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Empowered women and men share their secrets to success in extraordinary stories. Stories that touch your heart and soul and make you realize it is possible to prevail even in the face of gender bias and/or racial discrimination to blaze your own trail when there is no clear path ahead. Super entrepreneurial "how-to's" to help you launch your own business!


Marana, AZ


Empowered women and men share their secrets to success in extraordinary stories. Stories that touch your heart and soul and make you realize it is possible to prevail even in the face of gender bias and/or racial discrimination to blaze your own trail when there is no clear path ahead. Super entrepreneurial "how-to's" to help you launch your own business!






Sandra Wood | Transforming Lives and Relationships

Sandra Wood is an entrepreneur, certified women's transformation coach, mentor, teacher, speaker, and author. She is a relationship expert and teaches women to lead from within. Sandra helps women get through difficult transitions and specializes in emotional resilience and regulation, healthy boundary setting, and conflict resolution while assisting women to deepen their self-awareness and connection with self. In this episode, Sandra explains how her experience with breast cancer and divorce forced her to reevaluate her life and learn to set healthy boundaries. Listen in to learn how to set boundaries in a romantic or platonic relationship and have healthy communication. You will also learn the importance of realizing you’re worth it and that it’s never too late to change for the better. Key Takeaways:


Nancy Giere | Online Course Creation with Storytelling and Humor

Nancy is on a mission to transform the world of online training. She is a course creation expert who helps her clients creatively package their information and implement it in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. With a lifelong campaign against boring training, Nancy uses the power of storytelling and light-hearted humor to create engaging, fun, and interactive environments. Her masterful intertwining of comedic humor with life lessons makes learning stick!


Unlock Beautiful Skin for Life with Expert Frieda Lin

Would you love to have healthy, beautiful, and youthful skin? Frieda Lin is an expert Health and Beauty consultant specializing in Microbiome-friendly skincare. She loves anything health and wellness and is thrilled that her teaching combines health and beauty! She has 30 years of experience as a clinical dietitian and 24 years as a skin care specialist and has successfully assisted her clients in achieving beautiful and youthful skin. In this episode, Frieda discusses the fascinating world of microbiome that involves eating, lifestyle, medication, and skincare.


Anne Martin | Empowering Reinventions

career and life but don’t know where to begin? Reinventing yourself requires stepping out of your comfort zone, exploring new possibilities, and taking action. Anne Martin shares her reinvention journey and tips on how any woman can reinvent her life and career. As a Reinvention Strategist, she coaches and teaches people how to redefine success for themselves, explore new possibilities a,nd create lives of meaningful success. In her work, she blends the lessons learned from her legal practice with her experience as a leadership trainer, to empower professionals and businesswomen to wake up to what really matters and to break through the barriers that keep them from thriving in their professional and personal lives. In this episode, Anne speaks on her pivot from law practice to entrepreneurship and the steps that led to her success. Listen in to learn how to prioritize the life you want by taking the leap you’re so afraid of taking that could completely change you and your family’s lives. You will also learn how to avoid the struggle and burnout by getting clear about your values and non-negotiables. Key Takeaways:


Pamela Plick | Empower Your Wealth

In what ways have you given away your money power? Wouldn’t it be great if you could get that power back and achieve financial freedom? Pamela Plick discusses the importance of women overcoming their limiting beliefs and standing in their money power to achieve financial freedom. Pamela Plick is the CEO/founder of Pamela Plick Wealth Management LLC. and author of the Amazon Best-Selling book Rise to Your Money Power. She has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry and has helped hundreds of purpose-driven women find their money power through her programs and services: providing the education, strategies, and tools to grow financial confidence, security, and freedom. In this episode, Pamela shares her journey towards financial freedom and the importance of women standing in their money power. Listen in to learn the importance of understanding how your limiting beliefs prevent you from growing your business or career. You will also learn how to take your money power back by creating your vision, understanding your limiting beliefs, empowering yourself with financial education, and taking inspired action.


Jean Wright | Empowering Sales Success Skills

Looking to reshape your sales approach with genuine confidence? The world of sales doesn't have to feel intimidating, even if you feel like selling isn't your forte. Imagine channeling your enthusiasm for your product or service into unshakeable sales confidence, truly transforming the way you engage in the selling process. Join Jean Wright as she unveils her golden advice for female solopreneurs eager to cultivate a robust sense of self-assurance in the sales domain.


