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Tight Pencils is a podcast about drawing, the creative process, and other junk. Hosted by Kevin Budnik

Tight Pencils is a podcast about drawing, the creative process, and other junk. Hosted by Kevin Budnik
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Tight Pencils is a podcast about drawing, the creative process, and other junk. Hosted by Kevin Budnik




Goombo HAS Been Found (with Sara Goetter)

Sara Goetter is the author of the webcomic Boozle and co-author of Dungeon Critters (coming in 2020 from First Second). Sara joins Kevin to talk about frogs, Goombas, and Bowsette. Sara's website: http://sgoetter.com/about/ Hell Yell Comics on itch.io https://hellyellcomics.itch.io/ Bowsette: An Introduction - Petrana Radulovic (Polygon.com) https://www.deviantart.com/allthestuffilike94/art/Princess-Peach-Goomba-203588159


"Fiaca" (with Paloma Hernando)

Paloma Hernando is half of the Dandelion Wine Collective. Kevin and Paloma talk about children's movies, staying connected online, discord, AIM, and FlameCon Paloma's website https://www.palomahernando.com/ Dandelion Wine Collective on Twitter @soolagna_ebooks Marge Simpson Anime


Episode Sixty-Three: Michael Sweater

Micael Sweater joins Kevin to talk about embarking on large projects and the negative influences of social media on art. Michael's Website Show Notes: Benji Nate Silver Sprocket Locust Moon Rob Woods Frank Santoro grid Fundamentals The Oatmeal Adam Ellis - guy who draws the same comics over and over for Buzzfeed Ctrl+Alt+Del


Episode Sixty-Two: John-Charles Holmes

John-Charles Holmes joins Kevin to talk about writing fun characters and personality driven comics John-Charles' website read Spookydate notes: Oreo Os Waffle Crisp American Elf


Episode Sixty-One: Andrea Bell

Andrea Bell talks to Kevin about work habits, social media pros & cons, and processing emotions through vulnerability. Andrea's Website Andrea on Instagram Discussed in this episode: The Pomodoro Technique Scott McCloud Brené Brown TED Talks


Episode Sixty: Bianca Xunise

Bianca Xunise joins Kevin to talk about listening. Also discussed in the episode - representation for women of color, our relationship with the police, comics as a way to open up conversation between cultures, and Cool Spot. Bianca is on twitter @biancaxunise Find her work, including her pieces for The Nib on her website biancaxunise.com mentioned in this episode: Samurai Champloo Amanda Scurti's piece Disability in the Age of Trump via The Nib Tight Pencils Episode 51 w/ Amanda Scurti Tank...


Episode Fifty-Nine: Kate Leth

Kate Leth is a bestselling writing and cartoonist living in LA, by way of Canada, specializing in teen and all-ages stories for both page and screen. You can find her licensed comics work in Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat for Marvel, as well as series such as Vampirella, Girl Over Paris, Edward Scissorhands, Fraggle Rock and three Adventure Time graphic novels. Her creator-owned work includes the all-ages Power Up from Boom Studios, the romantic high school adventure School Spirit, and the...


Episode Fifty-Eight: Shivana Sookdeo

Shivana Sookdeo joins Kevin to talk about generation resentment between artists, creating while living with depression, and a background in psychology that she utilizes to cope with her depression Shivana's Website


Episode Fifty-Seven: Shan Murphy

Shan Murphy is an illustrator, cartoonist, and recent graduate from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Shan makes poignant comics about loneliness and personal growth. In this episode, Shan and Kevin talk about the universal feelings of insecurity and trying to find a place in comics. Shan's Website


Episode Fifty-Six: Sara Lautman

Sara Lautman sits down to talk about how she started drawing cartoons Sara Lautman is an artist living in Baltimore. Her cartoons are published with The New Yorker, Mad, Playboy, Jezebel and on her own blog. Her most recent collection, Black and White Diary Comics, February-December 2017, is available from Birdcage Bottom Books. http://saralautman.com/


Episode Fifty-Five: Eric Kubli

Eric Kubli is a graphic designer and illustrator from Ohio. Now living in Oakland California, Eric has been working on a comic series called Northlake Magic. Issue three of Northlake was just released digitally, and in this episode Eric talks to us about how he began the series. We also talk about video games and communicating with your friends over the internet, two things that provide inspiration and support for Eric in his work Eric' Website Visit Eric's Gumroad shop to download Northlake...


