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S2 E22 Olivia June, Hey! VINA Let's Be Friends

Founder and CEO Olivia June shares relatable stories behind the friend finding app Hey! VINA. Whether you've had close women friendships or are looking for them, this episode is for you! Olivia shares the funny and touching stories of the VINA's alongside her personal journey and reasons she is venturing to fill the women friendship gap!


S2 E21 Debbie Jones, Back to School

Back to school? For some kids and parents, that can also mean back to mean girl culture, overwhelming social media pressures, and navigating a world that hasn't even been invented yet. Superintendent Debbie Jones talks with us about all of this, and how to provide children (and parents) with the tools they need for success.


S2 E20 Tribe Tips - It's Never Too Late

Take some time for Tribe Tips with our own Loray Mosher as she sits down with three incredible women: Shelley Simpson, Myra Dallas, and Sharon DeLoach, to discuss the importance of building your tribe, taking credit for your work as a woman, and why it’s never too late to become what you might have been.


S2 E18 Joshua Price, Men Have a Tribe of Women Too!

Josh Price shares stories of the strong women in his lineage. Hear about his grandmother becoming a first female Justice of the Peace, watching his mother handle an abusive boyfriend, and how his sister handled being told that women can’t be surgeons. (*Spoiler alert* she’s now a successful trauma surgeon.)


S2 E18 Dr. Tionna Jenkins, Health Journeyer & Advocate

We talk with the incredible Dr. Tionna Jenkins about the conversations we’re not having surrounding our health, the adversity that led her to found PlateitHealthy, and the importance of self-care and the stigmas that surround it. A Public Health Expert, Plant-Based Nutrition Coach, Blogger & Influencer, she also shares how our tribes play a part in our overall wellness.


S2 E17 Tribe Team, Season 1 Reflections

Welcome to Season 2 of Tribe Talk! We invite you to sit in on our reflections and conversation about our first year in podcasting. Who we liked, when we flopped, and what we want to do better. Laugh and love with us, and then tell us what YOU want to hear in Season 2!


S1 E16 Tribe Stories: Comfort & Joy

Hear the story of two friends who took a significant life challenge and created a lasting holiday tradition that brings community, comfort, and joy to all who give and receive, year after year.


S1 E15 Tribe Tips: Anne Shelley, NWA Center for Sexual Assault

Anne Shelley helps us navigate the importance of how we talk about sexual harassment & assault and how we can best support one another as the "me too" movement grows. Content Warning: This episode may contain triggering or sensitive material.


S1 E14 Sandy Wright, Founder of Brave Woman

"Why doesn't she just leave?" Join us for an important conversation about domestic violence and the importance of our non-judgment. Sandy Wright, Founder of Brave Woman, and Tribe of Women Founder, Amy Robinson, candidly explore this question together while sharing their own stories and experiences with, and supporting, domestic violence and abuse survivors. Trigger Warning: Contains specific stories of abuse.


S1 E13 Marika Lindholm, Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere

Dr. Marika Lindholm is the founder of Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere (ESME), a community of 50,000+ solo moms. Learn about how they are building tribes of women around the world, reducing stigmas and stereotypes, and walking the talk of women supporting women!


S1 E12 Susan Shapiro, Author of "Tripping the Prom Queen"

Susan Shapiro Barash is the author of 13 books on women and she shares with us what she has learned about relationships, what women feel about each other and how they get what they need. Then, STAY TUNED for some great self-love "Tribe Tips" from Transformational Coach, Laurie Benson.


S1 E11 Brittany Galla, Editorial Director of 'Teen Boss' Magazine

Brittany Bagwell talks with us about Bauer Media's 'Teen Boss', a magazine for teen entrepreneurs, and how to empower and be inspired by the younger ladies of Gen Z. Then, STAY TUNED as we get some great "Tribe Tips" from Kym Rodda and learn about Ea Chica and their fashion with a purpose for young women focused on building and maintaining inner strength.


S1 E10 Erin Bagwell, Director of "Dream Girl"

Filmmaker, Erin Bagwell's journey through her documentary about women entrepreneurs, "Dream, Girl" is as inspiring as her time with and accolades from Oprah. Then, STAY TUNED and listen in to our in-person interview with the Song Suffragettes and their "Tribe Stories" at the Bentonville Film Festival!


S1 E9 Susan Scott, Author of "Fierce Conversations"

What is "fierce"? Fierce is real. In this interview we talk with best-selling author, Susan Scott about how to be a "fierce" individual and the importance of conversation within our tribes. Then, STAY TUNED for "Tribe Tips" from Martha Germann of Mindful Institute Inc. and how to go beyond survival and thrive.


S1 E8 Able Joseph, Founder of "Heel the World"

We reach across the world to India to talk with app founder, Able Joseph about Heel the World - an app for women who want to "join the tribe of fabulous women who support, inspire, and empower." Then, STAY TUNED for the "Tribe Stories" of veteran, women's rights activist, and good man, Steve Cifelli.


S1 E7 Elise Mitchell - Author of "Leading Through the Turn"

Elise Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell Communications, brings us insights from her book, "Leading Through the Turn" about the living while leading and how to support one another along the journey. Then, STAY TUNED for "Tribe Tips" from Dress for Success on how sharing our most simple gifts can make the biggest difference and how to tribe it forward every day.


S1 E6 Dr. Margaret Rutherford, Path to Self-Acceptance

Dr. Margaret Rutherford joins us to talk about the psychology behind a woman’s path to self-acceptance and how she is bringing her own life and learning to listeners everywhere with her podcast, Self-Work. Then, STAY TUNED for "Tribe Stories" from the Bentonville Film Festival, including one from Rita Coburn Whack on her filming of the Maya Angelou documentary.


S1 E5 Taryn Brumfitt, Founder of The Body Image Movement

Taryn Brumfitt is the founder of the Body Image Movement. We talk about her film, "Embrace" and how body-loathing and body-loving inspired her to empower women around the world to love the skin that they're in. Then, STAY TUNED for "Tribe Tips" from Restore Humanity founder, Sarah Fennel, on their mission to "Support Other Women. Period." by providing maxi pads to young women in Kenya.


S1 E4 Song Suffragettes, Let the Girls Play!

Listen in to our interview with some of the lovely ladies of the Song Suffragettes, a collective of young singer/songwriters in Nashville. They now how to tribe as they navigate the country music scene and blaze trails for the young women coming up behind them, together. Then, STAY TUNED for our "Tribe Stories" segment to hear some of the stories Laurie gathered on her trip to the first Women's March on Washington.


S1 E3 Karenann Terrell, CIO of Walmart

Karenann Terrell has first-hand experience with the impact of women supporting women in her career that includes roles as CIO of Wal-Mart and Baxter International. Sharing stories and personal experiences, she relates how easy falling into "mean girl culture" can be and what it looks like to call it out. She also talks about shoulders - those she's been lifted by, and her own she offers to others - and why she believes in tribes of women. Then, STAY TUNED for our new segment and a special...