Leadership and Innovation | Padma Chukka

Padma Chukka tells you how to unlock your potential with key strategies to land your first job, even if you have no prior experience. Padma Chukka is currently the Executive Director of the IBM Financial Services Cloud. Over the past 15 years, she has held executive leadership roles in enterprise strategy consulting, ecosystem partnerships, change management, digital transformation, and software engineering. A pivotal career achievement occurred as the lead for the global cross-collaboration of the 2020 launch of the world's first financial services cloud by IBM. It was prominently featured in a Forbes article with BNP Paribas as an anchor tenant with a significant ecosystem of 30 ISVs, including Adobe, Fortinet, and VMware. She is a passionate people manager who coaches and inspires her team to take risks and enjoys cultivating a high-performance culture. She has a flair for leading, finding opportunities, solving problems, influencing the process, coaching the teams, and bringing out the best in her teams. Her business philosophy hinges on trust and personal responsibility, customer success from world-class service, and innovation. As a diversity and inclusion advocate, Padma was instrumental in creating the inaugural IBM program. She represented IBM at university programs, mentored students, and presented at engineering conferences for women.


Juana Bordas | Global Diversity Leadership

In a profound discussion on leadership, diversity, and social change, Juana Bordas, an accomplished author and advocate, delves into the evolving dynamics of activism, particularly highlighting the role of young digital activists and their global perspectives. Through anecdotes about influential figures like Christina Jimenez, the co-founder of DACA, and the speaker's own personal experiences, the conversation touches upon the powerful intersection of culture, technology, and generational shifts. Addressing the crucial concept of "leadership by the many," Juana underscores the importance of collective action and shared values, such as respect, hard work, and collaboration, which are rooted deeply within communities of color. The dialogue culminates with a pressing contemplation on the challenges of materialism and the need for genuine societal participation, calling for a renewed focus on servant leadership and community well-being.


Inner Mosaic: Navigating Life and Relationships | Samantha Kaaua

Passionate about coaching, Samantha enjoys guiding people from their current circumstances to their ideal situations, instead of simply helping them from low points to mediocrity. ideal situations, instead of simply helping them from low points to mediocrity. She developed a unique model, termed "Inner Mosaic", which has successfully navigated many through their most challenging times. It focuses on the aspects of individuals that they often hide from the world. This method is aimed at either fostering the growth of a marriage or facilitating its peaceful completion, challenging the narrative of divorces or separations being inherently unpleasant experiences. Samantha encourages viewing each marital conflict or disagreement as an opportunity for increased intimacy, showcasing the beauty inherent in the complexity of marriage. She firmly believes that establishing clear communication with our "inner mosaic parts" and cultivating self-trust can lead to open, trusting relationships that foster mutual growth and evolution. TAKEAWAYS Empowering Personal GrowthRevolutionizing Relationship DynamicsHarnessing Opportunities and Connections


The Art of Creating Miracles: An Intuitive Journey with Christi Corradi

In this enlightening episode, join our deep dive with the gifted miracle specialist Christi Corradi - an intuitive artist renowned for her unique intuitive wisdom drawing sessions. Through these sessions, Christi guides individuals to tap into their creativity, helping them discover and shatter the barriers that hinder their life's progress. Christi takes us through her transformative 7-step coursework and offers invaluable tips for manifesting miracles in your everyday life. Learn how to transition from being a victim of circumstances to becoming an empowered architect of your destiny. Especially valuable for women over sixty, Christi guides you on a journey of rediscovery, as she elaborates on the necessity of shifting habits and relinquishing old paradigms.


Leading Diversity in Housing | Ashley Northcutt

Dive into the journey of Ashley Northcutt, the dynamic President of the National Women’s Affordable Housing Network (WAHN), an organization passionately advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. WAHN, under Ashley's stewardship, empowers women in the industry through education, active allyship, and fostering meaningful connections. With a diverse network spanning government agencies, financial institutions, developers, and nonprofits, WAHN is truly reshaping the affordable housing landscape. Join us as we explore Ashley's inspiring pivot from a seasoned accounting professional to spearheading this pioneering network full-time. Tune in for an enriching conversation about affordable housing, diversity, and the power of women in the industry. Listen in to learn how to pivot from your career and still find success in following the path led by your strength and passion. You will also learn the value of choosing a career in affordable housing, working for a diverse company, and prioritizing community housing.


