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Magicians Talking Magic A podcast for magicians and fans of the art of magic as seen through the sleeves of a touring magician. Featuring Magicians Talking Magic with Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed Watch episodes at Magicians Masterclass:

Magicians Talking Magic A podcast for magicians and fans of the art of magic as seen through the sleeves of a touring magician. Featuring Magicians Talking Magic with Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed Watch episodes at Magicians Masterclass:
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Magicians Talking Magic A podcast for magicians and fans of the art of magic as seen through the sleeves of a touring magician. Featuring Magicians Talking Magic with Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed Watch episodes at Magicians Masterclass:




Publicity Stunt Mysteries Revealed

Successful magicians think outside the box on-stage and off. We discuss publicity stunts, getting attention and more! TOPICS COVERED | Publicity Stunts for Magicians | Getting Media Attention | Magician Marketing | Reddit Magic Forum | Beginner Card Magic | Max Maven | Michael Ammar | POST PAGE-->


Is Kreskin Watching, Magicians EPK & Apps for Magic

Strange things happen when we start talking about the Amazing Kreskin The INSTANT we started talking about Amazing Kreskin, this happened. Seriously weird! We recorded three podcasts BUT only when we talk about Amazing Kreskin! TOPICS COVERED: The Amazing Kreskin on Talk is Jericho, Magician Apps, Magicians EPK, OWOW Magic Festival, Marketing for Magicians, Performance Advice, Magician Branding, OWOW Magic Festival POST PAGE:...


Ep07 MagiciansTalkingMagic Podcast

We are two full-time magicians talking magic. Here we have a MAGIC SHOW POSTERS Smackdown! Plus we reveal our last magic book purchases and more. TOPICS COVERED: Magician Show Posters, Design tips & trick, Marketing for Magicians, Performance Advice, Magician Branding, Amazing Johnathan, Hulu, OWOW Magic Festival Table of Contents 00:00 | Ryan and Graeme reveal their last two magic books purchases 05:30 | The one thing that separates successful magicians 08:45 | Magic Posters:...


Magic Live Convention, Confidence & Struggles all magicians encounter

MAGICIAN TALKING MAGIC EPISODE 6 Full-time magician Peter Mennie stops by talk Magic Live 2019 Magicians Convention. Plus we real-life magicians topics: confidence, anxiety and growing as performers. Listen or Watch. Watch on YouTube: TOPICS COVERED: Magic Live 2019, Magic Conventions, Performance Advice, Learning New Magic, Stage Introductions, Confidence on stage, stage fright and how to deal...


Cartamundi buys Bicycle, DIY magic and how to promote your next show

Cartamundi acquires USPCC and is DIY the new essential magician skill, opportunities for modern magicians and how to promote your events with social media Magicians Talking Magic - Episode 05 | Touring Tricks Podcast Hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed 01:06 | Bicycle Card purchased by Cartamundi 03:19 | How many decks in a career? 04:08 | Is DIY the next magician skill? 05:38 | Do most magicians make money with magic? 06:45 | Benefits and opportunities for modern...


Lucy Darling's lost luggage, magician websites and ten hours to Jeff McBride

Hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed | Watch or listen below: Magicians Talking Magic - Episode 04 | Touring Tricks Podcast Graeme shares his most magical experience, Carisa Hendrix and Lucy Darling lose their luggage, Ryan is going viral again hear his favourite nasty YouTube comments, will Death by Magic on Netflix get a second season, Shin Lim AGT Champion is in Vegas until September. A new thing? Introducing Magicians Watching Magic, and YouTube videos that haunt Graeme and Ryan. A...


Magician business cards, exclusive Paul Harris Presents Deep Clear story and sad news for magicians

Magic inventor Don Wayne passes, Graeme and Ryan's involvement with Paul Harris latest magic trick and a nuts-and-bolts discussion on magicians business cards. Show Page: Magicians Talking Magic - Episode 03 | Touring Tricks Podcast Hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed In this episode: Justin Willman confirms Magic for Humans 2 on Netflix, sad news for magicians Don Wayne passes :( Ryan and Graeme talk about his legacy...


