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208 - Why Leaders Need to be Storytellers [Enrollment closes today!]

So - today I’m talking about a BIG IDEA that’s deeply embedded in my Speaking Story course that is open right now… and that is this: Speakers are Leaders and Leaders are speakers… But what about the need for STORYTELLING as a leader? We have something to say - but a story to tell? And, are we willing to tell it? I want to make an argument for you why storytelling is THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL IN YOUR SPEAKING TOOLKIT.


207: The (real) ROI of a Powerful Story

I believe in the power and value of story. But what's the real VALUE of a story? I’ve helped people tell a story that landed a multi-million dollar deal. I’ve helped people tell a story that went viral on YouTube and Facebook. I’ve helped peoples stand in their own vulnerable story, and watched it move an audience - impact people - CREATE the emotion and feeling that ushers in change. So - let's talk about the REAL ROI on a powerful story.


206: The Biggest Questions I Get About Speaking Story

Enrollment is open for the Speaking Story course -all about helping you connect with and convert your audience through story. Doors close September 18th - join now!


205: Three Things To Cut From Your Stories

I’m a BIG BELIEVER in editing! Editing is one of those skills as a speaker we don’t often talk about - but I think of editing as a leadership tool. It forces you to decide not just what you’re going to say -= but what you aren’t. It forces you to amok some decisions about what’s most important, most needed. And as I was thinking about how editing interacts with storytelling - I kept thinking of a few “extra” things that seem to creep up in people’s stories, and that just don’t help you...


204: The Biggest Hangup Most Storytellers Face

This episode is brought to you by my NEW MASTERCLASS - “How to captivate your audience with story - without feeling like a failure on stage”… You know that feeling, right? - that feeling like you just didn’t CONNECT, things didn’t CLICK, that moment didn’t land… I have been having so many conversations with these amazingly brilliant people who are out there and just feeling like something’s not working…And getting things to work for you is my speciality. :) So, I want to invite you ALL to...


203: 3 Strategies To Be A Storytelling Pro

There are some pro strategies I've seen the pro storytellers use that ANY of us can use... and it will greatly affect the impact of your stories! Check them out:


202: Which Story Do I Share?

One of the biggest questions speakers ask themselves before starting a talk is… which story do I tell? We know stories are essential and powerful - but WHICH story can determine how well your audience connects with you, and your idea. Check out this week’s episode to learn the 8 qualities that can help you assess your story (plus - a free download to help you!).


201: The Magic is in the Every Day, Speakers

Here’s the truth: If you can’t see the magic in the every day, you won’t have a story to tell. But when we can see wonder and magic in the every day - and articulate its meaning - the stories will leap out at you, and those stories will move people.


200: Is Speaking Genetic?

So, yesterday I got a message from a friend of mine showing me the results of his 23andMe report.... saying that he was genetically predisposed to a fear of public speaking. (And he speaks quite a bit.) Hmmm! Interesting! By the end of the day, another 3 people had reached out with their own results on this same thing. (23andMe - nice marketing!) So... I HAVE OPINIONS!


199: 3 Ways to Protect Your Presentation Prep Time

People ask me all the time: How long should it take to prep for this big talk? My answer is typically: More than you think. With incredibly busy lives, juggling way more than one thing at a time - prepping for our talks often gets squeezed. Add onto that the mental and emotional challenge of developing a talk… well, avoidance and procrastination can take on a life of its own. I get it! It’s not easy to create space when the more seemingly urgent can easily jump to the front of the...


198: Why I'm Bringing More Joy to My Speaking - And You Should Too

JOY. There were all kinds of signs pointing me to JOY: a journal that jumped out to me at the craft store; our Christmas card; a talk I heard; my latest Netflix craze watching Marie Kondo “spark joy”… The universe has been laying down little pebbles for me on this one. But what does JOY have to do with you - and what does JOY have to do with speaking? I think Joy is an essential element of speaking that MOVES people. Not convinced? Take a listen:


197: How do we tell our stories with authenticity? (The Speaking Story Course is open!)