Business Financial Expertise | Heather Zeitzwolfe

Do you want to understand the financial side of your business and build a successful business? Heather Zeitzwolfe is a successful business owner, a Certified Public Accountant, and a Financial Coach who shares her tips on the steps to take and avoid to build a profitable business. Heather Zeitzwolfe is the founder of Zeitzwolfe Accounting and the Get Radical with Your Business podcast. She’s a creative, empathetic “nerd” who enjoys numbers and helps her clients understand their finances so that they can make empowered decisions in their businesses. Her approach is non-judgmental and shame-free. In this episode, Heather describes how she brings uniqueness into her accounting business and shares some tips for building a successful business. Listen in to learn the importance of strategic planning, niching down, and authentic social media marketing for a successful business. You will also learn the importance of strategic networking to ensure you get a return on investment (monetary or non-monetary) from it. Key Takeaways: · The importance of networking and creating human connections in your marketing efforts · The importance of niching down your business and allowing your people to find you · Why you should have a business account, track everything, and have a safety net · How to be clear with your offer, plan your business, and understand your cash flow


Healing from Trauma | Abigail Teixeira

“No one needs to continue living a life of quiet desperation; we all need role models.” If you’re struggling with deep-rooted issues and past traumas that have led you to a darker path or know someone who is, this episode is for you! Abigail Teixeira shares how her childhood trauma impacted her life with addiction and self-loathing leading to her healing and recovery journey. Abigail Teixeira is a best-selling author, speaker, mental health advocate & women’s transformational coach. Her purpose is to create a space for others, empowering them to take control and step into their true potential. In this episode, she shares the impact of her childhood traumas and addiction and how she has worked through her recovery and transformation journey. Listen in to learn how therapy, journaling, and support communities can help in your healing and transformation journey. You will also learn the significance of impacting others with your story and helping them heal and recover. Key Takeaways: · How to start healing by admitting and acknowledging you need help and then seeking support · How therapy, journaling, and support communities can help you in your healing journey · The power of sharing your healing story to inspire others who need to get out of the same situation · How to empower others with your story in their own healing and recovery journeys


Michele D'Amico | Emotional Intelligence

Are you emotionally intelligent in your leadership? Emotional intelligence is as valuable as an IQ for a leader to build a high-performing business. In this episode, Michele D’Amico discusses the value of emotional intelligence in building thriving teams at the workplace. Dr. Michele D’Amico is the founder of Vetta, a Marshall Goldsmith certified coach, and an executive leadership coach. She empowers organizations & leaders to create innovative cultures where people want to work. In this episode, she talks about the value of emotional intelligence in leadership and organizations. Listen in to learn the four components of emotional intelligence; self-awareness, self-management, empathy, and relationship management. You will also learn the importance of self-awareness in all aspects of your life and self-regulation because your emotions also affect others.


Purposeful Speaking | Nadine Collins

Have you recognized your purpose, and are you living it? To live your purpose is to live in alignment with yourself and to do what you’re called to do without fear. Nadine Collins explains what purpose means and how to create a purposeful life that empowers you to make a difference. Dr. Nadine Collins is a prolific speaker who has traveled to 80 countries and spoken in hundreds of cities throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. She is on a fearless mission to help more faith-based women break free from indoctrination, fear, and anything that sets barriers to their advancement. In this episode, Nadine talks about her passion for empowering women, plus how to find and live your purpose. Listen in to learn how to find your purpose, start living in alignment with yourself, and make a difference. You will also learn how to embrace and design your retirement years to be the best years of your life, freeing you from people’s expectations and indoctrination. Key Takeaways: · How to pursue your purpose and start living in alignment with yourself and what you were called to do · How to step out in faith and do what you’re supposed to do to make a difference · How to be committed to doing foundational work that guarantees success in your purpose · How to embrace your retirement years and live your best life away from expectations and indoctrination


Life Coaching Goddess | Brooke Kekos

How do you walk away from a lifetime of abuse and negativity, heal, and find your truth? Brooke Kekos shares her experience with religious indoctrination and how she broke free from those shackles and found healing. Brooke’s specialization within the realm of Relationship Management derives directly from the lifelong trauma that she sustained due to her upbringing within a domineering religious sect. After 35 years of indoctrination, Brooke opted to proceed with a different life path that aligns with her core values. Despite the grave consequences of her actions, which most painfully included being shunned by her family and close friends, Brooke not only persevered, but more importantly, was inspired to dedicate her expertise toward relieving the suffering of other individuals and helping them start their own journey back to health and well-being. In this episode, Brooke shares her religious indoctrination story and how she walked away and found healing. Listen in to learn how to have the courage to walk away from abuse and toxicity and rediscover your truth and belief. You will also learn how to rewire your subconscious mind and move towards a more positive and healthier life. Key Takeaways:


Build Consistent Cashflow | Athena Captain | Purse Power

A consistent cash flow is a necessity in a business! But how do you achieve it? Athena Captain explains the importance of understanding your target audience, having a prospecting plan, a follow-up plan, and building a referral network. Athena Captain is a coach, speaker, and author who coaches business owners, entrepreneurs, and high- level sales professionals how to fill their sales pipelines with referrals. In this episode, she describes her journey and why during an economic recession is the time to reinvest in your business. Listen in to learn how to build a referral network by nurturing referral partners in a way that benefits your business. You will also learn the importance of understanding your target market and having a follow-up plan and a prospecting plan. Key Takeaways: · How to get your mindset right and believe that you can achieve no matter the state of the economy · The importance of understanding your target market, having a follow-up plan, and a prospecting plan · How to build a referral network that works for the benefit of your business · How to understand your vital priorities and set boundaries so you can say yes to the right things · How to step into your authenticity and nurturing skills to mentor other women · How to utilize social media as a prospecting and marketing tool and not make it your foundation


Dealing with Debt Stress: Jen Lee

Did you know that seventy percent of Americans have debt or credit problems? If you have credit or debt issues, know that you’re not alone. Jen Lee talks to us about how to avoid prolonged financial stress by finding the right information. Jen Lee is a debt and credit strategy attorney who helps her clients examine their financial situation and provide long-term solutions for reducing debt and stress in their lives. She has developed innovative solutions to help her clients handle their debt and credit issues. In this episode, Jen talks about financial education, credit score, bankruptcy, identity theft, and more. Listen in to learn how financial stress affects workplace productivity, relationships, and physical and mental health. You will also learn the importance of checking your credit score and getting the right education on how to improve it. Key Takeaways: · The importance of financial education for better money management and overall health. · Why you should check your credit score and get educated on how to improve it. · Why you should lock down your credit and that of your minor kids to avoid identity theft. · Don’t wait too long to seek the financial information you need to get out of financial stress.


How To Hold Successful Virtual Events | DeShawn Spellman

DeShawn Spellman is a Diversity Recruiting and Partnerships Manager with Lyft and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Director with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. He has had extensive experience managing major virtual conferences for some of the largest companies in the country. In this episode, DeShawn shares his insights on creating extraordinary virtual events and what his work in the diversity, equity, and inclusion space. Listen in to learn how to creatively utilize your space as a business to create a lasting and memorable virtual event. You will also learn how to create successful virtual events with a return on investment without overextending yourself or making last-minute changes. Key Takeaways: · How to thoroughly prepare and understand your client's vision as an event planner. · How to creatively utilize your space to create a lasting and memorable virtual event. · Why you should consider the return on investment of a virtual event before overextending yourself. · The importance of properly marketing your virtual event to make a good return on investment. · The importance of mentoring someone as an expert to carry forward your expertise.


Clarity Mindset | Stacey Luces

Have you ever had a life-altering experience – a moment of clarity – when you realized you needed to take action or felt, “something’s got to give”? Stacey Luces did when she found herself in the hospital fighting for her life. She was one of the millions of women who are burnt out, unhealthy, stressed, and putting everyone and everything else above their needs. She struggled with feelings of not being enough – smart enough, financially secure enough, strong enough—to make all the things work! She took control of her life and built the life of her dreams– launched a second thriving business, lost 35 lbs., regained peace of mind, started to enjoy time for fitness and fun, had a plan for financial independence, and reignited relationships with loved ones in a more focused and purposeful manner. Now, as an international speaker, trainer, master strategist, author, and Certified Executive Coach she is dedicated to helping other executive women and business owners reduce stress, find joy, and build the life of their dreams - by conquering fears of failure and feelings of uncertainty. In this episode, she explains how she helps women regain control of their lives through clarity, confidence, and certainty. Listen in to learn the significance of the Sandwich Generation, older adults in their 40s - 60s who are wedged between caring for their aging parents, their children and possibly grandchildren. You will also learn how to gain clarity, confidence and certainty in navigating challenges common for those in the Sandwich Generation…and strategies for living a life with less overwhelm and more joy. Key Takeaways: