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It’s been scientifically proven that enduro, hard enduro, road, track, speedway or any other type of motorcycle enthusiasts will benefit from trials, and this podcast! Join your host David Grice as we do a round up of the latest news, events, products and services as well as rider interviews with experienced (and not-so experienced) riders to get an insight into the sport of trials and what makes it so much fun!

It’s been scientifically proven that enduro, hard enduro, road, track, speedway or any other type of motorcycle enthusiasts will benefit from trials, and this podcast! Join your host David Grice as we do a round up of the latest news, events, products and services as well as rider interviews with experienced (and not-so experienced) riders to get an insight into the sport of trials and what makes it so much fun!




It’s been scientifically proven that enduro, hard enduro, road, track, speedway or any other type of motorcycle enthusiasts will benefit from trials, and this podcast! Join your host David Grice as we do a round up of the latest news, events, products and services as well as rider interviews with experienced (and not-so experienced) riders to get an insight into the sport of trials and what makes it so much fun!






E59: Daniel Blanc-Gonnet - Engineering 'Type 2' fun

We are back visiting our trials friends in the USA. This week we chat with NATC Pro rider Daniel Blanc-Gonnet. Daniel finished 4th in the 2019 in the USA NATC Pro class after being in a 3 way tie leading into the final round. Daniel has represented the USA in the TdN multiple times, he has also done a SSDT in 2017. Speaking with Daniel you get a real sense for the degree of professionalism at which he approaches his sport, but also how he tries to keep it fun...type 2 fun! It will make...


E58: Brent Le Riche - 15 times South African National Champion

This week we take a tour of trials from a South African point of view. Brent le Riche is 15 times South African National Champion, but has ridden all over the world including Spain & the UK, the USA and even Australia. Brent spent 2 years at the Trials Training Centre in Tennessee, where learnt the fine art of training trials riders. And also Brent runs a Trials show business at some of South Africa's premier sporting events, and has seen him demonstrate trials as far away as...


E57: Alexz Wigg - Champ turned coach

Alexz Wigg is a former Junior World Champion, European Junior Champ and SSDT winner, and represented Britain in the TdN 7 times. It's no surprise he was so successful, with a strong family history in motorcycling and a dedicated work ethic Alexz had a spectacular career. It was great to have a chat with Alexz about this period in his career and reflect on the highlights. We also discuss Alexz's more recent foray into stunt riding with the Circe du Soleil in Las Vegas. Today, Alexz with...


E56: Ben Dignan - Going from strength to strength

Ben Dignan is an up and coming Scottish rider. He's been riding trials since he was 4 and is part of the first generation of professional riders that started on an OSET bike. More recently Ben was the 2019 ACU British Trial Champion, also in 2019 was 3rd in European Champs (the first Scottish rider to do so), and in 2020 was 3rd in the 125 class of the Trial world championship. Ben was kind enough to take some time out of his training in Spain to talk with us. Since recording this...


E55: Vanessa Ruck - The girl on a bike

We have something a little different for you this week. Vanessa Ruck is the person behind the Girl on a Bike blog. As you will hear in the fascinating and inspiring story is how Vanessa has used motorcycling as a target to help her recover from some quit debilitating injuries. After having a bicycle accident in March 2014 Vanessa has since been on a roller coaster with a 6.5 year recovery seeing 7 surgeries and two reconstructed body parts. Throughout this time, Vanessa discovered...


E54: Dougie Lampkin - The Champion; Ambassador; Legend

I am very excited that today we have 12 time world champion Dougie Lampkin on the podcast Dougie shouldn't need much introduction to most of our listeners, but just in case you've forgotten how accomplished this man's career is here are some highlights: Something you should know is that Jake, Dougie's Manager approached me in March 2020 shortly after we got started and suggested we get Dougie on and to be honest I was a little reluctant to accept. After all, I'd really on just started...


E53: Mike Komer - The 45 year loop

Today we get back to visit our USA friends of the podcast and chat to Mike Komer. Mike has been involved in motorcycles for nearly 50 years and trials for about 45. He the owner of TryalsShop which is a trials specific dealer and workshop based in upstate New York, but Mike's story is much richer than that. He's been a stalwart of trials in the USA for many years, support the many World rounds in the USA and Canada, and also had roles on the TdN teams. Although his focus has been on...


E52: Neil Hawker - Dakar...take 2

Neil Hawker is a well credential guest having done quite a bit in trials as well as other disciplines. Neil has done: As you will hear, Neil's first Dakar was cut short on day 5 due to injury but we recorded this in November 2020 as he was in the final stages of his second attempt and I publish today, he is currently sitting mid table around 4 hours behind the leaders after the first day of competition in the 2021 Dakar. We go into a bit of the nitty-gritty around the practicalities...


E51: James Dabill - Retirement, Rules and Reflection

Today we are chatting with James Dabill. James recently announced his retirement and so it was an opportune time to get him on the podcast and discuss it. James has had an outstanding career over 17 years, and is the most successful British rider of his generation. His career achievements include: James also hints at what is next in his journey as he looks to do 'something' with Enduro bikes. Feedback:


E50: Albert Cabestany - 20+ years at the top

Well here we are! Episode 50...feels like a bit of a milestone, and as such we've lined up a milestone guest for you. To be honest, I wasn't sure when I started this podcast where it would go, but it very proud of getting to 50 and all the great conversations we've had with members of our sport. Thank you to all our past, present and future guests but most of all thank you to our listeners. You emails and messages with suggestions and general support have been very much


E49: Sam King - O.G. (Oakleigh to Golden)

Sam King should be known to a few of our Australian and Canadian listeners. Sam rode juniors in Australia and got to quite a high level including a few trips as a junior over to Spain and the Juan Pons trials school. Now day, Sam can be found in Golden in British Columbia Canada, where he runs his company Ride The Vibe which focuses on Trials and Enduro, training and tours. Sam is also regularly putting on trials demonstrations at county fairs and major events. Further to this, Sam...


E48: Jon Berlin - Fighting California fires on a trials bike

This weeks guest is Jon Berlin. Jon us unlikely to be known to many of you but this is great story so stay tuned. We recently learnt of Jon's accomplishments after an article in the San Francisco Chronicle highlighting his herculean efforts to support the bush-fire response in what was know as the Glass fires. The Glass fires started on September 27, 2020, at 3:48 AM (PDT) from an undetermined cause and was active for 23 days. The Glass Fire was fully contained on October 20, 2020,...


E47: Gary Macdonald - The top Scott

Gary Macdonald is one of Scotland's most accomplished riders. He's competed in most of the SSDT since 2002, and almost all the times finished in the top 10. He was even the holder of the yellow plate at times which can be more pressure than some riders want. On top of this, he's won numerous Scottish trials championships, and even flirted with Trials in Europe competing himself and also working with Graham Jarvis on his campaigns. One of Gary's recent achievements has been to win...


E46: Karl Davis Jr - The trials superhero

Karl Davis Jr is one of the top 3 riders in the USA, and has represented his country at the TdN. That is normally an impressive feat it's actually not the most interesting part of this chat. As you will hear, Karl has spent the last few years pre covid dressing up as Marvel superheros and riding bikes as his job when he was touring with the Marvel Universe Live. He also tells us about how he managed to resume trials riding while on tour and how he is taking his ambassadorial role in...


E45: Peter Goddard - Motorcycling Australia President & OSET Australia

Peter Goddard started out riding dirt track but for those who listened to Episode 41 with Trevor Bennett will recall the Goddard family had long be entwined with trials. Peter is more famous for his exploits in road racing starting with domestic superbikes, before graduating to 500cc GP bikes in 1990 and mixing it with the worlds best. He then continued his career in world superbikes before working behinds the scenes with Ohlin's as a suspension technician. Today Peter is now the...


E44: Jules Huguenin - French junior trials team to NZ trials schools

Jules Huguenin is a former French Junior Team rider, who competed in the 125cc class of the world championship during his youth. Although he never pursued a career as a trials rider he remained connected with the sport when work took him to Paris and even went of to the UK to do the Scott Trial. He fills us in on the French Classic championship which is similar to the road nationals in the UK, and the we discuss his move to New Zealand. Jules is now running Trials schools up and down the...


E43: Todd Roper - USA TdN team manager

Todd is the current USA TdN team manager. More than that, his is also a former TdN representative, rode to top 10 positions in the NATC Expert Class championship, and part of a family that have been fully indoctrinated into the sport of trials. Don't let a late start in the sport put you off; as you will hear Todd was able to still reach the top flight despite starting at 19 years of age, and even with an 8 year absence from the sport came back to continue riding at the expert...


E42: Minders special edition with Jiří Svoboda & Daniel Fenton

Something a little different this week. Rather than focus on the riders we are focusing on the role of a minder. We've got two of the best in the business, who themselves are very accomplished riders. Jiří Svoboda is the minder for James Dabill who is competing a the top flight of the world Trial GP. Daniel Fenton has done minding for Chris Bayles one of Australia's top riders, including at a few world rounds and also minded for the Australian mens and women's TdN team. As you will...


E41: Trevor Bennett - 47 years and 547 trials later

Trevor Bennett is a significant figure in the rich tapestry of the Australian trials fabric. I guess if you have been riding for 47 years, have a willingness to travel far & wide, have a reasonable sense of humour and above average people skills you almost can't avoid being a significant figure in our sport. Trevor has been instrumental in establishing the Trials club of Canberra and beyond just being a highly capable organiser and administrator, he is a fastidious record keeper which...


E40: Warren Laugesen - 7 time New Zealand champ

It took a while, but we got our first Kiwi on the podcast. Warren Laugesen was a great person to chat with about all things trials in NZ as well as his own personal history in the sport. And what a history it is; starting from age 13 Warren was steered towards trials (over motocross) and he never looked back. Having ridden extensively in Australia he then spent 3 years in the 90's over in the UK riding in British Nationals, Centre Trials and then European Championship and ended up...