Show fails, magic injuries & magician promo videos

Two magician hosts talk about the latest magic news and discuss important topics for magicians and fans of the art. In this episode, hosts Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed talk about magician's soundtracks, complicated decisions modern performers have to make, magic injuries are back in the news and rumors on reddit about Dynamo, show failures, worst moments on stage and the essentials of promotional videos for magicians. Watch or listen now: For transcript visit...


Magicians Talking Magic |e01| Touring Tricks

Two magicians talk magic news, performance advice, industry struggles and everything magical. A podcast for students and fans of the art of magic. In this first episode of Magicians Talking Magic, full-time magicians Ryan Joyce and Graeme Reed talk about the recent tragedy of an Indian magician who was killed performing a dangerous magic stunt *PG-13 | Language | Magic Enthusiasts. Career Magicians, Business Topics Table of Contents 1:00 | What do you think of "Ta Da" the...


Joan Caesar talks Women in Magic

Click here for the Magician's Masterclass Podcast Page and Show Notes. Joan Caesar talks magic A video profile and podcast with Joan Caesar, a retired teacher, magician and internationally recognized influencer in the world of magic. [dropcap]Recently[/dropcap] I had soup and egg salad with Joan and George Caesar who live about 8 minutes from my house. My mom refers to Joan Caesar as my 'second mom' because we've known her since my early teens. I went to Tannen's Magic Camp because of...


Matt Disero and The Most Disastrous Story in Show Business.

This was a magic jam night with food, wine and magic discussion. It’s exactly what my soul needed. We talk about: Video and Content Creation for magicians. Electronic Press Kits: Ryan gives some great insight into the infamous EPK Matt Disero shares his $5000 dollar website mistake. Logos, promotional material, headshots and promotional videos. The best advice Matt’s ever gotten from a mentor and his biggest pet peeve watching magicians. We also talk about an in important issue:...


Graeme stops by for a big announcement.

We haven't talked about this publically at all, and a lot happened quickly. This podcast sheds some light on Magician's Masterclass.


Matt Disero Comedy Magician | Touring Tricks Podcast with Ryan Joyce

Matt Disero and a Gender Neutral Potato Head To think my impressionable years-- the years right out of high school where life looks you in the eyes and says something to the effect of "I'm gonna count to ten so you can get off my property before I shoot" those years that followed are pretty crazy times, looking back at it. New freedoms. New responsibilities. Along the way you discover the resting version of your self -- through all of the chaos. You assembly random pieces together of your...


Comedian Brad Upton | Touring Tricks Podcast

Comedian Brad Upton A magician and a comedian do a podcast– on a cruise ship. I don’t have a punchline but we’re probably both bloated. Enjoy. Being an entertainer who works cruise shops a lot you meet interesting people. Or at least your chances are higher. Working on ships is very competitive right now and the quality of the acts is showing that. Cruise lines are actively trying to becoming more hip. The chances of meeting interesting people who are a little more unique, fun or down...


Michael Paul Ziegfeld How To Write Gooder | Touring Tricks

How to write gooder. Writing comedy for magicians & artists. If you want to improve the quality of your show, then you must spend time scripting and writing. There is no avoiding it. But how? Every professional performer has honed their writing skills and if you want to take your show to the next level this podcast is for you. Ryan Joyce talks with comedian, writer and performer Michael Paul about comedy writing and how to get started. My guest on the podcast is Michael Paul Ziegfeld...


Penn & Teller: Fool Us Behind the Scenes with Ryan Joyce | Touring Tricks Podcast

Penn & Teller's Fool Us is now on Season 3!! It is the best showcase for magicians on television. I appeared on Season 3 episode 2 (watch here but this podcast is all about the behind the scenes insight information-- good, bad and ugly Plus three things I learned from the entire Las Vegas experience I'm joined with Peter Mennie who flew down to Las Vegas to be part of the taping-- with a degree in Television Production, Peter gives a unique perspective of magic...