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Robert, of SpaceAge Consulting LLC, get Unwired and talk about the technology behind Audio and Video Production. They "Take the Technical and make it Understandable". Tune in weekly to hear more tech and tips about all things AV.

Robert, of SpaceAge Consulting LLC, get Unwired and talk about the technology behind Audio and Video Production. They "Take the Technical and make it Understandable". Tune in weekly to hear more tech and tips about all things AV.
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Robert, of SpaceAge Consulting LLC, get Unwired and talk about the technology behind Audio and Video Production. They "Take the Technical and make it Understandable". Tune in weekly to hear more tech and tips about all things AV.




Avoiding the Scams

As Robert prepares to sell his BMPCC4k he goes over some of the pitfalls of selling on ebay and ways to avoid being taken by a scam. Protect yourself and beware of anything that doesn't seems to be good to be true.


Rambling on 3 Mics

Robert tests out 3 microphones to see which sounds to his listeners. Vote for your choice at https://www.spaceage-llc.com/vote. Robert also talks about selling his BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. Stay tuned for a link to the ebay sale!


9 months with the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Robert is conflicted... one on hand he likes his Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K camera and on the other hand he has to deal with the pain of using the Blackmagic Design Pocket... the BMDPCC4K. This episode he talks about the ups and downs of the PCC4K as well as what it takes to make it work just right for his projects. Make no mistake, it is a Cinema camera just like the name says and should be treated as such. Trying to use it any other way is a recipe for disaster!


Security is Our Main Concern

Target, Equifax, Capital One... Who's next to be the victim of a breach? Are breaches inevitable and who is really the victim when there is a breach? What can we do to stop it or, at the very least, limit our liability? Robert has a special guest who is a IT Security Specialist with over 20 years experience including assisting companies after they have been victims or cyber attacks. Let's hear what he has to say about the latest Capital One network security event. You can also read more on...


SpaceAge's Video Editing History

In this episode Robert describes how he went from editing in Pinnacle Studio to DaVinci Resolve and why he made the switch. While his first love will always be Sony Vegas Pro he had to move on. He also describes what made Vegas Pro his favorite and how it compares to Adobe Premiere and Resolve. If you'd like to get more indepth into his workflow with DaVinci Resolve and how it compares to other NLEs be sure to hit him up at "unwired the podcast@spaceage-llc.com". (remove the spaces for best...


Day in the Park

UnWired is back again with another episode where Robert talks about some of the recent productions with PTZ Optics Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras as well as a Day in Washington, DC with the Pocket Cinema 4K. While he is still encountering "issues" with the P4K it is still a great camera where you can get amazing images.


Yah! Production Day

After recording a photo shoot for a Magazine Robert talks about the experience using his Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k. The triumphs and trip-ups of using this particular camera setup makes for an interesting video shoot. And he had fun to boot!


Wisdom in Purchasing

Audio-Visual Professionals buy a lot of things over the years. What is your decision making process when it comes to purchasing what you need? Robert takes a small sample of the equipment he needs to buy and give his take on how he makes his purchasing decisions. Today we focus on something as small, but meaningful, as batteries.


Once Again... Be Prepared

Have you ever gone to a meeting and realized that your notes (that you stayed up all night working on) are still on your desk at home? Have you ever gone to do a show and completely forgot the one device that you needed the most? Robert talks about a few experiences where he recognized at the worst time that he forgot something crucial. But he always has ways to avoid having that happen in the future.


A Healthy Viewpoint

NOTE: My apologies for missing a week! I had the file completed but it wouldn't upload. I'll cover it in the next episode. While on the road again Robert takes a look at testing out the RodeCasterPro in the field and talks about developing the proper work and health balance. Part of the benefit of of the RodeCasterPro is the ability to record anywhere and that is put the test at a Panera Bread location in Largo MD. For this episode Robert used a Sennheiser e835 dynamic mic.


Today I'm a Programmer

Robert talks about diving into Touchpanel and Control System Programming. Its a slight deviation from installs and AV equipment testing but it is a continuation of the melding between the worlds of AV and networking. Continue to reach out to us at: unwiredthepodcast.com and @unwiredthepodcast


A Surprise Caller

UnWired get a caller by accident and turns it into an episode! Andrew calls in and he and Robert discuss a few different AV and Computer Networking items from broadcasting to 10G networks. Keep tuning in and reach out to us on Facebook (UnwiredthePodcast), Twitter (@unWiredthePodcast) and Instagram (@unwiredthepodcast)


Unwired - Return from Hiatus

There's a reason we've been gone for so long but with the purchase of the Rodecaster Pro from Rode (www.rode.com) we are back on the air and will be bringing new episodes each week. Stay tuned!


Getting Caught Up

After a rather loooong hiatus, Robert is back with a Vehicular Podcast and he promises to get Victoria back in-front of a mic real soon. After all he still has all those mics from Episode 33! While it is not an Episode "About Nothhing" it does touch on a lot of things that have happened over the last few months. Also note the new email address which is "unwired @ spaceage-llc.com" Thank you for sticking with us and stay tuned for more!


Testing a Slew of Condenser Mics

Microphones... Hard to do a podcast without one! So we are going to test a few right out of my living room and see what you can get if you spend your money wisely. We try out the following condenser mics: 1. MXL 990 2. Rode NT3 3. Polson SDC-2150-MP 4. Rode M5 5. AKG C1000S 6. Senal SCI-3212 Which do you like the best? Reach out to us at contactinfo@ unwiredthepodcast.com


Adapters, Adapters and Adapters

You know those things that you want to do without but you're happy when you reach into the bag and find them; those things that just turn a potential disaster into a real production? You need them, just get over it. But what is the best way to purchase, use and miantain your adapters? Sometimes the cables or connectors you have just aren't enough and you have to turn to those technological wonders to make things happen. Robert goes over Adapters in this Vehicular Episode of UnWired... the...


Has Technology really made things Better?

Again with the Traffic?? Let it go already... But really, this episode of UnWired (the Vehicular Podcast) examines the questions: Has Technology really made life better or has it just introduced new issues? Have we solved as many problems as we set out to or have we made thing worse for people? Is the law of Unintended Consequences at work here??


Traffic Patterns...and building a new Workstation

A new episode of UnWired...the Vehicular Podcast has Robert talking about his history of driving, his hatred of traffic and building a new editing workstation. Going over the parts and software he is thinking about for his new build while keeping an eye on the road.


Trends of 2018 - A Vehicular Podcast

Many miles on the road lead to a Roberts thoughts on the trends appearing in 2018 in the AV world.


Vehicular Podcast - Episode 1

Robert records UnWired's first Vehicular Podcast explaining what has kept Him and Victoria so busy. This may become a new target to get these podcasts out on time and keep to the schedule. Look forward to guest appearances on upcoming podcast.