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Courtney & Mary reside in LA and the Bay, respectively. Though they live 400 miles from each other, their love for reality TV and pop culture never lets the distance get in the way. Join them weekly to discuss the latest shows and gossip with "Two Judgey Girls".

Courtney & Mary reside in LA and the Bay, respectively. Though they live 400 miles from each other, their love for reality TV and pop culture never lets the distance get in the way. Join them weekly to discuss the latest shows and gossip with "Two Judgey Girls".
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Courtney & Mary reside in LA and the Bay, respectively. Though they live 400 miles from each other, their love for reality TV and pop culture never lets the distance get in the way. Join them weekly to discuss the latest shows and gossip with "Two Judgey Girls".




Ep123: Two Judgey Girls

Courtney is back! The RHONY reunion wrapped and it had us wanting more. The silver lining was Lu ending the season cheers with an AA prayer and virgin mimosa. We loved Andy asking the women about their lawsuits, break that fourth wall down. Camille's shoulders must be tired from caring the season. The Southern Charm kids are still in Colorado taking in the local delicacies and Kathryn does not approve. Come judge with us! Sponsored by Use code 'TJG' for 20% off. Rough...


Ep122: Two Judgey Girls

Welcome back my boy Greg @geddings, Courtney is in New York trying to track down Craig and Austen. Meanwhile Summer Mary and Greg review the RHONY reunion part 1. Have Lu and Dorinda finally made amends? Bethenny finally gives us a better time line of her and Dennis' relationship. We snooze through the Beverly Hills reunion, but learn that Aaron's dick is bigger than Kyle's shoe. We also dive deep into Potomac and I finally understand...these women give ZERO FUCKS! We tackle #penisgate and...


Ep121: Two Judgey Girls

We dive deep into the RHBH finale. Do we love Camille or love to hate her? Is Courtney attracted to Peeekkkaayyy? Should LVP have received a better send off for 9 years working at Bravo? And don’t get us started about the lunch 6 months later... Meanwhile in Charleston we break down Craig’s mental breakdown and are haunted again by the return of Ashley Jacobs. We definitely get back on the crazy train. Come judge with us! Sponsored by, the fresh new game that...


Ep120: Two Judgey Girls

HAPPY 4th OF JULY TO ALL OF OUR JURORS! We break down all things #JaxGotitWright plus update you on #TomandArianaWatch2019. Did Jax's mom attend the wedding? What about LVP? Did Carter and the triplets make it? Plus every sponsor, what she wore, and their first song. We also discuss the RHOC trailer for Season 14, which confirms Vicki's devotion. And ONE fun fact about The Hills... PLUS, Summer Mary goes back in time with Kate Casey to discuss the first ever episode of RHONY. Do they miss...


Ep119: Two Judgey Girls

Bethenny almost dies? Are the girls trying to push out Tinselly? Who enjoyed the strippers the most? In BH, Camille acts pernicious and says everything we've been thinking to Doritos' face. How does she have all of that money? The gentlemen from the South are still arguing with each other. Are Shep and Whitney bullies? Who will bring home the most ladies to the penthouse? Will Austen ever get over Madison? We also talk about the comeback of The Hills as well as the Insta deep dives Mary has...


Ep118: Two Judgey Girls

Courtney is back and we dive DEEEEEEEP into RHONY, the best show on Bravo ever to exist. This masterpiece of a show deserves to be in a museum of TV so that when aliens come down and see what we have done on Earth, they get it. BH existed in Provence where Kyle and Teddi blacked out and attacked Erika Jayne--whose team are you on? Our poor Craigy got verbally abused by the boys while camping, while Whitney had an incident with wiener juice... Come judge with us! This week's sponsors are:...


Ep117: Two Judgey Girls

Mary from the Bay comes to you with Greg Eddings with the latest RHNY, RHBH, and Southern Charm debriefing. We discuss Mila the new chef on Below Deck that licks raw steak. Mario graces us with his presence all for Ramona to have a moment to make him jealous #payback. Sonja is totally fine and not taking pills, glad the hot paramedics came. Lu knows the girls are just jealous of her success. Meanwhile the girls in Charleston get on Kathryn for her spending, taste in men, and going MIA. In...


Ep116: Two Judgey Girls

Summer Mary hangs with Shep, Austen, and Carlito in sf. She once again finds out nothing and everything. Does Austen need to cut the Madison cord? Does Craig get better looking each episode? Is Sonja on pills? Do Lu and Ramona get her sloppy seconds? Have you peed in a bathtub? DDDDDooooooorrrrrrinnndddaaaaaa. Sorry, Kyle killed it as a playboy bunny at Farrahween and Rinna slayed as Erika Jayne. But would Erika Jayne ever talk about stuffed animal bunnies? Does Kim owe her an apology? Come...


Ep115: Two Judgey Girls

Breaking news: Life isn’t a Cabaret. Lu is back in jail (well she was cuffed and released, but whatever)! We guess upstate makes you want to drink(like Tinsley said). Margarita was the true star this episode and Dorinda wouldn’t let Ramona-size-it. We are wondering if Sonja could do our hair sometime? Down South we are hoping Kathryn will get pregnant so Patricia can be a grandmother. Meanwhile Shep is legit “ditching” girls. Chelsea has a house warming party and teaches us to play hammer...


