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A fortnightly exploration into the creepiest corners of the Marvel Universe!

A fortnightly exploration into the creepiest corners of the Marvel Universe!
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A fortnightly exploration into the creepiest corners of the Marvel Universe!






TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 25 – Dracula Bites Back

Greetings, Tomb Believers! This week James and Trey sink their teeth into not one but THREE stories featuring the lord of vampires himself, Dracula! Plus, they finally get around to finishing the second part of that Man-Wolf origin story. In between, they also find time to talk about some recent Marvel comics announcements, Hammer horror, and much more! This week’s comics include: Dracula Lives #3 – “Lord of Death…Lord of Hell,” “Castle of the Undead,” & “Shadow in the City of Light” Amazing...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 24 – “Requiem for a Night Monkey”

Welcome Back, Tomb-Believers, In this episode, James and Trey are left reeling from a personal tragedy, but worry not fright fans, because they still find the time to review the last of our titles from September 1973 with: TOMB OF DRACULA #12 “Night of the Screaming House!” STRANGE TALES #169 “Brother Voodoo!” WEREWOLF BY NIGHT #9 “Terror Beneath the Earth!” Who says they aren’t the hardest working, most self-sacrificing hosts in all of podcastdom? …besides everyone, that is. Ex-HELL-sior!...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 23 – “Pink O’Clock”

Hello again Tomb-Believers, Rev up your choppers and watch out for surprise werewolves, because it’s time for an all-new episode of Tomb of Ideas! Join our intrepid hosts James and Trey as they journey to the fantastic fjords of Scandinavia for MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN #5, “The Monster Walks Among Us”! Then take a detour to the Everglades for another exciting (and environmentally conscious) excursion with the Man-Thing in ADVENTURE INTO FEAR #16, “Cry of the Native,” And finally, grab your...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 22 – “The Showa Caper”

Welcome back Tomb-Believers, It’s time to tighten your neck bolts and put on your space helmet (in that order) because a whole new episode of TOMB OF IDEAS is on the interwebs! First, our haggard hosts begin the episode with some dizzying discussion of the Marvel Cinematic news from the hallowed Hall H of San Diego Comic Con. But before you go thinking this is a Marvel movie podcast we also start our coverage of September 1973 with MONSTERS UNLEASHED #2 “Frankenstein 1973!” and, because you...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 21 – “Exposition & Exhibition”

Welcome back Tomb-Believers, This episode, we finish the Marvel Horror Comics from August of 1973 with MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #11 “Season of the Witch-Woman!” and ADVENTURE INTO FEAR #15 “From Here to Infinity!” So throw on your halter tops and short shorts to enjoy this delicious duo of dread! Ex-HELL-sior! -Gravely Send your feedback to, our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter @TombofIdeas. The post TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 21 – “Exposition & Exhibition” appeared first on...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 20 – “Red, Werewolves, and Blue”

Welcome back Patriotic Tomb-Believers, It it once again time to celebrate that country we love (those of our listeners in the US anyway, Tomb-Believers abroad will have to bear with us) on this July 4th eve, and what better way to celebrate America than a bunch of slobbering beast prone to uncontrollable spells of violence! That’s right, we’re talking about werewolves lurking in the pages of Marvel Comics from August of 1973 with CAPTAIN AMERICA #164 “Queen of the Werewolves!”, WEREWOLF BY...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 19 – “Dance of the Vampires”

Welcome back Tomb-Believers, On this episode of the TOMB OF IDEAS: A MARVEL HORROR PODCAST, we bring you more bloodsuckers than Peter Cushing could shake a stake at with the debut of another black and white, magazine-sized anthology in the form of: VAMPIRE TALES #1 (June 1973) Then, we check in again with our dear Old Uncle Drac in a tale teeming with blood, bikers, and VOODOO in TOMB OF DRACULA #11 (August 1973) So if you’re the squeamish type, bring your garlic and crucifix, because this...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 18 – “Voodoo Socialist Revolution”

Welcome back Comrade Tomb-Believer, Zombies of the world, rise up! Join us as we take part in the VOODOO SOCIALIST REVOLUTION with an episode packed to the rafters with tales of the walking dead (no, not that one). We start with another mighty Marvel magazine monster from with the introduction of Simon Garth in TALES OF THE ZOMBIE #1 (July 1973) Then we learn to walk like an Egyptian with another Marvel Horror introduction from SUPERNATURAL THRILLERS VOL 1 #5 “THE LIVING MUMMY”. We pray you...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 17 – “The Chicken Man Cometh”

Welcome back, Tomb-Believers! Trey and James return from their brief excursion last episode to bring you a whole new trio of terror with three torrid tales straight from the legendary Marvel Bullpen of July 1973: First up, we meet everyone’s favorite daywalker. That’s right, it’s BLADE, THE VAMPIRE HUNTER in TOMB OF DRACULA #10, “His Name is… BLADE!,” Next we have a savage tale of sutures and snow in MONSTER OF FRANKENSTEIN #4 with “Death of the Monster!,” Finally, we return to the circus...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 16 – “The Great Escape”

Welcome back, Tomb Believers! Despite the explosive events of last episode, this special on-the-road episode of TOMB OF IDEAS has much of what you’ve come to expect from our audacious audio accomplishments: A review of a horrifying Marvel Mag (specifically DRACULA LIVES #2)? ☑ A discussion of JOE BOB BRIGGS one-man-show “HOW REDNECKS SAVED HOLLYWOOD” that goes off on weird tangents? ☑ Podcasters bursting into song? ☑ An EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with former MARVEL Editor-in-Chief and writer ROY...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 15 – “Raindrops Keep Falling On My KILL!!!”

You’re in for a treat, Tomb-Believers! It’s an all-new, explosive episode of the TOMB OF IDEAS, jam-packed with all of our horror heavy hitters from June of 1973, such as: Werewolf By Night #6 “Carnival of Fear” Tomb of Dracula #8 “Death From The Sea” Marvel Spotlight #10 “The Coming of.. Witch-Woman!” Fear #14 “The Demon Plague!” It’s a killer quartet of four-color frights in an episode with the most shocking ending this side of Westeros! You can’t afford not to listen to the very end!...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 14 – “Return to the House of Kane!”

Welcome back, Tomb-Believers! After last episode’s offbeat other-worldly occurrences, we’re almost as happy as you, our legion of loving listeners, to return to our regularly scheduled programming! And what programming it is, ardent audiophiles, as we (finally) continue our coverage of the frightful funny books coming out in May of 1973, with: Tomb of Dracula #8 “The Hell-Crawlers..” Frankenstein #3 “The Monster’s Revenge!” Werewolf By Night #5 “A Life for a Death” It’s a trio of terror not...


TOMB OF MIDNIGHT: Episode 13 – “Well I’ll be Super-Amalgamated!”

Welcome Back Tomb-Believers, Once again it is Midnight, the Podcasting Hour here in the Tomb, and James, Ryan, and Trey return with a look at: SPEED DEMON #1 “Demon’s Night” (April 1996) and BAT-THING #1 “Someone to Watch Over Me” (June 1997) A peerless pair of premiere publications from the nifty nineties for our trio of captive commentators. Who says this isn’t the Amalgam Age of podcasts!? Not us, that’s who! -Frightful & Gravely The post TOMB OF MIDNIGHT: Episode 13 – “Well I’ll be...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 12 – “Are You Flerken Kidding Me!?”

Getting this one in under the wire, Tomb Believers! But have no fear, because we have a BLOCKBUSTER of audio awesomeness for your eager ears In this extra-long episode we discuss three proud products of April 1973 with Fear #13, “Where Worlds Collide!”, Marvel Spotlight #9, “The Snakes Crawl at Night..” And debuting in the episode, the first of Marvel’s fabled magazine line we’re coming on the show, DRACULA LIVES #1 If all this wasn’t enough to set the old blood pumping, we also have James &...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 11 – “Chekov’s Net Gun, Bo!”

Welcome back, Tomb Believers! We have a saying around here in the Tomb, ‘If you care about something, you care enough to do it twice!” and that is true for this episode of TOMB OF IDEAS, which we cared enough to record it twice. (All that talk of lost audio just what is a ghoul even more loathsome than myself would call “FAKE NEWS!”) In this episode: MARV WOLFMAN takes the reins of everyone’s favorite caped neck nibbler with Tomb of Dracula #7 “Night of the Death Stalkers!” (March, 1973)...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 10 – “The One with All the Outtakes”

Greetings Tomb Believers! Well it happens to everyone I suppose. Rats chewed through some electrical wires and we lost most of the original audio for Episode 10. Yet, have no fear discerning listeners, because we’ve been saving up a cavalcade of outtakes for just such an occasion! Listen as James and Trey discuss Chucky, Dungeons & Dragons, sleazy horror of the 1980’s and so much more! And before you get your Man-Thing underoos in too much of a twist, we’ll be back with an all new episode...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 9 – “The Master Would Not Approve”

Welcome back, Tomb Believers, to the All-New, All-Different TOMB OF IDEAS!!! What’s new you ask? Why we’re now a proud part of the CINEPUNX PODCAST GROUP, and how better to celebrate with a weird and different mix of comics? On this episode, we cover: Silver Surfer v1 #7 “The Heir of Frankenstein” (April 1969) Incredible Hulk 164 “Among Us Walks… the Golem” (December 1970) Marvel Spotlight #8 “…The Hordes of Hell!” (February 1973) Adventures into Fear #12 “No Choice of Colors!” (February...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 8-“The Modern Podmetheus”

Welcome back, Tomb Believers! We’ve stitched together a great set of shows for you this month, a month we’re calling FRANKUARY, and after you see the comics we have lined up for you, we think you’ll know way. First up, adapted from Mary Shelley’s scifi/horror classic we have: Monster of Frankenstein #1 “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” (January 1973) Then we return to that caped cornerstone of the podcast: Tomb of Dracula #6 “The Moorlands Monster!” (January 1973) Rounding out the podcast with...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 7- After Dark

Welcome back, Tomb Believers! It was bound to happen eventually: You put two unwilling podcasters in a tomb with a supply of booze and comic books, and then have them record at a late hour. You were bound to get the bit of scintillating silliness we’re calling TOMB OF IDEAS: AFTER DARK. As for the four-color funny books our pickled presenters will discuss in this most special of special episodes, we proudly present the debut outing of one Mr. STEVE GERBER with: Adventure into Fear #11 “Night...


TOMB OF IDEAS: Episode 6- Man-Thing’s Guide to Redneck Parenting

Welcome back, Tomb Believers! It’s the start of a new year here in the tomb, but we ain’t forgettin’ nothin’ with the rolluckin’ return of the meandering muck known as MAN-THING, now headlining his (it’s?) very own title with : Adventure into Fear #10 “Man-Thing!” (October 1972) Meanwhile, that flaming phantom, who’s one tire short of a tricycle, GHOST RIDER returns in Marvel Spotlight #6 “Angels from Hell!” (October 1972) Everyone’s favorite Fang-Daddy continues his journey through the...