book, See Ya Later, Ovulator, which comes out on October 4. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit:...


Understanding Your Brain

Chantel Prat is a brain researcher, a professor at the University of Washington, and the author of The Neuroscience of You: How Every Brain is Different and How to Understand Yours. She joins Erica Chidi to talk about how to better understand our individual brain strengths and why embracing our different brains can help open us up to more connection and understanding. Prat also breaks down what’s true and not true about left- and right-brained thinking, the best way to care for our brains as...


Gwyneth Paltrow x Michael Pollan: On Drugs

“All societies have drugs that they’re okay with and they draw these lines and they draw them in ways that can seem very arbitrary,” says Michael Pollan, New York Times–bestselling author of This Is Your Mind on Your Plants and host of the new Netflix series, How to Change Your Mind. GP interviewed Pollan about the relationship between humans and plants and how he initially became interested in psychoactive plants as an avid gardener. They talk about the value of caffeine, what surprised...


Gwyneth Paltrow x Selma Blair: Developing Self-Trust

“No one ever asked me if I was happy,” says Selma Blair. “And it’s such a big question.” The actress and author of the new memoir Mean Baby joins GP to talk about the journey that led to Blair’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis and how she’s come to embrace change at fifty. Blair explains how she found healing through books and writing, how she’s learned to be kinder to her younger self, and the forces that have shaped her as a mother. To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices...


Finding Stability and Meaning in Early Adulthood

“We don’t talk about this stage of life as being an exquisitely vulnerable time,” says psychotherapist Satya Doyle Byock, author of Quarterlife: The Search for Self in Early Adulthood. She joins Erica Chidi to talk about why society tends to overlook people in their early twenties and thirties and how to better support the transition into adulthood. They discuss historical examples of the quarterlife experience, and Byock shares her roadmap for navigating this period. To learn more about...