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Unplug. Your. Self. is a podcast that talks about your internal dialog and sets out to interview and share stories so that we can all be who we want to be.

Unplug. Your. Self. is a podcast that talks about your internal dialog and sets out to interview and share stories so that we can all be who we want to be.
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Unplug. Your. Self. is a podcast that talks about your internal dialog and sets out to interview and share stories so that we can all be who we want to be.




Ep9 - Pitching your way to the green through life experiences

It’s not often you get the chance to sit down with someone and find out what makes them get up and do what they do each day. But in todays podcast we get a chance to do just that. In speaking with Scott Forrester I was not only able to get to know more about someone I’ve spend many of hours with, but I also got an insight into a fellow human. I got to see what was motivating a friend to run a start up, work with top talent and genuinely seek to make a difference in peoples, businesses and...


Ep8 - A fathers pride and pooping on the lawn

In this episode I get the opportunity to interview my eldest son. He's 14 and I thought it would be interesting to get the view of someone much younger to make a contribution to this podcast. It's a chance for he and I to have a chat, for him to work on his skills in learning to articulate his thoughts and generally battle the minefield that is his father. I was super impressed he stepped up and even more so when he kicked into gear and started to share where he is at. It’s a bit different...


Unplug Your Self Ep7 - A Hipster Tailors Son who’s up with the Sciences

Today I got a chance to catch up with a long time friend, boss, colleague and generally cool guy name Sean Cookson. I’ve known Sean for 15 years or more and over that time we have had many unique engagements. We have worked together a few times, he has been an advisor to me and at times a great mentor. If he is not there in one of those archetypes, he has just been a great human to go cycling with and share a joke or two. Or to simply have a laugh about life and all the things that go in it....


Unplug Your Self - Food 4 Thought #3 - Hindsight and wishes

I found myself reminiscing while consuming memories on my facebook feed while I was on the toilet today. It’s where I find myself every morning. Checking in and see what I was up to in the years past. Memories are a funny thing. Mainly because time is a constant and no matter what you are doing, while you do it, it becomes a memory. It’s a wonder we keep track of anything! By I am sidetracked here. Thanks everyone for listening! I am keen to get questions from you so that I can adjust and do...


Unplug Your Self Ep6 - Find your self by asking your self, WTF am I doing!?

Today I had the pleasure of catching up with an old friend. I say this because it is rare in my life get the chance to meet someone who is willing to be open and honest with me. Kiah Hickson was thrown into the world of Joe when I was working in a start up that made start ups. She was an outsider to the group but also brought in with the utmost backing and support because she is a bonafide bad ass. If she is not doing a mashup of tech and fashion, learning how to be a practitioner in a new...


Unplug Your Self - Food 4 Thought #2 - The Greta Vortex

I never thought I would get pulled into the vortex of someone else’s political views. I’ve been immune for so many years now that I thought my own biases would get in the way and the outer shell that I have built up would just protect anything from invading my psyche. However, in the last 12 months there has been this noise. Something that was initially just “interesting” has now become a headline fore me. A face that kept creeping in. A voice that made sense to me. Someone who exhibited...


Unplug Your Self Ep5 - Fiction or Non-Fiction, a delinquent youth and a fistful of Ambition

Today I got the chance to interview a colleague and friend of mine Jamie Hayman. I’ve known Jamie for a few years as a coworker. In that time I have seen him get after and do many things and it was always interesting to me to watch his sheer passion for just getting after something. If it wasn’t starting to play Ice Hockey, it was starting a new business. If it wasn’t starting a new business it was enthusiasm for a new idea. If Jamie was intrigued and wanted to get in to it, he simply did....


Unplug Your Self - Food 4 Thought #1 - Homeless

Today I volunteered at Sydney Streetlevel Mission in Surrey Hills. I was not actually in a mental place to do this when I arrived but I was setting myself up prior from a mindset perspective. I wanted to ensure that I was open and mentally available to be part of the experience. What ever it was. The specific part of the experience being that of the conversations I would inevitably have and the tasks or work I would be doing. It was part of a corporate volunteering initiative put on by a...


Unplug Your Self Ep4 - Hindsights not 50/50, it’s 20/20, impostor syndrome & failure

Andrew Rumpel joins me in Episode 4 to talk about his path to becoming the President of an Australian Ice Hockey Club. Even though he does not play. The general feeling of imposter syndrome and how that has played out in his life. How family and close friends are a key network to moving through negative self talk and sometimes all you need to do is stop and take a little stock before moving forward again. Just remember, by leveraging your self awareness, managing your mindset, having...


Unplug Your Self Ep3 - Patrick Swayze, Tinfoil hats and Crying

Today is interview two day!! Woot Woot! Super pumped to be bringing you this content. Especially when you have all been so positive about the show. Big thanks everyone! In this weeks interview we have Scott Lipman who just so happens to be my Crossfit coach. He is also a great guy who is searching for that happiness like the rest of us. He's a father to 3 and a coach to many and we kick in to many areas of how we approach the world as coaches, fathers and men. Just remember, by leveraging...


Unplug Your Self Ep2 - My wife and the murder mystery

So this is episode 2 in the series but really is the first interview. I am still experimenting with the format but this is the first effort. In this episode I interview my wife. On our anniversary. It's lightweight and fun. We cover off all the topics and dig into how she works through the various tools in the mental toolbox. I hope you enjoy it. Just remember, by leveraging your self awareness, managing your mindset, having mindfulness and building your emotional intelligence you can unlock...


Unplug Your Self Ep1 - Self defecating

This is episode 1 of Unplug. Your. Self. High Level? It's really just an intro to set the scene for the upcoming series I am going to be working on. The show concept is all about the idea that your internal dialog, or self talk, is a hiding place for your self and that once you get these negative dialogs out of your head, you are free and accountable. And you can create change in yourself as a result. By leveraging self awareness, mindset, mindfulness and emotional intelligence as a toolset...