Movers, today is the final idea about how we can bring our idea to life through our Speaking Stories course that goes live Oct. 30th! If you are listening to this it means that the cart is open! After I talk with you about what it is - and why it is - I hope you’ll join us over the next few weeks while we bring our stories more to life and to your audience so it’s out there moving the world! Go to to sign up!


196: Three Core Beliefs We Need to Speak With Authenticity

Bringing your story to life… To do that, we need to believe some things - deep down - before we can take the stage with courage and authenticity. Last week I talked about Six Rookie Storytelling Mistakes (and what to do instead). But this week - in anticipation of the Speaking Story course that opens for enrollment this coming Friday - we are diving into three beliefs all of my speakers wrestle with to some level or another (and from one day to another)!


195: Outing the Story Behind My Speaking Superpower

One of my favorite parts of doing workshops is when I help people discover the ‘THING’ that makes their voice unique. The thing that is essential to them. The thing that, despite our misguided efforts to polish up, layer up and perfect our role as “speaker” (whatever that means!)… well, it still eeks out. :) Which, honestly, is a wonderful wonderful thing, and the HEART of AUTHENTICITY! I call it your Speaking Superpower. If we can own it - it’s powerful. Part of owning it is sharing...


194: Discovering Your Speaking Superpower

To my delight, authenticity has been a buzz word and goal of speakers for a long time. As “talks” have become a preferred and powerful platform for LEADERS (not just professional and motivational speakers), the door has opened to more and more people to share their stories in their own way. This, my friends/speakers/movers!, is a wonderful thing! As a presentation coach whose mission is to create talks that move the world (not to create talks that are perfect and overly polished and...


193: Six Rookie Storytelling Mistakes (and what to do instead)

What’s the biggest mistakes people make?… This is one of those questions I get again and again! and well, if we’re talking about Delivery or Preparation or Content development or Mindset - I answer them each differently. And today I want to answer it in the context of STORY… The 6 biggest rookie storytelling mistakes… so you won’t make them, too! Let’s dive in!


192: On Knowing When Your Story is Ready to Be Told

I remember watching this really famous speaker once tell a story that I KNEW she wasn’t ready to tell yet. It was too much - too powerful, still - still too emotionally raw… (And I’ve also seen speakers who are so far beyond their stories - that it doesn’t have any emotional resonance left. They’ve told it too many times, it’s lost its power for them… there’s no emotive connection left. It’s been used up. ) What struck me was that she was telling the story because she NEEDED to. It was a...


191: On the Problem with Credibility In Sharing Our Stories

Credibility is getting in the way of you sharing your story. What will they think of me if I share that one experience that doesn’t put me in the best of lights? What if I talk about how I failed? what if I share my biggest mistake?… will they still respect and admire me? Even though we’re told again and again - Queen Brene, you are PREACHING THIS - that people appreciate and admire the bravery of vulnerability… Especially in a work context, too many of us - to protect our...


190: On Making YOUR Story Matter to Others

So - today’s episode is getting us ready for that course… in the first episode of the series we talked about what an origin story is… and last week we talked about one of the biggest myths that keeps us from really sharing who we are and what we think… TAKING THAT ME ME ME (or what can sometimes FEEL like me me me) and turning it into US US US. Taking the personal, individual, specific…. and finding the universal in it. Which is THE POINT of sharing our stories. Because of course...


189: On What Might Be Holding You Back from Sharing Your Story

So today’s episode is based on a conversation I had with one of my speakers, who has also been a guest here on This Moved Me… I’m a HUGE fan of his, and he’s doing such important work. Tony Loyd. He’s the host of the Social Entrepreneur podcast, and he’s really building up his speaking work, because he’s so driven to get his ideas out into the world. He is NOT interested in getting HIMSELF out into the world… he’s So he’s a very typical - what I call - unspeaker. Despite the fact that he’s...