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No fluff, just candid conversations on all facets of Afro-centric experience, with a focus on women. Challenging norms and provoking deeper thinking with the goal of empowering each other, shifting mindsets, and re-inventing ourselves. New episode released every other Sunday.

No fluff, just candid conversations on all facets of Afro-centric experience, with a focus on women. Challenging norms and provoking deeper thinking with the goal of empowering each other, shifting mindsets, and re-inventing ourselves. New episode released every other Sunday.




No fluff, just candid conversations on all facets of Afro-centric experience, with a focus on women. Challenging norms and provoking deeper thinking with the goal of empowering each other, shifting mindsets, and re-inventing ourselves. New episode released every other Sunday.




S2EP23 Procuring a Relative? Things to Know Before Immigrating to Canada

Learn the top tips and all you need to know to immigrate to Canada. David Akinmoluwa, a Canadian Immigration Consultant, sits down with me to discuss how to immigrate to Canada successfully and how to facilitate easy application. He addresses a wide range of questions from student permit, work visa, skilled workers program, spousal sponsorship, provincial nominee program, and more. If you are looking to move to Canada, this is a conversation you do not want to miss. For more about David,...


S2EP22 Men's Mental Health & Overcoming Trauma Through Music with Arys Déjan

From not knowing his biological father to being in foster care and facing abuse. In today's episode, I sit down with Arys Déjan for an in-depth and deep conversation about how he overcame trauma through writing and producing music. Arys is a recording artist, writer, poet, dancer, model, podcast producer and host. He is the founder of the Who and How Club as well as the Who and How Podcast. He is also the founder of The Quiet Council, a management agency, and the creator of RAM-PAGE, an...


S2EP21 Diversity is Good Business: How to Leverage Diversity for Growth and Success with Frankline Agbor

Did you have to westernize or change your name to get a job in the diaspora? Did you know the Minister of Justice of Alberta, Kaycee Madu had to do the same when he was articling as a law student? There are simple things individuals, organizations, businesses and institutions can do to successfully leverage diversity. In this episode, Frankline Agbor, the founder and Executive Producer of Diversity Magazine, the largest multicultural publication in Canada, shares his success tips and tools...


S2EP20 Uncovering the Truth about our Canadian History: Residential Schools, Truth and Reconciliation with Professor Jessica Vandenberghe

In today's conversation, I sit down with an Indigenous Engineer, Professor Jessica Vandenberghe, to uncover the truth about Canada's history with institutionalizing residential schools, the impact that remains today and how we can be allies with supporting truth and reconciliation. Professor Vandenberge is an Industrial Engineer and the Assistant Dean of Engineering, Community and Culture at the University of Alberta. She is a consultant, public speaker, and STEM mentor. She serves on a...


S2EP19: Inclusion Starts with I: The Inspiring Story of an Athlete with Cerebral Palsy with Lovepreet Deo

This is the final episode in the Hear Me Out mini series. In today's episode, I sit down with Lovepreet Deo an athlete with Cerebral Palsy, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age 1 and was told she will never walk. She defied all odds, completing many challenges including half marathon bicycle races. She takes as many as 10,000 steps per day and has received a number of awards including the Personal Inspiration Award by Alberta Lodges Society for completing the 20-km Cerebral Palsy...


S2EP18 Hear Me Out Series: Supporting Children with Autism with Kiko

In this episode, I sit down to chat with Kiko, an experienced social worker who supports autistic children and their families. We debunk myths, unlearn misconceptions, and relearn truths and how to better support autistic individuals. We also discuss stimming, masking, and more. If you enjoyed the conversation, consider subscribing to the podcast and leave a rating in Apple podcasts or where you listen. Don't forget to check out the video on YouTube and subscribe on there too and share. Your...


S2EP17 Hear Me Out Series: Fostering Inclusion and Accessibility with Nwamaka Agbakoba

In this episode, I sit down with Nwamaka Agbakoba, the Founder and President of Green Onyx Foundation, a nonprofit organization advocating for children and families with disabilities in Africa. Nwamaka shares strategies and tools organizations and communities can utilize to better support persons with disabilities including through education. This episode is timely and loaded with information for everyone regardless of whether you have a disability. Nwamaka is an accomplished corporate...


S2EP16 Hear me out Series: Understanding Cerebral Palsy with Carlos Gonzalez

This is the third episode within the Hear me out Miniseries, highlighting the voice of persons with special needs. In today's episode I sit down with Carlos Gonzalez who shares his personal story living with cerebral palsy, immigrating from Mexico to Canada for university, and overcoming fears and challenges. Carlos is the Community Education Coordinator of Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta and also co-hosts My Life Without Limits Podcast. This episode will definitely lift your spirits,...


S2EP15 Hear me Out Series: Understanding the FASD Epidemic in South Africa with Andrea

This is the second episode within the Hear me out Miniseries, highlighting the voice of persons with special needs. I recently discovered that South Africa has the highest rate of FASD on the planet! Some communities in South Africa experience a prevalence as high as 28%. According to a 2018 publication by CanFASD, the rate of FASD in Canada is 4% which is approximately 1,485,158 Canadians in a country with about 37 million people. South Africa's population is approximately 58 million people...


S2EP14 Hear me Out Series: Podcasting for the Deaf Community with Kellina

Hey friends! Thank you for stopping by and clicking play. This is the first episode in the Mini series titled, Hear me out. This mini series was inspired by my conversation in Episode 5 with a young lady with partial hearing loss. If you haven't checked out that episode, please do so and thank you. In this episode, my guest, Kellina shares tips and strategies for creating content for the deaf community and influencing with inclusion. Kellina is a trailblazer and an advocate for the deaf...


S2EP13 Black and Muslim: Addressing the Problem of Islamophobia in Canada with Tia Abdillahi

Today I sit down with a black Muslim woman from the Oromo community to address the islamophobia problem in Canada. Tia is a young mother of three, passionate about raising awareness and speaking out against any form of violence and injustice. She recently granted an interview to Global News TV, check it out here: Edmonton police investigate reported attack on Black woman wearing hijab | In today's conversation, we discuss a variety of issues including misunderstandings and...


S2EP12 Life on Hold: The Refugee Journey with Mimi Bassett

In today's conversation, I sit down with another Haligonian I met some years ago when I lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Odette Mimi Gbeve-Bassett is a Togolese Canadian who immigrated to Canada after 15 years living a refugee camp in Ghana. She is passionate, resilient and ambitious young lady who did not let her experience in the camp stop her from pursuing her dreams. She shares her journey and experience in the refugee camp and coming to Canada to pursue her education and graduating with a...


S2EP11 Close Encounter: Nearly Raped Twice with Tokunbo

Gripping, bone chilling, raw and riveting is only a few qualifying words to describe this powerful episode. My guest came close to being raped twice while living in Ontario, Canada and one of the incident happened in her own house! Both incidents happened by persons she knew. Rape is a sensitive and heavy conversation and our deepest hope to sharing this very difficult experience is that it will help someone. My guest also share tips to support survivors as well as for self-protection. This...


S2EP10 Black Women in Science: Pursuing a Career in Nursing. Is it worth it? with Lucetta Marah

In today's episode, I sit down with a Registered Nurse, Lucetta Marrah, who has been working as a nurse in Canada for almost 12 years. She started her journey as a Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN and decided to challenge herself by advancing her education to become an RN. She gave up a fulltime, high earning job to return to school. Lucetta shares the study strategies that she used to ace the RN board exam at the first trial. She addresses what people who have failed the board exam can do as...


S2EP9: Black Women in Science: Pursuing a Career in Pharmacy - Tips for Overcoming Challenges and Thriving with Dr. Onyi Kammelu

In today's episode, my guest, Dr. Onyinye Kammelu shares her journey to becoming a pharmacist at just 23 years old! She received her first degree by age 20 and at age 23, she had a doctorate degree in pharmacy with honors! This young lady is a powerful force and releases major gems on how to stay focused to achieve exceptional academic success in the midst of difficulties and challenging environments. This conversation is so timely and key for students and young ladies seeking career...


S2EP8 COVID-19 Vaccine: Questions Answered with Dr. Johnson Fatokun, MD

There is so much information out there about COVID-19 vaccine and I decided to sit down with a Medical Doctor, Dr. Johnson Fatokun, to discuss the truths, lies and worries about the COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Johnson is a family physician in Alberta and serves as a member of the Primary Care Network (PCN) committee. He is tasked with providing governance, leadership, strategic direction and priorities for the PCN’s. Residents have been quoted as saying, “The community not only hired a community...


S2EP7 Life of an Immigrant Student in Canada with Ezekiel

How does a very intelligent student, averaging over 90% in all courses end up on academic probation? In today's episode, my guest, Chukwuemeka Ezekiel shares his journey to immigrating from Nigeria to Canada at the age of 15 years old and some of the challenges he faced studying in Canada. This episode is loaded with major life lessons particularly for newcomers moving to Canada for school. Ezekiel is currently in his final year of university, studying Mechanical Aviation in Ontario. He is...


S2EP6 Assimilation, Adaption and Inclusion: Experience Living in the Diaspora with Yemi and Ijeoma

Is your teeth so white because you're so dark? Is that your real hair? How come your English is so good? Does your cultural name suggest you can't speak English? Did you have to change your name to get a job in the diaspora? In today's episode, my guests, Yemi and Ijeoma share their experiences with overt prejudice, stereotypes and racism while living in the diaspora. We touch on the importance of preserving your identity and remaining true to your culture while understanding that some...


S2EP5 Chronicles of a Hard of Hearing Girl with Anne Egwuche

In today's episode, my guest, Anne Egwuche, shares her story of discovering she has partial hearing loss, her journey to getting the right hearing aid, the challenges she encountered as a hearing impaired student, and how she overcame these challenges. Also discussed are how she is leveraging her hearing impairment to support other persons with hearing loss or full deafness in Nigeria. Don't forget to leave a comment with your feedback and thoughts, and share the podcast to encourage...


S2EP4 Black Women in Business: $6000 to six figures in 2 Years with NiLo

In today's episode, my guest, NiLo, discusses her journey to becoming the first black-owned business exclusively for afro hair in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. NiLo worked in the corporate world in New York for a number of years before starting her very first natural hair business in North Carolina and subsequently moving to Canada to start Afrodisiac Natural Shop in Edmonton, which she has been running successfully, going from $6,000 in sales to six figures in a two year period. We discuss top...