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Empowered women and men share their secrets to success in extraordinary stories. Stories that touch your heart and soul and make you realize it is possible to prevail even in the face of gender bias and/or racial discrimination to blaze your own trail when there is no clear path ahead. Super entrepreneurial "how-to's" to help you launch your own business!

Empowered women and men share their secrets to success in extraordinary stories. Stories that touch your heart and soul and make you realize it is possible to prevail even in the face of gender bias and/or racial discrimination to blaze your own trail when there is no clear path ahead. Super entrepreneurial "how-to's" to help you launch your own business!


Marana, AZ


Empowered women and men share their secrets to success in extraordinary stories. Stories that touch your heart and soul and make you realize it is possible to prevail even in the face of gender bias and/or racial discrimination to blaze your own trail when there is no clear path ahead. Super entrepreneurial "how-to's" to help you launch your own business!






Captain of the Azamara Quest Cruise Ship | Jonas Lyddby | Travel Series

What does it take to navigate a cruise ship through the high seas and ensure the safety of everyone onboard? Captain Jonas Lyddby of the Azamara Quest cruise ship shares his experience and his sea career journey. Jonas Lyddby is the captain of the Azamara Quest cruise ship. He has been working with Azamara since 2008; he had earlier worked with cargo ships before shifting to passenger ships. In this episode, he talks about his career journey and experience working with different types of...


Cruise Ship Guest Relations Manager | Nada Vujicic

What does it look like to shift your life and career without fear again and again? Nada Vujicic, the guest relations manager at the Azamara Quest cruise ship, talks about her life and career shifts and how those experiences have changed her. Nada Vujicic is the guest relations manager at the Azamara Quest cruise ship. She started her career journey at sea in 2009 and worked in many positions before getting to where she is now. In this episode, she shares her career journey from working in a...


Cruise Ship Food and Beverage Manager | Oleksandr Brotsman | A Day in the Life Of

Have you ever wondered how a manager who started at the bottom and worked their way up did it? Oleksandr Brotsman, who is a food and beverage manager at Azamara Quest cruise talks to us about how he worked his way up in his career. He also talks about his experience at sea and why he would do it again and again. Oleksandr Brotsman (Alex) is a food and beverage manager at the Azamara Quest cruise ship. His job involves supervising the whole operation, from food storing, cooking, serving, and...


Cruise Director of Azamara Quest Ship | Amanda Poulson

How would you like to be a Cruise Director on a cruise ship going all over the world? I interviewed Amanda Poulson who is on the Azamara Quest cruise ship. I was amazed to find out everything a cruise director is responsible for! I thought maybe it would just be making the announcements each day and yes, she does have a green screen right in her office, but it’s much more! And I found out that most Cruise Directors have been performers. Join us in this lively conversation about cruising...


Azamara Quest Manager of Premiere Restaurants | Danijel Spoljar

Danijel Spoljar is the assistant manager of the dining room and in charge of the specialty premiere restaurants on board the Azamara Quest cruise line. He has been with Azamara since 2007. In this episode, Danijel describes his childhood, his inspiration to make a career sailing, and his experience working with Azamara. Listen in to learn about Danijel’s background and his career experience working on cruise ships for decades. You will also hear what it takes to manage both the crew and...


Azamara Master Captain Antonio Toledo | Day in the Life Travel Series

How many people can enjoy following the same career path they envisioned for themselves as children? Antonio Toledo always dreamed of becoming a captain, and that is exactly what he does now. He talks to us about his journey, his role, and his experience as Azamara Pursuit’s captain. Master Captain Antonio Toledo is the captain of the Azamara Pursuit cruise ship and has sailed all over the world. He has a master’s degree in navigation and maritime transport and has always had the dream of...


Over 50 Fit and Fabulous | Alicia Jones

Do you want to regain strength and start living your best life as you age? Alicia Jones shares with us how she helps women over 50 regain their energy and zeal for life with her health and fitness program specifically designed for this group. Alicia Jones is a highly recognized health and fitness expert with over 15 years of experience transforming the health and lives of women over 50 through fitness and weight loss strategies. Her 12-week signature program Over Fifty Fit & Fabulous has...


How to Build an Estate and Contingency Planning | Mary Beth Simon

Do you have an estate plan and a contingency plan in place? Mary Beth Simon is a contingency plan guide who will help us understand the benefits of having both an estate and a contingency plan in place before any life storm. Mary Beth Simón is a speaker, contingency plan guide, strategic planner, and the founder of NPC. She helps entrepreneurs and professionals create contingency plans and strategies at the best time - when life is good. She explains the importance of every adult having...

How to Be the CEO of Your Career | Kathryn Heath and Brenda Wensil

When is the last time you asked yourself, “What is my reputationality?” Your answer might well be, “Never, because I’ve never heard of that word!” But for successful women leaders, it’s an important concept to understand and build upon throughout their careers. Reputationality is the combination of your reputation and your personality. It’s how your professional strengths and credentials meet your personality attributes to give you a unique stamp in the world. If you’re an aspiring leader,...


