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Ed, Kit and Martin go chronologically through the singles releases of The Beatles, discussing what inspired the band in the charts, and any links there were with other artists.


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Ed, Kit and Martin go chronologically through the singles releases of The Beatles, discussing what inspired the band in the charts, and any links there were with other artists.




Bonus Episode! Live-ish from the Chicago 2023 Fest for Beatles Fans

Live (on Tape and edited) from the SEATAC room in Chicago, Illinois - it's "Toppermost of the Poppermost" with Ed Chen and Kit O'Toole. Marv was present in spirit. So may I introduce to you, the act you've known for all these years (well, at least one!) If you want the "Rockshow" version rather than the "Wings over America" style presentation, look for the video on YouTube!


August 1963 (side B)

Brian Wilson and his love of close harmony (see Freshman, Four) appear, leaders of the surf trend. Your boyfriend's back, your baby's gone surfin' and neither has grown the Beatle haircut that will become so visibile in less than half a year!


August 1963 (side A)

The summer of 1963 rolls on, and the Beatles introduce an unsuspecting audience to their next single "She Loves You". Meanwhile, the charts roll on, and the acts who will be known as the "British Invasion" a year later are making their presence known in the homeland.


July 1963 (side B)

July of 1963 in the United States. Still no sign of the British invasion, but an interesting selection of songs ranging from terrible to all-time classics. Danke Schoen, Trini Lopez, Joey Dee and a Surfin Hootenanny!


July 1963 (side A)

Mortal Enemies? Mozart and Salieri? Mick and Keith, John Paul and George. A new band is on the charts with a song they are not big fans of, signed to a contract because George Harrison was kind enough to offer them as a recommendation. Tune in to learn about Andrew Loog Oldham's band, and how they were helped by the "four headed monster"


June 1963 (side B)

The Billboard charts for June 1963. VeeJay is pushing "From Me To You" in the papers, and Del Shannon brings his cover into the world. All this and more.


June 1963 (side A)

June of 1963. The crossroads of past, present and future. Paul McCartney turned 21, John Lennon appeared on "Juke Box Jury", and The Beatles compete with Gerry and the Pacemakers for the top of the British charts.


May 1963 (side B)

The American charts for May 1963 show almost no sign of the forthcoming British invasion. Despite that, new acts are popping, while stalwarts like Dion and Tony Bennett (not to mention Rick Nelson) continue their run.


May 1963 (side A)

The Beatles continue their reign atop the British charts, while other NEMS and George Martin acts look to challenge. This month: Billy J Kramer with two Lennon-McCartney songs starts his rise.


April 1963

April 1963! The Beatles unveil Please Please Me, the George Martin empire starts to take hold, and the old ways start to crumble. Will Gerry and the Pacemakers overtake the Beatles? Will any of these guys ever make it in the States? Stay tuned...


March 1963 (side B) - The American charts

As promised, the B-side of our look at March 1963. Kit, Ed and Martin dive into the American Charts. Rick Nelson, Henry Mancini, Motown and more.


March 1963 (side A)

The reigning pop stars of the first half of 1963? The Beatmakers! Please Please me was mostly, but not unanimously number one in the UK, but such a question does not exist for "How Do You Do It". George Martin was correct, the tune from Mitch Murray and Brian's "next big thing", Gerry and the Pacemakers follows on the Beatles Liverpool success with a new chart-topper. Too much to say for one show, so the American charts for March 1963 will soon be available as a flip-side!


February 1963

As Please Please Me zooms up the British charts, we look at the other contenders for "the next big thing." Blue Grass? Bossa Nova? Tune in and figure it out!


January 1963

A New Year. The Beatles start traveling the country with headliners such as Helen Shapiro, Chris Montez an Tommy Roe. The "Please Please Me" single is released and starts its rise while Ross MacManus lead the Joe Loss Orchestra.


December 1962

December 1962. Love Me Do continues its run through the British charts as Motown, the Beach Boys and others prepare for the new phenomenom with their own volleys.


November 1962

Love Me Do continues its climb up the charts in the UK, and the Beach Boys peek in on the US charts.


October 1962

It all starts here. Love Me Do Enters the Charts, October 1962.


0. Welcome to Toppermost of the Poppermost!

This is the trailer "episode 0" of "Toppermost of the Poppermost", hosted by Ed Chen, Kit O'Toole and Martin Quibell. Ever wondered what was on the charts at the same time as the Beatles. This show will explore the friends, collaboratores, influencers and infliuenced as we more through the 1960's.