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Hosts Jeff Yang and Phil Yu present They Call Us Bruce, an unfiltered conversation about what's happening in Asian America.

Hosts Jeff Yang and Phil Yu present They Call Us Bruce, an unfiltered conversation about what's happening in Asian America.


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Hosts Jeff Yang and Phil Yu present They Call Us Bruce, an unfiltered conversation about what's happening in Asian America.




Episode 99: They Call Us Lynn Chen

Jeff and Phil welcome Lynn Chen, who wrote, directed, produced and stars in the movie I WILL MAKE YOU MINE. She talks about getting the "band" back together, the song that almost busted her budget, and completing the most low-budget movie trilogy ever.


Episode 98: They Call Us Renee Tajima-Pena

Jeff and Phil welcome filmmaker Renee Tajima-Pena, producer of the epic new PBS documentary series ASIAN AMERICANS. She talks about the stories no one tells you, how history repeats itself, and the challenges of condensing 150 years of history into a five-hour public television series.


Episode 97: They Call Us Andrew Ahn

Jeff and Phil welcome Andrew Ahn, director of the feature drama DRIVEWAYS, starring Hong Chau. He talks about making a movie to come out to his parents, getting accepted to the "Harvard" of film festivals, and working with the late Brian Dennehy on one of his last roles.


Episode 96: They Call Us Alice Wu

Jeff and Phil welcome Alice Wu, writer/director of the new Netflix feature THE HALF OF IT. They discuss her long-awaited follow-up to SAVING FACE, how her coming-of-age film speaks to Trump's America, and the $1000 check that scared her out of writer's block.


Episode 95: They Call Us COVID-19 Survivor

Jeff and Phil welcome Clement Chow, who contracted the coronavirus and was hospitalized with COVID-19. Fresh from quarantine, he shares about his experience in the ICU, making it to the other side, and The Good, The Bad and The WTF of surviving the disease.


Episode 94: They Call Us Alan Yang

Jeff and Phil welcome Alan Yang, writer/director of the Netflix film TIGERTAIL. They discuss why he wanted to make this multigenerational family saga, the golden age of Tzi Ma as Asian America's dad, and the Good, Bad and WTF of telling immigrant stories.


Episode 93: They Call Us Yul Kwon

Jeff and Phil welcome Yul Kwon, winner of Survivor: Cook Islands, who is back competing on the show's current season, Survivor: Winners at War. They discuss the "race war," Yul's reasons for returning to reality television, and if/how they'd all survive in a zombie apocalypse.


Episode 92: They Call Us Pandemic Parents

Jeff and Phil welcome Stephen Dypiangco, co-founder of Dadventures, and Theresa Kim Yang, educator and literary coach. They discuss parenting through the COVID-19 pandemic and trying to find normalcy while everything is definitely not normal.


Episode 91: They Call Us Social Distancing

Wash your hands. Stay home. Don't be racist. With this global pandemic underway, Jeff and Phil welcome Dr. Esther Choo to offer her perspective on the COVID-19 health crisis. They also break down The Good, The Bad, and The WTF of social distancing.


Episode 90: They Call Us Coronavirus

Jeff and Phil welcome blogger and scientist Jenn Fang, founder of They talk about COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus, and the social, cultural and public health implications of the current global outbreak. How's everybody feeling? Cough cough.


Episode 89: They Call Us That Movie From South Korea

Jeff and Phil check in to catch up and discuss The Good, The Bad and The WTF of recent weeks, including Parasite's historic night at the Oscars, the bittersweet end of Fresh Off The Boat, and Trump's truly terrible take on movies.


Episode 88: They Call Us Gene Luen Yang

Jeff and Phil welcome back their good friend, acclaimed graphic novelist Gene Luen Yang. He talks about his latest books DRAGON HOOPS, which follows the true story of a high school basketball team's championship season, and SUPERMAN SMASHES THE KLAN, which pits the Man of Steel against hooded racists.


Episode 87: They Call Us Oscar Nominations

Happy New Year! Jeff and Phil get back into it, just in time to debrief this year's Academy Award nominations. They talk about all the love for PARASITE, the lack of love for THE FAREWELL, and why the hell Scarlett Johansson got nominated twice.


Episode 86: They Call Us Jean Yoon & Andrea Bang

Jeff and Phil welcome friends from the north: Jean Yoon and Andrea Bang, stars of the hit Canadian sitcom KIM'S CONVENIENCE. They talk about their newfound recognition as TV stars, this Moment that Korea is having, and The Good, The Bad and WTF of family.


Episode 85: They Call Us Destin Daniel Cretton

Jeff and Phil talk to director Destin Daniel Cretton about his new film JUST MERCY, which tells the true story of death row defense attorney Bryan Stevenson. He also drops a few hints about an upcoming little Marvel movie called SHANG-CHI.


Episode 84: They Call Us Parasite

Jeff and Phil welcome TV writer Liz Alper to talk about the plight of assistants in the entertainment industry and organizing #PayUpHollywood. And then they geek out about Bong Joon Ho's PARASITE.


Episode 83: They Call Us Thankful

Recorded live at the Edison Theatre in Long Beach! For this special Thanksgiving-themed episode, Jeff and Phil welcome friends Tess Paras, Thuc Doan Nguyen and Shirley Li to talk politics, culture and the year in Asian America.


Episode 82: They Call Us The Asian American Film Canon

Jeff and Phil welcome Brian Hu, artistic director of the San Diego Asian Film Festival, to talk about the challenges and considerations of curating the Los Angeles Times' list of the 20 best Asian American films of the last 20 years. Film geekery ensues.


Episode 81: They Call Us Love Boat

We're talking about LOVE BOAT! Jeff and Phil discuss the infamous Taiwanese culture/language study tour with Valerie Soe, director of the documentary LOVE BOAT: TAIWAN, and Abigail Hing Wen, author of the forthcoming young adult novel LOVEBOAT, TAIPEI.


Episode 80: They Call Us Maulik Pancholy

Jeff and Phil welcome actor, advocate and author Maulik Pancholy, who talks about THE BEST AT IT, his new novel for young readers. They discuss 30 Rock, camel nuggets, Snake Americans, being true to yourself, and the Good, Bad and WTF of being The Best.