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This isn't your ordinary travel nor journal podcast, – it's a rollercoaster of laughter, adventures, and a touch of 'inner work' (or maybe just 'inner confusion?'). Alina's misadventures, tales of travel, and ongoing quest for personal growth will have you in stitches while inspiring you to break out of your comfort zone and chase your dreams. Join us this season as Alina settles in her 6th country, juggles married life, and digs deep into the mysteries of inner work and mental health. It's a journey where humor is the best travel companion.




This isn't your ordinary travel nor journal podcast, – it's a rollercoaster of laughter, adventures, and a touch of 'inner work' (or maybe just 'inner confusion?'). Alina's misadventures, tales of travel, and ongoing quest for personal growth will have you in stitches while inspiring you to break out of your comfort zone and chase your dreams. Join us this season as Alina settles in her 6th country, juggles married life, and digs deep into the mysteries of inner work and mental health. It's a journey where humor is the best travel companion.




Three Beds, Two Beaches, One Family: Miami Mix

Join Alina as she embarks on a longer weekend trip close to Miami for a special family gathering and a few days of relaxation at Hollywood Beach, Florida. Our intrepid host shares her experiences staying in three different accommodations, offering a glimpse into the unique charm of each. Laugh along with Alina as she openly admits to a few traveling mishaps, proving that even seasoned travelers have their share of learning moments. From navigating the local scene to choosing the perfect beach spot, Alina's candid tales highlight the beauty of embracing the unexpected. Discover the highs and lows of Alina's journey as she juggles family dynamics, explores Hollywood's sandy shores, and unravels the mysteries of each accommodation. Whether you're a travel enthusiast or someone planning a Miami escape, this episode promises a blend of insightful tips, funny anecdotes, and the warmth of family connections. Tune in for an entertaining exploration of a weekend filled with sunshine, sand, and a touch of Alina's trademark humor. Podcast: Personal:


Bali Bound: Deep Dive into Yoga Teaching Schools ft. Andra

Join host Alina and monthly guest Andra in the enchanting world of Bali as they explore the island's vibrant yoga teaching scene. Dive into the rich tapestry of spiritual exploration against the backdrop of Bali's natural beauty. From hidden yoga gems to the cultural experience, this episode is your passport to Balinese serenity and holistic education. 00:00 Intro 01:00 Catching Up with Andra 03:52 Preconceptions about Bali 06:12 Why Bali? 11:28 Exploring Yoga Teachings Classes 20:52 Not Shaving Trend 23:35 Time Spent in Bali 26:53 Daily Routine at the Yoga School 29:13 Impressions 33:48 How To Keep the Practice at Home 36:41 What Changed? 42:47 Challenges of Being in Yoga School 47:00 Challenges of Being in Bali 51:19 Future Plans 53:53 New Segment Inside - Out Wonders 58:28 Female Safety 1:01:55 Bali Conclusions 1:02:36 YouTube Plans 1:05:13 Outro


Fall Foliage Adventure: Pocono Mountains & Scranton Road Trip

Join Alina on a surprise road trip to the picturesque Pocono Mountains and charming Scranton in Pennsylvania. In this Season 6 premiere, Alina surprises her husband with a memorable adventure, sharing their experiences, costs, and valuable insights from their fall getaway. Podcast YouTube: @travellinginsideout Travel YouTube: @alinaigrad


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Travelling Inside Out | Trailer | S06

Hi and welcome to Travelling Inside Out. This is Alina, your host. This season is your ticket to the wild ride that is this life - moving to the 6th country, marriage and a bit of soul-searching. It’s like a sitcom, but with travels, screwups and a sprinkling of personal growth. Get ready for a rollercoaster of chuckles and 'aha' moments! And remember, your outer journey begins with inner work. Travelling Inside Out, now bi-weekly.


Unveiling Inner Paths: Yoga, Meditation, and a Himalayan Quest ft. Andra

As season 5 of "Travelling Inside Out" draws to a close, host Alina engages in a soul-stirring conversation with her friend Andra. Revealing the transformative potential of these ancient practices in modern life, Andra shares her story of breaking free from the confines of a corporate job and embarking on a soul-searching adventure to Nepal. . Through vivid storytelling, Andra shares the challenges and triumphs of her path, offering listeners a glimpse into the nexus of spirituality and self-discovery. While we regret any audio hiccups in this episode, we promise an enhanced experience when we return with a fresh season this October.


From Tourist to New Yorker: Navigating the First NY ID

Alina shares her experience of getting her first NY ID. Discover the essential steps, insider strategies, and crucial documents needed to successfully navigate the New York identification landscape. She covers everything you need to know about the process, including the required documents, and the wait time. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who is planning on getting a NY ID for the first time. P.S. It takes more than an ID to become a New Yorker. Haha.


One Decade and a Half: The Beginning of A Friendship ft. Andra

In this heartwarming episode, your host Alina sits down with her dear friend Andra, as they embark on a nostalgic journey through the depths of their nearly 15-year friendship. Join them as they reminisce about how it all began – a chance encounter at a local TV station in Romania where their paths first crossed. Little did they know that this would be the foundation of a bond that would withstand time and distance. As life unfolded, Alina and Andra found themselves living in different countries, facing the challenges of maintaining their connection across borders. They share the candid moments when they temporarily lost touch but found their way back to one another, proving that true friendship endures. Throughout the years, they've discovered each other's passions, quirks, and dreams, and learned valuable lessons that come with navigating life together. Join us for an inspiring conversation about the power of friendship, the beauty of staying connected despite life's twists and turns, and the joy of celebrating one decade and a half of unwavering companionship.