Podcasting Made Easier | Colin Gray

Colin Gray is the founder of The Podcast Host &, speaker, podcaster, SAAS founder, and teacher. Alitu is an automated podcast recording & editing tool, while The Podcast Host is one of the longest-running and most authoritative podcasting blogs on the web. Listen in to learn the power of podcasting in connecting with the audience compared to other media, plus how to utilize it. You will also learn why easing into business and doing different things might be the best way to start...


Image Consultant Uses Visual Power | Ann Lindsay

What colors should you use in your wardrobe? Ann Lindsay of Style of Success Image Consulting assures your "visual credentials" (appearance) works for you not against you. If you are a professional determined to use "dress for success" practices to make faster financial achievements, or your social world involves dating, travel, or retreats - you need to know how to represent your personal brand appropriately and instantly.


Spreading Joy to the World | Robin Shear

Robin Shear is a certified joy coach and speaker who has spent decades helping depleted givers like health care professionals, educators, and parents feel good so they can give from a place of fullness and lead effectively again. In this episode, Robin talks about her own career journey and why she became a joy coach to help others find joy and freedom in what they do. Listen in to learn the importance of allowing yourself the freedom to have joy in your life and doing what you can to...


How Men Can Become Gender Equity Advocates | Jeremy Solomons | Purse Power

Jeremy Solomons is a Kigali-based, independent consultant, coach, facilitator, trainer, and writer with a Global South perspective. He helps current and future leaders to connect and communicate effectively across all cultures with professional training. In this episode, he explains how he became a gender equity ally and the progress of Rwanda in the human rights and gender equity sectors. Listen in to learn the importance of men partnering with women to advocate for gender equity in order...


The Power of Coaching in Life Transitions | Lisa Bentson

Lisa Bentson is the former CEO and Chief Visionary Officer of Leads Club, an international business networking organization founded in 1978. She uses her 35+ years of experience and expertise to help people starting their own businesses and those who want to take their existing businesses to the next level. As my SCORE coach, Lisa has been a great help to me in thinking things through strategically. She sold her business and volunteers for the Small Business Administration as one of their...


How To Live Purposefully | Sallie Wagner | Purse Power

Do you want to live a life that makes you come alive? A purposeful and intentional life without regrets? Sallie Wagner takes us through a practical strategy on personal growth and goal setting to help you shift your mindset and start making conscious choices about your life. Sallie Wagner is a licensed real estate broker, licensed attorney, and a What's Next Strategist. She uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Evolved NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), and trauma-aware modalities to...


Maintain Your Life after 50 with Health and Wellness | Debra Woods

Debra Woods is a Mayo Clinic and national board-certified health & wellness coach and a lifestyle medicine coach. She helps people make positive and sustainable changes for feeling and living at their best. In this episode, Debra talks about her journey of starting a business after 50 and how you can navigate that experience for yourself. Listen in to learn how to navigate burnout and allow yourself compassion and positivity as you transition from a career into something else. You will also...


Selling in a Skirt | Judy Hoberman | Purse Power

Judy Hoberman is the president of Selling in A Skirt and has over 25 years of experience working in male-dominated industries. She started at the bottom as a top producer, was also the owner of 3 different insurance companies, and has promoted women into positions that haven’t been there before. Nan and Donna met Judy as a coach with Powerful Professionals. We were impressed with her business strategy coaching skills and professionalism. In this episode, Judy shares her passion for...


How to Tap into Your Creativity | Susan Davis

Susan Davis is the founder of The Co-Creation Community and co-founder of The CoPassion Project. She mentors women over 55 who are artists, writers, and emerging entrepreneurs, helping them develop an online presence so that their creative endeavors and voices will be seen and heard. In this episode, Susan talks about the desires and concerns of women over 55 and how they can turn their lives around to live in abundance. Listen in to learn how to stop living a retired life and start living a...


How to Discover Yourself | Sharon Birkman Fink | Purse Power

Sharon Birkman Fink is the chairman and CEO of Birkman International; she is the second generation at the helm of the family-owned behavioral and occupational assessment company. Interviewer Jean Kelley is a leadership development practitioner; she and her associates work with students to find a college major and work with parents who are investing in their children's future. In this episode, Jean interviews Sharon on the history of Birkman assessments and her duties since she took over the...


Second Act Women | Barbara Brooks and Guadalupe Hirt

Barbara Brooks is the CEO and founder of SecondActWomen with an award-winning marketing career in shopping centers/mixed-use developments and media sales. Guadalupe Hirt is the co-founder of SecondActWomen, a pro-aging female advocate, speaker, author, and entrepreneur. SecondActWomen was founded in 2018 to combat gendered ageism as more women are being aged out of the corporate community and overlooked in entrepreneurial circles. In this episode, they share their experiences reentering the...