Ep114: Two Judgey Girls

The return of Southern Charm (and more importantly, lil Craigy) got us going this week! What a breath of fresh! Thank Bravs, because we were forced to watch the VPR gang up. We wish we didn't have to figure out what side we would be on. Let's split it into two shows! New York ladies headed to the cabaret star's house in upstate New York as we slowly watched Sonja unravel into her eccentricities. We loved seeing the BH girls get drunk while watching how expensive it is to be Erika Jayne. Come...


Ep113: Two Judgey Girls

Ep113: Two Judgey Girls by Two Judgey Girls


Ep112: Two Judgey Girls

This is an extra long podcast to inform you of all the important things you need to know about! Mary and Shep! Fofty/Lala Rand! VPR people buying houses! Tinsley breaking down! Bethenny on the brim of breaking down! VPR casts livers' breaking down! Kemsley/Todd relationship breaking down! Teddi's new bangs trying to fly away! Come judge with us! This week we have two sponsors: Beauty by Design, your new personalized skincare. You can get 20% at Zola, a free...


Ep111: Two Judgey Girls

This extra long episode will get you ready for the weekend. Was it Table 61 or 62? Was Ramona showing us her true social climbing ways? Tinsley is officially single... again. Boy George brought the girls together until PEeeeKkkkaaaayyyy made a crack with his “British humor.” Is Teddi defending Kyle too much? Would you want Denise to be your mediator? Jax continues to be a narcissist and carry around his dads' ashes to get out of trouble with Brittany’s family. How did Katie become the Matron...


Ep110: Two Judgey Girls

On VPR this week, we see an exorcism, go to a puppy shower, and watch Lala perform in honor of her father. Meanwhile in the Bezerkshires, Sonja has a mental breakdown and quickly recovers while she farts, scissors, and dances on the pool table. Tinsley and Scott’s relationship continues to be on the rocks and everyone is putting it under a microscope. Is Scott controlling? Would you do truth or dare? In RHOBH, Lois comes into town and we hear her survive story. Plus Camille gets passionate...


Ep109: Two Judgey Girls

Okay Lala, was it anxiety or the Sunday Scaries? Is Tom Juan the sexiest most romantic husband alive? Meow. Is Billie Lee left out or just the worst? Meanwhile in Beverly Hills, are we team no one or drunk Camille? Goodbbbbyyyyeeee Kyle. The Berkshires continues to never disappoint. Sonja Morgan has a mental breakdown about acid on fingers and touching letters and Bethenny can’t stop the shalllllowwww...and we get to see Ramona and her infamous swimsuit. Come judge with us! This...


Ep108: Two Judgey Girls

We are a house divided: Courtney is Team LVP while Mary is Team Everybody Else. Where do you lie? Pick the right side. Be judicious in your convictions. Ariana and Kristen stole the show on VPR this week and we want to see more Mexico! Is the Countess on her high horse? Should she be knocked down a few pegs? Should Dorinda be kowtowing her to her? The Bezerkshires are the best! Come and judge with us! This week's episode is sponsored by HelloFresh. Go to and use code...


Ep107: Two Judgey Girls

We get to see the TomTom Grand Opening Party and we think the $18k motorcycle side car was well worth it. Is Katie being a needy wife because she has an EQ of a 14 year old? Feed the hogggg. We are completely obsessed with Aaron and Denise and loved EVERYTHING about their wedding. Did LVP leak #puppygate to Radar Online? Is Lu holding a grudge? Should Dorinda just apologize? Come judge with us! Sponsored by use code TJG for 20% off. Don’t make a morning after drinking...


Ep106: Two Judgey Girls

We are over LucyLucy Apple Juicy! Teddi owned it, why didn’t LVP? Does Aaron have a big penis? Denise is the saving grace of #RHOBH. Did Lala lose her shit in a Versace dress? Are we team James? Do you go to clam bakes and bring home lobster? Come judge with us! This week's podcast is sponsored by LULUSIMONSTUDIO. Head over to and use code 'TJG20' to take advantage of their super cute clothing and accessories. We love it!


Ep105: Two Judgey Girls

Do we even need a description when we can quote Tyler Perry instead? Dorinda gave us the ultimate gift this week with her text to Lu. VPR teeters the line with should we or should we not like James. Schwartz felt in the middle of his wife and his work wife, but we liked him defending his wife. We are sick of #lucygate and wish the girls would focus more on why everything is Dorit's fault and less about LVP. We also shed some tears watching Kyle and her family send Sophia off to college. No...


Ep104: Two Judgey Girls

Bravo overwhelmed us this week with all the shows. We did our best to catch up on all things VPR, Summer House, RHOA, Mexican Dynasties, RHOBH, RHONJ AND RHONY! (Try saying that three times fast!)We welcome back RHONY and Ramona's swimming lessons but we could have waited a week with all we were given. We are glad RHONJ and Danielle's face will be off our screen for a bit. We want to read more of Kyle's 17 page email! Is Katie really a mean girl? Is Carter the worst? Also, can we all not be...