Charm City Escapade: Baltimore Delights

If you're planning to travel to Baltimore, Maryland, this episode offers valuable insights and travel tips. Follow Alina's footsteps as she uncovers the history and literary heritage of Baltimore, explores the city on foot and through convenient transportation options, and immerses herself in the charm of the inner harbor. Whether you're a fan of Poe, a lover of good food, or simply seeking a new destination to explore, let Travelling Inside Out be your guide to a memorable Baltimore experience. If you want to check the video of the trip, check YouTube:


Transitioning to NYC

With raw authenticity and insightful anecdotes, Alina delves into the highs and lows of her experience, offering a compelling glimpse into the world of New York City. From the exhilarating access to a plethora of events and cultural opportunities to the challenges of navigating the urban landscape and coping with the crime rate, she provides an honest and comprehensive list of pros and cons. Whether you're considering a move to the Big Apple or simply fascinated by the allure of NYC, this episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking an authentic account of life in the city that captivates hearts worldwide."


A DIY Fiasco

From daringly cutting her own hair to battling battery problems on her laptop, this episode takes you through a series of misadventures. Discover the twists and turns as Alina navigates repair shops and the Apple store. Tune in for an update on her upcoming trip and exciting website and podcast format changes.


Honeymoon in the Grand Canyon

Join Alina as she recounts her unforgettable honeymoon trip to the Grand Canyon in March. Experience the love, adventure, and the mesmerizing beauty of this natural wonder through her words. If you're a fan of love stories and breathtaking landscapes, this episode is a must-listen.


A Birthday Getaway to Philly

Join us in this exciting podcast episode as Alina shares her incredible surprise trip to Philadelphia for her partner's birthday gift. He really had no idea where they are going. From delicious food to exploring new neighborhoods, Alina takes us on an unforgettable journey through the vibrant city of brotherly love. Discover how she found the best deals on train tickets and tried a couples massage for the first time. Alina will also share how she was pleasantly surprised by how clean and lovely the city was, and how they managed to explore many of the city's attractions despite not making it to the Liberty Bell. And the best surprise of a museum she didn't even expect to love a specific museum that much. If you're looking for inspiration for your next travel destination or a unique birthday gift idea, this episode is a must-listen.


Two-Day Las Vegas Adventure

Alina shares her tips for avoiding resort fees, her experience seeing Cirque du Soleil live, and her rollercoaster of emotions at the casino as she went from losing money to winning. Not that big, but still. Plus, hear about the breathtaking views of the sunset from above and her comparison of the Bellagio Fountains show to the ones in Dubai. If you're planning a quick trip to Sin City or just love hearing about exciting travel experiences, you won't want to miss this episode!


US Immigration Story | Expat Life

LIVE Recording of Travelling Inside Out | S05 E09 I will share my immigration experience in the US. Talking about files and forms and whatever I did so far in my case. However, I promised I will mention what help I got and I forgot to mention it at the end of the episode, so I will tag here the two accounts that really helped me out, so thank you to: @KseniyaInternational - the perfect explanation step by step on how to file @ImmigrationAttorney - updated information about the filing system. 00:30 Intro 02:03 My US Immigration Story 05:09 Form I-693 09:17 Medical Examination Experience 16:32 Form I-130 19:01 Form I-130a and Form I-864EZ 21:45 Bona Fide Proof Examples 27:08 Form I-485 and Form I-131 and Form I-765 33:03 Tax Return 34:52 Form G-1145 and Form G-1450 37:47 Biometrics Appointment 43:50 Form I-765 Timeline 46:01 Form I-131 No Updates 46:45 Next Steps: Interview 48:40 Honeymoon Trip Brief Description Website: Share Your Story:


Birthday Recording Live Updates

Alina puts an end to the hiatus with a live recording of the podcast. This is why this week we are skipping the regular intro. She talks about whatever happened since November and what is next. 00:00 Intro + Birthday 02:02 Rundown of What Happened Since November 2:58 Bahamas Cruise - episode coming out in April 6:53 Lauren Graham Book Release - Have I Told You This Already? 8:22 Christmas and NYE in NYC 9:13 Getting Married at the City Hall in Brooklyn - episode coming out later 13:58 Changing Your Last Name 15:28 Green Card Application 17:38 Why Spell Travelling With Double L? 19:42 Paperwork for Green Card 22:09 Being in Public of Daily News. Again - the article is out the end of March 23:50 Birthday Resolutions 25:39 The Decision to Leaving Iceland 39:52 April Plans for the Online Presence 40:33 Birthday Plans 41:10 Las Vegas & Grand Canyon Trip 42:29 Postcards Sunset Collection 43:44 Happiness Day


Artist Retreat & Writing Workshop

Alina takes us on a journey through her inspiring experience attending an artist retreat in upstate NY and enrolling in a writing class. She also shares an interesting story of embarking on a solo travel adventure, despite having no travel companions. Tune in to hear about her personal growth and the valuable lessons she learned along the way.


Exploring Ithaca in New York State

Alina shares her delightful travel experience with her partner in Ithaca, NY. From sipping local wine at a scenic winery to visiting an apple cider mill, they enjoyed the best of the upstate town. Tune in to hear about their exhilarating hikes and the stunning views they encountered along the way. Whether you're planning a romantic getaway or simply looking for some travel inspiration, this episode is sure to leave you inspired to explore Ithaca and beyond!


Brooklyn Horror Film Festival and Halloween

Alina talks about going to the first film festival in NYC and her first Halloween in the US.


Attending a Book Release in NYC

In this episode, Alina takes you along on her journey from Iceland to the bustling streets of NYC to attend the book release event of Iliza Shlesinger. She discusses the ups and downs of flying with Delta, shares her excitement about the book release, and ponders how her life might change along the way. Tune in for a lively account of this transatlantic adventure!