Episode Fifty-Four: Hannah Fisher

Hannah Fisher is a cartoonist based in Seattle. She is the author of the webcomic Cosmoknights and is currently coloring Coady and the Creepies, for Boom! In this episode Hannah joins Kevin to talk about nerdy genre comics and giving agency to female characters. Hannah's Website Read Cosmoknights


Episode Fifty-Three: Kelsey Wroten

Kelsey Wroten is a freelance illustrator and comics artist from Kansas City, MO, now living in Brooklyn, NY. We talk about the grand philosophy of storytelling through comics, and a little peek at Kelsey's book with Uncivilized Books slated to come out in 2018 Also, a beer and some cat noises find more of Kelsey's work at kelseywroten.com


Episode Fifty-Two: Mike Budnik, My Dad

In this episode, I talk to my Dad about how it felt raising a child who wants to pursue a career in art


Episode Fifty-One: Amanda Scurti

Amanda Scurti is a Queens, NY based illustrator and cartoonist. She has worked as a colorist for Fresh Romance, and We Can Never Go Home. She is currently drawing FABIOLA & YLINI, a YA graphic novel, for Oni Press. In this episode, Amanda tells us about her experience freelancing as well as working on a team. Also, Kevin clumsily editorializes about art school and the future of illustration. Find more of Amanda's work on here website: http://www.amandascurti.com/ Follow Amanda on twitter...


Episode Fifty: Carta Monir

Carta Monir makes intimate comics about identity and technology. She self-published "Meet n' Fuck," a comic about sex-sim games, in 2016. Her new work, "Secure Connect" will be available soon from 2d cloud. Carta is also the co-host of We Should Be Friends, a sincere and positive podcast about comics In this episode Carta reflects on her experiences writing about trans identity, sexuality on the internet, and struggling with the question of whether or not her comics could or should alienate...


Episode Forty-Nine: Meredith Park

Meredith Park is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Hamilton, Ontario. Her diary comics capture dream-like sequences of anxiety, love, and depression. She uses impressionistic color to convey moods and feelings that and depth to her fragile words and lines. In this episode, Kevin and Meredith compare and contrast their philosophies on journal comics Meredith's website


Episode Fourty-Eight: Rob Kirby and the Best of 2016

Rob Kirby is an accomplished cartoonist, and an editor of several anthologies including QU33R (Ignatz winner 2014, best anthology), What's Your Sign, Girl?, and The Shirley Jackson Project. We talk about Rob's origins in the alternative comics community. Through the culture of queer zines and journal comics, Rob found a place and a voice that marries the two worlds. Rob's Website QU33R, available from Northwest Press What's Your Sign, Girl? and The Shirley Jackson Project, available from...


Episode Forty Seven: Aatmaja Pandya

Aatmaja Pandya is the guest! We talk about her work on the visual novel Rose of Winter, as well as her webcomic Travelogue. Also, we discuss webcomics in general, and the way we've learned to tell stories through comics. Aatmaja's website Rose of Winter on Steam Travelogue Gawain's Girlfriend and the Green Knight by Polly Guo Connor Brown, author of The Grrls Are All Right - that comic Kevin got at CALA Mystery Flavor Podcast - Hosted by Kristine Thune and Eric Kubli Amuse Bouche Podcast -...


Episode Forty-Six: Talya Modlin

Kevin and guest Talya Modlin talk about returning to making art after an intense period of depression using methods and media that make oneself enjoy the work. If you like this episode and want to see more of Talya's work, check out Blimpakind - Talya's Comics universe (which we didn't actually get around to mentioning on the show) Blimpakind Talya's website Follow Talya on instagram @uncletaltal