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A stream-of-consciousness podcast from singer/songwriter, etc., M. the Heir Apparent.

A stream-of-consciousness podcast from singer/songwriter, etc., M. the Heir Apparent.
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A stream-of-consciousness podcast from singer/songwriter, etc., M. the Heir Apparent.




Episode 19 - Good Living in Dying

The last-teenth episode. Discussed: My recent health symptoms, catastrophizing the implications, a co-worker's recent battle with a brain tumor, working as a crisis-line counselor, exploring ambivalence around the idea death and dying, Dr. Pimple Popper and the power of normalizing people's pain, death as a call to meaning-making in Tolstoy's "The Death of Ivan Ilyich," confronting my own cantankerousness at a screening of the Mr. Rogers biopic "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," losing...


Episode 18 - The Cult of Concept

The age-of-consent episode. Discussed: Our new social handles (@thisismpod) and email (, struggling to record this week's podcast, cultivating confidence, learning how to talk to girls, creative concept vs. entertainment value, the music of Steve Reich ("It's Gonna Rain" and "Music for 18 Musicians"), the latest Robert Eggers film ("The Lighthouse"), Thomas Pynchon's "Gravity's Rainbow" and the novel-as-phallus, Arvo Pärt's return to minimalism ("Für Alina" and "Cantus...


Episode 17 - Hokey Pokey Philosophy

The seventeenth episode. Discussed: A fair-minded review of the podcast, the intelligence of the podcast listeners, thoughtful comments from fans of my early music, a poignant (and profound) moment visiting the elders of my girlfriend's family, the self-importance of your own story, resigning yourself to living an ordinary life, and a brief critique of the most recent Robert Eggers film, "The Lighthouse." Music: "Adventure" by Disasterpeace.


Episode 16 - Crime and Punishment

The sweet-sixteenth episode, in four parts. Discussed: Part 1 - police interrogation videos on YouTube, To Catch a Predator, the Jussie Smollett scandal, getting punched in the face, and victimhood as currency; Part 2 - assessing my teachers this semester, announcing our podcast MVP, anxiety, and the "cushion of experience"; Part 3 - Dostoyevsky, getting caught smoking at boarding school, my grades this semester, and the cosmic law in Crime and Punishment; Part 4 - being sick, recounting my...


Episode 15 - Milquetoast Life

The last episode of 2019. Discussed: My Thanksgiving "staycation" weekend with the girlfriend, seeing Cirque du Soleil in San Francisco and the fear of witnessing an accident, etiquette for servers, encountering an old "regular" from my own serving days at dinner and observing the pitfalls of living a milquetoast life, a 12 mile hike at Point Reyes, seeing the latest Bong Joon-ho film "Parasite" (highly recommended!) with a nod to other great Korean films of the last few years ("The...


Episode 14 - Thirsty

The fourteenth episode. Discussed: Being out of breath, the opera "Das Rheingold," a satire of Horace (I, iv), presenting your "photo face" to the world, "thirsty" social media posts, the consequences of finishing my father's water on a trip to New York City as a child, "The Drama of the Gifted Child" by Alice Miller, privilege as a mitigated boon, the dual system model of behavior, and pleasure derived from feeling better than other people. Music: "Adventure" by Disasterpeace.


Episode 13 - Book of Changes

The Death Card episode. Discussed: Noah Gabbard (R.I.P.), my largely non-religious upbringing, the tedium of the Bible, discovering Carl Sagan along with atheism/skepticism, and the story of how I stumbled on (or was led to re-discover) the I Ching, or Book of Changes. Mentioned: Noah Gabbard (Bombs for the Bored, HAIRSPRAYFIREANDGIRLS). Music: "Adventure" by Disasterpeace.


Episode 12 - Braved Togetherness

The dirty-dozenth episode. Discussed: Struggling with yourself and feeling like a werewolf because of it, seasonal affective disorder and sleeping through class this morning, in-camera effects and horror movies (The Exorcist, Dracula, The Blair Witch Project, etc.), feeling skeptical about self-care, laughing at Apple's "new" Bedtime feature for iPhone, Queen Latifah's recent self-care commercial for Cigna, brands who pander to the cultural climate, liberal buzzwords, super self-serious...


Episode 11 - Hit With the Spirit

The eleventh episode. Discussed: My appreciation for your positive feedback, [edited for content], being the Dean Koontz of podcasts, the films of Ruben Östland (Force Majeure, The Square) and Sean Baker (Tangerine, The Florida Project) vs. movies like Moonlight, building up this varsity level audience, the seasonal quality of celebrity, the creative virtue of the video game The Witness, and getting hit with the spirit of high art. Music: "Adventure" by Disasterpeace.


Episode 10 - Phantom Thread

The first double-digit episode. Discussed: My creative collaborator, Gawain Mathews, the last three Paul Thomas Anderson films (There Will Be Blood, The Master, and Phantom Thread), feeling physically and psychologically defeated while running, deferring to other people's opinions, and classic anime movies. Mentioned: Gawain Mathews (musician/engineer/producer). Music: "Adventure" by Disasterpeace.


Episode 9 - Oh, Really?

The re-recorded ninth episode. Discussed: Ancestry and adoption, the movies "Good Will Hunting" and "Searching for Bobby Fischer," heroism and human nature as depicted in the movie "Force Majeure," witnessing a traumatic car accident, being attacked by a dog, reports from suicide attempt survivors ("The Bridge," documentary), the Oakland Ghost Ship fire that killed 36 people in 2016, and the surreal experience of your eventual death. Mentioned: Ned Buskirk (You're Going to Die), Stephen...


Episode 8 - Poop Stains

The hateful eighth episode. Discussed: Performing with Matt Nathanson at Wente Vineyards in Livermore yesterday, yawning, Jack Conte's advice to "publish at eighty-percent", and a dusting of other topics. Mentioned: Jack Conte (Scary Pockets, Patreon), Brian Bergeron (music), Jefferson Bergey (music). Music: "Adventure" by Disasterpeace.


Episode 7 - State of the Union

The "Slevinth" episode. Discussed: A state of the union-type commentary on my creative life over the last few years and on seriously considering shifting my creative focus away from music and songwriting towards wherever the podcast is leading me. Mentioned: Gawain Mathews (producer/engineer), Jack Conte (Pomplamoose/Scary Pockets, Patreon), Jake Coco (music), Pat Hull (music). Music: "Adventure" by Disasterpeace.


Episode 6 - Wheezing the Juice

The sixth episode. Discussed: The importance of *yawn* sleep, performative people, squandering money and power, hydration, revisiting history, Life is Beautiful ("Buongiorno, Principessa!"), my seventh grade English teacher, the state of the podcast, time slipping away, and my encroaching cultural irrelevance. Mentioned: Or, the Whale (music). Music: "Adventure" by Disasterpeace.


Episode 5 - Mother's Makeup

The fifth episode. Discussed: The cadence of comedy, using silence as a skill, and an unexpected interruption leads to the topic of embarrassing stories, including an emotional experience when your boy was shamed for using his mother's makeup. Music: "Adventure" by Disasterpeace.


Episode 4 - Pristine Sneaker Life

The fourth episode. Discussed: Everything else is just prologue to talking about pooping, and trying to live that Pristine Sneaker Life! Music: "Adventure" by Disasterpeace


Episode 3 - The Lava Claim

The magic number episode. Discussed: The jewel of this episode is a reading of "The Lava Claim," a hilarious short story by my friend, Brad Sanzenbacher. Otherwise, we discuss my noise sensitivity, navigating fear on stage, and getting in a fight with my girlfriend's neighbor. Mentioned: Brad Sanzenbacher (writing). Music: "Adventure" and "Home" by Disasterpeace.


Episode 2 - S.A.D.

The second episode. Discussed: The composer of our theme music (Disasterpeace), creative confidence, Macbeth, work ethic, seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.), the importance of exercise, and becoming a de-motivational speaker. I also make fun of your "questions," and beam about my brother's dog. Mentioned: Matt Evans (Sleepy Holler/Reddening West; music), Megan Slankard (music), Adam Faucett (music). Music: "Adventure" by Disasterpeace.


Episode 1 - The Curious Case of Adam Duritz's Hair

The first episode. Discussed: The checkered history of my musical influences and some other stuff, but mostly Adam Duritz from the Counting Crows, the curious case of his hair, and the time I told him to "get the fuck out of my way." I also answer your questions from Instagram. Mentioned: Tom Rhodes (music), Aaron Marsh (comedy), Kyle Williams (music). Music: "Adventure" by Disasterpeace.


Episode 0 - Ahoy!

The pilot episode. Discussed: School, speaking, self-care, self-esteem, self-consciousness, scars, the cis-male gaze, self-sabatoge, screen time, social justice, and selling systems of belief. Mentioned: Jeff Campbell (music), Annah Anti-Palindrome (music), Pat Hull (music). Music: "Adventure" by Disasterpeace.